Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story)

by Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

First published

This Story Is about My OC Fire Tan and her Story in the Aftermath of a Nuclear War aftermath (without radiation as it isn't nuclear bombs, details are in the long description) Along with other OCs from real life people in this alternative earth.

This story is interactive in the OCs and comments, you guys can suggest events, add additional things etc, you guys can also join yourself, contact me and I can sign you up, keep in mind to stay on track of the story and be responsible as your decision affect other people.
If you are interested, go check out the rules and contact me.

The Story Is set on a universe that had collided with Equestria, where Anthro ponies and other species walked the earth the timeline was similar to ours in real life until 1991 with similar inventions but with the replacement of nuclear technology with compressed magic.
Fire Tan in 1990/19/19, a citizen of the USSPR (Union of Soviet Socialist Pony Republic) who was a former Captain that served in the 14th Guards Division of the Soviet army found herself caught off guard by the all out SIMM (Solar Interstellar Magic Missile, A missile that uses over charged magic that upon detonation creates a giant heat blast, unlike nuclear bombs in our world the heat travels way greater distance than nuclear fission, but what also is different is the lack of radiation.) War between the Union and its allies against the western alliance.
As she walks the waste of the old world she is joined by many personal characters (ponies that I personally created and direct) and other peoples OCs (who are able to decide the outcome of major events with their own decision.)
I can only promise the fact that we will eventually feature US mainland but no details as OCs again determine many factors therefore making the story random.


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Chapter prologue

Page 0

The Old World

East Berlin 1990/12/19; Berlin 4th Garrison:

(things are getting worse here, the wall was never torn down like it was supposed a few years ago and civilian unrest is getting higher and higher some of us in the camp even believe that the civilians here are receiving support from the westerners, there were even reports of rebellion in Ponland and that it’s gone to shit over there, good thing that premier Marekhail Gormanechev is deciding to lower tension by negotiating with those capitalists, Hopefully this cold war will end soon. My military service is done by tomorrow I’ll be back before Christmas, your stew are the best!

-Mary Dawn)

Mary Dawn sighed as she gotten up from her desk and teared out the letter from the type writer, looking outside the window, it’s snowing as usual and the wind doesn’t help her either, usually by this time of the year she would be in Vladivostok sitting beside her family of three and telling the fillies stories, but this winter is different. Something didn’t feel right, although the world outside covered in white seemed so peaceful, the sense in the air just felt uneasy she finds herself on edge almost all the time but her thoughts of soon to be home reliefs her. Her comrades are off too, it seems every-pony is worried about something but no-pony will say it.

She slowly folds her letter and puts it into her pocket, this tiny barrack she is in, this dark cramped tin can really made her feel unsettled, so she decided to take a walk to the officer’s cabin, that's where all the music and the latest gossips are at. She quickly grabs her coat and walks outside.

The snow was thick and it was hard to walk in it, but after a short yet chilling walk she walked inside the cabin, opposite of the barracks, the cabin is so much cheerier, songs playing and ponies are doing their things, she walks up to her friend Ryossia Link who is sitting down by a table sipping coffee.

‘’what’s the news?’’ Mary Dawn asked as she patted Ryossia Link on the shoulder.

Ryossia sprung up and after a brief second she replied.

‘’Well, a lot, negotiations with the Americans, Rebels in Poland, annexation of Finland, tension between China you name it.’’ Ryossia said as she picked up her coffee again and casually took a sip from it. ‘’By the way, the military service time was extended by a year.’’

‘’Wait WHAT?’’ Mary Dawn Jumped up and cried out loud. ‘’I don't want to stay here for another YEAR!’’

‘’I kid, kidding comrade…’’ Ryossia stopped as she realized a High ranking officer walked towards them.

The Stallion grabbed Mary Dawn and slammed her against the wall furious at what she had said.

