Realizations: Cycle 1

by Jaycren

First published

"You Don't Love Someone Because They Have a Fancy Car or House, You Love Them Because They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear" Oscar Wilde

All things sing. Some louder then others, some across universes and some sing one song that only another can hear. Only another can answer and keep the melody of all things going. So that all things can be renewed. So that All Things can continue. When all sing, all are blessed. On until the end of all things, which really just begins the song again. For none can silence the song forever.

Part of the Fate Woven Timeline.

Crazy Love - Fluttershy: According to You

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Fluttershy dreamed, the voices of those who had put her down, thought she was to weak to defend herself, or dismissed her because being kind meant doormat. The cacophony swirled around the quivering yellow pegasi, the voices of her friends and enemies all agreeing on one thing.

"She needs to be protected"
"Heh, She won't stick up for her self"
"She is weak"
"Weakest, worthless element,"

The voices in her head refused to stop. They plagued her, haunted her in her waking hours. Here in the dream world there was nothing between them and her until, finally, she sang forth her hearts words

According to them
I'm Weak
I'm Useless
I need Protection all the time
According to them
I'm to easy
No Backbone
Always doing what others say
I'm a mess of a Pegasus
Can't stand up for what's mine
Even to protect my life
According to them
According to them

Her quiet voice silenced as she hung her head low, her hair hanging over her face, but then a voice.

"What fun is there in making sense?"

it echoed for a time, before the voice again came, shocked and sad, but hopeful

"I never had a friend before."

Her head arose, her hair settling back, her face exposed to to the world and the cruelty within it, but this time it wasn't with timidity that she sang out.

But According to Him
He says I'm Beautiful
Chaotically Improbable
He won't ever hurt me again
According to him
I'm steady
The friend he never knew he wanted

This time the voices of her friends sought to shout down her words about the friend who, even in betrayal, thought of HER first. That is what got him to listen to that foul centaur, a promise to afterwards, return her magic, and leave her unharmed. The rest was to seal the deal for her friend.

"You can't be serious?!"
"Your friends with that thing?"
"We need to put him back in stone!!"

She knew such a deal would have been impossible for her friend to resist. He needed to be chaotic the same way Applejack needed to be honest or any of the elements needed to act according to their element. He had been treated like a disposable resource, an errand boy, a servant. SHE had been the only one to teach this friendless being what having a friend meant. Not even the Princess of Friendship could have said that. It was why she forgave him so quickly. So again Heart Song rode forth and did triumph over the voices of negativity.

He needs to be Chaotic
I'm never stopping him
So I'm Telling Everypony What I will do
I'll give him the support all of you do not
According to Me

The voices took a different tact. They took on the faces of her friends
"Always the first to cry,"
"Always the first to collapse,"
"Needs to be kept safe,"
"What can Kindness do in battle;"
"Always the first to Run away,"

Again she slumped, this time the voices had laid her to the ground, and her song was a dirge.

.According to Them
I'm Fearful
I'm Cowardly
and I always just get in the way
According to Them
I Can't Defend Others
Because I won't Hurt a Creature they say
I'm the mare with the Weak Element Gem
There the ones that cover that
According to Them
According to them

This time her head did not rise, she lay their sobbing, the voices screaming in triumph, but then, the ugliest Butterfly she had ever seen alighted on her muzzle. It winked at her and she remembered. SHE hadn't given up her Element in that maze, Discord had to TAKE it from her. All the OTHERS, Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, MAGIC, were CONVINCED to give up theirs. It was the reason she had had nightmares afterwards. Discord had to use his chaos to reverse her element, because he was not able to convince her to turn aside from it SHE HAD PASSED THAT TEST, he had then cheated. Twilight had to have had a writers convenience to get her element back, and the way to get everyone else's. Because when you're kind you see a never ending parade of suffering and it is a daily struggle to remain kind, while not drowning in the blood. Discords words where nothing compared to that, those that stayed Kind in the face of it all had to be strong.

So again her melodic voice rang out, and drove the voices before her.

But According to Him
I am His Strength
I am His Anchor
He refuses to leave me Again
According to Him
I am his reason
The ONLY thing he ever needed
He's always seen my heart I get it
I will stop believing nonsense
So with Discord I might start something new
I love him with all that I have
According to me
Why can't they Appreciate Him
Why they have to hate him, Oh No
Why can't they see him the way I do
It's so sad they can't open their Eyes
But According to me
He's amazing
He's Fantasitic
We will begin our life
Now According to Me
He's Handsome
He's Devoted
He's never going to be outcast again
According to Me
He's Funny
So Snuggleable
I can't believe I never noticed
I can live with Impossible
This is the most Improbable
So what's the Fun in making sense
I love him for all that and more
According to Me
He's Mine
According to Me
I'm His
According to Us
We're Perfect
We're Loved
We can do anything now.

The Voices fell silent and all that was dark gave way, and Fluttershy saw her future with the lord of chaos, and what it could bring. She smiled, and left her fears, and the voices of yesterday where they belonged, and went forth, unafraid. As she did a charcoal mare, stars in her mane, having watched, Smiled too.

Bukhemian Rhapsody - Adagio: Holding Out For a Hero

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Adagio stepped out of the Canterlot Day Spay, sore and tired, but satisfied. A muscular man stepped into the night next to her, locking the doors. Adagio watched this pale skinned, blonde, and red eyed man. After the Battle of the Bands Aria and Sonata had both found activities that allowed them to earn a place at CHS, Adagio had not. The despair she had felt when she knew that they had been defeated, as well as it being driven into her by a Megaton Friendship Laser had broken her confidence. Except, for some reason when she was around him.

