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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 31: Heroes Versus Dark Matters, Round 3!

Sweetie Belle looks at her friend in confusion. Getting possessed has turned Waddle Dee into a Waddle Doo. She turns to Kirby, remarking that he is wearing the familiar cone-shaped hat indicating that he is actually using the bomb ability, and asks him "Did this happen before?"

Kirby shakes his head, a little confused too, before he points to Waddle Dee... Doo, indicating to her to focus.

When she looks back at their enemy, she sees that he is charging at them, and she readies her whip, grinding her teeth and silently apologizing to Waddle Dee. However, the charge is halted by Kirby rolling a bomb right at Waddle Doo's feet, the explosion sending him flying before he crashes on his head. He big, round bump appears on his head as Waddle Doo falls on his back, his eye becoming swirly.

Yeah... Possessed or not, Waddle Dee is still Waddle Dee... Easy to knock out. This would have been different if the Dark Matter was possessing her like he has been about to do before Waddle Dee jumped in his way. Rest now to find a way to force the Dark Matter out of him.

The little girl then approaches him, and points the crystal at his body, shouting "Get out of him, you monster!" Following this, the crystal shoots a laser at Waddle Dee, and not long after, the Dark Matter is forced out of him.

Sweetie stares in awe at this, before she sees the Dark Matter charging at her. "Nope! Not this time!" she screams, hitting the Dark Matter by throwing a shield at him, knocking him back. Of course, this does nothing to the Dark Matter who charges at her again, only for the girl to fly between him and Sweetie, crystal pointed at the black ball. The crystal then shoots a few crystalised projectiles, hitting the Dark Matter in the eye. After taking three projectiles in rapid succession, the Dark Matter explodes.

Again, Sweetie is awed at this, until the girl talks to her, asking "Are you alright?" in worry.

"Yes, I'm alright," answers the filly, before looking in the direction of the still unconscious Waddle Dee, back to normal. "But we should help him."

"Aah! Right!" shouts the girl in panic, before flying toward Waddle dee. "What can we do?!"

But then, Waddle Dee starts to wake up, groaning and rubbing his bump, before he sits, his eyes opening. Sweetie immediately hugs him, almost knocking him on his back again, shouting "Waddle Dee! Are you alright?!"

"Woah!" he shouts, trying to not fall. Once stable, he pats Sweetie on the back of the head, answering her. "Yes, I'm alright. My head hurt a little, and I can still feel the burns from the bomb, but it's not too bad."

Sweetie releases him before stepping back, sighing in relief. "I'm glad..." she says, before turning to the little girl. "Thank you for getting rid of this Dark Matter."

The girl smiles at her. "You are welcome. I'm glad he is alright," she says. She then puts her right hand on her chest. "My name is Ribbon, nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too, Ribbon, my name is Sweetie Belle, and this is Waddle Dee," replies the filly, pointing at herself, then at Waddle Dee. She then turns to Kirby; "So, what is happening? I thought that we had eliminated the Dark Matters by killing Zero."

Kirby only shrugs at her, not knowing how they can be back.

"You killed Zero?!" asks Ribbon in surprise. "That's incredible! He was like one of the oldest evil beings in the universe! Created from the darkness of the Dark God himself!" She turns to Kirby. "Now I know that I can count on you to save my world and my people! If you have been able to eliminate Zero, then you can eliminate whatever is now controlling the Dark Matters!"

Putting her question about this Dark God in the back of her head, Sweetie asks to her "You are from another world that is attacked by the Dark Matters?"

"Yes," responds Ribbon. "I come from a world named Ripple Star, the world of the fairies."

Sweetie gasps at this. Fairies?! She then shakes her head. Focus Sweetie! It's not the time!

Meanwhile, Ribbon sighs. "We were suddenly attacked by the Dark Matters. Our queen quickly understood that they may be after the Crystal, which may be the most powerful weapon against them, and asked me to take it and escape Ripple Star to protect it. However, I was pursued by three Dark Matters, and they destroyed the Crystal, shattering it into many shards that scattered in space."

