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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 9: Big Forest

It takes them only a few seconds to reach Big Forest. This is definitely not enough for Sweetie's stomach to stop aching after her earlier meal. When the Warp Star disappears once on the ground, Sweetie has a hard time following Rick and Kirby. Seeing this, Kirby hop off of Rick, and lets the hamster take the poor filly. Riding on his head, Sweetie only has to worry about shooting her recently acquired magical beams at the enemies, making their journey far easier. But she will have to avoid shooting too much beams, in fear of taxing her magic and making her horn ache too.

Her first target doesn't wait to appear : a bouncing mushroom. But she knows better. Cappies -that's what they are called- are actually creatures living a little everywhere in Popstar, some of them being in Dedede's army, but they rarely come to the castle. The truth is that the mushroom is just a disguise, the mushroom cap being just a hat hiding their real face. Disguised, they hope to come close enough of their unexpected victims before attacking them, but once their disguise is revealed, they get scared and either attack in despair or flee. Their true form looks like the stem of an actual mushroom, but with a round head, two holes for eyes, another for mouth, and two arms, one of them flexing up, the other flexing down. They are also extremely weak, explaining why they prefer using a disguise. To prove it, Sweetie is able to knock it down with just a beam. She also knocks down the Bronto Burt that follow.

Another Cappy comes after that, Kirby deciding to face him. When he tries to eat him, he actually inhale the mushroom cap, revealing the Cappy's true body. Kirby spits back the cap at him, knocking him out. While he has been busy attacking the Cappy, Sweetie Belle attacks another Bronto Burt that has been approaching.

They pass above a log forming a bridge above a river and continue their way, Kirby eating one of those green parasols to gain the parasol ability. They eventually reach a door that leads to a small room with another moving bag hanging from the ceiling, and...

"Hii! A Scarfy!" screams Sweetie Belle at seeing the creature that guard the bag. The Scarfy is a smiling orange floating ball with cat ears and white cheeks, and Sweetie just wanna hug it. They are like pets that are very common in Dreamland, some of them even living in the castle. The Scarfy just floats here, watching them. It seems they will have to attack it to continue, to Sweetie's sorrow.

That's when Kirby signs Rick to remain where he is with Sweetie Belle, taking a serious face. Why? Scarfys aren't dangerous. But then, Kirby attacks the Scarfy with the parasol, and the creature suddenly transforms. The orange become beige, its mouth get bigger with fangs inside it, and its two eyes becomes just one big slitted eye.

To resume it, it's not cute anymore!

"Eep! What happened to it?"

The now scary Scarfy is now approaching Kirby, trying to bit him. Kirby jumps back and hit it a second time with the parasol from as far as possible, making its body actually liberate an explosion. This doesn't kill the Scarfy, but it will not get up anytime soon.

Wait a minute! Scary... Scarfy... Scarify? "Oh come on! You mean those things are meant to jumpscare us?!" she screams at understanding the purpose of the 'pet'. She will not see those creatures in the same way, and never pet them anymore.

Kirby ignores her, instead opening the bag, freeing a purple owl as big as Rick, with a white belly with three stripes, black tipped wings with white underside, and more black around his eyes that looks like eyelashes. On his head are spikes formed by his feathers.

The owl gets out of the bag, flying happily around the room while saying "Coo! Coo!" before posing himself on Kirby.

Sweetie Belle laughs at seeing a parasol appear on the owl's head. After Rick, she doesn't question it. "It seems like we have a new friend, right Coo?"

"Coo coo!" The owl flaps his wing with joy. Kirby also smiles and raises his arm toward Coo to welcome him.

They pass through the door that has somehow appeared after the Scarfy's defeat, and find themselves on a block a little far above the ground. Coo starts to fly with Kirby in his claws, while Rick jumps to the ground, not bothered by the fall. The hamster immediately punches a Waddle Dee, and Coo spins around himself, forming a small tornado that sends a Bronto Burt flying far away. Sweetie shoots another Bronto Burt closer to the ground while Rick continues his way, punching the enemies that cross him on the floor, and the owl continues to spin, sending away all the enemies that are in the air. What a good team they form now!

Rick is forced to jump above two holes, forcing Sweetie to protect him from three Bronto Burt, shooting two and punching one that has gotten too close. It's clearly them that get the most work because of all the enemies that are on the floor and the few Bronto Burts that fly too close. Coo doesn't have as much problem with the few Bronto Burts that try to reach him and Kirby in the air.

