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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 62: Sweetie Belle Right Back At Ya!

The Squeak Squad has rested a whole day before moving away to more treasure hunting. To think that Sweetie now considers them like friends when she had first wanted to beat them... As for Sweetie, Dedede, and Kirby, after this whole incident, they have decided to remain in the resort three more days before returning to the castle. Just before the return, Sweetie has received a letter from Rarity saying that Princess Cadance is pregnant! She has been so happy to learn it, and she can't wait to see the baby princess!

To Dedede's joy, Bandana Dee and the others have been able to totally repair the castle. Nothing remains of the previous incidents, like the hole in the wall where Kirby smashed into the castle with the Dragoon to enter it, or the one left by Dedede when he has been propulsed out of the castle, without forgetting the treasure room. The servants have even done some treasure hunting to replace the ones destroyed in the battle against Yin and Yarn!

All seems to return to normal, but then, the next day, Dedede asks something in the reunion hall.

"Do any of you have any idea of what I should do now?"

At this, the whole room falls into silence for a dozen seconds, before Sweetie eventually asks "What do you mean?"

"Well, since Kirby made sure that I couldn't show my greatness through great acts..."

"Like stealing everyone's food?" interrupts Sweetie with amusement.

He sweats. "Y... Yes... So I was saying. Since I can't show my greatness this way, and Kirby is stealing the majority of the spotlight for the heroic stuff, then I ask you, all of you, what action we should take from now to make sure that I'm recognized by everyone."

"But isn't it already the case thanks to Sweetie Belle saving the world?" asks Bandana Dee.

"A little, but like I said, Kirby is stealing the spotlight, because he's THE hero. Sweetie is seen as just the sidekick."

"But she fights the bad guys as much as Kirby! Sometimes, she is even the one doing the most work!"

"Yeah. But they don't know it. They aren't here to see when Sweetie is the one dealing the finishing blow of saving Kirby's butt."

"So I'm seen like Hum Drum," says Sweetie. "But I don't mind. At least, I save the world. It's all that count."

"Who is Hum Drum?"

"I don't know. Probably some sidekick from her world."

"But I do mind! You work hard! Even harder than Kirby! And yet all you get is 'Hey! Look! It's Sweetie Belle! The adorable pony that follows the adorable and heroic Kirby in his adventures!' Just thinking about it makes me want to..." He takes the mike that he has been using to talk to the whole room, splits it in two, throws the two parts on the ground, and tramples them in anger. Once finished, he takes a big breath and continues talking. "But we are getting away from the main subject. So because those idiots only see the Great, Wonderful, Powerful, Super Heroic Kirby, I decided to use another method. But which method?"

At this, everyone in the room starts to talk to each other about ideas.

"A tournament?" proposes a Blade Knight.

"I don't think it will be enough," rebuts Dedede.

"We sculpt a whole mountain in your image?" proposes a Waddle Dee.

Dedede rubs his chin at this. "Mmh... I like this idea."

"Or we could produce goodies to sell in all Popstar!"

"Ah yeah! King Dedede plushies! Clothes with the emblem! Toys!"

"This will not work," says Cape Knight to them. "Goodies work only when the subject of the goodies is popular, and sadly, as the king stated, he is not popular enough. Maybe if we sell goodies of Kirby or Sweetie Belle, it would work, but of King Dedede, no. He must become popular first, then we can sell goodies of him."

"Becoming popular, uh?" asks Sweetie Belle. "In my world, a good way to become popular is to become something like a model of a singer." She looks at Dedede. "Modeling will definitely not work..."


"But you may have a chance with singing."

"The king? Singing?" asks Bandana Dee. "I never saw him singing, so I don't know..."

"Do you know how to sing, Dedede?"

"Of course I know how to sing!"

He clears his throat, then takes a big breath.

"Who is the best?
I am the best!
My name is Dedede
And I am the Great King!
So remember it
Or you will be clobbered!
I have a hammer
And I will not hesitate to...

He's interrupted by rain suddenly falling on him... Surprised, Sweetie looks up, and spots indeed a cloud that has somehow come, or appeared, above Dedede.

"Wow... That was so bad that he made rain... inside the castle... And I'm not even surprised that it is possible in this world."
Dedede looks at her with deadpan eyes.

