Chaotic Dreams

by Evil-Lovieness

First published

Pinkie Pie has been having weird dreams lately. About her and Discord!

Weird dreams have been plaguing Pinkie Pie for a while now. And they're all showing her the same thing. Her and Discord. Together!! And after she confesses her dreams to her friends they all think Discord's behind it all. The only problem is that he's still a statue. So why are her dreams still coming?

Even worse, the more the dreams come the more in love Pinkie falls... Until she's gone deep and Discord's statue goes missing.

Who's behind all of this chaos if not the master of it himself? Followers? Or something worse?

Chapter 1

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First FIM Fiction!!! Woooo!!!! Please tell me how I did. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you. Oh and for a disclaimer... Obviously I don't own MLP... Can't say that it would be just as popular as it is now if I did.

It started out like any normal day... The sky was clear and blue... The pegasus had done a bang up job of clearing the clouds!, everypony was out and about talking about various topics. I choose not to listen in because it just isn't right to eavesdrop on conversation that you weren't apart of from the beginning!

I was hopping down the lane through town to meet up with my friends for s picnic!! Fluttershy's treat. She always made the nicest basket. Probably because she is so nice! That is her element after all.

Then, all at once, like someone threw a ball at me, memories started flooding my mind, and I knew I shouldn't have said anything about the elements of harmony. Because every time I did, HE showed up.

And just as a predicted, the clear sky started getting darker, the other ponies surrounding me had suddenly vanished, as well as the weather controlling pegasus and soon the clouds returned. Except they weren't white and fluffy like normal clouds... Well they were still fluffy, but the were pink! Bright pink!! Almost as pink as my coat!

I didn't even need him to speak, or appear to know that he was back.

"Don't you just love this world Pinkie Pie?" The mere sound of his voice made my back twitch... And not in my Pinkie sense way.

"Oh but why am I asking you? I know you loved this world, even before we officially made acquaintance. Isn't that right?" He spoke in a tone that made my heart race and breath uneven. Because it was true. His world was amazing, but the more he spoke about it, the more I felt like he was trying to do more than offer me a little piece of his world.

Next thing I know I was hoisted into the air, with a lion's paw, and an eagles talon supporting me by my middle.

"Beautiful isn't it?" He said softly in my shivering ear. I could practically feel his breath tickling my head, no scratch that, I could feel his face mere inches from the back of mine. My breath was running WAY short.

"Of course I could think of something even more glorious than this." He said even more softly.

I wasn't even aware that I was holding my breath so feverishly until I felt his snake tongue slither its way on to my neck, his snaggle tooth just barely scrapping me and I let out a feverish gasp to pull in as much air as I could and then...

I woke up in a jolt, with my sweat coating my body and my breath frantic, loud, and uneven. Thankfully I didn't scream, and while my breathing was loud, it wasn't THAT loud. Gummy was still asleep. Of course he's always such a heavy sleeper. But because after a while of my frantic breathing I heard from neither the baby Cakes or Mrs. Cake, I didn't wake any one up.

I sighed in relief for that fact curled up in discomfort for the events that caused my ease from said worry.

I had that dream again.

I had another dream involving me and Discord.

But would they be considered dreams if I keep waking up in freight of them? Wouldn't they technically be nightmares? Maybe I should ask Twilight about it in the morning...

As I thought that last thought I just realized something major! Something SOOOO shocking that I just bolted strait up in my bed again.

"I've never told Twilight about my dreams! Not even when they started! Oh what is wrong with me!" I said out loud, temporarily forgetting about the other inhabitants of the the bakery.

I jumped out of bed as quick as could be accomplished and went strait for the door. All the while I just kept talking to myself, to ensure that I was doing the right thing.

"Sure its late, but I mean we've all been woken up much later than this... Besides this is important. Oh I can't believe I didn't tell her about this sooner!" At some point I think my mouth started making up words in habit and out of nervousness, while my hooves clopped through town to Twilight's library.

But the strangest of things happened then; Because right when I was about to bang my head on her door to knock on it so she could wake up, I felt strange. Like my mind suddenly went... Blank. Next thing I know I'm looking at what appears to be green pollen, and I start getting sleepy again... And... very, very, very sleepy...

In the back part of my mind I screaming, 'NO!!! Don't fall asleep now! You have to tell Twilight about your dreams!' But my mind was getting so foggy that a more dominate side of my mind had to ask, What dream? And why is it soo important to tell her now? And pretty soon I completely forgotten why I was here in the first place. And that foggy part of my mind went silent and soon all I saw was darkness. And the last thing I remember was lying down to rest once more.

However, unbeknownst to the pink mare, she didn't stay asleep in front of the library for long. A glowing green aura had surrounded over her, gently lifting her up in the air and back into her little room in the little bakery. Once she was settled into her bed all snuggled up in her blankets and with her baby gator the green glow vanished. And there was no trace that she had ever even left her bedroom that night.

However there was on disturbance in the little town of Ponyville, one that no pony knew because of them being asleep. A dark form rested just outside of the town, looking down at the sight where the pink pony had paraded mere moments before. A sly smile crossing its face.

"Not quite yet my little pony." The form spoke aloud. Speaking only to the shadows cloaking it. "Things aren't in the proper place just quite yet." And with that the figure bent down just low enough to reveal the horn on top of the head, glowing a green glow which formed a specially calculated dream spell, which then was floated back down to the bakery of Ponyville, back into the room of the pink pony.

"Now lets just sit back and enjoy the show shall we?" The form said smoothly before bursting into a fit of laughter.

