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All things sing. Some louder then others, some across universes and some sing one song that only another can hear. Only another can answer and keep the melody of all things going. So that all things can be renewed. So that All Things can continue. When all sing, all are blessed. On until the end of all things, which really just begins the song again. For none can silence the song forever.

Part of the Fate Woven Timeline.

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Hmm....would it be bad to ask what ships will star in this fic before I read it??? xD lol

All ones that I like or have considered. One ship to a chapter. All chapter names are a clue as to what that ship is and will contain the name of the character that is singing. Each story is a one shot in a grander picture, that will be continued in the next story after this one is done. There will be two chapters for each ship. However I will not give any more information on the shippings or plot (heh heh). Any Questions?

Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the ships are then xD such is life.... lol

Awsoke looking forward to having you as a reader

Well, I like this ship so so far I'm here! xD Interesting approach to how you're planning on doing this story. I'm intrigued to say the least! :)

Because I like the pairing and I want to give button a chance to man up.

Is this the first story in the Fate Woven Timeline?

Yes it is. Currently there are only two. This and Cycle 2. I honestly am going to come back to this plotline but I'm going to be finishing all my other stories first. The next story I will be working on, which is not in the Fate Woven Timeline is Monster's Debt Paid. It will be updating every Wednesday until done. Just as Cycle 2 did. Honestly Cycle 1 has a lot of problems. It was one of the first stories I had ever wrote for MLP. Thankfully I have gotten quite a bit better in my writing thanks to those that gave such good criticism over that time. I may not always have seemed to be listening, but I did.

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