"So, singing is a big no," says Broom Sunglasses.

"After, there is another method that is starting to appear in Equestria: make a movie. I know that there are cameras here, so I'm sure that it could work. And when princess Twilight described the mirror world to Rarity -I'm talking about Equestria's mirror world by the way, nothing to do with Dreamland's mirror world-, she told that many celebrities over there are movie makers or actors. Or even both."

Dedede looks up in thought. "A movie..." He smiles. "Yeah... Yeah! This will work!" He raises an arm, taking a proud pose. "And I will be the main character! And Kirby will be the bad guy!"

"No my king," says Cape Knight. "Let's avoid making Kirby the bad guy. The inhabitants of Popstar would only see this as jealousy."

"Beside," continues Bandana Dee. "I have heard that people tend to prefer bad guys! So wouldn't it be best if it were you the bad guy, Great King?"

"I will not be the bad guy!"

"Too bad. I was already seeing Sweetie Belle playing the cat that the bad guys love to pet while they monologue. We could have made a catsuit," says Broom Sunglasses.

"You barely survived the maid suit, are you sure you want to see Sweetie Belle in a catsuit?" asks Bandana Dee.


He imagines Sweetie Belle in a pink catsuit, putting a hoof/paw beside her head like a real cat and saying "Meow!" By the end, his whole body turns red, and smoke comes out of it, before he falls on his back, unconscious.

Knuckle Joe looks at him in panic. "Aah! Just thinking about it almost killed him! Medic!"

Sweetie giggles before saying to Dedede "Like he said, that's too bad. Put a black suit and a curling moustache, have a cat, and talk with an accent, and you would be a really good bad guy." She then mimes grooming a moustache and starts to talk deeply in an accent. "I need a monstoi to clob-boi tat dere Kirrrby.*"

Mini-Discord watching secretly the scene has to retains himself very hard from laughing while everyone in the room, excepted Dedede who deadpans at her again, applauds her acting.

"That was very good Sweetie!" exclaims Bandana Dee.

"Thank you!"

"So what you are proposing..." starts Dedede. "Is that we make a movie where I am the bad guy, and Kirby is the hero? You know that this means that Kirby will just gain ever more popularity, right? No, Kirby will not be the hero. And I will not change my mind, I don't want to be the bad guy no matter what you say."

"I think that I know what will be the story," says Cape Knight. "I know my kind that you would prefer to be a hero, but I think that the movie would work better if we put Sweetie Belle as the hero, with you as some kind of mentor. Thanks to the fact that she is seen as Kirby's sidekick like you said earlier, she already has some popularity, so she will attract more people. Her cuteness should help too."

"And she is really badass too!" shouts Knuckle Joe. "Not that you are not badass my king. But so far, you can't shoot lasers or energy balls." He bows. "Sorry!"

"Ugh..." Dedede can feel his pride breaking. "I'm... okay with those roles..."

"So, to continue, we will need a bad guy," says Cape Knight. "Kirby is out of the question. We can easily pick one of the bad guys fought until now, from Nightmare to Necrodeus."

"The Dark Matters!" proposes Sweetie Belle. "They are so far the worst enemies that have ever appeared on Popstar. A movie where they would be the main bad guys is obvious!"

"Yeah, the Dark Matters will be the best bad guys," confirms Dedede.

"Then we have our bad guys," says Cape Knight. "Now, here is my next idea. If the movie work, we make a sequel in the form of a serie. I already see how it would play out. The heroic Sweetie Belle succeeded in defeating the leader of the Dark Matters, the frightful Zero! However, Zero survived his defeat, and now under a new form called Zero Two, he comes back, this time trying to eliminate Sweetie Belle by sending monsters after monsters, only for our heroine to defeat them one after another until the ultimate fight between her and her archnemesis."

"We have our scriptwriter!" shouts Bandana Dee.

"That's perfect! While Cape Knight writes the script, we will build the movie studio! You hear that everyone? Go build one at once!"


As everyone leaves the room, Sweetie Belle comes to Dedede. "Wait, Dedede!"


"I'm gonna find Meta Knight to ask him the blueprints of the Halberd. Remember what we talked about?"