Chapter 2

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Once the morning came, and the sun shone through from the sky thanks to Princess Celestia, Pinkie Pie woke up yet again, even though she wasn't aware of it.

So yawning, Pinkie Pie opened her eyes and stretched her tired limbs awake. But way too soon did her tired attitude vanished, and she was back to her usual perky self in, how Rainbow Dash would say, 10 seconds flat.

"Gooooood Morning Gummy!" Pinkie exclaimed to her beloved pet. The gator in question merely just sat up, his eyes opening a couple seconds after. One eye being faster than the other. He opened his toothless maw in a weird sense of a smile.

"Awww... You are so happy in the morning. So full of energy. I wish it could be morning all the time, and I bet you do to huh?" Pinkie Pie drawled, earning her another mismatched blink and a slight tail wage from her gator.

"OOoooh!! That sounds like fun! A morning party! Yeah, it could be for ponies who like to wake up early in the morning. Oh, but what about the ponies that aren't big morning ponies? They would feel left out too. Oh but I could always give them another party. How about a 'Sorry you don't like mornings, but here's a midday party just for you' party? That has possible interest?" Pinkie Pie planned out, seemingly making it sound like she had forgotten whatever it is she heard from her gator.

Gummy only blinked.

But as Pinkie Pie trailed on and on, on different party ideas, she felt her tummy start rumbling.

"Oops. Guess my Pinkie Senses are telling me that I'm hungry." Pinkie Pie giggled. "How about you?" she asked Gummy, who in turn opened his gummed maw as wide as it went and snapped at his mistress' mane. Earning more giggling from her. Because even though it was obvious that he was toothless, everyone always yelped whenever he did that to anypony else, except for his mistress.

"I figured. You and I are a lot a like Gummy. For starters we're morning people, AND we both get really hungry when we wake up." Pinkie Pie giggled as she started down stairs to the bakery, gnawing gator and all. She found that she wasn't the only pony who got up early today.

"Oh, good morning Pinkie Pie. And uh, good morning Gummy." Smiled Mrs. Cake, her mane and coat covered with various baking ingredients.

"Good Morning Mrs. Cake! What're you doing up so early? Usually I'm the first one up." Pinkie Pie asked curiously.

"That's true Pinkie, but it turns out that the twins sort of beat your record. And when we went to check on them we figured that we could stay up and get some work done." Mr. Cake answered coming in through the bakery door with said fillies in tow.

"Awwwww... That's nice." Pinkie Pie just smiled and trotted over to the kitchen to get her's and Gummy's breakfast ready. A bowl of sugary cereal for her, and oatmeal for Gummy. Pinkie never understood why he liked that gunk... True it was one of the few foods he could eat without teeth, but so were many other more tasty foods he could gum.

"So how'd you sleep last night Mr. and Mrs Cake!" Pinkie Pie asked after a couple of spoon fulls of food.

"Pretty well, I suppose." Mr. Cake said vaguely.

"Same here... Oh but what about you Pinkie Pie?" Mrs. Cake answered/asked.

Pinkie Pie was about to say that slept fine and woke up with ease... But something in the back of her mind caught her. Like some sort of forbidden memory was nagging at her that she didn't sleep fine... But it was way, way, way, way back in her mind. And she usually avoided that space because she found it scary to go. But it just wouldn't stop going there. However, Pinkie Pie's conscious told her that it would be rude to just space out on her landlords/bosses when they asked her a question.

"Hmmm... Now that I'm thinking on it... I can't really tell how I slept last night." Pinkie Pie admitted saying.

"What do you mean dear?" Mrs. Cake asked.

"Idon'tknow." Pinkie Pie both rushed and mumbled the words not knowing any other answer.

"Well maybe, you should go visit your friend Twilight. I'm sure she could help you." Mr. Cake offered.

"Oh, but I just can't. Don't I have work today?" Pinkie said. She never really enjoyed abandoning her work with something trivial, which was why she always planned ahead when she wanted to throw a party or hang out with friends. But she knew that the important things, like saving Equestria and stuff like that, but this was just a little case of sleep problems that she may or may not have.

"Oh today's gonna be a slow day. We had a huge rush the other day. Filling out even bigger orders. Remember?" Mrs. Cake said.

"Oh yeah." Pinkie Pie mused. It was true that whenever Sugarcube Corner had big busy days with large orders, it usually took two to three days of slower, way less busy days for the natural flow to get right back up again.

"Well if your sure." Pinkie said, finishing her cereal and cleaning it in the sink.

"Only if you want to." Mr. Cake said nervously, trying to calm down little Pumpkin who was trying to float to the ceiling while Pound was trying to exorcize his tiny wings.

"Oh why not. I'm sure it can't hurt." Pinkie Pie said after a moment of thought.

And as such, she picked up Gummy, who just finished his breakfast too, cleaned his bowl and started heading out the door to the library where her friend lived, Gummy now gnawing on her head. Not that she minded.

What she did mind however, was the little nagging thought giving her the strange Deja Vu feeling that she tried doing this before, last night. With the details still all so foggy in her head. The question now was... What would discover about last night? And would she even want to know?

Chapter 3

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Twilight was right in the middle of a major study session after being motivated to do so by a weird dream she had last night. She had no idea what any of it was about and, ironically, her dream was /ABOUT a dream. So with her new curiosity in tow, she galloped right out of bed and found all of the books about dreams she could find in her little library. She even found certain spells all towards dreams, though she couldn’t make out for the life of her how and why these spells were ever necessary. But they did provide a lot of information besides how to cast them.

