• Published 3rd Oct 2017
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Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story) - Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

This Story Is about My OC Fire Tan and her Story in the Aftermath of a Nuclear War aftermath (without radiation as it isn't nuclear bombs, details are in the long description) Along with other OCs from real life people in this alternative earth.

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Chapter One page four The Night

Chapter One

Page 4

‘’The Night’’

As the group settled for the day, Fire Tan and a Hammer Will spent the afternoon scavenging the town for supplies but to their confusion, the town was completely cleaned out it would seem that other ponies perhaps the remaining town folks had already cleared this place out. As Fire Tan and Hammer Will scavenged, Tommislav and Tommniov relocated themselves in the commissar building and Tommislav began to tend to the wounds of Tommniov, as Tommislav bandaged Tommniov Fire Tan walked up from her scavenging trip to check up on the two.

‘’Feeling better? Comrade?’’ Fire Tan said nervously as she looked at the wound on the torso of Tommniov.

‘’Yeah, better thanks for NOTHING.’’ said Tommislav coldly.

‘’Don’t say that dear…… I’m fine.’’ Tommniov said weakly.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ Fire Tan said but her voice is so small it sounded like a squeak.

‘’Yeah, whatever just leave my wife along.’’ Tommislav said to Fire Tan before telling her off.

Fire Tan slowly walked away, although she was a veteran in the Finnish wars, it was under the support of her comrade and her cause. But now? An odd emptiness and a sense of worthlessness fills her, depriving her of any courage.

Just then Hammer Will walked up empty hoofed.

‘’Found anything?’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’No sir, nothing……’’ Fire Tan said, disheartened.

‘’Don’t call me sir, call me by my name. What’s wrong? You don’t seem okay today.’’ Hammer Will said as he pulled Fire Tan to sit down in the chairs in his former office

‘’I’m fine, Si- comrade Hammer Will.’’ Fire Tan said as she sat uneasily.

‘’I understand that the situation is grim, but do remember that we still have something the Capitalists don’t have. Our Will’’ Hammer Will said reaching over and laying his hoof over Fire Tan’s shoulder, patting her in comfort.

‘’Thank you Hammer Will, just please give me some time.’’ Fire Tan said, trying to look better.

‘’Hey I have an idea comrade, hold on.’’ Hammer Will said as he stood up and walked to the bunker, upon confirming that the two civilians are okay and now asleep in the bunker bed he walked back to Fire Tan. ‘’I’ve checked the town and there aren’t any-pony left, let’s go for a little walk, some winter breeze should clear you up like a Kalashnikov.’’ He said as he signalled Fire Tan to follow him outside.

Walking outside, the fire that once ravaged the town had finally settled, it was almost night but the cloud overshadowed the skies, just giving the sky a muffled black with no setting sun to be seen. Treading along the road, Hammer Will closed in and held Fire Tan by the shoulder in a friendly gesture.

‘’You know comr- Fire Tan, I’ve meet some-pony else just like this, under the ruins and the darkened skies. Just like now.’’ Hammer Will said in a soft tone.

‘’Who?’’ Fire Tan said confused by the sudden change of tone and atmosphere.

‘’Berry Sunshine, my partner, at least she was.’’ Hammer Will said.

As they walked out of the town, on the barren lands Hammer Will notice a burnt out tree that still had a patch of soft grass behind it the grass likely survived as it was covered by the tree as the SIMMs hit.

‘’Let’s sit for a bit, I’ve been in that ruined town long enough.’’ Hammer Will said as he walked Fire Tan towards the tree with him.

Sitting down, Hammer Will pulled out a harmonica and began to play.

Under the darken skies and the sense of the wasteland, Fire Tan was surprised by a pleasant red army choir. ‘Moscow Night’. A song where a stallion sings about the beauty of Moscow and compares it to his lover.

Relieved by the music, Fire Tan sat now on the grass and leaned on the Tree trunk. She notice Hammer Will’s harmonica, it was a beautiful harmonica with a brass casing cover and carvings on it.

‘’Where did you get that?’’ Fire Tan asked with a sense of awkwardness, she never was good at talking to superiors, they usually make her nervous.

‘’hmm?’’ Noticing Fire Tan, he stops and cleans it with a cloth from his pocket and gently puts it back into a brass case. ‘’I got this back when I was serving in Finland.’’

‘’You served in Finland too?’’ Fire Tan said slightly surprised. ‘’Never heard of you. Why were you there and how did you get the Harmonica?’’

‘’You ask a lot of questions you know that comrade? But since you asked, I’ll tell you.’’ Hammer Will paused for a second, ‘’before I was selected to be a political officer I use to serve in the 14 Guards Division just like you as a junior officer, I had met a special pony there, ‘Berry Sunshine’ met her just after a battle in a ruined town with the damped skies and the smell of fire, our love grew just like the flames. She was a combat engineer, her skills are amazing but her cooking? Best in the Lands.’’ He stopped and rubbed his belly with his hoof to show his appreciation.

‘’Well, she isn’t here when I got here, you guys broke up?’’ Fire Tan asked curiously.

‘’No, she’s gone, one day she went off with a supply convoy, I heard she was ambushed. She never made it out, after the news I went to her bunk in rage, I was confused and felt a unreasonable rage inside me, after finally calming down I searched for her belongings and under the pillow I found this…’’ pulling his Harmonica out again. The carving was ‘to my fair Hammer Will’ with that he paused in silence.

‘’I’m sorry, sir didn't know.’’ Fire Tan said as she reached over trying to comfort Hammer Will, but before she could reach him, Hammer Will caught her hoof in the

Air and moved in closer.

‘’You look just like her you know that? ’Hammer Will said with a look that Fire Tan had never seen in him before a feel of desire that almost looked like a wolf that had seen its prey. ‘’shy, well discipline, deadly with a rifle and most importantly….’’ Hammer Will said as he reached for Fire Tan’s Mane.

This wasn’t the first time that this had happened, Hammer Will always had a look on Fire Tan, except this time it went beyond her limits.

‘’Please Stop! Comrade! You’re scaring me!’’ Fire Tan yelled out blushing in shame, waking the couples in the other corner. She had never seen that look in Hammer Will’s eyes, it was like a kid seeing a Candy, an obsessive look

Realizing his mistake. Hammer Will stopped and regained his senses. ‘’That was my fault comrade, sorry, it’s just that you reminded me of her.’’ Hammer Will sensing the awkwardness, ‘’It’s late, we should be on guard now. I’ll take the first shift, I’ll wake you up when your shift is up.

‘’ye-ah….’’ Fire Tan replied with uncertainty. Still shaken by her experience, she calms the couples and tried to sleep. On her bedroll, she just kept rethinking what Hammer Will said, eventually she came to the conclusion that Hammer Will just got too lonely and took her for his special some-pony. ’’Yeah…that's it.’’ she whispered to herself as she fell asleep.

(The next day)

Fire Tan woke up to see Hammer Will sitting beside her. Still awake.

‘’did you sleep? You never called me up.’’ Fire Tan asked confused at why she didn't get called.

‘’No, can’t stand waking you up.’’ Hammer Will Replied with a smile.

Date: starting from last chapter 1990/12/21, 7PM to 1990/12/21, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal, recovering)
Mr. Tommislav (The stallion), Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 5 clips of ammo. (60 rounds)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 3 clips of ammo. (30 rounds)
2 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 19 (Commissar’s office).