After a moment, they reach another door hidden behind a few blocks under a log. Before taking it, Kirby spots another enemy on a block : a Sir Kibble. Sweetie Belle find them scary. They are what seems to be an empty suit of armor, round, yellow, with red hands and silver feet, and a blade on their helmet. And yet, they are moving, showing that they are alive! They are alright to be around, but they aren't much for conversation. They just do their job in silence, or maybe they can't talk? Anyway, Kirby eats it, and Coo's purple feathers suddenly turn green while a yellow cap with eyes, little white wings, and a blade similar to the one of the Sir Kibble appears on Kirby's head. With the new ability in his possession, they pass the door.

This lead them further in the forest, where the trees are far more numerous. If they don't watch out were they go, they could get lost. They appear on a branch with enough leaves to somehow form a platform solid enough for their weight. From there, they can either choose to jump from branch to branch, or continue on the ground, or fly in Coo's case. Of course, there are less enemies on the branches, but they take the risk to fall with a miss jump.

But that's when Coo flies down toward the ground. When Sweetie and Rick look to see why, they see that there is a door below. Coo leads Kirby through it, to Sweetie's panic. What if this is a one way door? Should they follow them? She decides to wait a little on the branch just in case, but if Kirby doesn't come back after some minutes, then she will follow them with Rick! Thankfully, after about a minute, Kirby and Coo reappears beside the door, and Sweetie sighs in relief. But she sees that Kirby seems annoyed.

When Coo brings back Kirby on the branches, she asks "Is there a problem?"

Kirby then spits the Rainbow Drop, and point at it. "Poyo!"

"You got another Rainbow Drop?!" she yells in happiness, only for Kirby to shakes his head. She thinks a moment before saying "You found one, but you couldn't get it?"

"Poyo!" Kirby confirms.

"Those blocs again?"


"You don't have the right ability?"


"And... do you know which one you need?"


"Let me guess. The parasol like last time?" Kirby shakes his head. "Mmh... Bombs?" Nope. "Hammer?" Nope. "Broom?" Nope. "Fire?" Nope. Sweetie starts to think back at the list of abilities that the Waddle Dees and other minions had described after the Nightmare incident. "Ice?" Nope again. "Sword?" Miss. "The rock one?" Fail. "The... Hum... The needle one?" Bingo! "Yay!" exclaims Sweetie in victory. "But that means we will have to come back."

At this, Coo salutes at her. "Coo!"

"Oh yeah! We found you here ! You probably know this forest and how to come back here without using those doors!"


"Then let's go! We must find the needle ability!" She shouts while raising a hoof, followed by the others in answer.

Objectif in mind, the team continues its way jumping from branches to branches. Coo uses Kirby's cutter ability to send feathers that cut the enemies that try to stop them. The only real obstacle they encounter are a few Gordos blocking their way. The problem with Gordos is that they are invincible, so all they can do is avoid them, which means that Rick has to wait for them to move away before jumping.

After some jumps, there are no branches anymore, and Rick is forced to continue on the ground. But judging by all the Gordos in Coo's way, it's probably for the better. Annoying pests! Rapidly, they reach some other branches that lead them at a door on a bigger branch.

It teleports them on a... floating log? Well, after the floating blocks and whatever... Anyway! They are in a less dense area. Farther before them, they encounter a duo of Scarfys. One cut from Coo's feathers is enough to make them explode, they don't even have time to transform, to Sweetie's relief! After that, they find a bottle trapped on a block between two Gordos that are immobiles. Rick punches the block, destroying it and making the bottle fall. Sweetie takes it in her hooves, deciding to keep it for when they are hurt. Well, it doesn't take long because Rick is charged from behind by a Waddle Dee, making Sweetie fall. One throwing of Waddle Dee later, and Sweetie gives the bottle to Rick who drinks it.

That's when they encounter... some sort of bipedal hedgehog? It has a small head on a body with two eyes but nothing else. It has two tubby arms and two red feet. And of course, it possesses black spikes on his head all the way to the bottom of his back.

"Do you think it can give you the needle ability Kirby?" Sweetie asks the puffball.

Kirby simply answers her by giving up the cutter ability before eating the hedgehog. And indeed, it gives him a pink cap with many sharp needles on it.

"Yay! We found it!" shouts the filly, Kirby slapping her hoof in a... hoofbump ? Fistbump ? Let's go for hoofbump.

Surprisingly, when Coo takes again Kirby in his claws, nothing change. Just in case, they test the ability on the Sir Kibble that is beside, and it turns out that Coo taking Kirby in his claw leads Kirby growing needles below him. It has not much in attack, but it can be good to protect Kirby if an enemy comes from below. But Coo having lost the cutter ability, he is now vulnerable.