"And now, we must find those crystal shards to reform that Crystal, and save your world," continues Sweetie Belle. She then takes the crystal that has fallen from Waddle Dee's arm in her magic and levitates it to the fairy. "It's one?"
"Yes!" shouts Ribbon in joy. She then touches the crystal with her bigger crystal, getting the two to fuse into a slightly bigger crystal. "Thank you, Sweetie Belle! Wait, you said 'we', you want to join us?"

"Of course! I fought the Dark Matters alongside Kirby two times, so I'm ready for a third!" She then shows her whip. "You can count on me to help you!"

"Poyo!" shouts Kirby in joy.

Waddle Dee looks at Sweetie Belle, then at Ribbon. He closes his eyes, and after some time, takes a big breath, and says "I'm coming too!"

"What? Really?" asks Sweetie in surprise.

"Yes! I'm not a fighter like you or Kirby but at least, I have the occasion to do something, and I want to help! M-maybe I can be useful."

Sweetie smiles at him, and says "It will be nice to have you with us Waddle Dee." She then turns to Kirby. "You will not mind?"

Kirby shakes his head, smiling, before he starts walking, waving at everyone to follow him.

And so, Sweetie starts a new adventure alongside Kirby, this time with her friend Waddle Dee, and a fairy named Ribbon. But before long, she stops, and shouts "Wait a minute! How are we gonna find the shards? They can be everywhere in Popstar!"

"Oh! Don't worry," replies Ribbon, showing the crystal to her. "The crystal can guide us to the closest shard. Here, look." She then points the crystal toward the sky, and a small light appears at the surface, pointing at a direction, a little at the left.

Seeing this, Sweetie and Waddle Dee sigh in relief, glad that they will not have to search each bushes and behind each rocks of Popstar.

Following the light, they reach a forest that seems to be in the middle of Autumn, the leaves of the trees being red, orange, or yellow. After knocking out some of the locals attacking them for some reason, they end up entering a rather big tree with an entry at the bottom. In the tree, they have to climb a few wooden platforms, Kirby however being surprised in the way by a bunch of Pupas, tear shaped insects with a black face and red and yellow stripes, not seeing them before he touches one, making it explode like a Scarfy.

They reach a wooden bridge inside the tree leading to an exit. Outside the tree, they find themselves on an extension, where they see a wooden lift linking the tree to another one. When they get on the lift, Ribbon sees that the light on the crystal is pointing a little down.

"Poyo!" shouts Kirby, pointing slightly down under the path of the lift.

Waddle Dee comes at his left and puts an arm above his eyes to have a better look. "Yes! I see a shard floating a little further down."

"I see it! I'm gonna get it!" says Ribbon, flying to the floating shard.

"How can it float?" asks Sweetie, confused.

"It's a magical crystal. Do you have to ask?" says Waddle Dee.


At this moment, Ribbon comes back, and points at the other tree linked by the lift. "The crystal says that the next shard is this way."

"Well then, let's use this lift."

Once he finishes talking, Waddle Dee jumps on the log on the cables connected to the platform of the lift, and starts walking on it, making the lift advance.

Sweetie uses this moment of calm to ask something. "Ribbon. Earlier, you said something about a Dark God, and Zero being created from his darkness. Who is this Dark God?"

"I don't know that much about this God. All I know is that he comes from the origin of the universe, and that he is responsible of the creation of the Darkness, including Zero. I think he also created or helped create a few other stuffs, but I don't remember. There was also something about an ancient civilization, but I never really was interested by this, you would have to ask the queen."


Not long after, they reach the other tree, where they enter it, and find a strawberry shortcake that Kirby eats to heal his burn from the Pupa. This makes Sweetie remember that she didn't have breakfast today. Well lucky her, after some rather long jump toward the bottom of the tree, they find a Maxi Tomato that Kirby happily lets Sweetie take. The filly however cut it in two, giving the second half to Waddle Dee who hasn't eaten too this morning. The Maxi Tomato eaten, they jump in a hole in the middle of the floor.

This leads them to a room with a giant Bouncy guarding the exit door. However, even if she's a giant, she's still just a Bouncy, and so, with some cracks of Sweetie's whip and some of Kirby's bombs, it doesn't take them long to knock her out. This makes her release a crystal shard that Ribbon immediately takes, before they pass the door.

