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The Dragon Lord Legacy - Little_Draco

Spike awakens and his time to return to world has come. With added family, grown body and new challenges to face, Spike will find the world has changed without.

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The young are in pain

The Dragon Lord Legacy

The Young are in Pain

Spike had watched from outside the pink bubble as Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shinning along Zynthia and Eliyinsa spoke, though it looked like all of them were visibly tired. Sadness etched across their faces, with an occasional tears leaving their eyes, especially his pony mother and his dragon mother. They gave occasional glances towards him or used him as references.

Twilight and Ember were either side of him, staying close to him, holding each side of his arm. He was… conflicted to say, terrified at the implications of what was being spoken of him, saddened that his mothers, all three of them were affected by this but worst of all, torn at the fact that he may not like what he was about to be told.

His origins had four powerful creatures crest fallen and it was directed towards him. His claws have been squeezing Twilight’s hoof and Ember’s palm tightly. Both could feel his heart beating fast, to the point where it looked like he was about to hyperventilate. His own eyes moistened every time he thought that any of his mothers would fall over from sheer shock or sadness on the accounts of new information they told one another.

He was so focused on them, that anything spoken or said to him by Ember or Twilight didn’t register in his mind. He only knew that they were by his side in case of anything.

What seemed like an eternity later, Shinning's pink shield lowered and all let out sighes, though it was a bitterment of what was to come. Spike’s breath hitched, as he felt the eyes of three females locked their pained eyes at him. His heart began to beat faster now, beating at an incredibly fast rate, that his head started to feel light.

It was Eliyinsa who did a slow and cautious walk towards him, The others followed right after with each step towards him made Spike’s heart beat with dredd now, the cold feeling creeping up his spines. Celestia and Zynthia both pointed flicked their heads to the sides, to Twilight and Ember to move away.

Both hesitated, fearing the repercussions but slowly backed away. Spike felt his physical and perhaps emotional support slipping away, as this his mind. His mother now stood before him, looking down at him with sad violet eyes, both seemed to have lost their luster.

She then slowly laid on her belly, spreading her forepaws forwards and to either side of him until she was laying down. Her head lowered to meet his emerald eyes, tears threatening to spill.

“M-M-Mother?” he hiccuped, fear gripping his voice. “W-What’s happening?”

Oh Draco, what was he about to be told? Zynthia moved to the other side, blocking the views from the others, also lying down but behind him. The group of ponies and dragons were heartfelt for him, as if they were about to see the one they cared for, be changed again. Shinning and Cadance moved the others away from them, pushing the distance between his loved ones. Ember stayed, allowed by Zynthia but it was only to keep his second half close in case of anything.

They didn't want anything to befallen their son again.

Luna and Celestia stood between the two large dragons, sitting on their flanks, both sharing the same looks as his mother. Spike turned to his first mother, Celestia, whom looked different. The once regal and proud ruler of Equestria, looked drained and tired, with small bags under her eyes. Even though Luna was only part of his life for a year or so, to see one as strong her also looking down was heart wrenching.

“Spike.” The word came out heavy, like if it weighed a ton. He turned back towards his mother. She was breathing in and breathing softly, as if she is ready to sleep now, emotionally tired to the point of physical exhaustion. She opened her mouth, trying to find words, but just a soundless sigh left her and she looked down and away, closing her eyes.

He knew this was difficult, but he never saw someone this down beat. “Spike.” He turned to Celestia, whom seemed to be a bit stronger than his mother. “We just had a talk about you.” She paused and swallowed some saliva. “And we have just made a connection to where you came from and... perhaps how you have come to be."

He didn’t speak, he didn’t dare speak. Just like them, he felt like he couldn’t speak without breaking down and just begging them to spill it. He just gave a shaky nod.

Celestia continued. “It has come to our understanding that, when it has come down to your egg, where it came from and why, has been answered.” A single tear shed from Celestia. “And because this has come up, I had to reveal a secret to your mother that I have kept for twenty years.”