‘’TALK LIKE THAT AGAIN AND I WILL HAVE YOU SHOT! That is spreading demoralizing speeches around camp, I will not stand this kind of treason here.’’ He loosens his grip on Mary Dawn, leaving her trying to regain her senses, he turns around to face the rest of the ponies inside.

‘’The Government may weaken, but we mustn’t, our will must be strong! And we cannot back down! If I hear anymore ponies here looking forwards to making a run back home, I hope they are looking forwards to looking down the barrel of my gun!’’ He slams as he slams a TT pistol on the table, soon after he picked up the gun and stormed out the door.

‘’Crazy Bastard.’’ A soldier said.

‘’Are you okay?’’ Ryossia said as she walked to Mary Dawn worried.

‘’I’m fine, just deliver this mail to Vladivostok okay? Tell the postal there that it’s from Mary Dawn, they know where to send it.’’ Mary Dawn said weakly as she barely got up and walked towards the door.

Just before Mary Dawn walked outside the door the music suddenly stopped, a voice comes online.

‘’Mares and Stallions of the Union! Stand up as there are tough times ahead, the Americans had invaded Alaska back in the weak Tsarist times, today by the order of the KGB regarding the premiers saying, we are at WAR! Our Brave Ponies at arms are landing on Alaska as we speak, Your Orders are as follow;

1. Attack Western Germany and eliminate their defenses for our armor divisions.

2. Put down ALL civilian resistance.

3. Clear out the Garrisons on the boarders.

May the Will of the people be with us, Forwards Comrade!’’

The Voice died off as it finished its last words. The Cabin is silent, every-pony is in disbelief, war had come to them. NOW?

The silence was quickly replaced by a sharp siren.

Mary Dawn still in disbelief wobbled her way outside the door, the world was about to change.

Tanks roared to life and raced towards the Berlin walls a few pushing the wall over infantries jumped on their vehicles to follow the tanks, suddenly Hinds and Su-27s appeared in the air along with Pegasus airborne assisting, It was chaos, Soldiers shot every-pony that was in their way, the tanks pushed over the wall and fired at any unsuspecting soldiers on the other side, just then gun shots came from behind her, she turns around to see officers firing at soldiers trying to run away, she gulps and runs towards her barracks.

She storms into the barracks with a million thoughts racing through her mind.

‘’What’s happening? We can’t-No I mean that’s a-Oh God Why Is this? Where is my rifle? I don’t want to die here.’’ She finds her rifle and her combat vest after scrambling to put it on she ran outside.

A pony was dead at her foot as she step outside, another poor soul not wanting to be a part of this war.

Ryossia ran by her confused.

‘’There was no forward notice? We weren’t even mobilized yet!’’ Ryossia said as she herself is trying to put on all of her equipment.

Just then the broadcast came on again, over the sounds of the dying and the raging gunfire, over the once white world that now is covered in rubber and blood.

‘’Comrades! We have Confirms of SIMM launch by the Americans! A retaliation is in process. Your Orders are not changed, stand by the red army!’’

It was then, that the situation really fell to chaos, around the two mares were nothing but screams and gun fire, they look towards western Europe and their homes, hundreds of Missiles flew through the air with grace, they signalled the end of something, the end of the old world, the two mares slowly backed into the barracks.

It was it, in this time of doom, they felt at peace. Nothing to do, nothing they can do. A sense of casualness overwhelmed them along with a sense of relief.

Ryossia sat down on a bunk bed and said to Mary Dawn.

‘’I guess you won’t be home for Christmas eh? Lier.’’ She said almost with a sense of joking with her.

‘’I guess I was never good at promises.’’ Mary Dawn glanced out the windows seeing the missiles closing in to the earth, she chucked with a sense of despair mixed into it.

‘’Damn, I forgot my coffee in the cabin.’’ Ryossia said. ‘’Do you have any?’’

Just then, a blinding flash appeared outside the window, and rumbling of the earth is heard from the horizon. Their time is ticking.

‘’Not even a whisper is to be heard in the garden, everything has calmed down until dawn. If you only knew how dear they are to me, the evenings near Moscow!’’ Mary Dawn singed with whatever positive thought she can still gather.