Following the light to the next shard, they follow a small path until they find someone unexpected. Lying down tree stump is Adeleine, her easel at her feet. As they approach, they see that she has a crystal shard in her right hand.

"Adeleine!" shouts Sweetie Belle to get her attention.

The girl gets up and turn toward them, eyes closed, making them stop in confusion. And then, she opens her eyes, and seeing how she looks at them, something is definitely wrong. She then turns to her canvas and starts painting on it, forming some black rounded creature with two pointed black ears, two black dots as eyes, and two white feet. Once finished, the black thing jumps from the canvas and charges at them, only to be destroyed by one of Kirby's bombs.

"She must be possessed by a Dark Matter," says Ribbon.

"Then I'm gonna watch the fight from over there. Good luck," says Waddle Dee before receding just as Adeleine finishes painting a Bronto Burt that gets destroyed by a beam from Sweetie.

Adeleine then paints a big, black spider with long legs and two white eyes, quickly followed by a Mumbies, the floating creepy mummy head, only for the two of them to be destroyed by another bomb and another beam.

"Does this Dark Matter really think that he can beat us by throwing those small fries ?" asks Sweetie.

As she talks, Adeleine paints... something that is easily destroyed too. Seems like the Dark matter is losing patience, and Sweetie's comment probably hasn't helped, because Adeleine then paints nothing else than the Ice Dragon that they have fought in Iceberg.

This may be a little harder to beat.

Once out of the canvas, the dragon immediately uses his tail as a propeller to get closer to them while he breath his ice, trying to freeze them, while they see Adeleine hiding behind the easel, shouting at the dragon to kill them. Sweetie and Kirby avoid the ice breath by running in opposite directions, forcing the dragon to choose who will be his target. At the same time, the two starts attacking him, Sweetie using fireballs alongside her whip. The dragon then jumps in her direction, only for a last fireball making him explode in midair, surprising Sweetie.

"Already? Seems like Adeleine's creations aren't as strong as the real ones."

The destruction of the dragon causes Adeleine to make a tantrum before she starts to paint something else on her canvas, the something being a Dark Matter.

A Dark Matter painting a Dark Matter to attack them. He must really be getting desperate.

Once out of the canvas, the Dark Matter shouts his dark lightning at them, only for Sweetie to use a shield to stop the projectiles while she and Kirby counter attack with actual lightning and bombs. The Dark Matter then charges at them, but they easily dodge him, before he is destroyed by a bomb.

This is the last straw for Adeleine, who makes another tantrum before jumping from the stump and charging at Kirby, swinging her brush in fury, eyes closed. Kirby exchange a look with Sweetie, not even moving, before the filly sighs and shoots a beam at Adeleine's back, knocking her on her belly, the girl stopping moving after that.

Knowing it's her cue, Ribbon approaches Adeleine and shoots a small laser from the crystal at the girl, forcing the Dark Matter out of her. Before the dark Matter can go far, sweetie traps him in a shield, letting an opening for Ribbon to shoot the crystal projectiles to destroy him.

The fight finished, Waddle Dee comes back, saying "Maybe I could have helped for that one."

"Yeah, you probably could have," says Sweetie.

Adeleine then wakes up, groaning, before they can hear her say "Again..."

Sweetie approaches her. "Are you alright?"

"Yes. I'm alright," answers Adeleine as she sits up. "I thought that the Dark Matters were destroyed."

"We all thought, but they are apparently stubborn," says Waddle Dee.

Adeleine giggles. "So, back again to save the world?" she asks to Sweetie and Kirby.

"For once, it's not Popstar that must be saved," says Sweetie, pointing at Ribbon. "but her world. Her name is Ribbon, and the Dark Matters are invading her world."

"And we need those crystals like the one that you have," adds Waddle Dee.

Adeleine takes the crystal shard and shows it. "You means this one?"

They nod.

"Then take it," she says, as she tends the crystal for Ribbon to take, the fairy thanking her. "Say, can I come with you in your adventure? I have enough of those Dark Matters, and I want to do something to help get rid of them once and for all."

