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Realizations: Cycle 1 - Jaycren

"You Don't Love Someone Because They Have a Fancy Car or House, You Love Them Because They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear" Oscar Wilde

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Apple Whiskey - Apple Bloom: You Belong With Me

Author's Note:

The Song is inspired by Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" I have always thought that these two would make a cute couple and I honestly do enjoy the possibiltiies for these two. Because (Insert Mane Six Member Here)spike is Pedophilia, Sweetiespike is not terribly healthy, Twispike is incest, and Scootaspike is not gonna happen because even though it would probably be a good relationship, I ship Scootaloo elsewhere. So the only one Left is what happens when you add Immature Apples, Fire, and a little Chemistry, Apple Whisky

Applebloom watched the teen Drake, lean against the wall of the latest place the Purple haired fashionista had stopped to window shop. His lean, muscled frame standing out the less muscled stallions. The bags never slipping from his grasp, even as he closed his eyes to rest.

Noticing her shopping companion's inattentiveness the mare whined, "Spikey-Wikey, if you didn't want to help you should have said so."

Spike's eyes shot open,"Huh? No way Rarity, I'm fine just needed a rest, see ready to go." He stood a bit straighter hefting the multiple bags to mollify the Element of Generosity.

"Go? Does that mean you want to leave?'

"Nope, Just ready to continue or stay as you wish, only rested so that I could continue to be helpful."

"Wonderful!!!!!" Rarity squeed, "Only five more shops to peruse and then back to the boutique to begin the real work. You can last that long right, Spikey-Wikey," She fluttered eyelids at him as she drew out the last words.

Predictably Spike puffed out his chest, "Absolutely Rarity, anything for you."

With that the pair passed, towards the 5 more shops Rarity had in mind. Spike carrying the entire load.

He’s with that mare, going after something he won’t get.
It’s really cruel how it’s something that’s unsaid.
Why does he chase her like he does?
I go around and I see her using Spike
I don’t get why no one sees it ain’t right!
Even Honesty doesn’t see the truth that I do.
Because She can flirt and I just speak true.
She’s got glamour and I just seem plain,
Thinking about when he looks up to find
That the Mare that he wants has been using
Him this whole time.

Again the duo passes Applebloom, Spike even more exhausted then before, Rarity complaining about some idiotic thing. Applebloom looks down at herself and sees how thin and scrawny she is, her boobs are flat, all of the work on the farm burning all the fat away. She knew she could never compete with what Rarity had. Yet what Rarity valued least, Applebloom wanted the most.

I wish He would see the way I long to hold him
Been that way All Along
It's not Hard to see.
He Belongs with me.
Why can't it be me?

Noting the time, the young red ribboned Filly began her walk back home. She loved the farm life and she knew Spike did too. Him and her had fun as they did the chores and helped her sister harvest the apples. Applebloom herself was too young to Applebuck but, her talents had always been more in the technical fields anyway. One day it would be time to take over the farm from Applejack but that was well into the future and although she had a deep and abiding respect for her sister, she definitely did not share her workaholic or traditionalist views. It was something Spike and her had always been able to talk about. Being Twilight Sparkle's adopted brother and Number one Assistant had given Spike an exceptionally diverse and expansive education as had Applebloom's past as a crusader and her own education with Twilight and Zecora, plus her natural talent for crafting. It had been something that had put them on equal terms and made her treasure him even more.

Walking these paths with him and our own dreams
I keep wanting it to be how it will always be
Looking to the future, wanting to Seize it
And His heart is Enough to bring it all around
I Hafta watch her all the time Put him down
How can he be fine?
I Know him better then that
What's he doing putting up with all that?
She's so pretty, I just need him
She takes Spa days and I get stitches
Looking toward the day the he looks at me
and finds the he could've always been mine.

On her way through town she had to pass the boutique and she watched Spike exit, another indifferent rejection. Applebloom shook her head, yes it's a crush, it may or may not fade, the feelings are still real. He is in love with her and those feelings need to be dealt with.

"Why can't anypony else see that!?" She thinks to herself. It's cruel the way everyone has let things go on.

"Including me." She could have said something a while ago.

"Too Scared to do what was right, to afraid of losing him to do more then watch."

Why Can't I be the One He Runs too
Been His all along
I Wish He could See
He Belongs With Me
I'll stand and be there sitting on my back porch
All this time how I could I not Say
He belongs with Me
Spike Belongs with Me

She kept an eye out for the handsome purple dragon. But even though she had to go past Twilight's castle, she caught hide nor scale of her potential Dragon Beau. She would tell him for sure. She just needed time to center herself and plan her words. But, as she stepped foot on the path home she had no idea what to say.

Oh He always is Calling
By this House all throughout the day
I can always make him laugh even when I want to cry
I know all his favorite Gems
And We talk about our Dreams
Think he should go where He's Loved
It'll always be with me
He will know that I'm the one
Who Undersands
He will never be alone
He is going to see
He belongs to me
Stand Right here and wait on this Damn Porch
All this time why did I not say
He belongs With me
I belong with him
I belong with him
How could anyone not see
I belong with him
He belongs with me

As her Heartsong ends, a teen dragon, sitting in the shadow of the porch speaks.

"Hey Applebloom, we need to talk."