‘’Moscow night eh? I always like to hear you sing.’’ Ryossia replied one last time as the heat slowly gets more immense.

‘’Nev-er good at jokes, but is this just me or is it getting hot in here.’’ Mary Dawn smiled.

Ryossia smiled back.

A flash, as the blast wave engulfed them and and with that the land was dead. And along it, lies the old world in ruins

Chapter One page one The Last Signal

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Chapter One

Page 1

The Last Signal

The story of Fire Tan begins in a little factory town on the outskirts of Moscow a common sight in the union around major cities, that day was just like any other day that Fire Tan had experienced since she had been posted here for civilian/security duties such as; enforcing laws and making sure every-pony stays in line and that no anti-revolutionaries appear, although her small build made it seem like she poses no threat, but the kill marks on her SVT-40 that she owns and her reputation of being a former Captain of 14th Guard Division’s marks-mare detachment proved otherwise. Although not much happens in the small town, Fire Tan felt better than her times in Finland fighting the rebels against their soviet occupation three months ago.

The town was small with only around 20 ponies inhabiting and it was easy to keep the peace around here, Fire Tan felt lucky to be off the front, but also happy that she is stationed here with her old friend who now is the community’s commissar, and with a cozy little cabin to live in, Fire Tan felt content, enough to wear a smile every day.

That day she walked the early streets with the familiar shine in the sky that never seems to be bright enough to warm up the winter earth and the smell of rust from the outdated farm equipment of that never got replaced, ‘it went to war preparation’ the town folks said. She looks around and surely every-pony was on task, at least when she is watching them the Pegasus clearing the sky and making sure that enough sunlight gets to the field, the Earth Ponies trying their best to grow their crops in the freezing soil and the Unicorns working in the factory to keep the export going, everything was normal. But the town isn’t what it used to be, ever since the interior of the union started to have disputes between the party itself and the KGB, ponies had started to doubt, but those who dare to show it was soon suppressed, she was glad that she never had to kill a civilian, a thing she would never want do.

As Fire Tan walked towards the commissar office to begin her shift for the day as the town security, the morning sun had finally fully emerged from the horizon to shine on the frozen earth, as she walked through the town, a stallion stopped her and asked.

‘’I heard that there was a rebellion in Ponland? That's where my son is stationed.’’ The stallion asked worried.

‘’Comrade it’s fine, it was only a minor riot, I’m sure your son will be fine. After all the civilians there aren’t allowed to carry arms.’’ Fire Tan replied with a soothing voice, calming the stallion down a bit.

‘’I sure hope so.’’ The stallion says shortly before he returns to his duties.

Few minutes later Fire Tan made her way to the Commissar’s office building, it was a sturdy building made out of well-cut white stones that made a great contrast with the surrounding houses which are mostly wooden cabins. She stepped in and sure enough, the commissar was already waiting for her. His office was well decorated with paintings wood flooring and with the old radio broadcasting the old red army choirs.

Fire Tan greets Hammer Will and as she walks towards the security locker, she realize she lost the key. In shame she walked to Hammer Will’s desk.

As Hammer Will realized Fire Tan’s presence he looked at Fire Tan and asked ‘’looking for dis dah?’’ he held up the keys for her to see.

‘’my bad, comrade commissar Hammer Will.’’ Fire Tan said with a sense of nervousness.

‘’Remember the time you forgot your ammo on that convoy ambush against the rebels in Finland?’’ He laughed.

‘’Yeah…… about dat.’’ She blushed.