"Of course!" shouts Ribbon. "Any help is welcome!"

"And I'm sure that your painting will greatly help us in our journey!" says Sweetie Belle.


"Thanks! You will see, you will not regret taking me with you!"

Ribbon then takes the crystal and looks at the light. "The next shard is this way. Let's go, everyone."


The light leads them beyond the forest, approaching an imposing structure composed of three circular levels, the superior levels smaller than the inferiors. The walls are made of stone brick with parts made of smooth grey stone protruding at regular interval. On the wall of the second level, they can see entrances placed above the grey stone parts of the first level.

"What is this?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"It's one of the king's fortresses !" answers Waddle Dee happily.

"So there are shards inside it?" asks Adeleine.

Ribbons looks at the light on the crystal, before answering. "Maybe. It could simply be in the way. We will have to go around it to verify."

"We are not in front of the entrance," says Waddle Dee. "so we will have the occasion while we look for it."

"Wait, I see something," says Sweetie, looking at the path around the fortress. On the path, among other creatures, like living white rockets with a red top named Skuds or Bronto Burts, she sees one of those black things like Adeleine has painted in their fight. She points at it. "What is this? I have never seen a creature like this one in Dreamland before."

"Yes, I remember painting it at our fight," says Adeleine. "I think it's some sort of minion of the Dark Matters."

"That's it," confirms Ribbon. "When the Dark Matters invaded Ripple Star, I saw some of them drop those things. I'm not sure what they are, but I think they are created from their darkness. The ones following me probably created them to help them find the crystal shards."

"Then let's get rid of it! Tayooo!" shouts Waddle Dee, charging at the black creature. Reaching it, he uses the momentum to give a powerful punch that knock the creature on it's back, before it poof into a small cloud of darkness. At this, Waddle Dee raises his arms, yelling "Victory!"

Sweetie giggles, but before she is able to congrats Waddle Dee, she hears someone shouts "What is going on here?" When they look at who has talked, they see a Sir kibble approaching.

Understanding that he's a soldier of Dedede's army, probably patrolling around the fortress, she approaches him and talk to him. "Sorry for the trouble, Waddle Dee was beating an enemy minion that had gotten too close of the fortress."

the Sir Kibble salutes at her. "Supreme Commander Sweetie Belle! we didn't expect you to come!" he shouts.

"Hey now, no need saluting," Sweetie says, gesturing him to stop with an embarrassed smile. "We are here because we are in search of crystal shards, and we were led there. We need them to stop the Dark Matters."

The Sir Kibble steps back in shock. "They are back?!"


"Then we must warn the king! Follow me!"

This surprises Sweetie Belle. "He is in the fortress?" she asks. "This fortress is the one that has been raided by the Squeak Squad?"

"Urh... Yes."

"Oh my gosh!" she shouts in joy before she turns to the others. "You hear that everyone? Dedede is here! I'm sure he will help us!" She turns back to the Sir Kibble. "Where is he?"

"Last I heard, on the roof."

"Then let's go!"

At this, she starts running, quickly followed by the others, with Adeleine yelling "Wait for us!", leaving a sweating Sir Kibble behind. Following the path around the castle, they find the entrance, with a lowered drawbridge as a door. Inside, the entrance hall is a giant room with a red carpet starting from the entrance and going on a stair right in front. The stairs lead to a passage all around the room with doors. Sweetie is then stopped at seeing the first soldier in the way, or rather, at seeing what he is: an one eyed smiling ghost with a lance and a shield.

She looks at him. He looks back.


"We have ghosts in our army?" she eventually asks with a raised eyebrow.

The ghost bows at her at this, laughing.

She shrugs, saying "Well, alright then. Can you show us the quickest way to the roof? We want to see king Dedede."

The ghost answers her by turning around, pointing his lance at a door just at the top of the stairs.

"Thank you."

She passes the ghost, waving at him, before climbing the stairs followed by the others, with Sweetie thinking Talk to a ghost, check! In the next room, they follow the path passing by their left, passing beside stained glasses, before reaching the exit, leading at a small vertical room with floating platforms to go up. Gordos are in the way, but once they see Sweetie, they get out of it, letting them pass.

