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Ponies in Hogwarts - KittyrinnAiko

A pony stranded in the past must go to another dimension and learn the ways of wizards before she can return to her own time.

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Chapter 25 : An afternoon in London

For the five young mares, the remainder of the day was going to be spent shopping. At least once they’d seen to the foals. Princess Luna went back to Equestria shortly after they were satisfied their point to point protocol had stabilized on the portal with a proper link control protocol in place. Moving a portal was effectively moving a wormhole, and it needed a little time for the stream to settle into its new path. That dial-up sound was always reassuring. As for the reasons, she needed to find out how the Island Equestria project was going.

“I want to go shopping too,” Rose protested. “And tea.” They’d received invitations to go to one of the Queen’s garden parties on this coming Tuesday and had made the mistake of talking about it in front of Rose.

“She is going to need some clothes anyway,” Nova relented. “Next stop, Harrods.”

“Can we go too?” Alya and Goldwine asked with bright faces rapt with anticipation.

“And what did we say about going out where there are humans?” Alalme asked pointedly. The fall of the frowns was heartrending.

“Aww, I’ve tried to show you how to do it,” Nova offered while giving Goldwine a hug. “When we go to Equestria you’ll be able to go wherever I go.”

“Really?” Goldwine asked, his frown lifting.

“Really?” Moonie asked. “I mean openly?”

“Well it might cause some confusion with you, but I don’t see why not? But then you look more like Muma’s daughter now.” Nova offered and gave the night mare a hug as well. Moonie did indeed look like a much younger Luna, and her mane and tail had gone white following the incident with the hammer, and Nova was wondering if she might possibly give Moonie a new name. After all, she couldn't keep calling her Moonie. “If I didn’t need you to help look after Goldwine and Alya you could have come today.” A short time later Nova, Alalme, the Crusaders, Loki, Shimmer, and Rose in a jumper made by Rarity, are on their way to the subway station with instructions on how to get to the department store. Mrs Major had said it was expensive, but well worth going. As for Loki, well he’d planned on just wearing his dress uniform to the Tea, but then Luna thought it might be a bad idea as it could lead to questions they didn’t want to answer just yet.

First stop, a ticket booth to buy the transit tokens they’d need to get past the gates, and then down into the subway. They’d thought about hiring a car, but as small as the London taxis were, they’d have to take two. Taking the tube just made that much more sense. So from the Embankment underground at Charing Cross, they boarded their train and were soon back out onto the surface streets at Knightsbridge. From there they decided to walk the block to the department store with a happy Rose bouncing on Scootaloo’s shoulders. Poor Alalme had never seen quite so many humans all gathered about in one place, and the vast majority just seemed to be milling about aimlessly.

“All these people?” Alalme asked as she pressed close to Nova.

“They are tourists.” Shimmer offered. “They come, they annoy, if you are lucky they spend money. They leave trash everywhere, and go home.”

“I see,” Alalme replied sounding a bit more like Fluttershy then herself.

“Are you going to be alright?” Nova asked. “This is a new experience for you.”

“I’m good.” Alalme offered. “Doubt I could have drug myself all the way down here by myself. - Who’s that yelling?”

“Seems to be a protester outside the store we want to go to,” Scootaloo offered. Sure enough, there was a man outside the store with a megaphone, and a sign declaring that fur was murder.

“What a crazy mixed-up world this is,” Sweetie offered. “Still though, we came to shop, and I’ll not be deterred by the paradoxes of the species.”

“I appreciate the sentiment,” Nova offered. In the human world, Nova was, after all, considered to be a fur-bearing animal. True she did eat meat, but only out of necessity.

“Ya, we kind of already know the species are barbarians.” Apple Bloom said as they walked past doing their best to ignore the man.

“Welcome to Harrods.” Offered a man in a green jacket at the door.

“We need outfits for the Queen’s garden party, we don’t have to wait in line do we?” Nova asked.

“That’s for a promotional offer.” He explained as he opened the door. “Come right on in, and be welcomed.”

“Thank you very much,” Nova replied.

“Children’s wear?” Shimmer asked.

“Take the escalator up to the fourth floor, and you’ll find Children’s wear on the other side of the building, halls seven through sixteen.”