And then she heard the knocking on her front door.







Twilight just sighed, putting a bookmark in each of her opened books.

“Spike could you answer the door and let Pinkie in, please?” Twilight asked her little dragon assistant, preparing to put her books away for her party crazed friend.

“Sure thing Twi.” Spike said already half way to the door. He barely even touched the knob when he heard Pinkie yelling.

“Ear flop, eye-flutter, knee twitch…” And Spike immediately ran away from the door, cowering in fear. And sure enough the door sprang open revealing the perky pink party pony.

“Pinkie Pie, Spike was about to answer the door. You didn’t have to bust it open. However I am sort of glad you gave a fair warning though.” Twilight said with a sigh, levitating one of her dream books right beside her, before placing it back to where she had originally picked it from the shelf.

“I didn’t open the door. My Pinkie Senses just activated.” Pinkie explained, walking towards her purple unicorn friend.

“So then why did the door open like that?” Twilight asked obviously confused, but continued picking up her books.

“I don’t know.” Pinkie said with a smile.

“And then why did you yell out your, “combo”?” Twilight asked, putting up her front hooves and twitching them twice in the guise of air quotes.

“Oh that? It’s just a habit side-effect from my Pinkie Senses. I always have to yell out the signs so as to alert everyone around me what’s gonna happen.” Pinkie explained hugging her friend and randomly waving her hoof through the air.

Twilight decided to quit here while she was ahead, remembering the consequences she had to endure trying to figure out how the “Pinkie Senses” even worked.

“Alright, all of that aside.” Twilight said with a sigh exiting from her friend’s embrace. “What brings you here today Pinkie?” She asked.

For the first time since Twilight met her, Pinkie Pie actually looked hesitant to continue speaking. And a small form of a blush seemed evident on her pink cheeks.

“I… Well I seriously don’t think it’s anything to trouble you with Twilight. But last night I can’t seem to remember anything. Even though I am pretty certain that I slept really well and had dreams… But I can’t seem to remember any of it.” Pinkie explained in a somewhat slower manner, but was still quick in her usual manner. However this time, Twilight caught everything she said.

The purple unicorn halted cleaning up her mess.

And after a slight second Twilight pulled out all of her books she had out earlier and, without any regard for safety, dropped them down on the ground again. All of the books had opened up to where the bookmarks were placed.

“Perfect!” was all Twilight had to say on the subject.

“Oh so it is normal.” Pinkie said smiling. “I knew it!”

“Actually Pinkie, it may or may not be. But I was in the middle of studying…”

“Oh. So I guess I should talk to later huh?” Pinkie said, about ready to turn around not wanting to deprive her friend of the thing she knew loved doing. Besides she did have work to do… No matter how slow it was gonna be.

“I’m not done Pinkie. I was studying about dreams and sleeping patterns. In fact I found all kinds of spells on the subjects. And, while for the most part I can’t seem to formulate any reason to use most of them, there were some that I thought might be incredibly useful for anypony in Ponyville or beyond.” Twilight exclaimed, levitating a book in front of Pinkie’s face.

Pinkie did read it, well most of it. Most of the words were instructions that she couldn’t decipher, seeing as how she was an earth pony and not a unicorn, making the instructions un-understandable. But for the most part they looked like spells to open up the sub-conscious or something like that as the book was pulled away just as Pinkie found decided to read that which anypony could read and understand.

“I could test these spells out on you!” Twilight said excitedly.

“Oooh! That’s sounds like a hoot Twilight!” Pinkie said, jumping up and down, circling around her purple friend.

“Maybe we should start with easy ones. Like this one for instance.” Twilight said point the tip of her hoof to a spell which Pinkie saw was a spell to help bring out repressed memories to light.

“Okie dokie lokie!” Pinkie Pie said, finally settling down, ready for Twilight to begin.

“Hmmm… Now let’s see…” Twilight mused over the book for a while.

“Okay, I think I got it. But since this is only for last night I think I’ll only go that far.” Twilight, giving, what appeared to be a heads up for her friend, as the pink pony nodded, but in truth Twilight didn’t want to surface anything private about the party pony. Because she had decided that if her friend had any problems then it was probably resolved long ago and didn’t need to be resurfaced.

Twilight started her spell, a faint magenta aura surrounding her horn, and soon she placed the spell on Pinkie.

The spell felt really weird to Pinkie Pie: Her eye’s started to fell, well, overloaded. It was like they were in seeing overload. Pinkie Pie soon closed her eyes to try to comfort them. But Twilight fared no better with this new spell, and if her eyes were open, they one could see that they were nothing but glowing white orbs as they always were when she used her magic, eyes open.

Pretty soon the spell finally took a hold of the pony and a small explosion of pink light burst from both Pinkie Pie’s eyes and Twilight's horn, knocking the unicorn back, slamming into a wall.

When Twilight regained herself rather quickly, she discovered what the end result of her spell was.

“Pinkie Pie!” Twilight exclaimed seeing her friend in such a state.

Pinkie’s eyes was glowing a bright white, but right in front of her there was what looked like a projection of a screen with an eerie scene playing before both of them.

After waving a hoof in front of her eyes, Twilight noted that the only visible difference was the flashing of the scene. Pinkie didn’t even blink. Heck, it didn’t look she would be able to blink.

So figuring that until the vision of Pinkie’s memories was shown once again she would be in this trance, Twilight sat right next to Pinkie Pie, watching the scene before her.

But it looked as though Twilight may have overdone her spell just a bit, seeing as how it looked as though Pinkie was reliving /ALL of what happened to her.

