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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 27: Problems with the rotation.

Nova woke to the sensation of another pony nudging her, she was in her familial pony pile, and had no intention to get up. “Goldwine, go bug Alalme if you’re hungry,” Nova said softly.

“Nova,” Scootaloo called softly. “Don’t you want to go flying?”

Nova opened her eyes to discover an expectant Scootaloo. “We are in downtown London.” Nova reminded her. “We can’t.”

“So how are we supposed to get our exercise, by flying in circles inside the greenhouse?”

“There is absolutely nothing stopping you from going to the Palace of the Sisters.”

“And you can’t because you are worried about temporal anomalies.”

“Right.” Nova offered.

“What about the time you foal sat for your younger self?” Apple Bloom asked from her place in the pony pile.

“I remembered that, so it was supposed to happen.”

“Wouldn't that mean any interaction is supposed to happen?” Scootaloo asked.

“Let's just say that’s true. My younger counterpart can read minds, I can read minds. I've learned how to block it, but it might be difficult around Minni me. When I foal sat I knew intuitively what she wanted because her thoughts were flowing into my subconscious. And mine were flowing into hers. At least I hadn’t been through anything really bad yet. Do you want her knowing she’s going to have to face down King Sombra in the future?”

“What?!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed bolting to a sitting position. Scootaloo gave Nova a worried look. Apple Bloom sat up, and Alalme just stretched a wing over Nova.

“Our forces were heavily outmatched, and outnumbered. I obtained double rain-boom speed straight at his ugly smoky eyes with a pop teleport right at the last second before he’d time to react. The resulting implosion ripped a sizable hole in his front lines.” Nova offered quietly. She took a deep breath, and let out a sigh. “I’m not proud of what I did. I killed hundreds of ponies, griffins, and dragons. - No pony really knows what became of him after that.” Her words were echoed by silence. “I think he got sucked into the void.”

“She is plagued with nightmares about everything she had to go through in that world.” Alalme offered.

“Seriously?!” Scootaloo asked with wide eyes. “That has got to be the most awesome thing I’ve ever…” Her voice trailed off. “I’m sorry.”

“I was scared out of my mind, Scootaloo, and thought I was going to die,” Nova said, and snuggled closer to Alalme. Her voice was soft and contemplative. “It was an act of desperation, and I’m lucky I didn’t end up in Townsville like when Dash managed to get going that fast. - my only consolation is that my act of wanton destruction put an end to the war, and saved thousands of lives.”

“I understand.” Apple Bloom offered quietly. “Listen, we could go through the mirror, and find out what her schedule is.” She suggested. “Alya, Goldwine, and Rose might love it.”

“Well, we wouldn't want to drag them over at this our of the morning.” Scootaloo offered. “How about I go find out where your counterpart is going to be, and maybe you can come over and we can give our wings a proper stretch? Otherwise, I’d think every pony else could go over any time they wanted. I just want you to be able to come with us.”

“I’d like that,” Nova replied. “Meanwhile I’m going back to sleep.”

“Sleep?” Apple Bloom asked.

“We’ve nothing scheduled today, and the Queen’s Tea is tomorrow.” Nova offered. “Keep in mind I used to be nocturnal, school is out for the summer, and it’d be nice to just lay about doing nothing for a change.”

“I heard that,” Sweetie said, and lay back down.

“And I’m awake with nothing to do.” Apple Bloom muttered.

“I bet your sister could use a hoof on the farm,” Nova suggested.

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.” Apple Bloom said as she got up. “It’s been a while since I did some chores, and I kind of miss it.”

“I’m with Nova. I need my beauty sleep.” Sweetie informed them.

“Alright then, we’ll check back in with you a little later.” Scootaloo offered, nuzzled Rose, Nova, Alya, Alalme, Goldwine, Sweetie who blushed and then trotted on out followed by Apple Bloom.


“Hi, Guys.” Apple Bloom and Scootaloo said to the guards outside the portal room a short time later.