“Thank you very much.” Shimmer offered as Scootaloo dropped Rose down to her arms, and entered the building. Soon as they were past the entryway Rose was right back up.

One, two three four they counted, as they went traveled up the escalator. Lighting, gift cards, stationary… Nova zeroed in on the book store. “Books!”

“You’re as bad as your mother.” Shimmer protested. “I thought it’d be best to get Rose outfitted before she got worn out.”

“That’s what I figured too.” Scootaloo seconded. “Come on Twilie, we can come back to the book store later.”

“Awww.” Nova protested.

They continued on around the floor they found only bed, bath, and furniture departments.

“Where can we find the children’s clothing?” Apple Bloom asked a store clerk. The answer was on the next floor. The floors started from the ground floor and then numbered one, two, and so on. So they went up one more escalator and found themselves smack dab in the middle of the children’s department.

“She’s such a cutie, how old is she?” A clerk asked.

“She’ll be four months tomorrow,” Scootaloo announced proudly.

“Bee day bee day bee day!” Rose chanted gleefully.

“She’s rather mature for four months.” The Clerk commented, and to be fair Rose Myrtle looked more like a two-year-old, and likely had the mental capacity of a four-year-old. But then that was fairly normal for ponies. Fairly. Rose did have quite a head start on her counterparts when it came to actual knowledge.

“She is at that.” Nova offered. “Gets into all manner of mischief too.” Rose just sat there and giggled having realized the consternation she was causing. “And a genius too.”

“We need some outfits for her, to include something for the Queen’s garden party that’s coming up,” Shimmer offered.

“Oh, oh dear. I don’t think they allow babies. - Even if they did, you’ll be there all afternoon.”

“Let's get her an outfit anyway.” Scootaloo offered. “And she can have fun being all dressed up.” Rose slumped down. “Don’t feel too blue, you usually have your nap in the afternoon anyway.”

“Want to go,” Rose whispered.

“We’ll see what we can do.” Nova offered, ruffling the top of Rose’s head. “But I have got a feeling you’d be board out of your skull.”

“Well then now, let's see what we can find that both fits and suits her best,” The clerk offered. “And if I’m not mistaken, that jumper looks suspiciously like a Rarity creation? - Though I wasn’t aware that she did children’s wear?”

“We’re sort of related to her,” Sweetie Belle offered. “She does a good deal of our outfits.”

“I see,” The clerk replied as a smile formed on her lips. Sweetie Belle’s human form looked very much like a teenage version of Rarity. A quick study of the group led to the realization that the entire party was dressed in unpublished Rarity creations. A short time later they’d more baby clothes and accessories then any of them had known existed, and Rose was taking a nap in a stroller. Shimmer had offered to pay with her credit card and flinched when she saw the price.

From there they decided to stop off at the Georgian restaurant, as it was on the same floor. “Why don’t I cover the cost of everything from now on.” Nova offered as they waited to be served. They’d been placed in a quiet little corner of the restaurant, which was fine so far as they were concerned. Scootaloo quietly covered Rose with a baby blanket they’d just purchased. Everything they wouldn't need with them was shipped off to the Horseguards hotel to be taken up to their duplex.

“She’s gone and ponified herself in her sleep,” Scootaloo whispered.

“Can I join you?” asked a young white-haired Luna.

“Moonie?” Nova asked. “What are you doing here?” her tone had dropped to a hiss.

“Miss Aiko is with the foals, and Istel and Talma returned once they knew the portal was stable.” Moonie offered.

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Nova scolded.

“You took the pendant with you, and you are past the limit of my range,” Moonie offered apologetically.

“Oh,” Nova replied sounding shocked. “Well then, I guess you might as well join us. - Can you even eat? - I mean it won’t just fall right through you when you go all intangible will it? - Please forgive me for asking.”

“Oh yes, I’ve found that I can,” Moonie offered cheerfully. “I’ve found that it allows me to generate my own magic.” The later she said in a low tone.

“Wow, I had no idea,” Nova replied in astonishment. The news meant that Moonie would no longer be dependent on Nova’s magic.

“She keeps this up she’ll become independent.” Shimmer commented.