Nothing left to do but watch it all until something interesting happens.’ Twilight thought to herself.

It looked as though the whole day was going by really fast; hardly any dialogue was even audible. And to Twilight’s surprise she wasn’t viewing any of Pinkie’s memories through her point of view. Well it was still her point of view but it was like a visual version of a third person limited point of view in any kind of work of literature. Thankfully though, the visuals seemed to slow down by the time night came rolling around in her memories.

Twilight saw Pinkie playing with the baby Cakes, and was actually surprised to find the chaotic pony to calm down and act very motherly. It almost made her feel bad for ever doubting Pinkie.

And after it looked like Pinkie tucked the foals in, Mr. and Mrs. Cake came in the picture thanking Pinkie for her foal-sitting. To which Twilight saw Pinkie go to her room and plop her whole self onto her fluffy pink bed, a small alligator soon joined the scene, blinked once and then laid on top of his master and soon, Twilight saw, both creatures feel asleep.

Just as Twilight was getting bored, she saw that, thankfully, she didn’t have to watch Pinkie sleeping all throughout the night; her memories had just started playing back her dreams.

If Pinkie doesn’t remember what’s being played in front of us, I’ll have to tell her that she did in fact dream last night.’ Twilight thought to herself, watching the dream unfold. And to her surprise yet again, it was a pretty fairly normal dream, for Pinkie Pie. As far as Twilight could tell, Dream Pinkie Pie was about ready to head over to a picnic that Fluttershy was having.

But soon it all went downhill from there.

It looked, to Twilight that Discord had been freed in Pinkie’s dream. The clouds had soon gathered and had the unmistakable sight of pink cotton candy with its infamous chocolate rain pouring down. Twilight almost shook this off thinking that Pinkie subconsciously wanted the weather to be as crazy as Discord’s. She almost dismissed the thought, if not for the fact that Twilight could see just how terrified Pinkie looked.

Now this really concerned Twilight.

But it didn’t concern her as bad as when she saw the spirit of chaos form right behind her, and actually (Twilight had barely had time to comprehend) FLIRTING with her.

Thankfully, it looked like Pinkie had woken up with freight from the dream.

“Well I don’t know what I saw but I think I have a pretty good guess why you didn’t remember last night Pinkie. Pinkie?” Twilight said, thinking that since her pink companion had woken up then that meant she would soon come out of her trance.

She didn’t.

And Twilight soon discovered why.

Her memories were still going.

Pinkie Pie looked all flustered and paranoid. And her next words really had Twilight concerned.

“I haven’t told Twilight about my dreams! Not even when they started!...”

“When they started?” Does this mean she’s been having the same dream for a while now?’ Twilight thought to herself a bit concerned.

Then she saw Pinkie Pie rush out of her home from the bakery and out in the streets of Ponyville. All the way down towards Twilight’s library.

But Before Pinkie could even knock on Twilight’s door, which Twilight never remembered hearing last night, a green glow seemed to hover around the pink mare’s head, making her drowsy, and soon Pinkie was fast asleep again. But instead of going back to Pinkie’s dreams, Twilight saw the same green glow reach around Pinkie’s entire body, levitating her back to her room where it disappeared once she was back in her bed; blankets and baby gator accounted for. And before Twilight could any more of Pinkie’s dream the same green glow appeared through her window and gave her the same dream as Twilight saw earlier, except it seemed fuzzy, and she couldn’t hear anything this time.

Oh no!!’ Twilight thought to herself remembering a certain something from one of her books.

Pretty soon the images started to go staticy and fuzzy once it looked like the dreams were over and Pinkie Pie was finally waking up; both in the screen and in the now.

“Ugh, Twilight.” Twilight heard the party pony say. “Make a warning label for that spell, my head is all hurty now.” Pinkie Pie said blinking rapidly, rubbing her forehead with her hoof trying to dull the headache that had form from the spell.

“Did you remember anything?!” Twilight asked, frantic at the resolution she had just discovered from the book she had looked back into.

“Uh-uh. I don’t think it worked.” Pinkie said who had quickly recovered from her headache.

“Oh yes it did. But unfortunately only I could see your memories.” Twilight explained.

“Awww. Too bad. I was getting really curious.” Pinkie said with mild disappointment raking her voice.

“Ohh.. This is so not good.” Twilight said looking back into all of her books.

“What’s not good.”

Twilight sighed, figuring that she had to tell her. After all, it was her memories they were discussing.

“Pinkie Pie…” Twilight started.


“Somepony is manipulating you mind!”

Chapter 4

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“WHAT??!!?!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed after hearing the news that Twilight had just informed her.

“B-b-but… But that can’t be true.” Pinkie Pie said, shaking her head, trying to get rid of any evidence of what she was just told.

“I know it’s shocking, Pinkie, but it’s true. Someone is manipulating your mind.” Twilight said, placing her hoof over her friends shoulder for comfort.

“Okay just what did I miss this time?” Spike voice was heard completely out of nowhere.

“SOMEONE IS MESSING WITH MY HEAD!!!” Pinkie Pie screamed at the top of her lungs, standing up on her hind legs and flailing her front hooves out and about.

Spike just looked at this scene with confusion and then decided to go ask someone whose sanity he didn’t question… 100% of the time.

“So what did I miss?” Spike asked Twilight.

“Somepony really is messing with Pinkie’s mind, Spike. I just don’t think Pinkie is taking the news lightly.” Twilight explained.

“But why? Why in Equestria would they do it?” Pinkie Pie asked, finally calming down, somewhat, laying down on all fours, looking terrified.