"You want me to walk you home, Adagio?" The Gentle Giant offered.

"I will Be fine, Bulk."

Bulk shrugged, "Alright, good night."

Alone now, the shadows moved outside the light. At one point she and her sisters had been in those shadows. Adagio thought back to the aftermath. Sonata had cried, Aria had ranted and Adagio could do nothing.

Where did it all go wrong?
Why where we forsaken by the Gods?

She thought about the next day, the sudden realization that food was a thing, they could no longer depend on their magic. Sonata, had found her niche first, working at Sugar Cube Corner. She had always been the cook, even though they had fed on negative energy, the three had long had a variety of favored food, Sonata's taco addiction not withstanding.

Aria found her's next . She was a martial artist so it wasn't odd when she started working as a personal trainer. Adagio had a stream of failed interviews.

Why can't I have a Hercules to Protect me from all harm?
All I want is a White Knight to hold back these fears inside
Late at night I walk these streets and want to run and Hide

Finally everything changed. She had taken shelter in a Coffee Shop and had spent her last cash on a danish. Slumped in her chair looking out onto the street, the whispers of the patrons around her, all still hated her. Funny, they had forgiven Shimmer, but not her. A shadow loomed over the table.

"Here" A coffee cup was placed in front of her and a young man sat down.

"I know the look," He said. "Don't listen, just move forward"

Those kind words done, he joined her in looking out the window. Nothing more had been said.

"Same time, tomorrow?" He asked

"What?” She hadn't followed.

"Meeting here?"

"I Don't...." She began, but he put a single long finger across her lips. The whole shop was quiet. She swore they where all looking at them. She no longer wanted their attention, make it stop, please.

"Just allow me to buy you a coffee tomorrow.”

All continued again, this guy asked her to coffee? Not the propositions she had been getting daily? He just wanted to talk, he was interested, he cared. The whispers were quiet, the noise that of a coffee shop. She blushed, then nodded, smiling. He got up from his chair and taking her garbage, began to move away.

"Wait, What’s your name?"

"Bulk Biceps"

I want a Hero
I'm Reaching out for a Hero
One that will make all of this right
I need him t be strong
And he must hold me fast
And he needs to be gentle and Kind
Gods send me a Hero
Please where is my hero to help me back to the light
please send him soon
Pleas guide him to me
Because I'm cold deep inside
So cold inside

Deep in thought, again she moved into another memory. How many times had she and he met there. Each time they had shared that table. He was her moment of silence, the one she could complain to.

"Ugh another day of fruitless searches," She exclaimed. "Sometimes I think my only skills left are for in the bedroom." A long fingered hand attached to a long arm somehow reached across the table and flicked her between the eyes.

"Pity Party done?"

"Sorry, was just..." Adagio stopped, Bulk was sitting odd. He was leaning to his left and he had a look of discomfort. "Bulk, are you okay?

"Yeah, I'm fine.

Adagio smirked. "I swear and you say I'm proud," She rose from her chair and got behind his, "Alright, let Adagio take a look, and see if she can fix."

"Adagio I...." Bulk began but Adagio thwacked him in the back of his head.

"Bulk, stop being a baby and lean forward."

Bulk leaned forward in his chair as Adagio's hand swept down.

Dear Hecate, what have you been doing? Fine my perfect ass, you have to be in serious pain!" Bulk went to speak again, but shut his mouth when he saw her look. "Now just give a moment to...." Bulk's eyes widened as Adagio pressed a nerve cluster and then, relief. He slumped back in his chair and closed his eyes only to hear, "Bulk can you please wake up, my hands are trapped and people are starting to stare." He instantly shot out of his chair a flush on his face.

He looked at her smiled, and grabbed her hand.

"Bulk, What are you...."

"Shut up and come with me, I may know of a job for you."

Again the song comes unbidden, unheard, from her lips, Driven by her memories.

It's going after Midnight
I lost all of my Dreams
I look out beyond Myself
I just want someone looking back at me
The fear coming on like thunder
It rises inside of me
Please send a Hercules to get this out of me

That day he had dragged her 2 blocks before she worked her hand free. He stopped and she slapped him across the face.

"Bulk stop and tell me what is going on."

He held up his hands in surrender "Alright I deserved that Adagio." He paused to focus "I believe I can get you a job where I work"

Adagio's glared at him, "Alright, what would this job be?"

"Adagio, please just trust me?"

She looked at the man who had become her stability and sighed "Alright, But remember, I can and will stab you." Bulk smiled.

"Duly noted' He said before he took off again. Adagio rushed after him, not for the first time amazed at how well and fast he moved.

Canterlot Day Spa emblazoned in large gold letters arced across the front of the building. It offered a wide variety of services. Adagio was glad to see that "Happy Endings" was not one of them.

"Bulk, Why..."

"This is where I am a Masseuse" Pride, then a darker look "C'mon, just trust me a little more," Adagio looked at Bulk. "Okay, lead the way."

"Really?" He looked back in surprise.

"Bulk, in my past I have gotten what I want with magic and certain..... assets," She held up her hand. "Bulk I was a slut, but you have never treated me that way, you are either the nicest guy I have ever met or you are my first gay best friend, I trust you"

Bulk flushed for a moment, "Okay, uh, for the record though, I am straight"

"I should hope so, otherwise I have a manbutt"

Bulk blushed and made his way inside.

