• Published 24th Jul 2012
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Chaotic Dreams - Evil-Lovieness

Pinkie Pie has been having weird dreams lately. About her and Discord!

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Chapter 2

Once the morning came, and the sun shone through from the sky thanks to Princess Celestia, Pinkie Pie woke up yet again, even though she wasn't aware of it.

So yawning, Pinkie Pie opened her eyes and stretched her tired limbs awake. But way too soon did her tired attitude vanished, and she was back to her usual perky self in, how Rainbow Dash would say, 10 seconds flat.

"Gooooood Morning Gummy!" Pinkie exclaimed to her beloved pet. The gator in question merely just sat up, his eyes opening a couple seconds after. One eye being faster than the other. He opened his toothless maw in a weird sense of a smile.

"Awww... You are so happy in the morning. So full of energy. I wish it could be morning all the time, and I bet you do to huh?" Pinkie Pie drawled, earning her another mismatched blink and a slight tail wage from her gator.

"OOoooh!! That sounds like fun! A morning party! Yeah, it could be for ponies who like to wake up early in the morning. Oh, but what about the ponies that aren't big morning ponies? They would feel left out too. Oh but I could always give them another party. How about a 'Sorry you don't like mornings, but here's a midday party just for you' party? That has possible interest?" Pinkie Pie planned out, seemingly making it sound like she had forgotten whatever it is she heard from her gator.

Gummy only blinked.

But as Pinkie Pie trailed on and on, on different party ideas, she felt her tummy start rumbling.

"Oops. Guess my Pinkie Senses are telling me that I'm hungry." Pinkie Pie giggled. "How about you?" she asked Gummy, who in turn opened his gummed maw as wide as it went and snapped at his mistress' mane. Earning more giggling from her. Because even though it was obvious that he was toothless, everyone always yelped whenever he did that to anypony else, except for his mistress.

"I figured. You and I are a lot a like Gummy. For starters we're morning people, AND we both get really hungry when we wake up." Pinkie Pie giggled as she started down stairs to the bakery, gnawing gator and all. She found that she wasn't the only pony who got up early today.

"Oh, good morning Pinkie Pie. And uh, good morning Gummy." Smiled Mrs. Cake, her mane and coat covered with various baking ingredients.

"Good Morning Mrs. Cake! What're you doing up so early? Usually I'm the first one up." Pinkie Pie asked curiously.

"That's true Pinkie, but it turns out that the twins sort of beat your record. And when we went to check on them we figured that we could stay up and get some work done." Mr. Cake answered coming in through the bakery door with said fillies in tow.

"Awwwww... That's nice." Pinkie Pie just smiled and trotted over to the kitchen to get her's and Gummy's breakfast ready. A bowl of sugary cereal for her, and oatmeal for Gummy. Pinkie never understood why he liked that gunk... True it was one of the few foods he could eat without teeth, but so were many other more tasty foods he could gum.

"So how'd you sleep last night Mr. and Mrs Cake!" Pinkie Pie asked after a couple of spoon fulls of food.

"Pretty well, I suppose." Mr. Cake said vaguely.

"Same here... Oh but what about you Pinkie Pie?" Mrs. Cake answered/asked.

Pinkie Pie was about to say that slept fine and woke up with ease... But something in the back of her mind caught her. Like some sort of forbidden memory was nagging at her that she didn't sleep fine... But it was way, way, way, way back in her mind. And she usually avoided that space because she found it scary to go. But it just wouldn't stop going there. However, Pinkie Pie's conscious told her that it would be rude to just space out on her landlords/bosses when they asked her a question.

"Hmmm... Now that I'm thinking on it... I can't really tell how I slept last night." Pinkie Pie admitted saying.

"What do you mean dear?" Mrs. Cake asked.

"Idon'tknow." Pinkie Pie both rushed and mumbled the words not knowing any other answer.

"Well maybe, you should go visit your friend Twilight. I'm sure she could help you." Mr. Cake offered.

"Oh, but I just can't. Don't I have work today?" Pinkie said. She never really enjoyed abandoning her work with something trivial, which was why she always planned ahead when she wanted to throw a party or hang out with friends. But she knew that the important things, like saving Equestria and stuff like that, but this was just a little case of sleep problems that she may or may not have.

"Oh today's gonna be a slow day. We had a huge rush the other day. Filling out even bigger orders. Remember?" Mrs. Cake said.

"Oh yeah." Pinkie Pie mused. It was true that whenever Sugarcube Corner had big busy days with large orders, it usually took two to three days of slower, way less busy days for the natural flow to get right back up again.

"Well if your sure." Pinkie said, finishing her cereal and cleaning it in the sink.

"Only if you want to." Mr. Cake said nervously, trying to calm down little Pumpkin who was trying to float to the ceiling while Pound was trying to exorcize his tiny wings.

"Oh why not. I'm sure it can't hurt." Pinkie Pie said after a moment of thought.

And as such, she picked up Gummy, who just finished his breakfast too, cleaned his bowl and started heading out the door to the library where her friend lived, Gummy now gnawing on her head. Not that she minded.

What she did mind however, was the little nagging thought giving her the strange Deja Vu feeling that she tried doing this before, last night. With the details still all so foggy in her head. The question now was... What would discover about last night? And would she even want to know?

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