“That is a good question. But a better question is. Who’s doing it?” Spike noted and asked.

“I don’t know on the “who”. But I have a theory on the why. Though I don’t think you’re gonna like it Pinkie.” Twilight said, remembering the images of her dreams.

“What is it? I don’t care if I like it or not Twilight. This is my mind we’re talking about! I hafta know why somepony is willing to do this to me! I mean a mind is a personal place. Well not as personal as a bunch of other places. But the mind is a very scary thing Twilight. And I don’t wanna know what scary things are in my head! I just don’t!” Pinkie Pie rushed out, obviously in panic mode.

Twilight just looked at her friend, torn between telling her what she saw just to ease her of the kind of fear she’s having, and not wanting to tell her to cause a new fear.

“Well Twilight?” Spike asked.

“I don’t know who’s doing this to you Pinkie, but whoever it is, they’re basically placing dreams in your head and wiping them from your conscious memory. So that sub-consciously you can…” Twilight paused, unsure as to word the rest of the explanation.

“So they can what?”

“So they can make what happens in your dreams what you really want to happen. It’s like a very complicated form of controlling hypnosis, Pinkie.” Twilight explained, finally happy with the words she chosen.

“But what do they want Pinkie Pie to want?” Spike asked, trying to ponder the answer himself by scratching his chin with his claw.

“OHMYGOSH!!! Spike’s right! What DO they want me to want?” Pinkie Pie asked, getting more worried by the moment.

Twilight sighed. This was the part she was reluctant herself to tell.

“What!?” Pinkie Pie said, thinking that Twilight said something.

Twilight just looked up and thought to herself that it was better if they just knew about it quickly and get it over with.

“Whoever is placing those dreams in your mind… Well… I think they want… I mean it’s a possibility…” Twilight tried to voice it out, really not wanting to tell.

“Twilight stop stalling.” Spike said, clearly annoyed.

Twilight just sighed, and tried to say the next thing in a big rush.

“Whoever is manipulating your mind probably wants you to have feelings for Discord!” Twilight said as quickly as she could, even though she knew it was nowhere near as how fast Pinkie Pie usually talked.

“What?!” She heard both her pink friend and dragon assistant gasp out.

“Are you sure?” Pinkie said.

“In all honesty, I can’t believe you can’t remember any of it. In your memories you always seem to have them, but for some reason, you never have the memories of them until you wake up from force of them. Kinda like a live experiment into adaptation.” Twilight explained a lot more smoothly.

Pinkie Pie was taking all of this in, and well, she couldn’t tell just what shocked her most: Just the info that this was real, and how a big part of her didn’t seem to mind so much anymore.

“Well… Is there any way to track it down?” Pinkie Pie said, trying to shake any of those thoughts out.

Twilight thought about this long and hard. Sure there was plenty of ways to do what Pinkie requested… but some of them were really complicated, and most of them needed plenty of time and surveillance. Really she was just trying to narrow down the best options, until she come up with one that would probably be the most satisfactory.

“Well, there is one way, but you’re gonna need to stay for the night Pinkie.” Twilight said simply.

“OOOOoohhh!!! So it’ll be like a slumber party!?” Pinkie Pie said excitedly, temporarily forgetting her past fears, bouncing up and down.

When Pinkie Pie mentioned “slumber party”, Twilight’s eyes widened and sparkled making her form and big grin. It was all she could do to not squee in excitement for her SECOND official slumber party. As it was Twilight had to use all of her will power to calm herself down about the exciting idea; this was a serious thing they had to deal with.

“Right, well Pinkie, it’s gonna be a bit more complexed than that.” Twilight said, with a slight blush to her cheeks after noticing Spike’s raised eye-brow and smirk at her quick excitement at the idea of a slumber party.

“How so?” Pinkie asked, stopping, temporarily, her bouncing.

Twilight quickly rolled her eyes teasingly and started to explain to Pinkie Pie what she planned to do to Pinkie to help her out with her problem for the night, with Pinkie nodding her head every now and then showing that she understood what she was being told.

However, unbeknownst, to the two ponies and baby dragon, that they were being watched, by a dark figure in the shape of a pony; the same dark figure that stood just outside of Ponyville the night before.

The figure was covered from head to hoof in a dark cloak, only the glowing aura from its horn shining through as well as the glaring red eyes peeping through the hood.

The magic that was being produced was being formed in a little ball of smoke with a crystal clear image in the middle; like a crystal ball of green smoke.

The dark form looked over at the image of the purple unicorn explaining her plan to observe the pink mare of the figure’s interest in her sleep to watch for anything unusual, and how to trap the user of who was manipulating the pink mare’s mind: Namely the figure watching this all with a sour frown.

The figure didn’t plan on its subject to wise up to the deeds being done to its subject, the figure also didn’t plan on the pink mare to go and seek aid on the subject. Now the entire experiment, mission, heck, EVERYTHING was all unbalanced. Now the figure had to work extra hard to accomplish the prime directive of this crucial mission. And what made it worse was they now had to tread on harsh waters now.

“This is NOT going according to plan.” The figure growled, wanting to wipe away at the vision, but restrained itself knowing that it had to be fully informed of what was going on with her test subject.

Then they heard what the purple unicorn had planned to watch over her pink friend. This news finally made the figure smile a dangerous sort of smile underneath the cloak.

“Heh heh. Really? Is that the best you can perform Miss Twilight Sparkle? As Princess Celestia’s top student, I would expect something more from you than that.” The figure mocked at the vision of the two ponies and dragon, knowing fully well that they couldn’t hear the figure.

