• Published 24th Jul 2012
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Chaotic Dreams - Evil-Lovieness

Pinkie Pie has been having weird dreams lately. About her and Discord!

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Chapter 5

Pinkie Pie rolled around in the weird mattress Twilight prepared for her. The mattress itself was pretty comfortable itself. It wasn’t placed on any bed post though; just a mattress thrown on the floor, with a big and fluffy pillow.

“Pinkie Pie!” Twilight called out, seizing Pinkie’s rolling. “You’re getting the spell all mixed up!”

“Sorry Twi.” Pinkie apologized, forgetting what Twilight warned her about. Apparently the spell Twilight had to use on her was only meant for sleeping patience once they were in the middle of their sleep cycle. No movement was to be involved; otherwise the spell would mistake the sleeping pony’s movements for the intruding enemy spell.

But it was boring lying still while Pinkie waited for the spell to take effect. Pinkie Pie had only woken up a couple of hours ago, and Pinkie Pie never took naps during the day. She just had too much energy and had too much to do to take naps.

“Are you sure this is justifiably sound Twilight?” Pinkie heard Spike asked; though she couldn’t understand why, though the whole procedure made Pinkie Pie feel like she was going through a whole bunch of medical tests at the hospital.

“Of course, Spike. Though Pinkie’s circumstance is rarely heard of, the procedure of how to fix the problem is simple enough, and highly recommended.” Twilight explained, looking over the spell once more in her book. She then put the book away, confidant that she got it down.

“Alrighty then Pinkie, you ready?” Twilight asked.

“Yupper doodles!” Pinkie answered with a grin staring at the ceiling, seeing as how she wasn’t allowed to move beyond the pose she kept, which was lying on her back on the mattress.

“Alright. Stand back, Spike.” Twilight announced, taking a steadying stance and bowing her head to try and get the spell going. Soon a glowing magenta aura started shining around her horn

Pinkie Pie’s eyes shrunk in size as she saw the magic aura form a giant bubble around her, shimmering and going all grid-like before shinning over once again making it look completely solid. Pinkie Pie was reminded, though briefly of the royal wedding they attended a while ago. Though the most Pinkie Pie remembered about it was that she didn’t listen to Twilight about her warnings, the Changeling attack, and the fact that Twilight’s brother performed a similar spell that looked like this… Except it was bigger.

However, once the spell-bubble thing was in place, Pinkie Pie could hear Twilight speaking again.

“There, the spell is in place. Now, if anypony tries to put any spells on you, this spell will immediately track down where the spell originated from, both in location, and on who casted it.” Twilight said, with a hint of pride in her voice, though that was to be understandable; Twilight had never performed this kind of spell before and was proud of how easy it was.

“But I still can’t move around so much can I?” Pinkie Pie said, risking, rolling over onto her side to get in a more comfortable position.

The only response was a loud, BRZZZT sound coming from the spell, not liking that the subject it was protecting was moving.

“I guess that’s a no.” Twilight said sheepishly, blushing slightly, not daring to look at Spike who had his arms crossed over his chest, in an “I told you so” position.

Twilight just made her way over as close she could to Pinkie Pie’s bed, not risking touching the bubble.

“You gonna be alright in there for a while Pinkie?” Twilight said, hoping that Pinkie wasn’t having second thoughts.

“Oh don’t worry about me Twilight! After all, this is just like getting a sick day. Right? I mean that seriously, I can’t remember. The last time I remember having a sick was when I was little, before I even earned my cutie mark! And I remember that I had to stay in bed all day! Which was kind of boring, but I mean it was for my own…” Pinkie Pie had started rambling, ensure Twilight that this was going to work out. And pretty soon this whole mess will be nothing more than a simple little joke.

“Hehe, Okay Pinkie Pie. I’m gonna make us something to eat okay? I’ll be back in a little while. And don’t feel obligated to stay awake for my expense. This spell is for sleeping patience's remember?” Twilight said with a smile on her face.

“Okie dokie loki, Twilight!” Pinkie said in response, resisting the urge to do a little salute knowing fully aware of her movement would do.

Twilight just grinned once again and started heading towards the little kitchen in her library. It was nothing more than a stove top, an oven, a couple of pantries and a fridge. So Twilight and Spike usually ate their meals in the main library or the wide landing on the top floor.

“You know you could’ve just told the Princess about Pinkie’s problem.” Spike said, still not happy about the whole situation.

Twilight just sighed.

“I know that Spike. But what do you think will happen if I were to tell the princesses that someone was trying to make Pinkie Pie fall for Discord? That very sentence doesn’t even sound right to me.” Twilight explained, using her magic to levitate several ingredients out of their cabinets.