"Ah yeah! I almost forgot!" He then turns to the servants in the room to order them something else, only to see that the room is already empty. "... They are fast. Go find Meta Knight. I will start the building of the hangar."

Finding Meta Knight can be hard, but thankfully, when she has gone to the hangar of the Halberd, the Meta Knights has been able to tell her where he is. And so, she finds Meta Knight sitting under a tree, reading a book, his favorite pass time outside of training.

Hearing her approaching, he raises his eyes from the book. "Hello Sweetie Belle. Do you need something? Also, good job in the Popopo Islands."

"Thank you. And let me present to you..." She takes the knitting needles. "Yin and Yarn. They tried to conquer Dreamland by turning everything into yarn, but I was able to 'convince' them to give up. And now they help me. Yin, Yarn, this is Meta Knight, leader of the Meta Knights, and second strongest warrior of Popstar behind Kirby. Yes, he is stronger than me and Dedede."

Of course, Yin and Yarn understand the hidden message. He's strong enough to turn the both of you into toothpicks, so don't mess with him.

"Nice meeting you Meta Knight!" they both say with sweat pearling on their head.

Meta Knight glares at them for a few seconds before nodding and turning to Sweetie Belle. "You haven't come here just to present them to me I presume."

"No. I'm here to ask you something. Can I take a copy of the blueprints of the Halberd?"

This makes Meta Knight raises an eyebrow, Sweetie can clearly see it through the mask. "Why?"

"Me and Dedede got the idea to build our own battleship like the Halberd." She then giggles. "Dedede also wants a ship big enough so he could build a space resort thanks to it."

He sighs. "I have nothing against it... Very well. Let's go to the Halberd's hangar to search them."

"Thank you. I'm sure that this new battleship will be useful one day to fight the bad guys. Oh, and Dedede is also starting to do a movie."

Meta Knight looks at her in silence before saying "Really?"

"Yes. He wants to be famous. Forcing the inhabitants to acknowledge him didn't work. Being a hero doesn't work too. So we got the idea of making a movie. Cape Knight is writing the script right now, but if you want, I'm sure that we could give you a role. It would be fun. For info, I will be the heroine, Dedede will be my mentor, and we will use Zero as the bad guy."

Meta Knight chuckles. "I will think about this."

The following days, words about Dedede working on a movie have spreed in all Dreamland. As the studio is finished, many are the ones wanting to have a role in it, forcing Cape Knight to always change the script to include them.

Despite some... protestations about what happens to some of the characters, or their role given, the script is eventually accepted.

Sweetie has also gone to the frozen Earth to ask the robots here some help for the special effects. With their technology, they will not have to worry about using cardboard and that kind of thing. The robots have gladly accepted. With the help of the Halberd, some of the robots have come to Popstar with the necessary technology.

Now, they are in the studio, about to do the first scene. Kirby is beside a fake fountain looking like the Fountain of Dreams. The water is pink, and at the top, there is a rod with a heart-shaped head. ChuChu is also present, in the water of the fountain.

Cape Knight, who is now the director of the movie, is sitting on a chair, using a megaphone. "Alright everyone! Let's start to turn our first scene! Kirby, the Guardian of the Fountain of Love, invokes a hero to fight the threat of the Dark Matters! Take 1! Aaand... Action!" At the word 'action', he takes a clapboard and claps it.

Kirby is looking at the ceiling in worry. "Poyo..." He then starts to walk back and forth under the worried eyes of ChuChu, repeating "Poyo... Poyo...", until she touches him on the side with one of her arms, gaining his attention. "Poyo?" ChuChu then looks at Kirby in determination before turning toward the rod on the fountain, and pointing at it with a nod. "Mmh?" Kirby then gasps before smiling. "Poyo! Poyo poyo!" Inflating, he flies to the rod, and touches it, closing his eyes, murmuring "Poyo..." Then, he looks at the rod in surprise, then at a spot beside the fountain, landing beside it while looking down on the floor, protecting his eyes.

"And cut!" shouts Cape Knight. "Very good you two!" He now turns to Sweetie Belle. "This is where you appear."

"So I go lie down on the floor beside the fountain where Kirby as been looking and open my eyes as if I was waking up?"