“I’ll have to admit I’ve mixed feelings about that.” Nova offered. “Still, should she ever become fully of flesh and blood, I’d be thrilled.”

“The waiter is coming.” Apple Bloom cautioned.

“Welcome to Harrods, my name is Henry, and I’ll be your server.”

“I was just thinking we should have the high tea,” Nova offered. “Oh, and I’ll be paying for the oddly dressed people at the tables surrounding us.” She pointed to specific tables. “Those groups specifically.”

“They followed us?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Well, it is kind of their job,” Apple Bloom offered.

“And a valiant effort at blending in,” Nova said plenty loud enough for the shadow bolts to hear. Several of them had to chuckle to themselves.

“So how long did you know we were following you?” Lt Mouse asked.

“From the moment we left the hotel,” Nova replied with a grin. “So what else do we want…?”

A short time later, after taking the orders, Henry let his manager know that the family they’d stuck in the corner has a security detail, and also requested that there be no red meat in their selections. The person that had helped them find everything they’d need for Rose Myrtle was quickly located. Sunset Shimmer had a credit card from an American bank and an identification that had been issued by the British government that very day. Red flags were going up. The entire party came in wearing unpublished designer clothes and were allegedly related to said designer. More red flags. The manager contacted the hotel, and was informed the girls in the group were all princesses, and there was at least one Coutts World silk card holder in the group. Panic ensued.

“Mark me a quisby, and bugger me with the queen’s grenadiers.” The manager cursed under his breath.

“Should we move them to better seating?” One person asked.

“Good god no, they’ll know we screwed up.” The manager proclaimed.

A small child nearby - “Mummy, there’s a baby pony in the stroller.” Said accused baby was presently being fussed over by a young lady with bright magenta hair. The last thing on the radar of the ponies turned human was the dangers of a small child unchecked.

A few moments later…

“I’m so terribly sorry about that.” The restaurant’s Maitre d’ said on approaching the group. “I do hope your baby wasn’t upset.” To this he addressed Shimmer.

“Louise, you aren’t too terribly upset are you?” Shimmer asked.

“I’m good,” Scootaloo replied as she lifted up a now human, and very grumpy Rose Myrtle. Nothing like being roused from a nap, and being told to transform. It’d taken a few moments for Rose to even figure out what was being asked of her. As for lifting her up out of her comfy stroller, that was because a certain child was still insisting there was a baby pony, and they wanted it. The restaurant's manager was presently having words with the mother who for whatever reason seemed to think her child was entitled to the miniature pony.

“My daughter is not a toy for your brat.” Scootaloo scolded as the mother approached with billfold in hand. The empty stroller now bore witness to the fact that there was nothing in that stroller other than Rose. A stroller which just happened to be a top of the line, and extremely expensive.

“I’m the grandmother.” Shimmer informed the Maitre d’ to assuage his confusion. He smiled. Of course, nobility should all be young and beautiful. As for the woman, the realization she was way in over her head began to dawn on her as several well-built individuals began to raise up out of their seats ready to step between her and her intended target. There was no pony.

She backed away, pulled some money out of her purse, slammed it down on the table she’d been at, took hold of her child by the wrist, and stomped out to be followed by every eye in the place. Figuratively speaking, and it was probably a good thing Discord wasn’t around.

“I am so terribly sorry about that.” the Maitre offered.

“We’re good.” Nova offered. “We good?”

“Oh ya.” Apple Bloom offered.

“I think so.” Scootaloo offered and set Rose back down into the stroller. Rose just humphed and looked about the room at the people who’d been quietly watching the drama taking place.

That same day at the home of the Dursleys Mr Dursley was up on a ladder installing bars on Harry's window. Mr Dursley had locked Harry in his room shortly after arriving home and shoved his Hogwarts trunk into the cupboard under the stairs. No, no one had come to call causing Harry problems. Dudley-kins got it into his head that Harry had no business having nice clothes, and pulled the tweed jacket off Harry the moment they got inside the house following the ride home from Kings Cross. To everyone's astonishment, followed by Harry’s absolute joy, the jacket, took hold of Dudley with the cuff of one sleeve, drug him into the kitchen while suspended in the air, took hold of a cheese board by the other cuff, forced Dudley out to the sofa, bent him over it, and gave him the paddling of his life. That was until Uncle Vernon could beat the jacket off with a broom. Into the cupboard under the stairs, it went. Harry had laughed hysterically while professing he had nothing to do with what was happening. Aunt Petunia was also hysterical, but not from mirth. Nor did the Ministry catch wind of it because they weren’t set up to detect fox magic. While the ponies enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, Mr Dursley was putting bars on Harry’s bedroom window.

