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Distant Reflections - David Silver

Equestria and Everglow have brushed against one another through the course of their histories, each time fleeting, but memorable to those involved. Many many years later, the unaging Twilight captains a space vessel to explore the universe.

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32 Episode 5: Divisions

Steel's head was canted to the left. Fast's was inclined the same degree but to the right. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"We can do this," added Steel. "At least by Everglow law. You are not technically married by those laws though."

Spike softly shrugged. "Equestrian law means exactly as much as we say it does, being about the only representatives it has around these parts. Besides, you're officials, right?"

Fast nodded at that. "We are vested with the right to speak on behalf of our government. It would be hard to do first contact diplomacy if we weren't."

Twilight's smile was a brief thing. "Then we are following our laws just fine. Any official of the law can oversee such a decision." She turned to face Spike fully. "While recognizing that Spike, my husband, has been faithful and true, I wish to end our marriage vows."

Spike turned to her. "While recognizing that Twilight, my wife, has been faithful and true, I wish to end our marriage vows," he echoed solemnly.

Steel softly cleared his throat. "Very well, since both parties are in agreement, I see no reason to belabor this. You are recognized as married no longer. Update the ship logs." A soft beep informed those nearby that the ship computer had heard and was reacting to the news in its dispassionate way. "I presume you'll want a change of quarters?"

Fast suddenly kicked Steel from the side. "Don't be callous. They'll let us know when they're ready to move out."

Twilight's breath caught in her throat before she could force it down with a heavy swallow. "Spike... if you would keep me company just... a little longer, as my friend?"

Spike reached for her suddenly, mussing her mane with a smile. "I'm in no hurry. We're roommates now."

"Yes! Roommates, of course." She turned to the captains, an awkward smile on her face. "I am ready to return to active duty. I look forward to socializing as a single mare."

"Dating routines: Online," sang Belle, bouncing in place.

Twilight's face darkened instantly. "I... You're... a robot?"

Belle landed a bit stiffly. "I know more about dating procedures than you," she taunted discordantly. "Report for personality diagnosis at 1400!" she merrily sang out, bouncing towards the elevator. "That's an order!"

No Name's voice came from the main screen, "No point arguing wit' her."

Fast frowned at the small image of No Name in the corner of her main screen. "I don't recall giving you permission to be there."

"I'm just following her. I'll be on my way." He ducked off the screen, hopefully meaning he was gone.

Under Score stroked his beard softly. "I would love a chance to examine his code. I would imagine it scarcely resembles the original structure of a holoprogram."

Fast returned to her chair. "More virus by the day. So long as he remains friendly, perhaps he can act as a shield against foreign computer attacks."

Steel settled on his own seat. "All crew, prepare for travel. Take us to full speed. We have a universe to explore."

The room became awash with technical jargon as crewmembers passed vital data back and forth. The ground shuddered faintly with adjustments to speed strong enough to tear a pony in half, had they not been suppressed.

Spike turned for the door. "Come on, we're just in the way right now." He led Twilight back to their room, even if their relation had fundamentally changed.

Remi kissed Octavia's cheek gently. "Did I mention how glad I am my teleport went wrong in just the right way?"

Octavia's ears danced, but she did not move away from Remi. Seated in the center of the room with a vulpine half-wrapped around her, Octavia reached up a hoof to rest on Remi's side. "Something bothers me."


"You are a fox, a bipedal fox." She raised a brow. "What attracts you to me, a quadrupedal equine? To put my Twilight hat on a moment, we're clearly not a good genetic match."

Remi suddenly nipped the closer pony ear. "I didn't hear you making those complaints the last time we tried." That got Octavia's cheeks going a dark hue indeed. "I'm not that shallow, nor am I a random animal in rut. I can be attracted to something because I think their personality is sexy. You qualify for that."

"Even had I none of the required anatomy?" queried Octavia.

"You have all the required anatomy," sighed Remington. "But, just theoretically, there are ways to get cozy with people who got none of it. Just being close and cuddling can be enough sometimes." She suddenly tapped Octavia on the nose. "By the way, you're fixed."

Octavia's eyes crossed at the fingers. "Fixed?"

"Oh yeah, all fixed. Well, maybe not all fixed, but fixed enough for most cases." Remi softly shrugged as she swung around behind Octavia and hugged her from behind, hands rubbing the pony's belly gently. "You're not an automaton anymore. You have will, and wishes, and you're ready to tell people no when they ask for what you don't want to give."

Octavia kept an ear trained on Remi behind her. "And I'm your patient now? That makes our relationship awkward. Dating a therapist that cured you is hardly the sign of health."

"One: We're dating? You have no idea how happy that makes me to hear it from your lips. Two: I'm just someone that cares, not any kind of proper therapist. Three." Remi gently poked with the tip of a claw. "If you want to call this off, I'll be sad, but I won't say no. It's cliche as hell, but we can still be friends, right? We have music to make."

Octavia leaned back against Remi as the ground beneath them shuddered faintly. "We must be moving... We're going to face dangers, you know."