"Okay... Well, I think that I remember my text, so I should be alright. I have repeated that scene at least ten times."

"If you need to read the text a last time before we start, you can."

"I will at least try before." After saying that, she goes toward the fountain, beside Kirby. "You are a really good actor Kirby. Is there anything you are bad at?"

He giggles and shrugs. "Poyo."

While giggling, Sweetie lies down on the floor at Kirby's feet and closes her eyes.

"Good!" says Cape Knight as he takes the clapboard. "The apparition of the heroine! Action!" Clap!

"He's really good at this job," comments Bandana Dee from the side.

"Probably thanks to his experience as captain of the guard," replies Dedede. "But I didn't know that he had the soul of an artist."

"We all have hidden talents," says Meta Knight. He looks at Kirby. "Some more than others. I heard that he built a whole spaceship in just a few seconds?"

"Yeah. We got back the pieces of the blueprints, and five seconds later, there was a spaceship." He rubs his head. "Sometimes, I wonder how he does it..."

"But how do you expect me to defeat those things?! I don't even know how to fight!" they hear Sweetie yell at Kirby.

"Poyopoyo poyo! Poyo!" replies Kirby before ChuChu gives him the rod, which he gives to Sweetie Belle. "Poyo poyo poyopoyo! Poyo!" He then points toward one of the walls of the studio. "Poyo poyo! Poyo poyo! Poyo!"

"Someone who will train me? Who?"


She sighs. "Ok..." She then looks at the rod. "I don't know if I will be able to do it, but..." She looks back at Kirby. "If losing means the end of this world, then I will do everything to avoid it."


"And cut! Well done!"

Surprisingly, the following months are really peaceful. Not a single bad guy trying to take over or destroy anything. So as the time pass, they simply continue to work on the movie.

"I'm glad that I was able to save you from being devoured by this possessed monster. So your name is Pitch?"

"Cheep cheep cheep!"

"Nice meeting you Pitch. I'm Sweetie Belle, and as you can guess, I'm the one that has been called to save the world from those Dark Matters."

"Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!"

"What? You want to come with me? Why?"

Pitch starts to fly around Sweetie Belle, doing some figures to show Sweetie Belle that she can count on him.


"Watch out!"


Diving a little too early, Pitch crashes on Sweetie Belle, getting the two of them on the floor.

"Cut! Pitch! Watch out when you do your figures!"


"Ugh... It reminds me of Rainbow Dash... Maybe you should work those figures a little more before we retry this scene."

"Watch out Marx!"

Marx, on his ball, rolls back to avoid being crushed by the hammer of a Bonkers.

"Oh! You asked for it!"

Marx jumps from his ball and kicks it toward the Bonkers, only for the Bonkers to hit it with his hammer to make it bounce away.

And the ball hits a Scarfy that has been prepared for another scene. The Scarfy has been at the edge of a small herd, and upon being it by the ball, it is projected toward others Scarfys, who rams into more Scarfies, until at least half of the herd, fourteen including a big one, are turned into their monstrous form and start flying toward Sweetie, Pitch, Marx, and Bonkers.

Pitch yells "Cheeeeep!!" before flying away, followed by a panicked Bonkers, and many servants working in the room.

Sweetie and Marx looked at each other before sighing as Marx turns into his 'bat' form.

"We will avoid to place the Scarfys too close in the future."

"At least, we get to have some real fun!"

"You must keep an eye for the enemy's movements. Your fight against the Bonkers proved that against a real fighter, you... You..." Meta Knight looks at Sweetie Belle without saying anything anymore.

She giggles. "Forgot your text?"

At this, Meta Knight looks away.

Take 2!

"You must keep an eye for the enemy's movements. Your fight against the Bonkers proved that against a real fighter, you wouldn't stand a chance by yourself. A smart fighter knows how to deceive you and pass your guard. You..." He plants his sword in the ground in frustration.

"You almost got it."

Take 3!

You must keep an eye for the enemy's movements. Your fight against the Bonkers proved that against a real fighter, you wouldn't stand a chance by yourself. A smart fighter knows to... how to... Rah!" He throws his sword at a camera, impaling it, which causes the Waddle Dee using it to lose consciousness in fear.