“No, this is way easier, and a lot quicker, since we caught this rather quickly. All we need is some patience, a bit of time, and this mess will be a thing of the past.” Twilight explained.

“I don’t know Twilight,” Spike, the ever pessimistic dragon said. “This still feels wrong to me. Like there’s more to this that none of us can even grasp onto yet.” Spike explained.

“What’s that supposed to even mean Spike?” Twilight said, not understanding her assistant’s words.

“We don’t even know who’s doing this to Pinkie, or why. We understand the what, but still…”

“Spike, are you sympathizing with the pony who’s casting the spells on Pinkie?” Twilight accused, trying to understand just what exactly the baby dragon was getting at.

“Of course not! In fact it’s just the opposite Twi. I don’t know everything that happened when Discord broke free, but I do remember seeing you and the girls during the whole process, and I do remember seeing him.” Spike explained. “I’m just saying, what if this is bigger than you think it is?”

“It’s already a big issue, Spike. That’s why I’m gonna stop it.” Twilight said, putting her hoof down, stubbornly.

Spike just sighed, and went over by his unicorn friend’s side to help her with the dish.

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie tried to settle herself comfortably in her current position to make her future sleep cycle a bit more enjoyable what with this whole mess going on with her. Well that and with the knowledge that now TWO spells are surrounding her. Wasn’t as easy as it sounded, apparently.

If Pinkie Pie was able to, she would’ve crossed her front hooves in front of her in sheer boredom. But then she started feeling bad that she was taking an unexpected day off just to lay around trying to go to sleep, when she only planned to talk to Twilight. Though she knew that Cakes gave their permission and Twilight and Spike explained to them her situation, sort of. Twilight wrote a letter explaining to the cakes where she was and that Twilight needed to perform a couple and tests and such, and stuff like that. Pinkie Pie noticed though, that Twilight left several important details out though. She also noticed that she had Spike hand deliver the message to the cakes with him saying that they said that they understood completely.

Still, Pinkie Pie couldn’t help but feeling like she was dodging her duties.

How does Rainbow Dash do it?! It’s so nerve wracking. Maybe it’s because we have different duties, and she can simply do hers loads faster and way more efficient. After all clearing clouds has to be tons easier for a pegasus like her, all fast like and such. Whereas baking cupcakes and goodies like that takes a lot more time.’ Pinkie Pie’s mind started rambling, since she couldn’t do anything else but think to herself.

And surprising, she found that the more she thought while lying still, the more she found herself growing tired.

So all I have to do is think huh? Hey maybe if I think of certain things I can at least have some control of my dreams. Maybe then I could counteract whatever spells is being casted on me. Or would that work? Maybe when Twilight comes back I should ask her how exactly spells like this work. Or maybe I should just ask her how unicorn magic works in general!’ Pinkie Pie thought to herself, her train of thought losing its tracks with every passing second; her eyelids were growing heavier with every passing thought. Which was ironic, seeing as how she started losing control of her thoughts and slowly losing control of what her mind decided to pop into her head at that moment.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Was Fluttershy not paying attention to her chickens that day? One of these days we gotta go on another picnic together. And maybe we could invite the rest of the girls!’ Pinkie Pie’s mind went, randomly jumping from topic to topic, before her eyes slowly closed together shut.

Pretty soon, even Pinkie’s energy started fading, and she could barely hold together any thoughts. Soon, all thoughts came up blank and Pinkie Pie, for the first time since she earned her cutie mark, settled down for a nice comforting nap in the middle of the day.

Once Pinkie Pie was asleep however, the big magenta bubble surrounding her started pulsing around her, daring any intruder to disturb her slumber.

That was when Twilight and Spike came back, carrying three plates of food. One plate held a plate full of spaghetti, another held a simple daisy sandwich, and the third, which was so obviously was for Spike, had nothing but a pile of gems resting on it.

“We’re back!” Twilight said, before noticing the pulsing bubble around the sleeping Pinkie.

“Ah, perfect! The spell is in effect. Now all we have to do is wait.” Twilight said, using her magic to levitate a fork to stick it around her spaghetti. She made Pinkie Pie the sandwich not knowing if she would still be awake and willing to eat anything, so she made her a non-perishable meal that wouldn’t be all gross if it took a while for Pinkie to wake up to if she /was asleep.

“Are you sure?” Spike asked, taking his plate over to the bubble, looking questionably at it.

“Positive! According to this, this is how we know that the spell is in effect and is working properly.” Twilight said, levitating a book next to her, pointing with her hoof at the text.

Spike didn’t even try to look or read the text, knowing full well that he would never understand that magic mumbo-jumbo speak. He just popped a ruby in his mouth and stared at the bubble, not really noticing the pink pony inside. Knowing better of it, Spike refrained from poking the bubble with his claw.