‘’Here you go comrade, and please don’t lose it again.’’ Fire Tan grabbed the keys and was about turn around continue her day when the town siren went off, screeching sirens rang through the air, pounding every-pony’s ears, as both Fire Tan and Hammer Will looked out the window they saw a flash appeared on the horizon. It was a flash like no other, almost like the sun had crashed into earth, and as the initial light died down after a short burst, soon the blinding lights were replaced with the familiar mushroom cloud that every-pony had seen on every security propaganda poster, except unlike the poster this one was real. As the town folks regained their senses they all realized what was happening, the SIMM (Solar Interstellar Magic Missile) had hit Moscow. There was a few moments of quiet before the roaring thunder of the blast wave was heard on the horizon. Fire Tan while still dazed was dragged off by Hammer Will into a hidden shelter that was behind one of the giant paintings. And as the thunder roared over them, hidden inside a shelter under the protection of the great stone structure that was the office, they had escaped the Solar flare that had scorched the lands.

‘’Aghhh!’’ as Fire Tan regained her senses, Hammer Will was already assessing the situation.

‘’12 rounds of marekrov ammo, 5 days of food ration. We can survive here for five days.’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’What about the others?!’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’They won’t make it.’’ Hammer Will said with a dark and cold tone. The thought of that the no pony would survive sent a cold shock down her spine. But knowing the effects of the Solar Blast and the heat it would have gave off, she calmed herself and sat down. The bunker was in total silence the only sounds are the muffled cracking of the fire outside. Cozy cabins were turned into ovens and the world outside was scorched, a few screams of agony could be heard, each one of them pierced Fire Tan’s heart. She never thought she would ever be so helpless that she can’t lend a hand to the ones who needs it and that everything she knew could be taken always in an instant made her even more helpless, and all she could do is sit and listen. The only other sound was the old radio outside the bunker, still playing as if nothing happened. As the day came to an end, the radio stopped along with it.

‘’I guess the signal died.’’ Hammer Will said. And with that the world they knew died.

Chapter One page one unwanted visit

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Chapter One

Page 2

Unwanted visit

A sleepless night for the Fire Tan, the first night was finally over, for Fire Tan, that's a relief, last night was horrible, the cramped space, dark damp bunker didn't help her sleep and especially having to sleep with another stallion Hammer Will on the same tiny bed. That kept her up all night, she finally was able to close her eyes for a while after Hammer Will finally have gotten up in the morning.

It wasn’t long before her brief nap was interrupted.

‘’Comrade Fire Tan, get up! Its nine-o-clock already!’’ Hammer Will said rushing Fire Tan out of bed, somehow he seems to be happy about last night.

Fire Tan rolled on the bed refusing to get up until she rolled off of it and smacked face first into the bunker floor.

‘’Awwee~’’ Fire Tan moaned in pain.

‘’Well at least you are out of bed now.’’ Hammer Will chucked before pulling her up.

‘’How was sleep last night? I know it’s odd that we had to share a bed, but I hope you’re okay with that.’’ Hammer Will said as he sat down on the bed and opened a bottle of cannoned coffee.

‘’I had no sleep last name sir, I kept thinking about what’s happening outside, and the fact that I’m cramped into a corner.’’ Fire Tan grumbled as she said down besides Hammer Will on the bed.

‘’Don’t refer me to SIR Comrade, call me by my name.’’ Hammer Will said as sipped from his coffee.

‘’Well, are we gonna try to find some pony folks outside?’’ Fire Tan said after regaining her senses.

‘’I’m gonna check it out later today, although there might be survivors, it’s most likely that they won’t be friendly. Our first priority would be to check on the armory, and make sure NOPONY gets their hands on those weapons, the last thing we want is an-’’

Hammer Will was cut off by the sound of a shotgun blast that broke the peace of the mornings, and it seem to be coming from an impact on the bunker door.

‘’Get The Fuck out of there you Communist Fuck!’’ a heavy grunt was heard outside followed by a loud kick on the door.

‘’Damn it! I knew this would happen. Why didn't I keep the Weapons down here in the First place?’’ Hammer Will said with frustration. ‘’You stay here! That's an Order!’’ He said as he walked up towards the door.

Fire Tan watched Hammer Will as he approached the door, ‘’what do you want from us?’’ he called out to the ponies outside.

