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Realizations: Cycle 1 - Jaycren

"You Don't Love Someone Because They Have a Fancy Car or House, You Love Them Because They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear" Oscar Wilde

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Crazy Love - Fluttershy: According to You

Author's Note:

The song is done to the tune of According to You By Orrianthi I am in no way using copyrighted material nor am I challenging her copyright I merely set a poem to the lyrical and syllable count of that song. All other things that belong to their owner belong to their owner not me I only own the idea and concept and the rewording of the song into this poem. Nothing else. So welcome to Act One of the Shippingverse.

Fluttershy dreamed, the voices of those who had put her down, thought she was to weak to defend herself, or dismissed her because being kind meant doormat. The cacophony swirled around the quivering yellow pegasi, the voices of her friends and enemies all agreeing on one thing.

"She needs to be protected"
"Heh, She won't stick up for her self"
"She is weak"
"Weakest, worthless element,"

The voices in her head refused to stop. They plagued her, haunted her in her waking hours. Here in the dream world there was nothing between them and her until, finally, she sang forth her hearts words

According to them
I'm Weak
I'm Useless
I need Protection all the time
According to them
I'm to easy
No Backbone
Always doing what others say
I'm a mess of a Pegasus
Can't stand up for what's mine
Even to protect my life
According to them
According to them

Her quiet voice silenced as she hung her head low, her hair hanging over her face, but then a voice.

"What fun is there in making sense?"

it echoed for a time, before the voice again came, shocked and sad, but hopeful

"I never had a friend before."

Her head arose, her hair settling back, her face exposed to to the world and the cruelty within it, but this time it wasn't with timidity that she sang out.

But According to Him
He says I'm Beautiful
Chaotically Improbable
He won't ever hurt me again
According to him
I'm steady
The friend he never knew he wanted

This time the voices of her friends sought to shout down her words about the friend who, even in betrayal, thought of HER first. That is what got him to listen to that foul centaur, a promise to afterwards, return her magic, and leave her unharmed. The rest was to seal the deal for her friend.

"You can't be serious?!"
"Your friends with that thing?"
"We need to put him back in stone!!"

She knew such a deal would have been impossible for her friend to resist. He needed to be chaotic the same way Applejack needed to be honest or any of the elements needed to act according to their element. He had been treated like a disposable resource, an errand boy, a servant. SHE had been the only one to teach this friendless being what having a friend meant. Not even the Princess of Friendship could have said that. It was why she forgave him so quickly. So again Heart Song rode forth and did triumph over the voices of negativity.

He needs to be Chaotic
I'm never stopping him
So I'm Telling Everypony What I will do
I'll give him the support all of you do not
According to Me

The voices took a different tact. They took on the faces of her friends
"Always the first to cry,"
"Always the first to collapse,"
"Needs to be kept safe,"
"What can Kindness do in battle;"
"Always the first to Run away,"

Again she slumped, this time the voices had laid her to the ground, and her song was a dirge.

.According to Them
I'm Fearful
I'm Cowardly
and I always just get in the way
According to Them
I Can't Defend Others
Because I won't Hurt a Creature they say
I'm the mare with the Weak Element Gem
There the ones that cover that
According to Them
According to them

This time her head did not rise, she lay their sobbing, the voices screaming in triumph, but then, the ugliest Butterfly she had ever seen alighted on her muzzle. It winked at her and she remembered. SHE hadn't given up her Element in that maze, Discord had to TAKE it from her. All the OTHERS, Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, MAGIC, were CONVINCED to give up theirs. It was the reason she had had nightmares afterwards. Discord had to use his chaos to reverse her element, because he was not able to convince her to turn aside from it SHE HAD PASSED THAT TEST, he had then cheated. Twilight had to have had a writers convenience to get her element back, and the way to get everyone else's. Because when you're kind you see a never ending parade of suffering and it is a daily struggle to remain kind, while not drowning in the blood. Discords words where nothing compared to that, those that stayed Kind in the face of it all had to be strong.

So again her melodic voice rang out, and drove the voices before her.

But According to Him
I am His Strength
I am His Anchor
He refuses to leave me Again
According to Him
I am his reason
The ONLY thing he ever needed
He's always seen my heart I get it
I will stop believing nonsense
So with Discord I might start something new
I love him with all that I have
According to me
Why can't they Appreciate Him
Why they have to hate him, Oh No
Why can't they see him the way I do
It's so sad they can't open their Eyes
But According to me
He's amazing
He's Fantasitic
We will begin our life
Now According to Me
He's Handsome
He's Devoted
He's never going to be outcast again
According to Me
He's Funny
So Snuggleable
I can't believe I never noticed
I can live with Impossible
This is the most Improbable
So what's the Fun in making sense
I love him for all that and more
According to Me
He's Mine
According to Me
I'm His
According to Us
We're Perfect
We're Loved
We can do anything now.

The Voices fell silent and all that was dark gave way, and Fluttershy saw her future with the lord of chaos, and what it could bring. She smiled, and left her fears, and the voices of yesterday where they belonged, and went forth, unafraid. As she did a charcoal mare, stars in her mane, having watched, Smiled too.