"Hey! Don't destroy the equipment!" shouts Dedede.

"I think that we should have a small break," proposes Sweetie. I didn't think that he could lose his temper over something like that, and so rapidly...

"Star darn it Sweetie Belle! Why did you fire a real giant laser beam? You knew that we would have used the special effects to make one!" yells Dedede before showing the hole in a wall... And in the wall behind it... And in the wall behind this one... "Now we have to repair five walls! And everything in between!"

"Sorry! I got carried away in our 'fight'!"

"Yeah... You forgot that this was a fake fight, right?"

She laughs sheepishly.

Adeleine, with a sadistic smile, paints an Ice Dragon who immediately comes to life and jumps out of the canvas. Sweetie, Pitch, Marx, and Meta Knight ready themselves to fight it. The painted Ice Dragon roars, but then, spots Dedede at the other side of the room, eating some juicy meat along with Kirby who eats a strawberry shortcake. The painted Ice Dragon roars again, and runs toward them.

"H-hey! Come back!" shouts Adeleine.

"Dedede!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

Hearing her, Dedede looks toward them, only to see the painted Ice Dragon jumping toward him.

"Wh-" BAM!

They all look away the moment of the impact as they hear Dedede scream before looking back, sweating.

"Note to self: never paint the Ice Dragon beside meat," says Adeleine.

"So the Dark Matters are back..." says Dedede, seated on his throne, after receiving a letter from one of his soldiers outside his castle. "Bandana Dee!" he then calls.

A few seconds later, Bandana Dee comes running toward the throne before bowing. "What can I do for you Great King?"

"I need Sweetie Belle to save the world again!"

"Then I'm gonna search her right away!"

"And don't forget to bring your spear so you can help her!"

"And cut!" shouts Cape Knight.

Everyone starts to cheer, jump in joy, and hug each other. It's done! They have finished to turn the scenes! Now all they have to do is to finish with the special effects and to put the scenes in their places to do the movie.

"We are not finished yet!" shouts Cape Knight.

"What? But that was the last scene of the movie!" says Bandana Dee.

"I have the feeling that the movie will be a great success! So while we put the finishing touches to it, we can start to turn the first episode of the series!" He shows them a bunch of papers. "I already wrote the script! We can start anytime!"


"He got a little too much in his new job..." says Bandana Dee.

A few days later, Dedede leads Sweetie Belle who now possesses a golden belt where she has put her whip and Yin and Yarn, Bandana Dee, and Cape Knight to the hangar that has been built in the mountain under the castle.

None of them need to ask why. They already know.

It is finished.

And when they arrive after taking an elevator, they finally see it.

An elongated red hull full of cannons, golden gliders, folded bird-like wings, a bridge that looks like a castle, Dedede's symbol painted on the sides, the wings, and on the deck, and Dedede's head on the bow, with a giant version of his crown at the top.

Dedede's own battleship.

The Warhammer.

"It's... Woah..." says Sweetie Belle.

"Awesome..." says Bandana Dee.

Dedede smirks. "Wanna a ride?"

"Yes!" shout both Sweetie and Bandana Dee excitedly.

At this, they enter the ship through one of the doors on the sides. The inside is pretty much like the one of the Halberd, but much more decorated, much like the inside of the castle. It really looks more like a luxurious ship than a battleship. It's a luxurious battleship.

They soon reach the bridge, which looks more like a throne room, with even a throne in front of the wheel, a red, white rimmed carpet leading from the throne to the wheel. The wheel itself has Dedede's symbol at the center. A Waddle Dee is just in front of the wheel, ready to pilot the ship when the order is given.

Dedede sits on the throne, laughing. "Bwahahahaha! I feel powerful!" He waves his right arm in front of him. "Let's take off!"

"Yes my king!" answer everyone on the bridge excepted Bandana Dee and Sweetie Belle.

An alarm starts to sound in the hangar, and red lights turn on. As the crew starts to work for the take off, the wall in front of the Warhammer, which is in reality a giant door, opens. Once it is fully opened, the battleship rises, and with a sudden push from the engines, it advance, getting out of the hangar. Once out, it bends up to gain height, and the wings unfold, finishing the take off process.