"Lotus!!!" He yelled.

A slender woman in a spa uniform came running, "Bulk, What is..." Bulk held up his hand.

"This is your new "Light touch" Masseuse. You are firing Heavy Hands TODAY or I am quitting, no more EXCUSES. I'm DONE dealing with him,. He leaves TODAY or I do."

Lotus flushed before another voice spoke, "Lotus, you know Bulk is right" A differently colored copy of Lotus stepped forward. "We have complaints, We have a replacement, and we can't lose Bulk," The Woman looked at Adagio, "Bulk, how good is this Girl?"

"She fixed my back in a coffee shop, while I was seated, with only a slight pressure to one nerve cluster"

"She's hired, that is if she wants the job?" The woman glanced at Adagio.

"Absolutely!!!!!" Adagio stammered.

"So I'm fired now?" A sneering young man said from behind the two. "And what this little whore gonna..." He was cut short when Adagio somehow moved past all three, and had a switchblade pressed against his groin.

"Little Boys shouldn't interrupt when the adults are talking," She purred, "Be a good little boy, clean up your mess, apologize, and leave."

"Sorry for the trouble,"

"Lotus, Dear, We are keeping her,"

"Indeed Aloe, I like her, such fire,"

"We are Aloe and Lotus Blossom, owners, welcome to the family." They said in unison.

Such had been two months ago. She had been happy, but still the thought that all this was temporaty, lingered. So still she sang, unhearing.

Is he my hero
Does he reach for me
Will he hold me through the night
He is incredibly strong
and has always been kind
and he has always been on my side
Is he my Hero
Does he want to hold me with all of his Might
He makes me smile
and he is so gentle
and he can hold me incredibly tight
Hold me so tight

Her destination in sight she glanced at those shadow people, and she was glad that Bulk had saved her from that. She would have ended up some pimp's whore. A girl to be used and disposed of, some would have called it justice, hadn't she done that to many. Bulk had changed that destination. Again the unheard song fought the the shadows.

He is stronger then all that I was
Upon his strength I can lean
I should have known he’s all that I need
He keeps away the cold and the dark
He burns through my blood
He drives the fear from my heart

How long has she loved him? From the moment he put his finger to her lips and was kind. That was when she was his. From then on that was it. The warmth in her heart made her want to run back to him. She knew where he lived. She took her breath. There was no rush. She didn't need to be up till later in the day, perks of working nights on a Friday. Again she sang

Bulks my Hero
Bulk’s the one that will make everything right
Bulk’s the man that I want
Bulk’. all that I need
Bulk will hold me all of the night
Bulk’s my Hero
Bulk’s the one I need to hold me for all of my life
Bulk’s incredibly Kind
Bulk’s incredibly Strong
Bulk reignites all of my fire and brings my heart back to life
My Heart is once more alive.

A shadow clamps a hand over her mouth, something sharp in her ribs.

"You and me, whore are gonna go into that alley and have a little fun, and then I'm gonna send the video to Bulk so he can watch, slut"

Then the hand is gone, Adagio turns and Bulk has the individual against the wall. She knows this one.

"Hey Bulk I was...." Bulk hits the wall next to Heavy Hand’s head, brick and mortar crumble.

"SHUT UP!!!!!” Heavy Hands closes his mouth. "SHE’S MINE, I’M HER’S!!!!! DON"T TOUCH HER, DON"T TALK TO HER, DO NOT COME NEAR HER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!!!" Heavy Hands nods furiously. "SAY IT!!!!!"


"LEAVE!!!!!" Heavy Hands runs


"Adagio, are you okay?" Her kind, sweet, gentle, Bulk.

She staggers to him. She is HIS, but just as much, He is HERS. At last she her tears fall. Not just for tonight but all nights. His arms around her, her head under his chin. He holds her. Her sobbing over she pulls out of his arms.

"How are you here?"

"Thought I saw someone follow you."

She pauses at the door. "Bulk?"


"Please can you come up and hold me?"

"Of course, Adagio"

"I can't be alone tonight, and Bulk?"

"Yeah Adagio?"

"Call me Dagi.”

Apple Whiskey - Apple Bloom: You Belong With Me

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Applebloom watched the teen Drake, lean against the wall of the latest place the Purple haired fashionista had stopped to window shop. His lean, muscled frame standing out the less muscled stallions. The bags never slipping from his grasp, even as he closed his eyes to rest.

Noticing her shopping companion's inattentiveness the mare whined, "Spikey-Wikey, if you didn't want to help you should have said so."

Spike's eyes shot open,"Huh? No way Rarity, I'm fine just needed a rest, see ready to go." He stood a bit straighter hefting the multiple bags to mollify the Element of Generosity.

"Go? Does that mean you want to leave?'

"Nope, Just ready to continue or stay as you wish, only rested so that I could continue to be helpful."

"Wonderful!!!!!" Rarity squeed, "Only five more shops to peruse and then back to the boutique to begin the real work. You can last that long right, Spikey-Wikey," She fluttered eyelids at him as she drew out the last words.

Predictably Spike puffed out his chest, "Absolutely Rarity, anything for you."

With that the pair passed, towards the 5 more shops Rarity had in mind. Spike carrying the entire load.

