• Published 8th Nov 2017
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Realizations: Cycle 1 - Jaycren

"You Don't Love Someone Because They Have a Fancy Car or House, You Love Them Because They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear" Oscar Wilde

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Apple Tart - Scootaloo: On My Own

Author's Note:

The Song is On My own By Ashes remain. Of course I then proceeded to make it Scootaloo's heartsong. I have always liked this pairing and all things considered it is not a bad one. Keep in mind with this story I am not advocating abuse. If you hit or hurt your significant just for the fun of it I would love to introduce you to one of the many car batteries I have acces too. What Babs did she did to prevent despair and help a friend. If that is the case I believe that a good friend and/or significant other will do what is required to get your head removed from your own flank, before you implode. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Scootaoo ran through the streets of Ponyvile. She needed to move, memories of old, new feelings towards a friend threatened her focus. So, she did what pegasi do when they’re confused, move. Long ago she had discovered her wings where never to be the way she wanted, she would never fly as fast or as well as her mentor Rainbow Dash. The memories of those Doctors, saying that, she had improved the Alicornae systems within her wings well beyond what anybody hoped, but there was limits. She, flipped, vaulted and dodged, the memories threatening to overwhelm her, she could feel her heartsong burst forth.

Why can't I have what I want
Why does it have to be so tough
I feel I've always been alone
Every time I Move past All the doubt
I am my own worst enemy
I seek the struggles end
I want to lay down
Get Me out
Seek and save me from my dark now
Everyday all alone I'm Falling down
I don't want to Fly alone Anymore
Get this out
Let these wings not be Mine
I just want some hope that will ride
To this end I've realized
I Can't ever go on alone

Continuing, she sent magic out along her wings, landing the jump halfway up the wall of Sugar Cube Coner, shifting the flow towards her hooves, she galloped up the wall, redirecting the energy to her back legs, she vaulted the lip of the roof and brought her wings to bear, orienting to the roof proper, smirking, as she knew she had just used earth pony techniques. Those Doctors never said about not utilizing the rest of her body. She had studied Earth Ponies so she could adapt her magic like theirs. These thoughts brought to mind the earth pony she wanted to forget, Babs Seed.

Never felt this way about anyone
Don't know the way to go
This feels Much Bigger
Then the Friends that I have
Can I Figure this out
I'm holding out for a sign
I run to seek you out
I'll surpass my rival now
Go all out
This won't beat me
in the end now
All the time, I wasted looking down
I'm not gonna fly alone anymore
Go all out
Push past the insults and my pride
This Love I Need to Fly, I Can't deny
To this end I've Realized
She won't let me Fly on My own

Into space, to a forward spin that carried her to the next roof, dancing through obstructions, she remembered Babs' reaction. Hearing Scootaloo had confined herself, Babs hopped a train to Ponyvile, walked to Scootaloo’s house, walked past her aunts, then dragged Scootaloo by her hair out into the front yard, throwing her into a tree.

"The hell Babs?!!!!!!"

"What are you gonna do, Chicken?"

Scootallo had remebered her anger, "What did you call me?"

Called you a Buck, BUCK, BAWWK, staying in the hen house, waiting to lay eggs."

Her reaction had been immediate. She attacked. Babs had slapped her down.

"Wow, didn't even put any strenght into that! You really did turn into a chicken,maybe a dodo, chickens are at least useful. Dodo's just stare, waiting for extinction."

Scootaloo had lost it, her mind blanked and her combat trianing from Rainbow took over. This time she pegged Babs, who tanked it, laughing.

"That's more like it, COME ON!!!" They had fought in her front yard, Scootaloo using lethal force, Babs defending and giving right back. Scootaloo had used all she knew, her dance skills, her Karate, gymnastics, she threw it all at the pony before her. Babs took it all. Eventually Scootaloo fell to her knees, she took comfort seeing that Babs had a fair ammount of damage and had fallen as well.

"Huh, Guess your not a Chicken, or a Dodo, Nah, You’re more an Ostrich. You know a flightless bird that can move fast, and when pushed, kills LIONS. Yeah, you’re more of an Ostrich."

Scootaloo had chuckled, then laughed until tears streamed down her cheeks as she laughed at the absurdity. Babs laughing along, pulled Scootalloo close, held her.

"You are such a moron, you know that?"

Scootaloo had flushed at the affectionate jab, Babs' fur had been so soft, her arm so strong. She pulled away flushed and confused.

"Ostrich, I will always push you to be the best. Because you and I speak the same language, Hardship and Competition. I looked it up. The Dash’s and the Apple’s have always been rivals, goes all the way back to pre-founding, though the names have changed a couple times. But always been one set between the two. Times they where friends, sometimes bitter enemies, sometimes more then friends," both girls flushed at the implication, "So I am gonna be your rival. I will push you and you will push me, that way we’ll both be the best, and you ever catch me moping and groaning, it’s your duty to drag me out and throw me a beating. Times we both need to have some sense slapped into us"

Babs had laid down on the grass, Scootaloo joined her, watching the clouds.

We will always compete
I'll remeber what she said to me
She won't let me Fly alone
Go Hard now
I'm never again gonna give up
Because I'm never gonna hold her down
She will never Fly alone Anymore
I'l go all out
Freed from the prison of my mind
My Babs' is the love I Can't deny
In things now I'm realizing
We are never going to fly all alone

As she landed, she knew that she had found her own way of flying. She wished Babs had been here to see it. She loved Babs Seed. She wasn't sure how it happened, Babs was her’s, she was Babs’. Her run cleared her mind, and allowed her heart to open. Then Babs’ voice was heard.

"Hey, that a Blush I see or you just happy to see me?"