• Published 12th Sep 2018
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Luna Thinks the Sun is Made of Custard - Art Inspired

In a failing attempt to prove her sister wrong, Celestia is determined to make Luna understand that the sun is not made of custard. This would be easier if Luna wasn't already keen on the idea that the moon is made of cheese as well.

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The Moon Is Made Of Cheese

Three whole days had gone by following the defeat of Nightmare Moon, and Luna still remained a filly. She of course provided an explanation from day one, but Celestia wasn't all that thrilled about the way Luna had described it.

As to why the Princess of the Moon still took the form of a filly, Celestia was a bit disbelieving in that it's supposed to just... take time. Waking up one morning, Celestia looked around her vacant room, and was surprised to see that Luna hadn't shown up yet. "Huh," she sounded, raising her sleepy self up half way. Usually, Luna was the very first sight Celestia would typically have the displeasure of seeing these last two days, this one being the third.

"It just takes time to reform herself back into a grown mare again? It just... takes time? It's been literally days now. That's just... Ugh," she groaned. "I swear, I almost wish that I could know for sure what being struck with that kind of blast really does to an alicorn, just to make sure that she's telling the truth."

Celestia got out of bed, stretched a bit, and then heard the distinct sound of the door opening without her permission. "Tia! It's time to get up!"

"Yes," Celestia said followed by a sigh. "I'm up, dear sister of mine. It doesn't sound as if you're grown yet, either."

She turned around to see the blue filly staring back at her innocently. Luna giggled, and said, "Nope! Not yet at least. I'm still just a powerless filly in desperate need of some juice."

Celestia rolled her eyes, and said, "Of course you are... Speaking of being powerless, I've been wanting to test that out."

With very little warning, Celestia grabbed hold of a pillow with her magic, and sent it whooshing through the air, and into Luna's unprepared face. Her horn failed to ignite at all, not for a second. Luna was caught completely off guard by this at first, but soon after it had happened, she could be heard chuckling with amusement as she lowered the pillow down with a hoof.

"See? I couldn't use my magic right now even if I tried."

"Which," Celestia began to say with a rather annoyed tone. She brushed her hair as she went on, "That leaves me with the responsibility of still raising both your moon and the sun, something I thought I'd be relieved of by now."

Luna hugged tightly onto Celestia's lower hind hoof, and said, "Thank you for taking care of that, and making me my meals. Also, thanks for being the greatest sister ever by... um... by for forgiving me for what I did all those years ago, and not letting any of those news ponies from yesterday find out about me. It would've been so embarrassing had they found out that I'm still like this!"

Celestia finally finished up, but now, she didn't have such a nasty looking scowl pressed across her lips. "Well, there's one up side to having you like this."

"What's that?" Luna asked as she was gently placed on Celestia's back by her magic.

"You're as cute as a button, my widdle Woona!" Poking her softly on the nose with a hoof, Celestia carried her sister away, and proceeded to leave the room. Headed down the hall, she asked, "So, juice today? What'll it be for breakfast?"

Luna thought really hard about this, and finally came up with, "How about... hey bacon?"

Celestia scoffed, and asked somewhat rhetorically, "Again? We've had that for breakfast every day since you got back, though."

Luna pressed her hooves up against her cheeks, and expressed through a blissful smile, "But it's really good! I haven't had something like that in literally ages! How can you be surprised by how much I wanna have hay bacon?"

Celestia commented after taking another right, followed by a left, "There are other things you could have, like an omelet, or..."

"Hay bacon!" Luna demanded. "I. Want. Hay bacon! The Adorable and Well Loved Filly Princess of Canterlot is demanding hay bacon, and won't accept any other meal!"

Celestia sighed, and sounded so defeated, too. "Alright, alright, your Highness... Just calm your jets. We're almost there, anyways."

Luna now sat in her usual spot atop a nice, fluffy pillow. In the first couple of days, Celestia always chose to join Luna for breakfast, and had decided a while back when Luna had first returned to Canterlot that they should spend the morning outside in the garden. It was so much nicer sometimes as compared to one of those common, dingy, and ill lit dining halls found within. Luna was busy using her hooves to play with her toast, making it dance up and down as if it were actually alive. She always did this just before turning it all into a breakfast sandwich, and eating every bit of it in practically one go.