Spike’s eyes went wide and he felt haunted, more so that Celestia just acknowledged that Eliyinsa was his mother more so than herself. Or... at least she knew something else with it.

Zynthia decided to add in her own side. “You already know of how we handle things differently at home then here, Spike,” she began, his focus turning towards her. “We dragons never abandoned or leave our eggs, unless to be a total heartless monster. 'Egg-breakers' are dragons we would dare not associate with or do well within our knowledge and rules that we deal with them." A small growl left her but it turned into a hissful sigh. "Your case, it was… different. You were left behind twenty years ago by your mother. Normally, dragons who are found abandoning their eggs or leave them, are to be treated as an outcast and removed from dragon society completely. They must leave their eggs in the pits where they could be adopted by other dragons or be given to a dragon who would willingly take the egg.” She shook her head. “I am not sure where this lies in.”

“W-Wha… What are you trying to tell me?” he asked, sadness and turmoil was making his mind hurt and his stomach was in knots. “I know... that I was abandoned or l-l-left behind but...?” He swallowed, trying to regain his voice. “T-that my m-mother… left me to die?” He stopped and looked towards Eliyinsa.

She had remained quiet this entire time. As she heard the silence, she opened her eyes and he stared at something in there that spoke volumes. They were just waiting to tell him but… they were not sure themselves how to. Regaining her ability to speak, she inhaled deeply, held the breath for a moment before softly releasing, letting her breath wash over him.

Speaking at easily as she could, even though her voice would crack, she looked at him with steady violet eyes.

“My son, my beautiful and wonderful son.” She leaned in, brushing her snout on him, taking in his scent and his scales on her own. Spike pushed back, trying to feel her warmth and comfort. There was warmth but the comfort was left hanging as she pulled away. “What has been discussed between us is now over. Now is the time to act on what we discussed and what we must tell you.” She raised her head above him and looked down at him.

She was not looking at him like a mother was looking at her hatchling or drake. She was looking at him now as a stranger, though there was still softness and care in those eyes. Zynthia also raised her head, while Luna and Celestia stood up. Now he was surrounded by four towering figures, as if they were about to pass judgement onto him.

“The fear of repercussions from this is what terrifies us all Spike. Knowing of your past may or may not affect you, but we are wary that this has a significant outcome in the future, especially yours. But it is up to you to decide whether you want to know this or not. No one here, will decide for you, none of us will hide the truth from you if you ask and no one will hold you responsible for your reactions.” The seriousness that left her had him shaking now, remembering back when he was in the trials, only this time, he felt like the trials would be cake walk compared to what was to be told to him. "We once held on to many secrets, daring that we would die with them and unfortunately... that is no longer the case. With me, with Zynthia, with your pony mother here, or with anyone else."

She took in a deep, unsteady breath and spoke like the Elder she was, the Advisor role that she gained and earned. Violet eyes lit up. “Spike, as your mother, as your guardian and as the emerald in my heart, I ask this of you…” Spike gulped, his heart hammering against his chest. “Do you wish to know of your origins? Do you wish to know of who you are, where you come from and what is the truth of your real mother? Or do you wish to forsake this, carry on with your life?” He was about to answer but she stopped him.

“Know this, no matter your choices, no matter what you ask, we as in all of us that surround you here and now, will still love and care for you. That even if you know the truth, we will still hold you with our hearts. All of us, your pony family and your dragon family.

"However, knowing the truth may or may not ease your pain of what is your past and why things happened the way they did. You may even find some closure and further history from it or it might dig in deep the wound that you have in your heart already and perhaps... make it worse.” She stopped and nodded to each of the surrounding four figures around him. “They know of it, piecing all of it together, but now it is up to you. It is up to you if you want the truth. No more secrets, no more lies."

"The choice is yours.”

Author's Note:

Your choice is Spike's choice. How the rest of the series will be played out and how this will end the series will be up to you. Im set for both sides, I am hoping for one but regardless, as the final stories here on Fimfiction come to an end for me, I want my readers to have some control and it may even cement my future for better writing.
I leave this to you.
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