• Published 24th Jul 2012
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Chaotic Dreams - Evil-Lovieness

Pinkie Pie has been having weird dreams lately. About her and Discord!

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Chapter 3

Twilight was right in the middle of a major study session after being motivated to do so by a weird dream she had last night. She had no idea what any of it was about and, ironically, her dream was /ABOUT a dream. So with her new curiosity in tow, she galloped right out of bed and found all of the books about dreams she could find in her little library. She even found certain spells all towards dreams, though she couldn’t make out for the life of her how and why these spells were ever necessary. But they did provide a lot of information besides how to cast them.

And then she heard the knocking on her front door.







Twilight just sighed, putting a bookmark in each of her opened books.

“Spike could you answer the door and let Pinkie in, please?” Twilight asked her little dragon assistant, preparing to put her books away for her party crazed friend.

“Sure thing Twi.” Spike said already half way to the door. He barely even touched the knob when he heard Pinkie yelling.

“Ear flop, eye-flutter, knee twitch…” And Spike immediately ran away from the door, cowering in fear. And sure enough the door sprang open revealing the perky pink party pony.

“Pinkie Pie, Spike was about to answer the door. You didn’t have to bust it open. However I am sort of glad you gave a fair warning though.” Twilight said with a sigh, levitating one of her dream books right beside her, before placing it back to where she had originally picked it from the shelf.

“I didn’t open the door. My Pinkie Senses just activated.” Pinkie explained, walking towards her purple unicorn friend.

“So then why did the door open like that?” Twilight asked obviously confused, but continued picking up her books.

“I don’t know.” Pinkie said with a smile.

“And then why did you yell out your, “combo”?” Twilight asked, putting up her front hooves and twitching them twice in the guise of air quotes.

“Oh that? It’s just a habit side-effect from my Pinkie Senses. I always have to yell out the signs so as to alert everyone around me what’s gonna happen.” Pinkie explained hugging her friend and randomly waving her hoof through the air.

Twilight decided to quit here while she was ahead, remembering the consequences she had to endure trying to figure out how the “Pinkie Senses” even worked.

“Alright, all of that aside.” Twilight said with a sigh exiting from her friend’s embrace. “What brings you here today Pinkie?” She asked.

For the first time since Twilight met her, Pinkie Pie actually looked hesitant to continue speaking. And a small form of a blush seemed evident on her pink cheeks.

“I… Well I seriously don’t think it’s anything to trouble you with Twilight. But last night I can’t seem to remember anything. Even though I am pretty certain that I slept really well and had dreams… But I can’t seem to remember any of it.” Pinkie explained in a somewhat slower manner, but was still quick in her usual manner. However this time, Twilight caught everything she said.

The purple unicorn halted cleaning up her mess.

And after a slight second Twilight pulled out all of her books she had out earlier and, without any regard for safety, dropped them down on the ground again. All of the books had opened up to where the bookmarks were placed.

“Perfect!” was all Twilight had to say on the subject.

“Oh so it is normal.” Pinkie said smiling. “I knew it!”

“Actually Pinkie, it may or may not be. But I was in the middle of studying…”

“Oh. So I guess I should talk to later huh?” Pinkie said, about ready to turn around not wanting to deprive her friend of the thing she knew loved doing. Besides she did have work to do… No matter how slow it was gonna be.

“I’m not done Pinkie. I was studying about dreams and sleeping patterns. In fact I found all kinds of spells on the subjects. And, while for the most part I can’t seem to formulate any reason to use most of them, there were some that I thought might be incredibly useful for anypony in Ponyville or beyond.” Twilight exclaimed, levitating a book in front of Pinkie’s face.

Pinkie did read it, well most of it. Most of the words were instructions that she couldn’t decipher, seeing as how she was an earth pony and not a unicorn, making the instructions un-understandable. But for the most part they looked like spells to open up the sub-conscious or something like that as the book was pulled away just as Pinkie found decided to read that which anypony could read and understand.

“I could test these spells out on you!” Twilight said excitedly.

“Oooh! That’s sounds like a hoot Twilight!” Pinkie said, jumping up and down, circling around her purple friend.

“Maybe we should start with easy ones. Like this one for instance.” Twilight said point the tip of her hoof to a spell which Pinkie saw was a spell to help bring out repressed memories to light.

“Okie dokie lokie!” Pinkie Pie said, finally settling down, ready for Twilight to begin.

“Hmmm… Now let’s see…” Twilight mused over the book for a while.

“Okay, I think I got it. But since this is only for last night I think I’ll only go that far.” Twilight, giving, what appeared to be a heads up for her friend, as the pink pony nodded, but in truth Twilight didn’t want to surface anything private about the party pony. Because she had decided that if her friend had any problems then it was probably resolved long ago and didn’t need to be resurfaced.

Twilight started her spell, a faint magenta aura surrounding her horn, and soon she placed the spell on Pinkie.

The spell felt really weird to Pinkie Pie: Her eye’s started to fell, well, overloaded. It was like they were in seeing overload. Pinkie Pie soon closed her eyes to try to comfort them. But Twilight fared no better with this new spell, and if her eyes were open, they one could see that they were nothing but glowing white orbs as they always were when she used her magic, eyes open.

Pretty soon the spell finally took a hold of the pony and a small explosion of pink light burst from both Pinkie Pie’s eyes and Twilight's horn, knocking the unicorn back, slamming into a wall.