"You should chew more of your food," Celestia voiced with fair amounts of concern. "You'll choke."

Sure enough, that's precisely what happened. "Ach!"

Celestia began petting her sister lightly on the back. "See? Told you..."

After a drink of her juice, and some wheezing, she said, "I'm okay! Really, I am. It's just so delicious, Tia!"

"That's Celestia."

"Nope! If you can call me Woona, then I get to call you Tia! It's only fair."

Celestia shook her head with a chuckle, and said, "If anypony outside of the castle were to find out about you, I don't know what I'd do."

Just before finishing up her sandwich, Luna pointed out, "You'll probably just stand there and let it happen with little choice. Do you think you might melt before the press as they ask you all those complicated questions? If it's anything like I remember from the old days-"

Celestia interrupted by stating quite clearly, "It's worse. Trust me when I say that."

Luna stopped talking shortly after Celestia had said this, and just stared at her sister, almost wanting to ask, "Really...? It is?" She looked down at the piece of cheese still sitting on her plate, and instead, she said, "Uhh, hate to change the subject, but I'm stuffed. That was good!"

Celestia looked down at her sister, and asked, "Why don't you eat your slice of cheese more often?"

Luna looked from the piece of cheese to her sister, and then to the cheese again. "Uhh..." And then at Celestia again. "Well, you see... The moon is made of cheese."

Celestia just blinked, and calmly breathed.

"That's all I've pretty much had to eat for an entire one thousand lonesome years." She rested the back of her hoof on her forehead dramatically, and said, "Oh, my sweet Tia! It's been just me and the cheese! You have no idea how wonderful other smells have been as of late."

Celestia tried to hold in her chortles, but with every word came an even greater buildup of laughter. "Luna... You think that... Pfft!"

"I don't think it, I know," Luna claimed boldly. It was almost enough to make Celestia believe her.

However, Celestia could no longer hold in her amusement. She laughed, and laughed at Luna. "Oh... Luna, please, stop."

"No," Luna commanded. "You stop!" She even pointed one of her little hooves at Celestia.

"Luna, come now... The moon being made of cheese? That's absurd... Funny, though. The truth is, you lived off of your alicorn energy all those years. Alicorns don't need to eat. Remember?"

Luna looked away, and pouted, "We've only ever heard of that."

Celestia had looked away, but hearing this, she looked back. "Huh?"

"You weren't on the moon, so how do you know?"

There was a certain degree of seriousness in those cute, glaring eyes of hers, almost as if Luna knew more to this than Celestia could ever even fathom. Celestia leaned forward, and asked, "What do you mean?"

Luna came closer, and could hear Celestia's heart pumping even from such a fair distance away. Still, Luna wanted to keep this going a bit longer. So, she turned around, and denied Celestia that information upfront. "Humph! You wouldn't believe me even if I told you."

Celestia's eyebrow's began to lower. "Oh? Well then... I suppose that I shouldn't make a big dead about it. Why, next you'll be telling me that you actually turned the moon into cheese. I'm the adult here, after all. Luna, I'll let you think whatever you want. It's your moon, after all."

Luna smirked, and just when she began to walk off, Celestia looked out the window to see the moon still going down in the sunny daytime sky.

Celestia sat there, and was all alone in her garden, thinking about that instance while watching the moon disappear behind a group of foggy mountains. Slowly, she raised a hoof to her lip as she thought about this to herself. Aloud, she asked, "The moon... made of cheese? Where ever did she get a thought like that from?"

She'd think, and think about this nearly all day long. Even as she headed off to bed, the thought would enter her mind one last time. Because of this, Celestia was plagued by nightmares that evening, and they were all centered around her being stranded on the moon, but what really made it unbearable was that awful stench of potent cheese constantly surrounding nostrils.

"Mmh, no... No," she spoke up while still submerged deep within her sleep. "Not the cheese... A-anything but a thousand years of cheese..."

Luna snickered silently while dangling some pretty powerful cheese over her poor sister's dizzy head. She did this through the use of a filly-sized fishing rod, and whispered, "That's right... take it all in, Tia. Hehe..."