He’s with that mare, going after something he won’t get.
It’s really cruel how it’s something that’s unsaid.
Why does he chase her like he does?
I go around and I see her using Spike
I don’t get why no one sees it ain’t right!
Even Honesty doesn’t see the truth that I do.
Because She can flirt and I just speak true.
She’s got glamour and I just seem plain,
Thinking about when he looks up to find
That the Mare that he wants has been using
Him this whole time.

Again the duo passes Applebloom, Spike even more exhausted then before, Rarity complaining about some idiotic thing. Applebloom looks down at herself and sees how thin and scrawny she is, her boobs are flat, all of the work on the farm burning all the fat away. She knew she could never compete with what Rarity had. Yet what Rarity valued least, Applebloom wanted the most.

I wish He would see the way I long to hold him
Been that way All Along
It's not Hard to see.
He Belongs with me.
Why can't it be me?

Noting the time, the young red ribboned Filly began her walk back home. She loved the farm life and she knew Spike did too. Him and her had fun as they did the chores and helped her sister harvest the apples. Applebloom herself was too young to Applebuck but, her talents had always been more in the technical fields anyway. One day it would be time to take over the farm from Applejack but that was well into the future and although she had a deep and abiding respect for her sister, she definitely did not share her workaholic or traditionalist views. It was something Spike and her had always been able to talk about. Being Twilight Sparkle's adopted brother and Number one Assistant had given Spike an exceptionally diverse and expansive education as had Applebloom's past as a crusader and her own education with Twilight and Zecora, plus her natural talent for crafting. It had been something that had put them on equal terms and made her treasure him even more.

Walking these paths with him and our own dreams
I keep wanting it to be how it will always be
Looking to the future, wanting to Seize it
And His heart is Enough to bring it all around
I Hafta watch her all the time Put him down
How can he be fine?
I Know him better then that
What's he doing putting up with all that?
She's so pretty, I just need him
She takes Spa days and I get stitches
Looking toward the day the he looks at me
and finds the he could've always been mine.

On her way through town she had to pass the boutique and she watched Spike exit, another indifferent rejection. Applebloom shook her head, yes it's a crush, it may or may not fade, the feelings are still real. He is in love with her and those feelings need to be dealt with.

"Why can't anypony else see that!?" She thinks to herself. It's cruel the way everyone has let things go on.

"Including me." She could have said something a while ago.

"Too Scared to do what was right, to afraid of losing him to do more then watch."

Why Can't I be the One He Runs too
Been His all along
I Wish He could See
He Belongs With Me
I'll stand and be there sitting on my back porch
All this time how I could I not Say
He belongs with Me
Spike Belongs with Me

She kept an eye out for the handsome purple dragon. But even though she had to go past Twilight's castle, she caught hide nor scale of her potential Dragon Beau. She would tell him for sure. She just needed time to center herself and plan her words. But, as she stepped foot on the path home she had no idea what to say.

Oh He always is Calling
By this House all throughout the day
I can always make him laugh even when I want to cry
I know all his favorite Gems
And We talk about our Dreams
Think he should go where He's Loved
It'll always be with me
He will know that I'm the one
Who Undersands
He will never be alone
He is going to see
He belongs to me
Stand Right here and wait on this Damn Porch
All this time why did I not say
He belongs With me
I belong with him
I belong with him
How could anyone not see
I belong with him
He belongs with me

As her Heartsong ends, a teen dragon, sitting in the shadow of the porch speaks.

"Hey Applebloom, we need to talk."

Sweetie Bot - Sweetie Belle: E.T.

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Sweetie Belle smiled as a shiver passed through her. She knew instantly, Apple Bloom was singing her Heartsong. She could feel the harmonies take shape as her friend sang her feelings for Twilight's Number One Assistant. She hoped that Apple Bloom could tell the Drake how she felt, this time.

"Maybe I can do the same for Button." She thought back to the little brown foal now a teen stallion.

He never looked down on her, even when she needed to slowly think things through. He would just smile and help her along until she came to her conclusion. She knew she was not a Smart Young Mare, her vocabulary aside, Academics had never been her bread and butter. Allow her to sing and perform, and the world bowed to her. But Button had always respected her intelligence and never treated her like she was stupid. Which was better then other boys that had cast glances her way. They had gone out on a couple of dates and he was always a gentle colt. She smiled and her own Heartsong began to come forth

You Mesmerize Me
Why do You Love me
Why do You Respect Me
Your Speech So Alluring
Makes Me want to know you
Leaves my body Burning
They See "Arm Candy"
You Don't See The Same Thing
Futuristic Stallion
Different Ways
They Don't See what You Do

She left her sister's boutique in time to see Spike leave just ahead of Apple Bloom, Sweetie had her own male to say some things to. She knew he would be in his lab. At work on something that she would never be able to understand but would gladly listen for hours as he tried to explain it to her. Often times He would succeed, his patience in answering all of her inane questions, often was a wonder to Sweetie, yet he could always bring her to understanding. That Light going on behind his eyes as his talent took shape. As he exposed the "glitches" in the system and proceeded to slam them into a working whole. That fire was what she felt when she sang, when she performed. It burned inside them both, she loved seeing its warmth in him.

