• Published 24th Jul 2012
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Chaotic Dreams - Evil-Lovieness

Pinkie Pie has been having weird dreams lately. About her and Discord!

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Chapter 1

First FIM Fiction!!! Woooo!!!! Please tell me how I did. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you. Oh and for a disclaimer... Obviously I don't own MLP... Can't say that it would be just as popular as it is now if I did.

It started out like any normal day... The sky was clear and blue... The pegasus had done a bang up job of clearing the clouds!, everypony was out and about talking about various topics. I choose not to listen in because it just isn't right to eavesdrop on conversation that you weren't apart of from the beginning!

I was hopping down the lane through town to meet up with my friends for s picnic!! Fluttershy's treat. She always made the nicest basket. Probably because she is so nice! That is her element after all.

Then, all at once, like someone threw a ball at me, memories started flooding my mind, and I knew I shouldn't have said anything about the elements of harmony. Because every time I did, HE showed up.

And just as a predicted, the clear sky started getting darker, the other ponies surrounding me had suddenly vanished, as well as the weather controlling pegasus and soon the clouds returned. Except they weren't white and fluffy like normal clouds... Well they were still fluffy, but the were pink! Bright pink!! Almost as pink as my coat!

I didn't even need him to speak, or appear to know that he was back.

"Don't you just love this world Pinkie Pie?" The mere sound of his voice made my back twitch... And not in my Pinkie sense way.

"Oh but why am I asking you? I know you loved this world, even before we officially made acquaintance. Isn't that right?" He spoke in a tone that made my heart race and breath uneven. Because it was true. His world was amazing, but the more he spoke about it, the more I felt like he was trying to do more than offer me a little piece of his world.

Next thing I know I was hoisted into the air, with a lion's paw, and an eagles talon supporting me by my middle.

"Beautiful isn't it?" He said softly in my shivering ear. I could practically feel his breath tickling my head, no scratch that, I could feel his face mere inches from the back of mine. My breath was running WAY short.

"Of course I could think of something even more glorious than this." He said even more softly.

I wasn't even aware that I was holding my breath so feverishly until I felt his snake tongue slither its way on to my neck, his snaggle tooth just barely scrapping me and I let out a feverish gasp to pull in as much air as I could and then...

I woke up in a jolt, with my sweat coating my body and my breath frantic, loud, and uneven. Thankfully I didn't scream, and while my breathing was loud, it wasn't THAT loud. Gummy was still asleep. Of course he's always such a heavy sleeper. But because after a while of my frantic breathing I heard from neither the baby Cakes or Mrs. Cake, I didn't wake any one up.

I sighed in relief for that fact curled up in discomfort for the events that caused my ease from said worry.

I had that dream again.

I had another dream involving me and Discord.

But would they be considered dreams if I keep waking up in freight of them? Wouldn't they technically be nightmares? Maybe I should ask Twilight about it in the morning...

As I thought that last thought I just realized something major! Something SOOOO shocking that I just bolted strait up in my bed again.

"I've never told Twilight about my dreams! Not even when they started! Oh what is wrong with me!" I said out loud, temporarily forgetting about the other inhabitants of the the bakery.

I jumped out of bed as quick as could be accomplished and went strait for the door. All the while I just kept talking to myself, to ensure that I was doing the right thing.

"Sure its late, but I mean we've all been woken up much later than this... Besides this is important. Oh I can't believe I didn't tell her about this sooner!" At some point I think my mouth started making up words in habit and out of nervousness, while my hooves clopped through town to Twilight's library.

But the strangest of things happened then; Because right when I was about to bang my head on her door to knock on it so she could wake up, I felt strange. Like my mind suddenly went... Blank. Next thing I know I'm looking at what appears to be green pollen, and I start getting sleepy again... And... very, very, very sleepy...

In the back part of my mind I screaming, 'NO!!! Don't fall asleep now! You have to tell Twilight about your dreams!' But my mind was getting so foggy that a more dominate side of my mind had to ask, What dream? And why is it soo important to tell her now? And pretty soon I completely forgotten why I was here in the first place. And that foggy part of my mind went silent and soon all I saw was darkness. And the last thing I remember was lying down to rest once more.

However, unbeknownst to the pink mare, she didn't stay asleep in front of the library for long. A glowing green aura had surrounded over her, gently lifting her up in the air and back into her little room in the little bakery. Once she was settled into her bed all snuggled up in her blankets and with her baby gator the green glow vanished. And there was no trace that she had ever even left her bedroom that night.

However there was on disturbance in the little town of Ponyville, one that no pony knew because of them being asleep. A dark form rested just outside of the town, looking down at the sight where the pink pony had paraded mere moments before. A sly smile crossing its face.

"Not quite yet my little pony." The form spoke aloud. Speaking only to the shadows cloaking it. "Things aren't in the proper place just quite yet." And with that the figure bent down just low enough to reveal the horn on top of the head, glowing a green glow which formed a specially calculated dream spell, which then was floated back down to the bakery of Ponyville, back into the room of the pink pony.

"Now lets just sit back and enjoy the show shall we?" The form said smoothly before bursting into a fit of laughter.

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