A short time later the ponies at Harrods were on their way downstairs to the first floor and the women’s wear department. The staff had been told they were on their way, but nothing could have prepared them for the sight of the stones on the pendant Nova had under her blouse. As for Moonie, she was now being presented as Nova’s Aunt Selena. If the store was hopeful their guests would spend a lot of money they were in luck. The ponies really didn’t appreciate just how much money they were actually spending. With the exception of Shimmer who blanched every time she found out how much something cost.

“Will you quit fussing about how much everything is?” Nova protested in response to Shimmer objecting to how much they were spending. “Our banker told us we could spend a million pounds a month without it causing any impact. - And we’re not likely to go shopping every day.”

“A million pounds?!” Shimmer protested while the eyes of the store's staff lit up. :raritystarry:

“I could go shopping every day,” Sweetie announced.

And if Loki thought they had forgotten about him, he was sadly mistaken. Not only did they get Loki outfitted Nova also got it into her head to outfit the entire security detail so that they could better fit in as well.

“Oh, that’s alright,” Shimmer replied when asked if they’d need a car when they’d finally finished shopping. The group had been all over the store by this time. Alalme and Scootaloo had been whisked off to the maternity section, and Nova now had more books and a new player for her favorite songs. Schootaloo had the stroller sent back to the hotel, and now sported a baby backpack that would allow her to carry rose on her back. She wouldn't have to worry about her falling asleep, and possibly falling off, and didn’t have to fuss with a stroller. It was now late in the afternoon, and the weather was nice enough to walk.

“If we wanted to go to the Horse Guard on foot, how might we do that?” Nova asked. Going back by way of the subway would be the easiest, but then they simply wouldn't see any of the sights.

“Well if you really want to go on foot you’ll want to go east on
Kingsbridge to Hyde Park. Although you may wish to take a bus to Hyde Park, just watch for the Wellington Arch. You really don’t want to walk the whole way. From there follow Constitution Hill east. That will take you to Buckingham Palace.”

“Bucking ham.” Apple Bloom repeated with a smirk. Sweetie couldn't help but giggle.

“Behave you two.” Shimmer cautioned. The doorman gave Apple Bloom an odd look and then smiled. To be fair he probably wasn't thinking the same thing she was.

“Well from there, you just need to follow the lake in Saint James’s park, and that will take you right to the Horse Guard.” The doorman offered.

“We don’t have bus passes, and we are really low on cash.” Nova pointed out. “All we have are our tube passes.”

“Oh, they don’t take cash. - Your tokens for the subway should also be good for the bus as well.”

“Oh,” Nova said sounding delighted.

“Well, that’s solved that problem. What about...” Shimmer asked, and then realized the Bolts had melted into the crowd.

“I imagine they will get back the same way they got here.” Selena offered with a big grin on her face.

“Bus stop?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“It’s right over there.” The doorman offered. “Just stand by the sign, and a bus will be along shortly.”

“Thank you,” Sweetie offered. The other’s thanked him, and then they went to wait for the next bus.

The bus took far longer then the train had in arriving, and there was a good-sized crowd by the time it got there.

“Um, Moonie?” Nova whispered. Moonie held up a simulated transit token. “OK, never mind.”

“You know, we really should get the bolts transit cards so they don’t have to resort to using magic to follow us,” Scootaloo whispered as the bus pulled out into traffic. For any wizard or muggle in the area capable of seeing through the thestral notice me not spell they would see seven ghostly figures bus surfing.

Author's Note:

This one's going to be a little shorter. The bottom line, if I want to be able to use Grammary effectively, I have to start cutting back on the chapter sizes. It's not perfect, but none of the other apps I looked at would work at all for more than a few paragraphs. Also, this is about all I have right now. Sorry, I don't have more.

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