The figure chuckled to itself when the three of them had confirmed the earlier question asked and headed straight away to start their own, “tracking spell experiment” thing. It didn’t matter, though. It was a weak enough spell. The figure could still do their own deeds with barely any, minimal amounts of, trouble.

“And here I worried that you would choose those nasty little spells your failure of a princess used against me.” The figure growled out the last part, remembering it’s past failure with the Alicorn Princess of the Sun.

“But I guess you are her weakness and you have been graced with mercy on your friend, which is good.” The figure grinned again, putting itself back in a good mood.

“Because it doesn’t matter how you watch over her, Twilight Sparkle. Pinkie Pie is The One. The One I have been searching for. She is perfect! And nothing will stand in my way.” The figure leered over the green smoky ball.

Soon the figure waved away the scene, quickly getting bored with the events of the baby dragon sending a note to Pinkie’s employers, explaining and excusing her absence and the two mares talking about, oddly enough, past slumber parties.

With an extra green glow from the figure’s horn, the glowing gas ball changed its scene, to one more… Scenic: The Counterlot Castle’s garden. The scene moved quickly and accurately, trying to search for something, like a maze game on hyper speed. Until, finally, the figure found its target.

It was a statue of an all too familiar face, and body for that matter. It was made of up so many creatures it was almost confusing to count. The stone face of the statue was forever frozen in a face of horror of the knowledge of its fate, its body, too, frozen in a form that when it was animated, was trying to ward off the spell that was done to it. But the figure knew better: Forever wasn’t as long as one thought.

The statue, of course was Discord.

The figure looked at the statue with a mixture of emotions: Anticipation, anger, excitement, and of course, joy; though not all of the emotions were created just because of the chimera himself. But mostly because of the memories of the past and what the figure’s plan now could mean for the future.

“Soon.” The figure quietly promised, whispering so low, that even if a pony was present no one could’ve heard the figure.

“Oh so soon. You will be set free again. I have perfected my calculations. Not like last time.” The figure growled to itself yet again in anger of the past. “No, not again. This time you will be free, and I will ensure that you remain so. She is your key, and I will make the lock fit this time. And this time neither the Sun nor the Moon will ruin my glorious, beautiful plan.” The figure explained, relishing, and regretting, that it was telling an epic speech of dark proportions, and no one was around to witness it.

“Soon you will be set free. Soon, she will be the key to setting you free. But for now…” The figure trailed off. Closing their glowing red eyes to concentrate, causing a glowing green spell to form and zip its way into the vision and seep itself into the statue’s frozen face of terror, while another, different spell, seeped its way more subtly across the horror stricken eyes, before it quickly went away and back to the spell caster. The figure was now smiling full blown, now revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth, the red eyes gleaming with the success of the spell.

“Hmmm… Interesting. A statue takes a simple love spell like that better than a living creature. Especially considering….” The figure trailed off, getting angry again about the past. “Last time.” It finally growled out.

“Never the less. I have work to do. And who says that a silly, little, weak, tracing spell will stop me.” The figure laughed out, looking back at the statue of the draconequus, if one could see the face beneath the hood, one would find a face full of sadness and sympathy.

“Soon, Discord. Soon.” The figure promised to thin air, soon waving a hoof to wipe away the glowing green gas ball, thus removing the visions.

Then remembering the plan, the dark figure decided to pull back the hood and stand on their hind legs, letting out a sinister laugh.

“Now let’s see who’s evil!” The figure cried out amidst the laughter to the heavens.

Chapter 5

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Pinkie Pie rolled around in the weird mattress Twilight prepared for her. The mattress itself was pretty comfortable itself. It wasn’t placed on any bed post though; just a mattress thrown on the floor, with a big and fluffy pillow.

“Pinkie Pie!” Twilight called out, seizing Pinkie’s rolling. “You’re getting the spell all mixed up!”

“Sorry Twi.” Pinkie apologized, forgetting what Twilight warned her about. Apparently the spell Twilight had to use on her was only meant for sleeping patience once they were in the middle of their sleep cycle. No movement was to be involved; otherwise the spell would mistake the sleeping pony’s movements for the intruding enemy spell.

But it was boring lying still while Pinkie waited for the spell to take effect. Pinkie Pie had only woken up a couple of hours ago, and Pinkie Pie never took naps during the day. She just had too much energy and had too much to do to take naps.

“Are you sure this is justifiably sound Twilight?” Pinkie heard Spike asked; though she couldn’t understand why, though the whole procedure made Pinkie Pie feel like she was going through a whole bunch of medical tests at the hospital.

“Of course, Spike. Though Pinkie’s circumstance is rarely heard of, the procedure of how to fix the problem is simple enough, and highly recommended.” Twilight explained, looking over the spell once more in her book. She then put the book away, confidant that she got it down.

“Alrighty then Pinkie, you ready?” Twilight asked.

“Yupper doodles!” Pinkie answered with a grin staring at the ceiling, seeing as how she wasn’t allowed to move beyond the pose she kept, which was lying on her back on the mattress.

“Alright. Stand back, Spike.” Twilight announced, taking a steadying stance and bowing her head to try and get the spell going. Soon a glowing magenta aura started shining around her horn

Pinkie Pie’s eyes shrunk in size as she saw the magic aura form a giant bubble around her, shimmering and going all grid-like before shinning over once again making it look completely solid. Pinkie Pie was reminded, though briefly of the royal wedding they attended a while ago. Though the most Pinkie Pie remembered about it was that she didn’t listen to Twilight about her warnings, the Changeling attack, and the fact that Twilight’s brother performed a similar spell that looked like this… Except it was bigger.