It's so good to be the second of the king!

At the top of the room, they pass a hole in the ceiling, which leads them outside the castle, on the walls of the first level, revelling that the earlier room has been one of those sections made of smooth grey stone. Walking on the wall, they find themselves back at the entrance of the castle, where the drawbridge has been raised, helping them to reach the other side.

They then hear Ribbon says "I think there is a shard close! The light is pointing down slightly at the left! Right inside this tower!" before she points at one of the sections of the wall made of smooth stone. They can see a hole on the roof of it, leading inside."

"Sweet!" shouts the filly in joy, jumping in the hole followed by the fairy. The rest of the group remains on the wall, waiting. Soon, they hear her again. "Found it! There is also a door there, and Ribbon says that there is another shard in the same direction!"

Adeleine rubs her head. "Does this leads us at least to the roof where is the king?"

"We will find out," replies Waddle Dee, before he jumps.

Adeleine sighs, before she says "I don't understand this fortress... Why are we even on the wall?"

"Poyo," Kirby answers her with a shrug before jumping too, followed by the girl.

Once everyone is at the bottom of the tower, they pass the door, traverse a small empty room, and eventually reach a big room with a spiral staircase made of really big stairs. In the middle of the room is a beautiful fountain. Ribbon then looks at the light of the crystal, turns around, and looks ut above the entrance by where they come. And here it is, a crystal shard that she immediately takes.

After that, they take the stairs until they reach a dead end with a chain linking the staircase to the ceiling. They see that above they is a circular passage with more chains leading to the ceiling, with one of them passing through a hole in the ceiling.

"Oh no... Don't tell me we have to climb those chains..." complains Adeleine.

"I... I never learned how to climb ropes, or chains..." says Sweetie.

"Oh don't worry, it's not that hard!" claims Waddle Dee, approaching the chain. "Look at me." At this, he grabs the chain, before putting a foot on one of the links. He raises the other foot, puts one of his arms higher, making him go up a little, before he puts the foot on a second link, and repeats the process with the first foot. "See?"

After he has climbed the chain enough, Kirby jumps on it and starts to climb it too, having no problems. Sweetie gulps before approaching the chain and starts to do like Waddle Dee has shown, successfully climbing it, followed by an insure Adeleine, while Ribbon simply flies beside them. Once they reach the circular path, they go to the chain leading to the hole, and climb it the same way.

The hole leads them on the roof of the fortress, where as they were said, they find Dedede actually looking at one of the crystal shards that he is holding in his left hand.


"My king!"

"Mmh?" Dedede raises his head and sees the group approaching, getting confused. "Sweetie Belle? Waddle Dee? Kirby? Adeleine? What are you doing here?"

Kirby then tries to take the crystal, only for Dedede raising it out of his reach.

"Hey! Hands off! It's mine!"

"Dedede, we need this crystal," pleads Sweetie beside him.

The king raises an eyebrow at her, and asks "Why?"

"Well you see-"

But before she can say more, something fall from the sky between them, throwing them away, shocking Adeleine and Ribbon. Just as Sweetie, Kirby, and Dedede get back up and look at what has thrown them, the thing, which is actually a Dark Matter, charges at the king before they can do anything to stop him. The next instant, Dedede finds himself possessed, getting back into his sleepwalking state, and turn toward the group, readying his hammer.

"Oh come on! Again?!"


"Quick Adeleine! Let's go away of there to let them fight!"

"Uh... Yeah..."

As Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and Ribbon go away, Kirby and Sweetie Belle ready themselves to fight the possessed king, the filly cursing the Dark Matter for forcing her to fight Dedede.

They will pay so much for that.

Dedede charges at them, hammer raised above his head, and Sweetie answers by charging at him. She dodges the hammer and get around him, getting behind him where she shoots a beam. With great speed, Dedede turns around and swing his hammer, forcing the filly to jump back, only to be jabbed by the hammer, throwing her a few meters. Behind him, Kirby throws at him his bombs, getting his attention. After being hit by the first few bombs, Dedede then swing his hammer to send them away, eventually sending one back at Kirby to his surprise, the bomb exploding on the puffball before he can do anything.

