• Published 8th Nov 2017
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Realizations: Cycle 1 - Jaycren

"You Don't Love Someone Because They Have a Fancy Car or House, You Love Them Because They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear" Oscar Wilde

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Sweetie Bot - Sweetie Belle: E.T.

Author's Note:

Here is where things in this verse are going to be going a little dark, and why I used the teen rating. Love changes people. It can bring you to heaven or it can take you to hell, often times both at once. If your lucky. The Song is E.T. By Katy Perry at least before I got my unclean hands on it. All warnings aside, the rabbit hole just got real so have some fun.

Sweetie Belle smiled as a shiver passed through her. She knew instantly, Apple Bloom was singing her Heartsong. She could feel the harmonies take shape as her friend sang her feelings for Twilight's Number One Assistant. She hoped that Apple Bloom could tell the Drake how she felt, this time.

"Maybe I can do the same for Button." She thought back to the little brown foal now a teen stallion.

He never looked down on her, even when she needed to slowly think things through. He would just smile and help her along until she came to her conclusion. She knew she was not a Smart Young Mare, her vocabulary aside, Academics had never been her bread and butter. Allow her to sing and perform, and the world bowed to her. But Button had always respected her intelligence and never treated her like she was stupid. Which was better then other boys that had cast glances her way. They had gone out on a couple of dates and he was always a gentle colt. She smiled and her own Heartsong began to come forth

You Mesmerize Me
Why do You Love me
Why do You Respect Me
Your Speech So Alluring
Makes Me want to know you
Leaves my body Burning
They See "Arm Candy"
You Don't See The Same Thing
Futuristic Stallion
Different Ways
They Don't See what You Do

She left her sister's boutique in time to see Spike leave just ahead of Apple Bloom, Sweetie had her own male to say some things to. She knew he would be in his lab. At work on something that she would never be able to understand but would gladly listen for hours as he tried to explain it to her. Often times He would succeed, his patience in answering all of her inane questions, often was a wonder to Sweetie, yet he could always bring her to understanding. That Light going on behind his eyes as his talent took shape. As he exposed the "glitches" in the system and proceeded to slam them into a working whole. That fire was what she felt when she sang, when she performed. It burned inside them both, she loved seeing its warmth in him.

He's in this Whole other World
Beyond All Comprehension
He opens my Eyes
And I almost can see
Lead me into the Fire
Teach Me, T-T-Teach Me
Bring me to Understanding
Just to See Your Passion
Inflame Me, IN-IN-Inflame me
I'm want to be a convert
Ready for Conversion
He's a Genius
This is so Unusual
I'ts just not natural
This Infatuation

She ran to the lab he had only shared with her. Even his mother knew nothing of that place. He had set it up between odd jobs with scrap he had found in junk heaps. Things pulled from filth and lovingly salvaged back to glory. She loved the rhythm of that place. The hum of machinery, the beat of the steam in the pipes, the music of the dings and the boops. He had shared all of it with her. Even the discordancy of a failed experiment had it's place as advancing understanding. A place of chaos and harmony combined into one orchestrated wonderland of technology. It was there that he sought to improve the world. It was there that they had talked about their own interests, she had set up her own recording area there, someplace to experiment. He had allowed her into that place and in the end, it had become their place.

He's so accomplished
want to be his muse
let me stoke his fire
I want his Kiss
He's so full of Magic
I want to be in his World
That Whole Comprehension
He Opened These Eyes
And I need to Know
Consumed By His Fire
Hold Me, H-H-Hold Me
Wrap me in your Burning
Warm me With Your Power
Kiss me, Ki-Ki-Kiss me
I need to be his student
ready for enrolment
He's So Intelligent
His touch I'm Wanting
He's Incredible
He's All that and More

Finally She was before the door of his lab. She had not been invited this time. She had come of her own free will. Button, her Button, she needed to see him and tell him. That he was what she wanted in life. A Stallion that saw her, that was patient and kind, and that would hold her instead of immediately trying to cop a feel. She wanted loyalty, she saw enough of her sister's romantic entanglements to know that she wanted something stable, something safe. She wanted to share her fire with another and have it returned. She wanted to have that warmth. He had been all those things and promised to grow into even more.

This Feels Existential
Whole other Level
Button be my Special One
I need to be Listen to Your Heartbeat
And be there for the Heartache
For You, You are My All, ALL
I'm Yours, I-I-I'm Yours
Captured By your Loving
And always been willing
You're Mine, Yo-Yo-You're Mine
Don't want any other Coltfriend
Here's My Determination
You're The Only One
You were the first one
it's Transcendential
I've Always Known
I've Always Known
I've Always Known
You've always been my one
You'll Always be my one
Written by the gods
It's part of natural Law

She was done hesitating, she stepped through the door, in her haste failing to notice the warning light that meant no entry. Opening the door caused a draft which pulled the material Button had just converted to dust directly at her, it infused her and devoured her flesh. She cried out and fell to the ground. Her last vision was of the kindest, smartest, most handsome Stallion she had ever met rushing towards her, not daring to touch her for fear of contamination. She smiled as the pain wracked her body.

Her last words to him as she closed her eyes where,"I Love you Button mash, Don't let this put out your fire."