The ponies outside didn't respond, but judging by the voice he was a stallion. After a few moments of silence it would have almost seemed that the threat was over and they can resume their morning. When suddenly with a loud bang, The Bunker door was rammed open and a round object was thrown inside the bunker.

‘’Grenade!’’ Hammer Will grabbed the Grenade and tried to toss it outside the door but the ponies outside shut just in time and the grenade bounced back inside the bunker. In an instant Hammer Will threw the bunker’s table along with the supplies on the table on to the grenade.

*Boom* with a blast the two were dazed as the shockwave almost torn their eardrums right out.

As Fire Tan was Once again dazed from the explosion she sees three figures rush inside, they saw Fire Tan in the corner.

‘’ So it was this little bitch that was locking us out?’’ one of the stallion said to the other.

‘’ So they sat here while the whole town burned.’’ the other stallion with a revengeful tone.

To Fire Tan’s horror, these three ponies were horribly burned, so much that it was impossible to identify them

‘’There was nothing we could do!’’ Fire Tan cried.

‘’Besides starting this fucking war, right. We’ll make an example out of her.’’ The last stallion said as the three reached for her.

‘’wait. I thought I heard a Stallion’s voic-’’ three gun shots gone off. And then there was silence. The first moments Fire Tan and Hammer Will had spent interacting with the survivors of the SIMM was just another bloodbath, as the ponies lay dead in their own blood. Fire Tan notice one of them was still alive, he gurgles out a few word that seems to make out ‘help.

As Fire Tan tried to find supplies to help she realized that the med kit was destroyed when Hammer Will blocked the explosion with the table and the supplies, she ran up to Hammer Will and asked for medicine.

‘’The Only medicine this bastard is of needing is a bullet.’’ he says as he fires three rounds into the stallions head, and with a death gurgle and few twitches, it stopped.

‘’Bad mistake, not realizing that there is another pony in the bunker with a lock and loaded marekrov.

As Fire Tan was still in shock of what she had just experienced and witnessed Hammer Will still seems rather calm.

‘’I can’t believe you just shot him, he wasn’t a combatant!’’ Fire Tan called out to Hammer Will.

Hammer Will replied in his ever calming voice. ‘’They aren’t civilians as soon as soon as they betrayed the country and the party, and once they become traitors they aren’t ponies anymore, just feral animals that needs to be put down. I learned about that the hard way, now grab whatever is left we need to leave, it isn’t secured anymore.

After a short moment of doubt she decided that Hammer Will was right, after all Hammer Will had saved her life, Fire Tan nodded and said: ‘’ this is not gonna be safe for us anymore, we should go check the armory and make a run for Leningrad I know the garrison commander there.’’

‘’Red Shine, right?’’ Hammer Will asked.

‘’How do you know his name?’’ Fire Tan asked back.

‘’He was my former commander when I still served in the 14th Guards Division.

‘’Well, we better not keep him waiting then, that is if he still is alive. Pack your bags and grab all the food you can carry, we got to go, fast.’’

The two grabbed whatever that was left and left the bunker.

date: 1990/12/20, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 3 clips of ammo.
3 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 19.

Chapter One page three 'Home?'

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Chapter One

Page 3


As Fire Tan and Hammer Will quickly scrambled up whatever supplies they can find, they bagged it up with an old army backpack that was inside the bunker, As they both walked outside the bunker for the first time since the bombs, Fire Tan was stunned by the horror she saw, at her hoof are the mangled bodies of what looks like three or four ponies, but the burns are so severe it has become impossible to recognize who they, she remembered how yesterday she heard banging on the door and how she was helpless to save them, a whimper escaped her as she bared the thought and the guilt that they could have been saved, but as she looked outside she realize that the world had changed, the town she knew was in ruins, trees left to their bare and the clouds cover the sky as the Pegasus that once attended them are now gone forever, the only thing that was familiar was the chilling winds and the small patches of snow that somehow survived the blast.