He's in this Whole other World
Beyond All Comprehension
He opens my Eyes
And I almost can see
Lead me into the Fire
Teach Me, T-T-Teach Me
Bring me to Understanding
Just to See Your Passion
Inflame Me, IN-IN-Inflame me
I'm want to be a convert
Ready for Conversion
He's a Genius
This is so Unusual
I'ts just not natural
This Infatuation

She ran to the lab he had only shared with her. Even his mother knew nothing of that place. He had set it up between odd jobs with scrap he had found in junk heaps. Things pulled from filth and lovingly salvaged back to glory. She loved the rhythm of that place. The hum of machinery, the beat of the steam in the pipes, the music of the dings and the boops. He had shared all of it with her. Even the discordancy of a failed experiment had it's place as advancing understanding. A place of chaos and harmony combined into one orchestrated wonderland of technology. It was there that he sought to improve the world. It was there that they had talked about their own interests, she had set up her own recording area there, someplace to experiment. He had allowed her into that place and in the end, it had become their place.

He's so accomplished
want to be his muse
let me stoke his fire
I want his Kiss
He's so full of Magic
I want to be in his World
That Whole Comprehension
He Opened These Eyes
And I need to Know
Consumed By His Fire
Hold Me, H-H-Hold Me
Wrap me in your Burning
Warm me With Your Power
Kiss me, Ki-Ki-Kiss me
I need to be his student
ready for enrolment
He's So Intelligent
His touch I'm Wanting
He's Incredible
He's All that and More

Finally She was before the door of his lab. She had not been invited this time. She had come of her own free will. Button, her Button, she needed to see him and tell him. That he was what she wanted in life. A Stallion that saw her, that was patient and kind, and that would hold her instead of immediately trying to cop a feel. She wanted loyalty, she saw enough of her sister's romantic entanglements to know that she wanted something stable, something safe. She wanted to share her fire with another and have it returned. She wanted to have that warmth. He had been all those things and promised to grow into even more.

This Feels Existential
Whole other Level
Button be my Special One
I need to be Listen to Your Heartbeat
And be there for the Heartache
For You, You are My All, ALL
I'm Yours, I-I-I'm Yours
Captured By your Loving
And always been willing
You're Mine, Yo-Yo-You're Mine
Don't want any other Coltfriend
Here's My Determination
You're The Only One
You were the first one
it's Transcendential
I've Always Known
I've Always Known
I've Always Known
You've always been my one
You'll Always be my one
Written by the gods
It's part of natural Law

She was done hesitating, she stepped through the door, in her haste failing to notice the warning light that meant no entry. Opening the door caused a draft which pulled the material Button had just converted to dust directly at her, it infused her and devoured her flesh. She cried out and fell to the ground. Her last vision was of the kindest, smartest, most handsome Stallion she had ever met rushing towards her, not daring to touch her for fear of contamination. She smiled as the pain wracked her body.

Her last words to him as she closed her eyes where,"I Love you Button mash, Don't let this put out your fire."

Apple Tart - Scootaloo: On My Own

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Scootaoo ran through the streets of Ponyvile. She needed to move, memories of old, new feelings towards a friend threatened her focus. So, she did what pegasi do when they’re confused, move. Long ago she had discovered her wings where never to be the way she wanted, she would never fly as fast or as well as her mentor Rainbow Dash. The memories of those Doctors, saying that, she had improved the Alicornae systems within her wings well beyond what anybody hoped, but there was limits. She, flipped, vaulted and dodged, the memories threatening to overwhelm her, she could feel her heartsong burst forth.

Why can't I have what I want
Why does it have to be so tough
I feel I've always been alone
Every time I Move past All the doubt
I am my own worst enemy
I seek the struggles end
I want to lay down
Get Me out
Seek and save me from my dark now
Everyday all alone I'm Falling down
I don't want to Fly alone Anymore
Get this out
Let these wings not be Mine
I just want some hope that will ride
To this end I've realized
I Can't ever go on alone

Continuing, she sent magic out along her wings, landing the jump halfway up the wall of Sugar Cube Coner, shifting the flow towards her hooves, she galloped up the wall, redirecting the energy to her back legs, she vaulted the lip of the roof and brought her wings to bear, orienting to the roof proper, smirking, as she knew she had just used earth pony techniques. Those Doctors never said about not utilizing the rest of her body. She had studied Earth Ponies so she could adapt her magic like theirs. These thoughts brought to mind the earth pony she wanted to forget, Babs Seed.

Never felt this way about anyone
Don't know the way to go
This feels Much Bigger
Then the Friends that I have
Can I Figure this out
I'm holding out for a sign
I run to seek you out
I'll surpass my rival now
Go all out
This won't beat me
in the end now
All the time, I wasted looking down
I'm not gonna fly alone anymore
Go all out
Push past the insults and my pride
This Love I Need to Fly, I Can't deny
To this end I've Realized
She won't let me Fly on My own

Into space, to a forward spin that carried her to the next roof, dancing through obstructions, she remembered Babs' reaction. Hearing Scootaloo had confined herself, Babs hopped a train to Ponyvile, walked to Scootaloo’s house, walked past her aunts, then dragged Scootaloo by her hair out into the front yard, throwing her into a tree.

"The hell Babs?!!!!!!"

"What are you gonna do, Chicken?"

Scootallo had remebered her anger, "What did you call me?"

Called you a Buck, BUCK, BAWWK, staying in the hen house, waiting to lay eggs."

Her reaction had been immediate. She attacked. Babs had slapped her down.

"Wow, didn't even put any strenght into that! You really did turn into a chicken,maybe a dodo, chickens are at least useful. Dodo's just stare, waiting for extinction."