Anyway, Coo flies with Kirby above the trees, certainly to get the Rainbow Drop from earlier, leaving Sweetie and Rick behind to wait.

Sweetie then hops down from Rick. "Thank you Rick, I can walk from now. I need the exercise." she says, her stomach not aching anymore. She then punches a Waddle Dee coming from behind Rick.

The Waddle Dee says something before losing consciousness. "Arg! I say it again, you have one heck of a punch, Sweetie Belle..." And he closes his eyes.

"O-oh! Hum... Sorry again."

More enemies try to attack them while waiting for Kirby and Coo to come back, but the combination of the two of them is more than enough. After many minutes, the pink ball and the purple owl come back, Kirby showing the two Rainbow Drops.

"Yeah! Good job you two!" shouts Sweetie, jumping in joy.

Kirby eats the two drops, and they continue, defeating more enemies, destroying blocks, and avoiding Gordos, until reaching a door between two trees, on a block that can't be destroyed.

At the other side, after even more enemies and jumping above vertical logs, they reach a river with blocks forming a bridge. They pass above it, when something unexpected happens. Three Kabus appears out of nowhere in the air, and one of them is able to fall on Sweetie while Coo percute another, making him fall with Kirby. Kabus being living statues of just a head with a round top and a flat base, it hurts quite a lot to take one on the head.

"Arg! Since when does Kabus can appear like that?!" Sweetie has always found the Kabus weird and a little scary with their empty eyes and gaping mouth, but they generally mind their business without doing anything!

Rick punches the Kabu that has fallen on her head, while Kirby use his needle on the ground to knock down the two others. Coo quickly gets up after shaking his head and go on Rick, thinking that it is preferable if he lets Kirby continue alone for now.

Kirby is able to use the needle ability on the ground to protect him and Sweetie from the enemies that approach them. Soon after, they find a door on a cut trunk, but they first have to jump on two ther cut trunks, the first one being smaller and the one with the door being taller. They appear in an denser area where Coo takes Sweetie and immediately starts to lift her toward the top of the trees. Kirby follows them by inflating to float while Rick jumps from branch to branch.

"Uh? Is there something up there?" Sweetie asks Coo.

"Coo!" confirms the owl.

Indeed, after a few enemies that Sweetie shoots down with her magic, they reach another door. This leads in a room where there is another moving bag hanging from the ceiling and... a giant brown eyed parasol with a foot and sticking out its tongue? What the heck? It also possesses some sort of wooden shoe.

Sweetie stares at the parasol before saying "I think this one takes the palm of weird and creepy." She then shouts "Nobody told you it's bad to stick your tongue out?!" This seems to hit a nerve, because the parasol starts to spin around toward them. "Eep!"

Thankfully, Kirby uses the needles, repelling the parasol. But then it kicks off its shoe toward Kirby, who is surprised by such an attack. This knock out his ability, but instead of taking it back, Kirby inhale it alongside the shoe, only to spit them back at the parasol. Another shoe then appears under its foot. Sweetie hit the parasol with a beam, and use the time where it his disturbed by the hit to run toward it and punch it in its eye. With the parasol blinded, Sweetie then grabs its foot and slams it on the ground before jumping on its 'head' three time and then punch it another time, making it bites its tongue. For good measure, she kicks it at the knee.

Now the parasol is rolling on the floor, groaning in pain.

Kirby, Rick and Coo stare at her with round eyes, not moving.

Sweetie sees the parasol on the floor, looks at her hooves, then turns toward her friends. "Have I really done what I have just done ?" she asks in disbelief.

They nod.

"Let's... just save the poor guy in the bag, okay?"

They nod again. First, Kirby eats the parasol, gaining the parasol ability, then he flies to the bag and release whoever is inside it. In the bag is a blue... blob thing with googly eyes and a very long tongue. Without saying anything, he licks Sweetie, the animals and Kirby in thanks before jumping away, now with a parasol in his tongue.


"What the heck was that?"

Putting the blob out of their mind, the group take the door, and end up on ground floating in the sky above the forest. Sweetie just shakes her head at this. They see that they have to get down. Coo takes Sweetie in his claws and starts to fly down beside the levels of grounds while Kirby gets on Rick and takes the path through the holes in them, fighting all the enemies in the way. That is until Rick falls on a hedgehog, guetting his butt stung. They have to take the following minutes to remove the needles that are stuck, Sweetie pitying the poor hamster. Once at the bottom, they pass through another door.