“Is Princess Twilight in?” Scootaloo asked.

“Just the security today, Miss.” One of the guards offered.

“Alright. Do you know where they are? It’s kind of important.” Scootaloo pressed.

“Afraid we aren’t at liberty to say.” The other guard offered apologetically. “You’ll have to consult with the watch commander.”

“Listen, I’m going to go on to the farm.” Apple Bloom offered. “Granny will probably insist I stay for breakfast.”

“Depending on what I find out, I may bring guests.” Scootaloo offered as the two made their way down the corridor.

The two separated a short time later, each receiving a security detail whether they wanted one or not. Scootaloo went to find the watch commander, and after a fair amount of run around and borderline rudeness, Scootaloo was informed she’d have to go ask at Twilight’s castle.

Scootaloo took off flanked by two guards who inextricably found themselves having to flap their wings as hard as they could despite Scootaloo’s apparent lack of effort. Scootaloo was poetry in motion. Her escort couldn't help but admire her effortless flight and began to seriously doubt some of the rumors they’d heard. After all, Princess Celestia had publicly proclaimed that the alicorn they knew as Sunrise Shimmer was her daughter, and according to the briefs, this specific young mare was Shimmer’s daughter.

Are these Equestria’s finest? Scootaloo asked herself as she kept an eye on her escort. She really wasn't going that fast. And then it occurred to her that a security team sent out to the Everfree when no VIPs were about, probably weren’t the cream of the crop. Her ears went back as she wondered why she even needed a security detail but could she ditch them? Should she? Nova’s words came back to her about Scootaloo being one of the few ponies that could keep up with her, and a wicked smile formed on her face. Ever so slowly she started to speed up. Faster and faster she went as her escort struggled to keep up.

The guards stopped trying when Scootaloo rocketed into the stratosphere.

She dropped back down a short time later on spotting a small community along a river that ran out of the Everfree and located about halfway between the palace, and Ponyville. The place was brand new, and Scootaloo couldn't resist dropping down to have a look. She was delighted to find pegasi from Hogwarts. They’d built homes in the big trees of the Everfree, and many were presently working the river with nets. Scootaloo dropped down skimming over the water allowing her speed to slow considerably, and then started using her magic to pop fish out of the river, and into waiting nets. Many of them called her by name, laughed, and thanked her.

“Miss Louise, what brings you out here on this beautiful morning, and where is your princess?” Gadgull called as he drifted over, giving the occasional flap of his wings.

“Gadgull, you know you don’t have to use any honorifics when it’s just us. My princess, as you say, has chosen this morning to be lazy.” Scootaloo called back. “Not that I blame her.”

“I thought she loved to get up early to fly?”

“That’s while we were in Hogwarts. We are in London now.”

“Why not just come through the portal, and get your flying in, here?” Gadgull asked. “I never really did understand her reluctance to come through the portal.”

“There is a slight hitch.” Scootaloo offered. “Little Nova, and my Nova, they can hear each other’s thoughts, and may even be able to see each other’s memories. My Nova doesn’t want little Nova to have access to her memories, and I fully concur. She’s seen things that give her nightmares. She doesn’t wish to share that with a five-year-old.”

“I see.”

“I am presently on my way to Twilight’s castle to see if I can’t get an itinerary.”

“They wouldn't tell you anything at the palace I gather.”

“Not a thing. Even assigned Apple Bloom and me security details.” Scootaloo complained. “I don’t need a security detail in Ponyville. - There are other places I need one, but not Ponyville.”

“I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they see you as one of us.”

“Now what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nightmare Moon’s loyal followers.” Gadgull offered grimly. “I’ve heard some of them talking like they are here to prevent Luna from establishing a stronghold.”

“Excuse me?” Scootaloo was floored.

“Our oral history being different doesn’t help. There have already been a number of brawls at the local pubs, and they’ve been keeping tabs on me. - This will be the first time they’ve elevated to assigning escorts. They don’t have enough ponies to be doing that if everyone decides to go through at different times.”