“Wait for what exactly?” Spike asked, popping an amethyst, emerald, and diamond in his mouth all at once.

This question brought Twilight up short. What WERE they suppose to wait for? Did the mysterious spell caster try succumbing Pinkie Pie every time she fell asleep or were they on a certain schedule that Twilight wasn’t aware of due to only seeing ONE of Pinkie’s controlled dream and the subtle hint that it wasn’t the first time.

“Uhhh…” Twilight stalled flipping through her book to find the answer. “I guess we just wait until Pinkie Pie wakes up I guess.” Not really finding any other answer in her text book.

Spike just grumbled and sat down to finish his gems. Twilight blushed a little and ducked underneath her book to finish her spaghetti, pretending to be fully engrossed in it.


The dark cloaked figure looked upon the scene before them in pure delight, the purple unicorn had used a far less superior spell then intended.

Though they knew that it shouldn’t pace its plan like this and that patience was a key element in the plan, it couldn’t help themselves. The idea to continue the experiment while under the observation of Celestia’s own student was far too tempting. It was petty mocking sure, and directed at the wrong pony, but still, it was her student and that was enough for the figure.

It casted their dreams spell, forming it into the most perfect scene it could think up. Then, shifting their attention to the scene, the figure grinned a wide, toothy, pointed grin.

Its horn started glowing brighter and the scene moved /inside the “so-called” protective shield around the sleeping subject inside.

Then the dark figure unleashed the spell to the scene where it entered into it swiftly, soon to swirl around the pink mare’s head before seeping inside.

“Sweet dreams, Pinkie Pie.” The dark figure chuckled softly to their self.

Twilight couldn’t believe it. She just couldn’t believe what had just happened! Her spell failed, her plan failed! And she saw it all happen!

Though Twilight was quick to thank her blessing that Spike got too bored waiting for something to happen and fell asleep himself while he decided that doing chores was actually started sounding to sound fun, for once, and didn’t see how he was right. The spell failed. How could it fail?

And it happened so suddenly that it took Twilight a moment to realize what had just happened.

Spike had just taken his nap, as far as Twilight could tell from the dragons loud snoring that was quite distinguishable from the soft breathing of Pinkie Pie. Twilight was just rolling her eyes at him, when she noticed something going on inside the bubble. At first Twilight thought that it was just a trick of the light and it could’ve just been Pinkie shifting in her sleep, except Twilight could’ve sworn she saw something green.

Looking right at the bubble she saw something that looked like a thick cloud of green pollen which she immediately recognized as a magical aura. It seemed to swirl itself around Pinkie Pie’s head for a moment, like it was doing a quiet dance for permission before seeping itself inside Pinkie Pie’s head, like water seeping into tiny pores. All the while the protective spell did nothing out of the usual. Not another Brzzzt sound, no indication of where it came from, no warning thing, nothing that the book told her would happen!

Twilight rushed to the edge of the bubble peering in at Pinkie Pie. She seemed to be undisturbed by the green aura that had just infected itself inside of her, but Twilight couldn’t be sure. She had to wake up Pinkie Pie!

Twilight was just about to go fetch her book to see if there was any safe way to do so, when her eye caught hold of something else.

The green aura had returned, but instead of swirling around, it hovered over Pinkie’s closed eyes, like a pair of green smokey glasses. Twilight knew it was crazy, but she swore that even though behind those green glasses Pinkie Pie were closed and asleep, she could feel those glasses staring at her. For a moment Twilight’s gaze held the green smoke.

Then the green smokey glasses hovering around her friend’s eyes winked at her before disappearing, leaving Twilight sitting on her rump staring at the space it left (i.e. Pinkie’s face) dumbfounded.

Not only were Pinkie Pie’s dreams being controlled, but whoever was behind it knew how to get there results in whatever way possible. And they were mocking her!

Twilight swore that whoever was behind all of this would suffer greatly.

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My user name has become a story!

1929721 So it has... I was actually looking at my notifications going... "My story commented on itself? WTF?"


It is I, the personification of your story come to life!

But seriously, I wish you the best of luck with your story.

1929794 But I haven't even finished you! How can you exist?!


dun dun dun! ha take that twilight >:D
so i wonder when Discord the real one will come into the mix and i hope that him and pinkie get together.
but the thing i want to know is...who is this villain!

The villain is...
It is...
Cause Chrysalis has green magic :unsuresweetie:

Is the villan the one who created Discord as a tool to either rule Equestria or destroy it but Celestia and Luna got in the way and sealed Discord?:applejackconfused: Awesome story by the way can't wait for the next chapter:moustache:

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