"I will never get tired of this!" says Sweetie Belle as she looks through a window at the right of the bridge. Eventually, she looks back at Dedede. "But wait, how will we return to the hangar? We can't move back, and if we enter the hangar normally, the Warhammer will be stuck."

"There is a second door that we can use at the opposite side. So no matter which one we enter, we can go out by the other."

"Hey look!" suddenly shouts Bandana Dee at an opposite window. "The Halberd!"

Hearing him, Sweetie rapidly joins him, and see indeed the Halberd now flying alongside them, side by side, at their left. She looks at the bridge, spots Sailor Waddle Dee through the window, and waves at him.

"Something tells me that our two ships will form a good team one day."

The ponies look in joy as Coloratura sings, free from the image imposed by her ex-manager, until Rarity jumps in fright at suddenly hearing a voice coming from right beside her hear.

"Hello! I'm not bothering I hope."

"Hiii! Di-Discord! Don't scare me like that! Where are you?"

"I'm here, but I'm not here at the same time. This way, I just accidentally scare you, and not everypony in this concert. As much as it would be fun, I know that Fluttershy wouldn't like it. Anyway, I've a package for you from Sweetie Belle. Seems like they finally finished their movie. She even sent the first episode of the series. I put everything in Twilight's castle."

"Thank you Discord."

So when Coloratura finishes her concert, Rarity says to her friends, Coloratura and the Crusaders among them, the news.

"So, movie night?" asks Rainbow Dash.

"Movie night!" shout Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

"You have a sister trapped in another dimension?" asks Coloratura.

"Not trapped. More like 'Following her destiny'."

"I will explain, but you will have a hard time believing me," says Applejack.

"You are the most honest mare than I know. You proved it to me with Svengallop. I will believe anything you say."

The movie starts by showing the peaceful world, and how the inhabitants live in happiness, only for the world to be covered in darkness, starting with the castle of King Dedede. When the darkness spreads over a fountain, Kirby looks up in worry before walking back and forth, wondering what to do. His friend, Chuchu, then shows him a rod on the fountain, and Kirby gets the idea to use it to invoke someone that would be able to fight the darkness.

And so, in a bright red light, comes Sweetie Belle.

"Uh? Where am I?" she asks upon opening her eyes.


"Hiiii!!" She jumps away in fright. "Who are you?! And... What are you?! And where am I?!"

Kirby puts his arms in front of him, signing to her to calm down. "Poyo. Poyo." Once he sees that Sweetie Belle has calmed down a little, he starts to explain the situation, the filly seemingly understanding him, probably thanks to the power of the rod that has invoked her.

"So, let me get this straight. This world is in danger of being plunged in darkness by creatures of darkness and hate that you know are called Dark Matters. You know that their weakness is love, like the one produced by this fountain, but because you are the Guardian of this Fountain of Love, you can't get too far, so you used this Heart Rod to invoke someone that could use the power of love to defeat the Dark Matters. I see what you want but... But how do you expect me to defeat those things?! I don't even know how to fight!"

"Poyopoyo poyo! Poyo!" replies Kirby before ChuChu gives him the rod, which he gives to Sweetie Belle. "Poyo poyo poyopoyo! Poyo!" He then points in one direction at the horizon. "Poyo poyo! Poyo poyo! Poyo!"

"Someone who will train me? Who?"


She sighs. "Ok..." She then looks at the rod. "I don't know if I will be able to do it, but..." She looks back at Kirby. "If losing means the end of this world, then I will do everything to avoid it."


At this, Sweetie Belle bids Kirby, or rather, "the Guardian of the Fountain of Love", and ChuChu goodbye before starting her journey in the direction pointed by him, Heart Rod floating in her magic beside her.

"So what do you think so far Rara?" asks Applejack.

"They are good. Maybe it's a little too fast. Also, the pink ball is adorable."

"I know! I so want to hug him!" shouts Pinkie Pie. "But I have to wait for Sweetie to beat the Dark God so she can return to Equestria and get us to Popstar! It's so long!"