That's when Sweetie Belle jumps on Dedede's back, clinging to his head, before she punches him again and again and again, until he grabs her. Knowing it would happen, Sweetie shoots a big fireball at his face, causing him to release her as he steps back. Rapidly, Kirby comes back and runs around him, dropping bombs all around him before he runs away with Sweetie Belle. Just as Dedede stops rubbing his face, the bombs explode, heavily hurting him. Angry, he then jumps to try to crush them under his weight, only for them to dodge. However, he is able to grab Kirby before throwing him at Sweetie Belle, causing them to roll a few meters. He follows this by another jump, this time successfully falling on them.

Hurt, Sweetie turns her head and shoots fire at him from under, forcing him to jump away. As they get up however, Dedede charges back at them, and they are forced to run, Kirby dropping a bomb in the way, only for Dedede to use his hammer like a mallet of croquet, throwing the ball at the puffball, only for Sweetie to use a shield to make it bounce back toward the king where it explodes. Kirby then changes direction and starts to run around Dedede, throwing bombs at him all the way while Sweetie finally decides to use her whip to attack Dedede once he has his back turned.

That's when Dedede drops his hammer and lower his arms, as if losing consciousness, only for him to start floating without even inhaling air. Sweetie quickly joins Kirby in front of the Kirby before she asks "What is going on?"

"Poyo..." says Kirby while taking a step back.

Then, Dedede's belly opens, letting appear the Dark Matter, his eye looking at them. Sweetie's fur somehow becomes more white at this. She can see Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and Ribbon becoming pale too.

The Dark Matter then throws dark projectiles homing at them, and they are forced to run to avoid them until they stop purchasing them, Sweetie shooting a few beams at the king.

But then, the eye closes, and let place to a giant mouth with sharp teeth. And now, Dedede charges at them, the belly mouth opening and closing back and forth. And now, Kirby and Sweetie are running away again, shouting "POYOOOOOOOO!!!" and "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!"

The spectators look at the chase with both horror and fascination.

"I don't know if I must find Dedede's belly chasing Kirby and Sweetie to eat them horrifying, or amusing..." comments Waddle Dee.

"Why not both?" says Adeleine.

That's when the Dark Matter stops chasing Sweetie and Kirby, only to turn toward Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and Ribbon, to their horror.

And he charges at them.


They run (or fly) away from the apparently hungry Dark Matter, Waddle Dee shouting "WHY UUUUUS?!"



Sweetie and Kirby remark that the Dark Matter is now purchasing the others, and Sweetie shouts "Oh no! We must help them!" She follows this by shooting beams at the flying penguin, while Kirby runs toward them so he can throws his bombs.

Adeleine sees the bomb in Kirby's hands as he approaches and get an idea. While still running, she takes a blank paper and her brush and quickly paints a Bomber. When the Bomber jumps out of the paper, Adeleine takes it, and throws it right into the mouth in Dedede's belly. When the Dark Matter chomps on the Bomber, it explodes inside him, stopping the penguin from chasing them as smoke escape from the belly and from Dedede's beak. Kirby finally get close enough to throw his bombs, and Sweetie also starts shooting explosive balls, eventually causing the king to fall on the floor, the belly getting back to normal.

Ribbon then uses the crystal to force the Dark Matter out. Like last time, Sweetie traps him with her shield, letting Ribbon kills him with the crystal. After that, everyone sit down, taking back their breath.

"Is it what Dedede meant when he said that he tried to eat you?" Sweetie asks Kirby.

"Poyo..." confirms Kirby.

"Some warning could have been nice," says Adeleine.

"That was so scary," comments Ribbon.

At this moment, Dedede starts to wake up, Waddle Dee quickly helping him to get back on his feet.

"Urg... This is starting to become an habit..." says the king.

"Are you alright Dedede?" asks Sweetie.

"I will be better once I eat something..."

"I can help with this!" shouts Adeleine. Soon enough, she has used her painting skills to create enough food for all of them, meats for the king, a strawberry shortcake for Kirby, an onigiri for Waddle Dee, a chocolate ice cream for Sweetie, an apple for Ribbon, and a sandwich for herself.

As they start eating, Dedede says "So the Dark Matters are back?"

