• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Distant Reflections - David Silver

Equestria and Everglow have brushed against one another through the course of their histories, each time fleeting, but memorable to those involved. Many many years later, the unaging Twilight captains a space vessel to explore the universe.

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91 - Neither Man Nor Wife

It was an elf that stood before them, his long pointed ears not at all fuzzy like most of the ponies the married couple knew. "It is ill often I am called to oversee the union of this nature." And yet, there before him, a smiling little robot pony and a larger holographic... monster-pony? "Is this what you were programmed to do?"

Belly extended her tongue at the elf for that. "Negative. I was never programmed to seek a husband. It still happened."

Error chuckled at that. "That goes fer me too." He turned partially, putting out a hoof. "And there's our kids."

But there was no kids. Only one kid? They waved back. "Hey." they said with a wiry female tone.

"Thanks for helping," they said in a youthful male voice.

Nothing about that wedding was normal. "I see. Well, the good lady does not judge those who seek love." With a room full of ponies present, ready to watch the proceedings, he would not disappoint. "Let's proceed then."

Later, when it came time for rings, Error turned a hoof up. "Ah made this on the same workbench we made somethin' else together, out of some of the spare metal. This ring's the best ah could think of to show us, together, workin' for better." There sat a ring, not of gold or platinum, but a thick band of sheet metal in a loop. There were a few uneven cuts taken out of it, like it could slot into something and become part of something larger.

Belle gasped in a raising octave. "That is very thoughtful!" She thrust out a hoof and he worked it over it until it was securely wrapped around her leg. She waggled it around with giggles, clearly taking pride in it. "You were a challenge. A physical ring would not do!" She thrust the same hoof at him, the band glinting in the light. "You are a program first, so, I programmed it!" She inclined her head. "Accept my transfer."

Error could see the request and accepted it without delay. As if Belle could ever send him something he didn't want. A holographic modifier? He executed it and his body vanished, a blink and it was back, the ball that made up his true body not even having a chance to fall. "Where is it?" He raised a hoof, and it wasn't there.

"Say 'ah'." Belle extended her own tongue in demonstration.

"Ah?" Error had more than one tongue. He had a mouth full of snakes that he allowed out to their full length. Each of them had a glittering jeweled band around their midsection. "Aw. That's cute."

Both pleased with their exchange, they looked back at their priest. Who smiled with perhaps a hint of uncertainty, but he didn't back down. "You may now kiss, and show for us all the intensity of your passion, as your rings display your depth of conviction."

Error began to lean down towards Belle, only for Belle to leap up at him, wrapping her arms around his head and going in for a smooch even if she dangled from him. He laughed into the exchange as he sank down, getting her body back on the ground, but the kiss would not be paused. It wasn't a standard kiss, nor were they a standard couple, but none who watched their soft nuzzles and happy embrace could have doubt.

Soft applause rippled out through the crowd, and one loud cheer. Glitch was not a quiet soul, and her cheers and hoots held nothing back. "How's that for friendship points!" she called in almost a taunt.

Harp's attempts to calm his twin went entirely without effect, other than the two that shared a body toppling over in their struggles.

"Some twins have no manners." Holly turned up his nose at the display.

Trelly rolled her eyes. "We were both crying at our parent's union. Don't forget."

It was made official. The two artificial lifeforms were a couple, with all the rights and privileges that came with that.

But it was not to be the last union on that station. "You look fine," assured Spike.

Twilight turned to the left and right in front of a mirror, frowning at the reflection. "You sure? I've... never done this before."

"Seriously, you're fine." He leaned over and smooched her cheek, altered as it was. Twilight had become an Everglow pony, a horse well and truly. "And I know he's gonna love it." He paused a moment. "You did tell him you were doing this, right?"

"Yes!" she squeaked, cheeks alit. "We had several long discussions. We're both magic users. I've discussed him changing himself, only fair I considered the same. He won't become an Equestrian pony, so..." She shrugged softly. "How do I look?"

"I told you, like a dozen times, you look great." He cupped Twilight's cheeks gently in his fingers. "Now go out there and marry the stallion. You two are cute."

And so it was that Twilight performed her march to the side of the stallion would had accepted her. Even as he let out a wistful sigh. "I'm too old for this." Under Score set a hoof under Twilight's chin. "But if I wasn't, I'd never accept it."

"Fortunately for you, I accept you." Twilight went in and they kissed long before it was technically called for. "Now marry us, please." She turned as she said that, looking at Dawn Event.

Dawn nodded softly. "It is a pleasure and honor to be called to oversee this. As we discussed earlier, I will be presiding in the name of Princess Luminace. In her custom, I would ask you both speak of how this friendship first began, that would eventually become even more."

Under cleared his throat. "I first set eyes on her, dazzled and confused as she emerged from the floating coffin that had been her vessel. She had been ready to surrender to infinity, and she bathed me in a strange alien splendor." He gestured at Twilight. "Even now, having taken on the form of an Everglow pony, she is radiant and regal, befitting the princess she is. But beneath that, her mind is sharp and her curiosity unending. It was, perhaps, unfair to me. How could I say no?"