“From what I’ve learned from Nova, Princess Luna, and from what Princess Celestia will admit to herself, your oral tradition is actually a bit closer to the truth.” Scootaloo offered. “My understanding is that Princess Celestia got it into her head to drag Princess Luna out of her seclusion. Celestia’s actions endangered Luna’s foal, and believe you me, if anyone were to do something to endanger my Rose, I’d probably go Nightmare on their plot too.”

“Considering the nasty weather you flew in, I can believe it.” He smiled and had to laugh. “Nightmare Scootaloo. Kind of makes me shudder.”

“Nova’s been teaching me.”

“And now I am scared.”

“You better be.” Scootaloo teased with a smile. “I’d better get going. See you when you get back tonight.”

“Will do,” Gadgull called, as Scootaloo powered back up into the sky.

Scootaloo soared high over the normal pegasi flight height, circled around to see if she could spot her escort. It only took her a few minutes to spot the two racing for town. They did seem keen on catching up, or at least not too far behind. Probably wouldn't do to have them knowing she was flying circles around them, so she raced on ahead, and dropped down in front of Twilight’s castle. The unicorn guards barred her way.

“What are you doing? I just came from the Palace of the sisters, and need to see Princess Twilight.”

“Where’s your escort?”

“They are on their way.”

“Captain’s orders, no one from there goes anywhere without an escort, and you aren’t allowed access to the Princess without an appointment.”

“Since when do I need an appointment? She’s practically my mother in law.” Scootaloo was both stunned and irritated. “You know what, never mind.”


The guards rushed the doors on realizing Scootaloo had simply teleported past.

“Twilight!” Scootaloo called as she entered the kitchen.

“Scootaloo, you’re back,” Twilight called. “Good morning. Want some breakfast?” Twilight’s face changed to shock as the guards rushed in, slamming Scootaloo to the floor. “What in Celestia! - What are you doing? Release her!” Prince Reynard Silvermane and Luna were sitting at the table with Twilight.

Un-hoof our grand niece and future daughter in law!” Luna shouted. “What is the meaning of this?!”

The Canterlot voice left little to interpret, and yet the two guards stuck to their guns pronouncing her a gatecrasher, and a phony. Their first realization of how wrong they were was when Scootaloo snatched them up in her magic and shoved them up against the vaulted ceiling as she got up.

“Oh, this is getting exciting.” Discord said momentarily after appearing, he was seated in a theater chair suspended in mid-air. He also had a large tub of popcorn which he proceeded to scatter as he ate.

“Discord, did you have something to do with this?” Luna growled.

“I didn’t do a thing. I didn’t have to.” Discord protested. “It seems a number of individuals in the present rotation have been spreading rumors ever since the new ponies arrived.”

“First I get the runaround, and then I get treated like a common street thug!” Scootaloo growled.

“But I thought Miss Scootaloo was a little filly who can't fly?” One of the guards pleaded as the reality of their blunder began to sink in. His eyes went to her flank. Scootaloo, despite being petite, was hardly little and had all the outward appearance and charm of an adult pony.

“My eyes are up here you creep!” Scootaloo scolded just as the winded escort staggered in. The two just sat on their plots not quite sure what to do next.

“Oh hey… what’s going on?” Fizzlepop Berrytwist asked as she entered the hall, also known as Tempest Shadow, and in charge of the local garrison. She was also sporting a new horn made from crystal. “Um, Scootaloo? - Could you perhaps set my guards down? Twilight, Princess Luna?”

“Scootaloo, be sure to leave something for me,” Luna suggested.

“They just assaulted her,” Twilight stated. She was still just a little confused.

“They did what?!” Fizzlepop exclaimed.

“All I wanted was an itinerary,” Scootaloo said in a growl.

“I’m so sorry this happened, I’ve no idea what got into them?” Fizzlepop offered. "The old group was rotated out shortly after the special operation was raped up. I just don't know why they'd assault you? I've had nothing but trouble with this group."