In her journey, Sweetie Belle quickly encounters a small bird named Pitch, which she saves from a monster that has been about to eat him. Despite being scared of the monster, Sweetie has been able to charge at it and ram it by surprise before punching it in the face again and again until it has lost consciousness. Something has then gotten out of the monster, some kind of black orb with a single eye, and it has started to attack Sweetie Belle. Understanding that it has been a Dark Matter, she has taken the Heart Rod and has fired a heart beam at it, destroying it.

Following the rescue, owing his life, Pitch decides to follow Sweetie Belle to help her, and to guide her in this world. Later, as she is chasen by two dozens Scarfys, she is saved by a jester, Marx, who understands that she is the one that must defeat the Dark Matters, and helps her. With his help, they are able to defeat a possessed Bonkers, which Sweetie has really had a hard time to fight, because he has known how to fight.

Just as they defeat the Bonkers, Meta Knight, who has been observing them from the shadows, talks to them, revealing that he is the one that will train Sweetie Belle to fight, and seeing her fight against the Bonkers, she really needs it. So more some days, Meta Knight trains Sweetie Belle, until he thinks that she has become experimented enough in a fight to not be killed by some simple minion. Once done with this training, he decides to follow them, to continue to train Sweetie, but also to help them fight the many possessed, especially King Dedede's army.

And fight them they do. Many possessed get in the way to stop them, including the human girl Adeleine, and the more they approach the castle of King Dedede, the epicenter of the darkness, the more there are enemies and traps. When they enter it, Sweetie is forced to continue alone with Pitch, Bandana Waddle Dee and Cape Knight forcing Marx and Meta Knight to remain behind.

So she fights Dedede alone on the roof of the castle, Pitch not really being of any help, and after an epic fight, she is able to defeat Dedede and force Zero, the leader of the Dark Matters, out of his body. Armed with the Heart Rod, Sweetie jumps on a shield and fights Zero in the sky among the darkness, but the powerful being almost manages to defeat her. About to lose, Sweetie Belle desperately charges at Zero's eye, and impales the Heart Rod in it. The eye then disappears in a big explosion of red light while the body disappears in the darkness.

And so, with Zero defeated, peace comes back to the world. As a thank you, Dedede accepts to let Sweetie Belle live in his castle, and Marx and Meta Knight bid her goodbye before returning to their life.

But one day...

"What can I do for you Great King?"

"I need Sweetie Belle to save the world again!"

"Then I'm gonna search her right away!"

"And don't forget to bring your spear so you can help her!"

And the movie ends on this.

"A cliffhanger? Really?" asks Spike.

"Probably to announce the series," says Twilight.

"Well then let's start the first episode!" says Rainbow.

"So that Zero really is something that Sweetie Belle had to fight?" asks Coloratura while Spike is busy preparing the first episode of the show.

"Yes. Everything said about the Dark Matters in this movie is true," says Applejack. "Also, they made his death more foal friendly. Discord told us that in reality, he died with his eye expelling itself of the body to ram Sweetie Belle and Kirby before exploding in a bloody mess. I'm really thankful they haven't done that in this movie."

"It's ready!" announces Spike.

The episode starts where the movie has ended, Bandana Dee searching Sweetie Belle to tell her that she needs to save the world again. As the filly starts to prepare herself, the opening starts.

"Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, that's the name you should know!
Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie is the star of the show!
She's more than you think,
Doesn't have to be pink,
Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie's the one!
She comes right back at ya! She comes right back at ya!
Give it all you got, take your very best shot,
She will come right back at ya for sure! Yeah!"

"What can I do for you Great King?"

"I need Sweetie Belle to save the world again!"

"Then I'm gonna search her right away!"

"And don't forget to bring your spear so you can help her!"

"Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, saving the day!
Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie's coming home, so make way!
Don't be fooled by her size, you won't believe your eyes!
Sweetie, (Sweetie!)
Sweetie, (Sweetie!)
Sweetie, (Sweetie!)
Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie's the one!

A few days later...

"Sweetie Belle, your new whip is ready."

She smiles. "Good. About time."

Author's Note:

*I used a Fake Italian Accent Generator for this one. I hope that it's good.

Thanks again kelduo647 for the lyrics of the opening.

Guess what we will start in the next chapter? :rainbowdetermined2: I'm sure that you have all been waiting for it.

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