However, once the spell-bubble thing was in place, Pinkie Pie could hear Twilight speaking again.

“There, the spell is in place. Now, if anypony tries to put any spells on you, this spell will immediately track down where the spell originated from, both in location, and on who casted it.” Twilight said, with a hint of pride in her voice, though that was to be understandable; Twilight had never performed this kind of spell before and was proud of how easy it was.

“But I still can’t move around so much can I?” Pinkie Pie said, risking, rolling over onto her side to get in a more comfortable position.

The only response was a loud, BRZZZT sound coming from the spell, not liking that the subject it was protecting was moving.

“I guess that’s a no.” Twilight said sheepishly, blushing slightly, not daring to look at Spike who had his arms crossed over his chest, in an “I told you so” position.

Twilight just made her way over as close she could to Pinkie Pie’s bed, not risking touching the bubble.

“You gonna be alright in there for a while Pinkie?” Twilight said, hoping that Pinkie wasn’t having second thoughts.

“Oh don’t worry about me Twilight! After all, this is just like getting a sick day. Right? I mean that seriously, I can’t remember. The last time I remember having a sick was when I was little, before I even earned my cutie mark! And I remember that I had to stay in bed all day! Which was kind of boring, but I mean it was for my own…” Pinkie Pie had started rambling, ensure Twilight that this was going to work out. And pretty soon this whole mess will be nothing more than a simple little joke.

“Hehe, Okay Pinkie Pie. I’m gonna make us something to eat okay? I’ll be back in a little while. And don’t feel obligated to stay awake for my expense. This spell is for sleeping patience's remember?” Twilight said with a smile on her face.

“Okie dokie loki, Twilight!” Pinkie said in response, resisting the urge to do a little salute knowing fully aware of her movement would do.

Twilight just grinned once again and started heading towards the little kitchen in her library. It was nothing more than a stove top, an oven, a couple of pantries and a fridge. So Twilight and Spike usually ate their meals in the main library or the wide landing on the top floor.

“You know you could’ve just told the Princess about Pinkie’s problem.” Spike said, still not happy about the whole situation.

Twilight just sighed.

“I know that Spike. But what do you think will happen if I were to tell the princesses that someone was trying to make Pinkie Pie fall for Discord? That very sentence doesn’t even sound right to me.” Twilight explained, using her magic to levitate several ingredients out of their cabinets.

“No, this is way easier, and a lot quicker, since we caught this rather quickly. All we need is some patience, a bit of time, and this mess will be a thing of the past.” Twilight explained.

“I don’t know Twilight,” Spike, the ever pessimistic dragon said. “This still feels wrong to me. Like there’s more to this that none of us can even grasp onto yet.” Spike explained.

“What’s that supposed to even mean Spike?” Twilight said, not understanding her assistant’s words.

“We don’t even know who’s doing this to Pinkie, or why. We understand the what, but still…”

“Spike, are you sympathizing with the pony who’s casting the spells on Pinkie?” Twilight accused, trying to understand just what exactly the baby dragon was getting at.

“Of course not! In fact it’s just the opposite Twi. I don’t know everything that happened when Discord broke free, but I do remember seeing you and the girls during the whole process, and I do remember seeing him.” Spike explained. “I’m just saying, what if this is bigger than you think it is?”

“It’s already a big issue, Spike. That’s why I’m gonna stop it.” Twilight said, putting her hoof down, stubbornly.

Spike just sighed, and went over by his unicorn friend’s side to help her with the dish.

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie tried to settle herself comfortably in her current position to make her future sleep cycle a bit more enjoyable what with this whole mess going on with her. Well that and with the knowledge that now TWO spells are surrounding her. Wasn’t as easy as it sounded, apparently.

If Pinkie Pie was able to, she would’ve crossed her front hooves in front of her in sheer boredom. But then she started feeling bad that she was taking an unexpected day off just to lay around trying to go to sleep, when she only planned to talk to Twilight. Though she knew that Cakes gave their permission and Twilight and Spike explained to them her situation, sort of. Twilight wrote a letter explaining to the cakes where she was and that Twilight needed to perform a couple and tests and such, and stuff like that. Pinkie Pie noticed though, that Twilight left several important details out though. She also noticed that she had Spike hand deliver the message to the cakes with him saying that they said that they understood completely.

Still, Pinkie Pie couldn’t help but feeling like she was dodging her duties.

How does Rainbow Dash do it?! It’s so nerve wracking. Maybe it’s because we have different duties, and she can simply do hers loads faster and way more efficient. After all clearing clouds has to be tons easier for a pegasus like her, all fast like and such. Whereas baking cupcakes and goodies like that takes a lot more time.’ Pinkie Pie’s mind started rambling, since she couldn’t do anything else but think to herself.

And surprising, she found that the more she thought while lying still, the more she found herself growing tired.

So all I have to do is think huh? Hey maybe if I think of certain things I can at least have some control of my dreams. Maybe then I could counteract whatever spells is being casted on me. Or would that work? Maybe when Twilight comes back I should ask her how exactly spells like this work. Or maybe I should just ask her how unicorn magic works in general!’ Pinkie Pie thought to herself, her train of thought losing its tracks with every passing second; her eyelids were growing heavier with every passing thought. Which was ironic, seeing as how she started losing control of her thoughts and slowly losing control of what her mind decided to pop into her head at that moment.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Was Fluttershy not paying attention to her chickens that day? One of these days we gotta go on another picnic together. And maybe we could invite the rest of the girls!’ Pinkie Pie’s mind went, randomly jumping from topic to topic, before her eyes slowly closed together shut.