Scootaloo had lost it, her mind blanked and her combat trianing from Rainbow took over. This time she pegged Babs, who tanked it, laughing.

"That's more like it, COME ON!!!" They had fought in her front yard, Scootaloo using lethal force, Babs defending and giving right back. Scootaloo had used all she knew, her dance skills, her Karate, gymnastics, she threw it all at the pony before her. Babs took it all. Eventually Scootaloo fell to her knees, she took comfort seeing that Babs had a fair ammount of damage and had fallen as well.

"Huh, Guess your not a Chicken, or a Dodo, Nah, You’re more an Ostrich. You know a flightless bird that can move fast, and when pushed, kills LIONS. Yeah, you’re more of an Ostrich."

Scootaloo had chuckled, then laughed until tears streamed down her cheeks as she laughed at the absurdity. Babs laughing along, pulled Scootalloo close, held her.

"You are such a moron, you know that?"

Scootaloo had flushed at the affectionate jab, Babs' fur had been so soft, her arm so strong. She pulled away flushed and confused.

"Ostrich, I will always push you to be the best. Because you and I speak the same language, Hardship and Competition. I looked it up. The Dash’s and the Apple’s have always been rivals, goes all the way back to pre-founding, though the names have changed a couple times. But always been one set between the two. Times they where friends, sometimes bitter enemies, sometimes more then friends," both girls flushed at the implication, "So I am gonna be your rival. I will push you and you will push me, that way we’ll both be the best, and you ever catch me moping and groaning, it’s your duty to drag me out and throw me a beating. Times we both need to have some sense slapped into us"

Babs had laid down on the grass, Scootaloo joined her, watching the clouds.

We will always compete
I'll remeber what she said to me
She won't let me Fly alone
Go Hard now
I'm never again gonna give up
Because I'm never gonna hold her down
She will never Fly alone Anymore
I'l go all out
Freed from the prison of my mind
My Babs' is the love I Can't deny
In things now I'm realizing
We are never going to fly all alone

As she landed, she knew that she had found her own way of flying. She wished Babs had been here to see it. She loved Babs Seed. She wasn't sure how it happened, Babs was her’s, she was Babs’. Her run cleared her mind, and allowed her heart to open. Then Babs’ voice was heard.

"Hey, that a Blush I see or you just happy to see me?"

Rough Diamonds - Diamond Tiara: Always a Woman

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Diamond Tiara glanced around the fundraising event. She moved among the upper-class children and marked those that would play, those that would oppose, and those that where indifferent. Those that would play, she made sure knew it was in their best interests to do so, those that would oppose she moved to eliminate from the board, and those that where indifferent she either kept indifferent or got them to play. The event was to avoid the shutting down of the local Ponyville orphanage, and, hopefully, procure funds to renovate. Another cheer caused her to look up from her schmoozing, and she smirked at the young teen stallion in the ring. Featherweight had filled out very nicely and had taken an avid interest in boxing, he currently was doing exhibition matches against anyone willing. The event had lasted several hours and he had yet to become fatigued, let alone loss a single match. She glanced at Silver, who winked back with a smirk.
"We Must be doing well." Diamond thought, Silver rarely showed joy or much emotion outside of "redistribution of resources." Diamond glanced back at the ring and her breath caught. Feather had been backed against the ropes by Gilda, a female Gryphon known for being vicious. Then she looked at Feather, he was smiling. Gilda charged forward, only for Feather to spin 360 degrees to her right side. Taking advantage, Feather landed 5 punches that sent the much bigger Gryphon to the mat. The smaller pony was again victorious. She hummed in delight to how well his trim, slender, muscled form moved and glistened. Feather looked down and caught her staring, then winked and went to meet the next challenger. Diamond felt heat rising to her face and a shortness of breath, forgetting for the moment the sharks circling, she moved out of Bulk Bicep's Gym, he was Feather's brother, and out into the crisp night of Ponyville. Her heartsong echoing out into the empty night.

I Can Kill With My Smile
I can Wound With My Eyes
I can Ruin Their Faith
With My Casual Lies
And I Only Ever Reveal
What I Want Others To See
I'll Swim Among Those Sharks
But I've Always Just Been A Mare To him

She recalled that Feather had always been in the background, a thin and weak looking pony. He had never intervened in her grudge against the Crusaders, and often he had fallen towards her side of things, always having a talent for what she needed. She thought to those muscles, remembered his days as the school photographer, his stint as student editor, and now being the ringer they needed to fleece all these rich snobs. She really couldn't believe she ever wanted what these pathetic excuses of horseflesh wanted. Ugh they where disgusting!!!!

I Can Lead Them Along
I Can Take Them
Or Leave Them
I won't Ask for Their Truth
Cause I know not to Believe
And I'll Take What They Give Me
As Long as It's Free
Yeah I'll Steal From Those Nobles
But I'm Always A Mare To Him

He, along with Silver had become junior movers and shakers. Silver managed all the funds, Diamond did all the organizing and social engineering, and Feather did all those things that did not fall into the other two's purview. Like obtain pictures to maneuver others to where Diamond wanted them, be the one on the throne so Diamond could move behind it, and do a thousand other things like use his boxing and performance skills to keep the money coming in as long as possible. Feather always knew what he was doing. He was the Gopher, the Stallion about town, the one that knew how to dig up the info that the others needed. He was not bad to look at either, Diamond shook her head, they where just friends right?