"Yes, this is what I was about to say. They survived Zero's death, and they are invading Ribbon's world," says Sweetie.

"Ribbon is the fairy, by the way," adds Waddle Dee.


"Mmh. And what does the crystal have to do in all this?"

"It's a powerful relic of my world that can destroy the Dark Matters, but it has been shattered by them."

"And now, we are looking everywhere for the shards to reform the crystal," continues Sweetie.

"Well, if it's to destroy those cursed Dark Matters, then I suppose that I can give this crystal. Here." At this, Dedede tosses the shard at the fairy, who fuses it with her crystal.

Sweetie, once her ice cream finished, approaches Dedede and sits beside him, rubbing her head at his side. "Thank you Dedede."

The penguin looks at her, smiles, and pets her gently.

"My king," says then Waddle Dee. "We were wondering if you would accept to join us."

"Join you?" At this, he looks at Kirby. "Join him?"

"Please Dedede, it will be so fun to have an adventure together," pleads Sweetie, giving him puppy dog eyes.

Dedede crosses his arms, and after a moment, he sighs. "Alright. I'm coming. Besides, I'm starting to get tired of being possessed by those Dark Matter. Time to make them pay."

"Yay!" shouts Sweetie in joy, hugging him. "Welcome to the team!"

"Poyo!" says Kirby while raising an arm to welcome him.

"Don't push it, you oversized living chewing gum!"

Later, as they walk.

"So, how much of those shards do we have to find?" asks Dedede.

"I don't know," answers Ribbon. "We will just follow the light until the crystal is back to its normal size. It's all I can think that we can do."

"And I think that I see where is the next one," says Sweetie Belle, pointing before her. "Look."

It turns out that following the light has lead them to Whispy Woods, a crystal visible in his branches.

"Yes!" shouts Adeleine, before she starts running toward the tree followed by Kirby, Ribbon, and Waddle Dee. However, when Whispy sees them approaching, he starts shaking his branches.

"Ah no!" yells Sweetie. She then materializes a shield as a platform and jumps on it, before making it fly with her on it to the tree. She stops herself just in front of his eyes. "Don't think about this Whispy! We have no time for a fight!"

"What? Why?" asks the tree in confusion.

"Because the Dark Matters are back, and we must stop them!"


"Yes. Long story short..." she points to Ribbon. "This poor girl's world is attacked by the Dark Matters, and we need the crystal in your branches to destroy them."

Whispy frowns. "Then let me give it to you." After saying that, he shakes his branches, making the crystal fall, Sweetie catching it. "I hope that this time, those monsters will be exterminated for good. I'm still angry just thinking about getting possessed by them."

"Thank you Whispy. Don't worry, I don't know how they came back, but we will eliminate them. And if they come back again, then we will eliminate them again, and again, until they stop coming back."

"Poyo!" confirms Kirby behind her.

As Whispy nods to them, Sweetie jumps down from her shield before giving the crystal to Ribbon who fuses it. The fairy then looks at it to see where they have to go next, only for the crystal to start floating, to everyone's surprise.

"What now?" asks Dedede.

"I don't know!" answer Ribbon, looking at the crystal in worry.

The crystal flies away from them before it starts glowing brighter and brighter. Soon after, at the emplacement of the crystal, a star-shaped portal opens, and they can see that it's leading to another world. The portal gives them a view from space of the world in question, which seems to be a world made entirely of rocks. A particularity of this world is that it's in pieces that are constantly pulled together and pushed apart by gravity.

"This world seems bad news..." comments Dedede.

"So this means that we have found all the shards of Popstar?" asks Adeleine.

"It looks like it," answers Waddle Dee. "And that means that this world is our next destination. But I don't know, this world is destroyed. Look at the pieces."

"But we have to go," replies Ribbon. "We have to get the shards in this world." At this, she flies into the portal, disappearing in it.

"She is right," says Sweetie Belle. "Beside, me and Kirby have visited much more dangerous worlds back in our journey to invoke Nova. Come on everyone!"

After that, the members of the group look at each other, nod with determination, Waddle Dee still gulping, before they jump into the portal, which closes behind them.

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