They continue their way, only for Sweetie seeing a raindrop-shaped grey thing with a propeller, angry eyes and sharp teeth approaching Kirby from above.

"Watch out Kirby!" Sweetie warns him, but too late. The enemy hits Kirby before exploding, hurting both Kirby and Rick. Sweetie quickly beat the enemies around before running toward them. Seeing them getting up, she asks "Are you alright?"

"Poyo..." groans Kirby, shaking his head followed by Rick.

Sweetie sights in relief at seeing they aren't badly hurt. "Let's hope we find some food quickly."

They nod, and with this, the four friends resume their journey, Kirby now without ability. Before long, they find a Poppy on an apple before a door. Kirby eats the Poppy, getting the bomb ability, then takes the apple and divides it in four parts, giving three to his friends. Sweetie stares at her quarter of apple, obviously, with how big is the fruit, one of Whispy's. She is still full of the previous apple but feels the bump on her head from the Kabu that has fallen on her. At least it's just a quarter, it should be alright.

Yeah, it's alright. She hurts a little, but she can manages. She still takes a mental note of trying not to get hurt anymore so she doesn't have to get more stuffed. And to double her training after the end of this journey. Between this and dinners with Dedede, watching her weight will be hard. Whoever created the physical law 'food can heal' was a genius and an idiot.

Yeah! Someone is behind this! You can't say it's natural!

Whatever. Sweetie Belle passes the door with Kirby, Rick, and Coo. At the other side, they end on a wooden bridge with above them another bridge, and the ground below them. They can reach the bridge above and the ground below thanks to a hole in the bridges at different places. All of this link two trees, each tree having three holes at the end of each levels. And in the holes...

There are boars charging right at them, one of them two times bigger than Kirby while the others are the same size than him.

The big boar has dark brown fur, a white belly, black hooves, and sharp tusks. The small ones looks like the big one, but possess a lighter brown fur with the addition of white stripes on their bakes, but no white belly. They also have smaller tusks.

Coo immediately flies out of the way with Kirby in his claw while Rick jumps on the bridge above and Knock off the small boar there, and Sweetie run to the hole before the big boar, going on the ground below and punching the small boar on it.

"So this is the leader of this island?" Sweetie asks loudly.

"Coo! Coo!" confirms Coo, flying above the upper bridge, keeping an eye on the holes in the trees.

"A big boar? I didn't know that Dedede had a boar under his command! Actually, he never told me who or what he had under his command!"

She sees the big boar -she will name it Grouiky- getting out of the hole before her. Wait, hasn't he entered the other tree ? How has he been able to get here? No time to think, Grouiky is already charging. She quickly jumps back up at the bridge by its hole, then get back down once it has passed under her, and starts shooting it in the back with her magical beams, hitting it four times before it enters the tree hole. She can see another small boar falling from the upper bridge, likely knocked off by Rick.

Grouiky gets out of the same tree but this time at the upper bridge alongside one of the small boar, threatening to knock Rick off the bridge with its tusks, but the hamster jumps above the boar just before. That's when Kirby, still in Coo's claws above the bridge, releases a bomb that fall right on Grouiky, hurting it and knocking off the small boar. He releases another bomb, but Grouiky is able to jump off the bridge right to the ground just before getting hit again. Instead, the bomb hits the bridge and destroys a part of it, blowing a second hole. The boards between the two holes fall on the bridge below with Rick jumping right on time to avoid the same fate, which knock a few boards of that bridge, getting its hole bigger and almost hitting Sweetie Belle on the head. This makes Kirby sweat at the destruction he has caused.

Grouiky gets out of the middle hole of the first tree, and at everyone's surprise, throws a bomb right at Kirby while charging! Coo barely flies away before it explodes, only to be hit by a second bombs thrown by the boar, making him drop Kirby and dive in a bush outside of the battlefield with smock on his tail.

"Coo!" screams Sweetie at seeing her friend falling. Because of this, she is almost hit by a small boar jumping from the bridge, punching it in time. Rick comes at Kirby's side and nudge him to see if he has nothing. Kirby gets up, thanks Rick with a wave, then takes a bomb and throws it right inside the second tree. This doesn't destroy the tree, but they can hear many pained Groiiiink!!! coming from it. It also destroys the end of second bridge close to it, collapsing the whole bridge excepted a few boards close to the first tree. Kirby and Rick jump of the bridge before its collapse.