OHHHHH.... I've Taken Care of Myself
I Could Wait As I Wanted
I thought I Always Had Time
OHHHHH..... And I never Put Out
And I've Never Given In
Nor Ever Changed My Mind
I Can Promise Them More Then Celestia's Garden
Then I'll Carelessly Hurt Them
And Laugh While They're Crying
A I can Bring Out Their Best
And Their Worst for Anypony To See
Blame This all on Themselves
Because I am Always A Mare To Him

"How long have I felt this way towards Feather," Ever since the school paper incident, Surprisingly, Feather had been amazingly effective in directing Diamond to where the stories had been, while at the same time smoothing over the "Rougher" parts of her stories and pictures. Her and Feather had made a surprisingly good team. But then he had faded into the background and when Pip had won the school election he had faded even more. After she had promised her support to Pip, Feather once again had come back into the foreground. She realized then how his quiet nature had influenced her. Now though, well she really could admit that puberty had been good to Feather. He had blossomed into slender, toned, handsome young Stallion. But having Bulk Biceps as you older brother will do that, even with Namby being a gigantic wuss.

Ohhhh... He's takes care of things Himself
I Can Be What He Needs
Because I've Made Up My Mind
Ohhh... It's time I gave up
But only to Him
Because He's always been mine
I'm Frequently Kind
And to those Noble I can Be Cruel
I will Do As I Please
For They're All Such Fools
And They Can't Convince Me
So They All Should Agree
And The Most They Will See is Shadows
And Lies
For I have Always Been His Mare You See

With her head clear she turned and walked back inside. Feather was her's, and She was Feather's, it was about bucking time she told him. She watched him triumphant, all competitors defeated, she knew now that she had her special somepony forevermore.

Then she saw it, "Feather LOOK OUT!!!!!"

Star Crossed - Muffin Mare: A Thousand Years

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Muffin Mare looked out into the endless expanse of white, the ground crunching under her feet the only evidence of physicality. She needed to find something, something precious, something never lost, just not yet found. She spun on her back legs, then spun again, and again. Eight times she did turn and in the distance she saw what she wanted. It was a blue box with the words POLICE across the one door.

Muffin shook her head, "Well nothing for it, But to get trotting."

Thus she began forward, step by step, bringing her no closer, like slogging through water or a high wind she felt the pressure to stay back, but still that blue box was her destination. She snorted and set her feet, what was a little hardship compared to a lifetime of being undervalued, of even friends thinking you dumb, because of an EYE condition. So step by step she pushed forward.


"Oh, I love this One, Darling, She doesn't know or care the Universe is against her. She made up her mind and is now going to accomplish it, simple really."

"So, You will help her?"

"Hush, Darling, no talking during theater"


The box was important, no, it was who was inside, he was important. He? Yes! He, the Doctor, Muffin Mare had traveled with the Doctor, Right? But Muffin Mare hadn't, someone else did. Someone that had been her. Someone with a different name. Some one with a different Cutie Mark, who was that? She shook her head and stopped, why was her head so cloudy? She was bubbly and cheerful, maybe clumsy, but not stupid. She needed to clear her head. So the Grey Coated, Pegasus began to sing.

Hoof Beats Crash
Enemies closing Fast
How where we brave
How Did Our Love let us stand so tall
We always stood alone.
All of these Foes
Suddenly falls all around
One Thought Clearer


Ohhh, you cheeky monster, you didn't tell me this was musical theater, the determination,
the skill, the pipes on that one, Bravo, my dear! Encore!

It is called Heartsong, a natural manifestation of strong emotion channeling magic through the biologic, inducing a sympathetic reaction from both the environment and the singer.

Shhhhhh! Spoilers!!!!!


She remembered her name, Derpilina Ditzania Doo. All others had called her Derpy. She had long stopped arguing about it, long accepted the name, till he came into her life. The Doctor, Her Doctor, He called her Lina. She had asked him once why. Why did he insist on using either that name or referring to her as Ms. Doo. "Because," He had said, "Those are your names," that had been it. She set her feet, took another step as more memories came back, memories of Dinky and Sparkler, her children, THEIR children. Tears flowed, as a stern look fell over her face, she took another step towards the blue box. She was not afraid, she was not mad, she was not determined, she was beyond all of those things. It was now a fixed point, that she was going to wipe from existence any, Darlick, Cyberman, Timelord, whatever, that stood in her way to getting her family back. She would watch them BURN. Again another step forward. Again the song.


Did that Grey Mare just go Genocidal? No she went Omnicidal!!!!! Oh at last my friend has found a companion willing to get her hooves dirty!!!!! And I get to be an Auntie, haha, Don't mess with the mama bear, haha, oh I will definitely burn a world or thousand for this one, though, admittedly not saying much, because kinda my thing, but still, I get to be an AUNTIE!!!!!


Shut up, let me have this. I miss spoiling the little ones, teaching them the proper way to gouge out an eye, or correct usages for Psychological Warfare. Also still no talking during theater and no spoilers!


I will search eternally.
I will find You
Doctor Don't ever Fear
I do Love you
For all these Years
Love you forever more
Time Stands Still
Only for Me and Him
i Will not stop
I will not let any thing take away
all that is precious from me
Every Fight
Every Trip
Comes to us
One Link Broken

Lina slowly moved forward, her step quickening, her forgotten strength pushing her forward. This was the Mare that the element of harmony admitted was faster then her. This was the companion of the Doctor, this was his wife, the mortal that had stolen his hearts. The one who had never tried to tie him down and never would. She was a Pegasus, she understood the need to move, her job as a mailmare, was in part to satisfy that. She loved him and he loved her, he had been a great father to both Dinky and Sparkler, he made her happy. She was done having her happiness discounted or made less important. He had never done that, so neither would she. He was HER Doctor and She was HIS Companion. She knew what she had to do, again the Heartsong.