Pretty soon, even Pinkie’s energy started fading, and she could barely hold together any thoughts. Soon, all thoughts came up blank and Pinkie Pie, for the first time since she earned her cutie mark, settled down for a nice comforting nap in the middle of the day.

Once Pinkie Pie was asleep however, the big magenta bubble surrounding her started pulsing around her, daring any intruder to disturb her slumber.

That was when Twilight and Spike came back, carrying three plates of food. One plate held a plate full of spaghetti, another held a simple daisy sandwich, and the third, which was so obviously was for Spike, had nothing but a pile of gems resting on it.

“We’re back!” Twilight said, before noticing the pulsing bubble around the sleeping Pinkie.

“Ah, perfect! The spell is in effect. Now all we have to do is wait.” Twilight said, using her magic to levitate a fork to stick it around her spaghetti. She made Pinkie Pie the sandwich not knowing if she would still be awake and willing to eat anything, so she made her a non-perishable meal that wouldn’t be all gross if it took a while for Pinkie to wake up to if she /was asleep.

“Are you sure?” Spike asked, taking his plate over to the bubble, looking questionably at it.

“Positive! According to this, this is how we know that the spell is in effect and is working properly.” Twilight said, levitating a book next to her, pointing with her hoof at the text.

Spike didn’t even try to look or read the text, knowing full well that he would never understand that magic mumbo-jumbo speak. He just popped a ruby in his mouth and stared at the bubble, not really noticing the pink pony inside. Knowing better of it, Spike refrained from poking the bubble with his claw.

“Wait for what exactly?” Spike asked, popping an amethyst, emerald, and diamond in his mouth all at once.

This question brought Twilight up short. What WERE they suppose to wait for? Did the mysterious spell caster try succumbing Pinkie Pie every time she fell asleep or were they on a certain schedule that Twilight wasn’t aware of due to only seeing ONE of Pinkie’s controlled dream and the subtle hint that it wasn’t the first time.

“Uhhh…” Twilight stalled flipping through her book to find the answer. “I guess we just wait until Pinkie Pie wakes up I guess.” Not really finding any other answer in her text book.

Spike just grumbled and sat down to finish his gems. Twilight blushed a little and ducked underneath her book to finish her spaghetti, pretending to be fully engrossed in it.


The dark cloaked figure looked upon the scene before them in pure delight, the purple unicorn had used a far less superior spell then intended.

Though they knew that it shouldn’t pace its plan like this and that patience was a key element in the plan, it couldn’t help themselves. The idea to continue the experiment while under the observation of Celestia’s own student was far too tempting. It was petty mocking sure, and directed at the wrong pony, but still, it was her student and that was enough for the figure.

It casted their dreams spell, forming it into the most perfect scene it could think up. Then, shifting their attention to the scene, the figure grinned a wide, toothy, pointed grin.

Its horn started glowing brighter and the scene moved /inside the “so-called” protective shield around the sleeping subject inside.

Then the dark figure unleashed the spell to the scene where it entered into it swiftly, soon to swirl around the pink mare’s head before seeping inside.

“Sweet dreams, Pinkie Pie.” The dark figure chuckled softly to their self.

Twilight couldn’t believe it. She just couldn’t believe what had just happened! Her spell failed, her plan failed! And she saw it all happen!

Though Twilight was quick to thank her blessing that Spike got too bored waiting for something to happen and fell asleep himself while he decided that doing chores was actually started sounding to sound fun, for once, and didn’t see how he was right. The spell failed. How could it fail?

And it happened so suddenly that it took Twilight a moment to realize what had just happened.

Spike had just taken his nap, as far as Twilight could tell from the dragons loud snoring that was quite distinguishable from the soft breathing of Pinkie Pie. Twilight was just rolling her eyes at him, when she noticed something going on inside the bubble. At first Twilight thought that it was just a trick of the light and it could’ve just been Pinkie shifting in her sleep, except Twilight could’ve sworn she saw something green.

Looking right at the bubble she saw something that looked like a thick cloud of green pollen which she immediately recognized as a magical aura. It seemed to swirl itself around Pinkie Pie’s head for a moment, like it was doing a quiet dance for permission before seeping itself inside Pinkie Pie’s head, like water seeping into tiny pores. All the while the protective spell did nothing out of the usual. Not another Brzzzt sound, no indication of where it came from, no warning thing, nothing that the book told her would happen!

Twilight rushed to the edge of the bubble peering in at Pinkie Pie. She seemed to be undisturbed by the green aura that had just infected itself inside of her, but Twilight couldn’t be sure. She had to wake up Pinkie Pie!

Twilight was just about to go fetch her book to see if there was any safe way to do so, when her eye caught hold of something else.

The green aura had returned, but instead of swirling around, it hovered over Pinkie’s closed eyes, like a pair of green smokey glasses. Twilight knew it was crazy, but she swore that even though behind those green glasses Pinkie Pie were closed and asleep, she could feel those glasses staring at her. For a moment Twilight’s gaze held the green smoke.

Then the green smokey glasses hovering around her friend’s eyes winked at her before disappearing, leaving Twilight sitting on her rump staring at the space it left (i.e. Pinkie’s face) dumbfounded.

Not only were Pinkie Pie’s dreams being controlled, but whoever was behind it knew how to get there results in whatever way possible. And they were mocking her!

Twilight swore that whoever was behind all of this would suffer greatly.