Grouiky gets out of the middle hole of the first tree again slightly blackened, stops at the edge of the hole, and starts to throw bombs after bombs everywhere at the ground, making Sweetie, Kirby and Rick run in hope to avoid the explosions. Kirby not being able to target Grouiky because of how busy he is at avoiding all the bombs, Sweetie decides to shoot back her beams. One of the beams hit Grouiky's right tusk, breaking it. In pain, Grouiky jumps from the hole and starts to charge toward her, making her panic. In a desperate move, she jumps right on its back. With the filly on its back, Grouiky tries to get rid of her by thrashing around, bucking his hooves and jumping. Trying not to fall, Sweetie places her hooves on its ears, and clings to them. The boar doesn't seem to like it, because his thrashing are getting more violent.

"Help!" she screams. Kirby wants to help, but he doesn't dare to throw a bomb at Grouiky with the filly so close. Rick approaches to stop it, but is awarded by a buck in the face, sending him flying into a tree.

Then, a really violent jump almost leads Sweetie Belle to fall. Her hooves clinging to Grouiky's ears, it cause her to strongly pull them. This forces the boar to get on his back legs, yelling in pain before getting back on its four hooves with Sweetie Belle still on its back.

Seeing this, Sweetie stares at Grouiky before a smile slowly forms. "Waiiit..." This one word causes Grouiky to become as still as a statue, panic apparent in his eyes. Then, Sweetie pulls a little on its left ear, forcing it to turn a little to the left. She pulls harder, and the boar turns more. She tests the right ear, with the same results. Her smile becomes bigger, almost as wide as the ones of Pinkie Pie.. That's when a few dozen of the small boars comes out of the second tree, coming to help their leader, only to be stopped by Sweetie suddenly shouting six words of doom.


The next instant, half of them are sent flying by Grouiky charging at them, Sweetie forcing it by pulling its ears. The rest of them start to run away, wanting to avoid the same fate. The big boar continues its charge into the forest, the filly laughing on its back, and leaving behind Kirby and the animals, sweating.

Before long, the whole forest is sent into a panic, minions sent flying right and left, into branches and into tree holes. It's a real path of desolation that follow the boar riding filly having the time of her life. Dozens of Waddle Dees and other creatures are running before her, hoping to escape Grouiky, some of them without success while others are able to jump away into bushes, holes, or even the river when it's close enough. Many of them climb the trees to be safe, and soon enough, there are more creatures on the trees than on the ground, watching in horror the carnage below.

Sweetie then shouts "Too bad Apple Bloom and Scootaloo aren't here! This is so fun!"

After a few minutes, they reach the edge of the island, the boar finding itself charging toward the ocean. The two of them panic and Sweetie pulls on the ear to stop Grouiky, but too late. At the last seconde, she is able to jump from the boar before he falls from the cliff into the water.

Sweetie gets at the edge and looks below, seeing Grouiky getting its head out of the water. "Hey!" Grouiky looks back at her. "Are you alright?!" she shouts.

From Grouiky's point of view: "Are yOU alRiGht ?" says maliciously the white demon, promising doom with a sadistic smile full of sharp fangs, flaming hairs, and glowing red eyes.


Sweetie Belle watches as Grouiky swims away from the island, already just a speck at the horizon. Wow! It must have beat a speed record! Now alone at the edge, Sweetie looks until the boar finally disappears far away, before turning to the forest. Before long, a giggle escape her, and soon, she is rolling on the floor from laughter.

One minute later, Coo appears in the sky and spots the filly still laughing. Looking back somewhere to the ground, he points in her direction. Soon enough, Kirby and Rick comes out from behind a tree, and Coo lands on the pink ball. Kirby slowly approach Sweetie Belle, and touches her to make her know of his presence. She looks at him and starts to calm down, rubbing the tears out of her eyes.


"I'm alright!" she answers. "I'm just... I... I don't believe what I have just done! I rode a giant boar! Oh my Celestia! Apple Bloom will SOOOO not believe me! That was the most fun I had in a long time! You would have told me just yesterday that I would do that, I would have thought you were crazy! And yet, I did it!" She collapses back on the floor, her laugh starting again. "I can't wait to talk about it with everyone at the castle!"

Eventually, Rick decides to pick her up and puts her on his back. The filly is still laughing and talking about what she as done and how others will react. Rick looks at Kirby, only for him to shrug. Still, he must says that the filly has done a pretty good job. And... she has been rather scary, with how she has been smiling, then laughing back on the boar. How she has gotten it to obey to her. He doesn't know if she is naturally like that, or if Dedede's training is getting to her. But thinking back about it, it has been funny to watch her chase those poor minions.

Kirby starts to laugh, followed slowly by Rick, then Coo. They are still laughing as they take off on the Warp Star.

Time to go to Ripple Field, and have more fun!

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