I will come, Don't worry
Wait, there for me.
Doctor Time to Wake Up
I do love you
For all These Years
I love you Forever More
And all this time I believed
We are worth this
Time has kept your heart for me
I do love you
For all this time
I love you forever more
One Chain Broken
One Lock Opens

Lina raised her head, the TARDIS, more then a home. She was the sister Lina always needed. They couldn't speak but always talked. Lina heard within her memories, Dinky and Sparkler laughing through the hidden parts of that ship. The TARDIS had always kept them safe. Then Lina had died. Her death a fixed point. It had been an assassination attempt lead by the Darlicks and the Cybermen. Her death had been made fixed by Time Lords that didn't appreciate her effect on the Doctor. It should not have surprised them when the Doctor had gone mad with rage. Before they could convince him to listen he had nearly wiped all of their species from existence. They offered him a deal. All of his memories and all of hers locked in temporal stasis. They would just be Muffin Mare and Time Turner, never again to be anything other then friends. The unintended side effect had been that Dinky and Sparkler had never existed. She would see them all burn for that. Before her the TARDIS called, it was just as ready as she was. Loosing Dinky and Sparkler had been enough, the Mother and The TARDIS were going to get their kids back, Celestia help any that stood in there way, no one else was likely to be able to.


They Did what to her? They took my nieces from ME?!!!!!! Even that second rate TARDIS knows, it is time to end them all. Even I would never have gone so far. I will enjoy the rest of the show dear Lina and That TARDIS are going to perform. I may even indulge in a little audience participation, just to let those dear sisters of mine know that I support their goals as any true sister would.

The one standing next to her was wisely silent.

They will die Burning
Screaming our names
Doctor don't be afraid
I am coming
As I always will
As I will forever more
And all this time I
knew You were within Him
Time Has Kept your Heartbeats
I will find you
Forever more
I love you forever more


"Lina figured it out!!!!!!"

"What did she figure out?"

"You really need to stop talking and pay attention to the play. She knows, I don't know how,the location of what is sealing the doctor away and she is going to go destroy it."


"In Short, you forgettably, adorable, young stallion, you don't need me to FREE her, OR the Doctor, you need me, idiot, to PROTECT her, and that is going to be a lot more FUN."


Lina raised her head, the TARDIS was right before her just a few more steps, then she would be with the first member of her family. Her true sister, and the other wife of the Doctor.

Lina smiled, "It's good to see you, sorry to have kept you waiting"

The door slid open, and she could hear the engines start up.

Lina Giggled. "Alright, I agree, it's time we got on our way."

Lina took another step, but finally giving in to the pressure directed around her, she fell. Her face hit the ground. A blue glow issued from the TARDIS bathing her in soft light. Lina lifted her head, blood trickling out of her noise, she leaned back and sat on her haunches, spitting a little blood out of her mouth, she spoke.

"Sorry , Big sis, I guess I'm still a little clumsy, don't know what went wrong, never did figure out what the Doctor saw in me. I'm not strong and smart like you, but he and our children need US, and I'm not going to let them down. Heh, A little inconvenience like this isn't going to hold me back. I've faced much worse. Did I ever tell you? My parents didn't want me. They shipped me off to a special school for Pegasus with problems flying. I have hurt myself so many different ways, crashing because my eyes are horrible for depth perception." She giggled a little.
"Everyone said they were weird and poked fun. The Doctor said they're pretty, that I'm pretty. You, immediately made me feel at home, you gave my Dinky a home. When I adopted Sparkler, you accepted her as well. You were an additional mother to both. The Doctor was the father that Dinky never had. His real father was a teacher at the school, he made me feel pretty, and then when Dinky happened, he had me removed, and refused to see me. He sent me money to help with Dinky, but only as long as I stayed away. The Doctor and you have been my truest family, and I may fall, I may get hurt, I may make serious mistakes, but a lifetime of them, has made me capable of always getting back up, with a smile, and a laugh, in order to get right back to doing what needs to be done. I mat not be able to do much, but I can do that."

The Grey coated Pegasus mare, stood, and slowly, carefully, put one hoof in front of the other. The blue glow strengthening as she stepped closer to the door. A door that had never been closed to her. A door that, for her would always be open. Her eyes set, her mind determined, her will absolute, she crossed the threshold, and together, the two sisters, long being in love with the same man, departed.


"You are crying. For what purpose your tears."

"Because that darling was the most Beautiful ending of all time and it set things up so well for the sequel.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a delinquent father to find. No one hurts MY dearest little sister like that. Oh don't worry about those who locked them all away. I will be sure to make absolutely, positively certain that they are adequately distracted until it is to late to stop the Oncoming Storm and those lovely little Valkyries of his. Oh, the things they will do, and the places they'll burn, I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun.


After all had departed, after all had turned their eyes from that barren place, four stone statues gathered. Pegasai of beautiful, angelic countenance, each looked out upon a different direction. There they waited, they waited for the call, the call of the one who called them Friends.

Just a quick update

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