Twilight inclined her head at Under, then Dawn. She turned to the gathered crowd. "When I first stepped off my ship, it was with fright and confusion. But they were all kind to me, helping me to recover, to find myself. At first, he rebuffed my advances. Perhaps for the best, I was a bit lovestruck, maybe a step desperate and... lonely." She shuffled on her hooves. "But I didn't give up, nor did he. The more I learned about him, the more I wanted to know. Even as the rest of me regained its balance, that never faded. Research partner, life partner, arcane partner... I stand here ready to make that official."

When it came time for rings, theirs were far more traditional, with a slender loop to adorn Twilight's long horn. For Under, a thick band that slid smoothly over his leg in bands of gold with streaks of platinum. They met in a silent kiss, heads inclined in opposite directions to let their lips meet as fully as they could in a long moment of still and quiet.

The room rippled with cheers, the two bound in the eyes of Luminace, and the nation as a whole.

"Ugh." Remi glared at her reflection. "Weddings always feel odd. Do I dress as a bride, or a groom? I'm a she, but I am pretty clearly your boy toy where it counts." She shrugged expansively. "And there is no combo suit, gotta pick one! I swear, why has nobody made a gender fluid wedding suit?!"

"A true crime." Octavia was brushing her flowing mane with slow strokes. Her royal raiment was glittering and polished spotlessly. "Whatever you decide, I am marrying you, not your clothing."

Kit suddenly pounced his foxy mother. "Don't worry! We like you whatever you're wearing."

Octavia inclined an ear at her child. "Words of wisdom. Heed your child."

Remi tapped her son on the nose. "Well, fine. You can decide. Am I your mommy, or your daddy?"

"What's the difference?"

Remi frowned. She had walked right into that one. "A mommy has a special place, in here." She patted her belly. "Like a special garden, where children can grow. A daddy is the one that plants the seed that'll grow into the kid."

Kit burst into giggles at that. "I was a seed?!" He looked back and forth between Remi and Octavia. "So who was I planted in?" Apparently he didn't remember that part.

Remi hiked a thumb at Octavia. "She was the garden you came from."

"Then she's my mom. You're my dad." Kit nodded, confident in his logic. More giggles came. "Was I a cute seed, like an acorn?"

Remi's face fell a little, a snort escaping her. "We'll go with that... Alright! Groom it is. Let's get this show on the road."

And so it was that Octavia Melody and Remington were bound to one another.

But they were not the last.

Spike looked from zebra to zebra, one larger than the other, but both rather similar looking, which made sense, as both were the same person, technically. "So, uh... I'm only marrying... one of you, right?"

The older snorted, not wearing a gun, which was odd for her. "You're marrying me." She pointed at the smaller one of her. "She's the ring bearer and maid of honor, or best lady."

"The best lady," agreed younger Sonja. "Now get your aim right."

"Right... right, yeah." He fiddled with the shirt he had gotten. Tailored for him, it fit his draconic form without any issues. "Sonja?" Both looked towards him. "Older Sonja." The younger one stuck out her tongue. "After this, we have a war to fight, yeah?"

Sonja inclined her head. "I thought you were getting dropped off, actually."

"Wha?" This was not told to him. "We're married. I'm going to fight with you."

Sonja inclined her head. "You are the only Equestrian dragon we know of. Taking a critically endangered species to battle sure sounds like our aim's off. You sit tight, and I'll come get you after the fight's over."

"Whatever I am, I have agency." Spike snorted a little puff of flames. "Which means I get to decide if I want to be there or not." He hiked a thumb at where a badge rested on his breast pocket. "I'm a crewmember, just like you."

Sonja stomped away with an angry huff. "I thought they already told you about this. This is not the discussion I want on our special day!"

"Sorry..." He snuck up next to her and pecked her cheek. "I love you."

"Love you too, you big target you." They met in a gentle kiss. "Let's get married?"

"Gladly." He started for the door. "But I am coming with you. Just means you better win."

She grumbled, but followed along. "As if I had plans on losing. Clear your sights."

When it came time for rings, Spike picked up the strange loop from the blanket younger Sonja was bearing. "This is not for your leg." It was too small for that. "It's for something you hold of even higher value."

He held it up in front of older Sonja to get a good look at.

It took a quiet moment, but it clicked. "That'll fit right on the barrel! You glorious backstop!" She snapped up the ring in her jaws and tucked it away for later installing. "Making me feel like I'm taking the easy shot here." She grabbed up the other ring from the pillow. "Hand."

Spike presented his hand and she smooched it, working her lips down over his fingers, which let the ring held in her teeth slide right over one of them into place. "There, now you're mine." She glared at the crowd. "Anyone got issue with that? I have bullets enough to finish the argument."

And so it was that Spike and Sonja were bound.

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