When Twilight regained herself rather quickly, she discovered what the end result of her spell was.

“Pinkie Pie!” Twilight exclaimed seeing her friend in such a state.

Pinkie’s eyes was glowing a bright white, but right in front of her there was what looked like a projection of a screen with an eerie scene playing before both of them.

After waving a hoof in front of her eyes, Twilight noted that the only visible difference was the flashing of the scene. Pinkie didn’t even blink. Heck, it didn’t look she would be able to blink.

So figuring that until the vision of Pinkie’s memories was shown once again she would be in this trance, Twilight sat right next to Pinkie Pie, watching the scene before her.

But it looked as though Twilight may have overdone her spell just a bit, seeing as how it looked as though Pinkie was reliving /ALL of what happened to her.

Nothing left to do but watch it all until something interesting happens.’ Twilight thought to herself.

It looked as though the whole day was going by really fast; hardly any dialogue was even audible. And to Twilight’s surprise she wasn’t viewing any of Pinkie’s memories through her point of view. Well it was still her point of view but it was like a visual version of a third person limited point of view in any kind of work of literature. Thankfully though, the visuals seemed to slow down by the time night came rolling around in her memories.

Twilight saw Pinkie playing with the baby Cakes, and was actually surprised to find the chaotic pony to calm down and act very motherly. It almost made her feel bad for ever doubting Pinkie.

And after it looked like Pinkie tucked the foals in, Mr. and Mrs. Cake came in the picture thanking Pinkie for her foal-sitting. To which Twilight saw Pinkie go to her room and plop her whole self onto her fluffy pink bed, a small alligator soon joined the scene, blinked once and then laid on top of his master and soon, Twilight saw, both creatures feel asleep.

Just as Twilight was getting bored, she saw that, thankfully, she didn’t have to watch Pinkie sleeping all throughout the night; her memories had just started playing back her dreams.

If Pinkie doesn’t remember what’s being played in front of us, I’ll have to tell her that she did in fact dream last night.’ Twilight thought to herself, watching the dream unfold. And to her surprise yet again, it was a pretty fairly normal dream, for Pinkie Pie. As far as Twilight could tell, Dream Pinkie Pie was about ready to head over to a picnic that Fluttershy was having.

But soon it all went downhill from there.

It looked, to Twilight that Discord had been freed in Pinkie’s dream. The clouds had soon gathered and had the unmistakable sight of pink cotton candy with its infamous chocolate rain pouring down. Twilight almost shook this off thinking that Pinkie subconsciously wanted the weather to be as crazy as Discord’s. She almost dismissed the thought, if not for the fact that Twilight could see just how terrified Pinkie looked.

Now this really concerned Twilight.

But it didn’t concern her as bad as when she saw the spirit of chaos form right behind her, and actually (Twilight had barely had time to comprehend) FLIRTING with her.

Thankfully, it looked like Pinkie had woken up with freight from the dream.

“Well I don’t know what I saw but I think I have a pretty good guess why you didn’t remember last night Pinkie. Pinkie?” Twilight said, thinking that since her pink companion had woken up then that meant she would soon come out of her trance.

She didn’t.

And Twilight soon discovered why.

Her memories were still going.

Pinkie Pie looked all flustered and paranoid. And her next words really had Twilight concerned.

“I haven’t told Twilight about my dreams! Not even when they started!...”

“When they started?” Does this mean she’s been having the same dream for a while now?’ Twilight thought to herself a bit concerned.

Then she saw Pinkie Pie rush out of her home from the bakery and out in the streets of Ponyville. All the way down towards Twilight’s library.

But Before Pinkie could even knock on Twilight’s door, which Twilight never remembered hearing last night, a green glow seemed to hover around the pink mare’s head, making her drowsy, and soon Pinkie was fast asleep again. But instead of going back to Pinkie’s dreams, Twilight saw the same green glow reach around Pinkie’s entire body, levitating her back to her room where it disappeared once she was back in her bed; blankets and baby gator accounted for. And before Twilight could any more of Pinkie’s dream the same green glow appeared through her window and gave her the same dream as Twilight saw earlier, except it seemed fuzzy, and she couldn’t hear anything this time.

Oh no!!’ Twilight thought to herself remembering a certain something from one of her books.

Pretty soon the images started to go staticy and fuzzy once it looked like the dreams were over and Pinkie Pie was finally waking up; both in the screen and in the now.

“Ugh, Twilight.” Twilight heard the party pony say. “Make a warning label for that spell, my head is all hurty now.” Pinkie Pie said blinking rapidly, rubbing her forehead with her hoof trying to dull the headache that had form from the spell.

“Did you remember anything?!” Twilight asked, frantic at the resolution she had just discovered from the book she had looked back into.

“Uh-uh. I don’t think it worked.” Pinkie said who had quickly recovered from her headache.

“Oh yes it did. But unfortunately only I could see your memories.” Twilight explained.

“Awww. Too bad. I was getting really curious.” Pinkie said with mild disappointment raking her voice.

“Ohh.. This is so not good.” Twilight said looking back into all of her books.

“What’s not good.”

Twilight sighed, figuring that she had to tell her. After all, it was her memories they were discussing.

“Pinkie Pie…” Twilight started.


“Somepony is manipulating you mind!”

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