“Why do you need an itinerary?” Twilight asked.

“My guess is because the two Kitzumi Nova’s can hear each other’s thoughts.” Reynard offered.

“They can?” Twilight asked.

“My nest mate, Nova, says she figured it out when she foal sat. Since then she’s had some experiences she doesn't wish to share.” Scootaloo explained. “So where are the foals anyway?”

“Upstairs in their room.” Twilight informed her. “They don’t get up till eleven. You know that.”

“I’m back.” Spike offered as he walked into the kitchen. He retrieved a box of Soylent Emerald cereal, a bowl, a jug of heavy cream, and took it to the table. He poured cereal into the bowl, poured cream over it, and started eating. He was oblivious to everything around him. He was in his teen years. He’d been out all night.

"Spike, you and I are going to be having a talk later," Twilight warned.

“Scootaloo, could you possibly?” Fizzlepop asked as she looked up at her guards.

“Oh, alright, fine,” Scootaloo said and dropped the two guards.

“Good catch.” Discord cheered while waving a banner. Fizzlepop had managed to catch the two right before they hit.

“Your classes seem to have paid off.” Twilight offered.

“More likely Nova’s influence.” Luna offered, getting up. “The school has steadily dumbed down their curriculum over the years.”

“It’s just the alohomora spell. - Do you think it’d be safe to bring Nova to the Apple farm?” Scootaloo asked. “I mean, my Nova.”

“If she guards her thoughts, she should be fine.” Luna offered as she glared at the two guards. “Just be out before eleven. In fact, you should be good from midnight to eleven every morning when little Nova is asleep. Except perhaps when we are at the Everfree palace. After that, we’ll see about coordinating an itinerary so big Nova can spend time here without having to worry about crossed wires. - Now, let's see if we can’t figure out what the major problem here is?” Luna walked out into the hall. “Why are there pegasi guards-ponies out here?”

“My escort,” Scootaloo complained. “They made Apple Bloom take an escort too. - I can see having an escort where no pony knows me, but this is home. Once ponies got used to the idea I'd had a horn all along, they just accepted it. - Anyway, if they are going to insist they’d better supply faster fliers. I had no trouble leaving them behind, and Nova can outstrip me with ease.”

“Sounds like we need to get the two of you over to the Wonderbolt academy to get the two of you evaluated.” Twilight suggested.

“Might be fun.” Scootaloo offered with a smile. “Somewhere along the line some pony taught her a flight spell, she taught me, and we use it to amplify our flight abilities.”

“Hang on, you are using a flight spell?” Twilight asked perking up.

“When we combine it with a pegasi shield spell we can get going really fast without a lot of effort,” Scootaloo informed her.

“There’s a pegasi shield spell?” Twilight asked.

“It’s normally autonomic, but Nova helped me figure out how to activate it at will,” Scootaloo informed her. “It’s what protects us from all those crazy crashes.” Schootaloo had to smile as a flood of questions poured out of Twilight. “I think maybe I’d better head over to the Apple farm, and let them know we’ll be good for breakfast, and then retrieve the rest of the herd.”

“Come on you two, we are heading back,” Scootaloo said to the pegasi guards as she made her way for the exit. “Do try to keep up.” She didn’t bother to tell them she was going over to the Apple Farm first as she knew full well she’d have no trouble leaving them behind.

The city of Townsville, home of the Power Puff Girls, and oh how the mighty have fallen. Let us look in on a humble suburban family. A dark gray pony stretches his front legs in a desperate attempt to crawl away, three innocent little girls cling to him, his black mane tied up with pink ribbons and his horn ground flat. For safety. There is a look in his eyes that leaves no doubt he now knows what true horror is.

Author's Note:

Having Nova Dubble Rainboom Sombra is something I'd planned some time ago. Having him end up in Townsville is just a little something extra I thought would be fun to add. :trollestia:

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