"Big and small," whispered Remi in her ear. "Fierce or insidious. Friendly at times..."

"I'd prefer to have a friend with me..." She glanced over her shoulder. "Will you be staying?"

"Will you have me?" Remi smooched the top of Octavia's upturned snoot. "May I remind, you have two other friends you should reconnect with."

"Oh yes!" Suddenly Octavia rose, forgetting the cuddling going on like a light. "I've been dreadful to them. They should be made aware of my... state, and invited to accompany me on the next stage of my life." She began trotting for the door.

Remi barked out a laugh. "You are getting way better at doing what you want, but maybe don't leave a girl just hanging like that?" She hopped up to her feet. "I'll be practicing until you get back."

"Yes, sorry." Octavia's ears splayed, but she didn't even look back on her way out of the room. "I'll be back."

Remi shook her head at the closing door. "Entirely fixed, not quite, but good enough to heal on your own I think."

Dawn inclined his head as the main screen changed views, showing a larger galactic view that zoomed in on the portion they were in. "There's an unusual gravitic field within 3 light years. I can't identify what's creating it, but can confirm the presence of the field. It's large enough to imply a solar system-sized mass, which would normally be difficult to hide."

Steel raised an ear. "You checked for black holes, I assume?"

"Of course." With a wave of a hoof, Dawn made the screen zoom in tighter. "Nothing in the area is reacting properly if that was the case. Either the rules of the universe are incorrect, or we have something worth taking a look at, Sirs."

Fast nodded softly. "That sounds precisely like something worth putting some eyes on. I suggest we approach, but not too closely. We don't need the ship torn apart by unexplained gravity waves."

"Agreed." Steel thrust a hoof forward. "Set a new course. Let's investigate. Dawn, continue monitoring. Under, join him. If you spot anything new, let us know."

Copper Prism leaned in at a budding plant. "Why aren't you growing?" She walked, more of a side-step, to the next little bud. "This is going to be an issue... Computer?" A soft chime told her it was listening. "Make a log. Growth continues to be hindered. The fertilizer I picked up during my time away doesn't seem to be helping. We may end up becoming reliant on divine magic if this isn't resolved." She let out a soft sigh, sitting down. "End log."

A new chime informed her it had been done. "Increase the temperature by 1 degree and humidity by 2%." Faint noises could be heard, the room adjusting to her command. "We'll get these plants growing again. That is my duty." It was what she was good at! She clopped a hoof down and trotted for the door. "Extend day cycle for 20 minutes, monitor growth rates and alert if significant changes occur."

"I hear you're single."

Spike blinked down at the little zebra filly that said that to him. "Uh...?"

Sonja had a comically large gun attached to her side, brightly colored, more likely a toy than anything else. "Well, is it true?"

"Yeah?" Spike sat down on the way to sitting up. "Why is a filly like you asking about that?"

"Hmmph, I'm countless years old." She buffed a hoof on her chest. "I've died and come back a trillion times, give or take. Don't treat me like a filly."

"I'm going to pretend, for now, I agree, alright. So, what's up?" His eyes followed her as she began walking closer.

"Let's be clear, like two 'dults." She half curled, tail curling. "There aren't a lot of choices on this ship that aren't people i've already spent lives with. I know how they work. That's boring! You're new. I never even met you."

Spike had to turn his head, the zebra, Sonja, circling around him. "I guess I understand that..." He raised a finger. "But that doesn't work in reverse. I have plenty of options of people I never spent a life with, and the one that qualifies for that role is the one I just divorced."

"I heard." She came in close behind him, her body rubbing against his scales as she looped around to his front. "You have options, a lot of them, but that doesn't mean I can't throw my hat in, right?"

"Except you're still a filly." He put a hand just in front of her. "Even if your brain's an adult, which I haven't been convinced of, you're still growing. I mean, shoot, I'm a big dragon, and you're a small pony. That has obvious issues even putting aside a lot of still important factors."

Sonja fixed him with a smoldering look, uncanny coming from a filly if somewhat imperfect. "No one told you? I like big guns quite a lot. Kind of my thing."

Spike proceeded to pretend to not understand any of the implications just hurled in his face. "I see yours there." His eyes went to the big brightly-colored gun attached to her. "What does it shoot?"

"Not real ammunition," she sighed before she directed it at him. "But I have practice with it!" With a sudden paff of a gust of air, a bright yellow orb of some kind of foam shot out of the big bulbous cannon and bounced off Spike's snout. "Direct hit. See, I know how to handle them big."

"This is a conversation I really didn't want to have with a foal," Spike stated flatly, picking up the foam ball and offering it towards her.

"I'm not," she groaned as she accepted it in her mouth and soon stuffed back into her canon. "I know what it is. I know where foals come from. I know how families are made! I already know all of that! Look, I'm not searchin' for a yes right now. I'm just walking into your field of view, making you know I'm available, alright?"

Author's Note:

This chapter had a lot more romance than I originally intended, but here we are.

Spike petitioned me to remove his part, but I am a cruel god.

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