As Hammer Will walked into the middle hall, he checked for any surviving hostiles, upon confirming that the hallway was safe he walked towards Fire Tan.

‘’Is there A-ny-pony still alive?’’ Fire Tan’s voice trembled.

‘’I’m afraid not comrade, there really aren’t too many blast proof structures in this town, I doubt there will be any survivors. Hey at least the repair on the ceiling came in time, or else we wouldn’t be here talking now would we?’’ Hammer Will said still unfazed by the situation.

‘’How are you still calm? They destroyed the world! Our world!’’ Fire Tan cried out as she made her way through the corpses and walked towards Hammer Will.

‘’Comrade, this was bound to happen, but we will prevail, once we restore the silos-’’ Hammer Will said before he was cut off by an angry and confused Fire Tan.

‘’What? We so we can solar storm each other again?’’ Fire Tan said.

‘’Comrade, this is war, and if WE don’t put them in their graves, THEY WILL put us in instead.’’ Hammer Will said as he casually opened another can of canned coffee. ‘’Anyways we need to check out the armory.’’

As Hammer Will and Fire Tan made their way to the security lounge where the armory was located, It would have appear that the armory doors had already been raided and cleared out, it seems like some-pony had busted open the lock.

‘’Well, that's a bad sign, some other group of ponies must have already came by here, but what confuses me are the fact that the heavy weapons are also gone.’’ as Hammer Will said that he turned around and stared at Fire Tan in a disappointed look.

‘’Hmm? What’s wrong with that?’’ Fire Tan asked.

‘’You see comrade, ever since the polish rebellion, the state had enforced laws towards any heavy weapons, rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers are all locked down and only a state controlled key can open it.’’ Hammer Will said as he walked into the armory to try to find some supplies.

‘’So you are saying that there are rebels that has the key?’’ Fire Tan said worried. ‘’They aren’t still here right?’’

‘’No, not that I know of, and also they seem to not be in a rush, everything is gone. Damn!’’ Hammer Will said as he slammed his coffee on the floor.

‘’Wait! I still have an idea, I kept my service rifle in my house across the town! I think I kept some ammo with it.’’ Fire Tan said as she sprung up in excitement.

‘’ Now that you mentioned that I think I’ll check my safe, I think I left some equipment there when I first arrived here for political officer duty.’’ Hammer Will said ‘’and no way it would have been missing, since that was a bullet proof password lock.’’ he said to Fire Tan.

‘’I’m sorry about the armory.’’ Fire Tan said with her head down.

‘’Why are YOU sorry?’’ Hammer Will said as her reached around Fire Tan’s shoulders to try to cheer her up.

Sure enough, as Hammer Will walked to his office and after checking the safe, there was a well-kept, military standard issued flak vest and some ammo for the marekrov that Hammer Will is carrying.

‘’ alright lets go search your house.’’ Hammer Will said as e field dressed himself and rearmed his gun.

The way to Fire Tans house was short, Just all the way down by the end of the tiny town, this path Fire Tan walked a thousand times, but this time it was different. The sense of life was gone, ruins surround her, her hooves no longer walking on soft cool dirt but instead the tiny pieces of rubber left from what once was her village, a odd sour feeling rose in Fire Tan’s heart and she felt her tears coming up. Walking by all the ruins she could still remember all the houses and the pony-folks who use to live in them, This was her home but now it’s just ash and the dead silence on the streets accompanied by the ghosts of the town folks that once lived there carved into the ground in (1.Solar Shadows) Although, the town had just gone through a solar blast it was odd that there wasn’t any sign that any other pony besides the three stallions that had attacked them had survived. After arriving to Fire Tan’s house, or what’s remaining of it, they heard noises from the ruins of the house and immediately ducked into cover behind a still standing wall.

‘’Come on get it open already!’’ an unknown but weak voice said in a worried tone.

‘’Okay, Okay! It’s almost open, I just need to make sure that we get the rifle in there, I’ve seem that mare stashed in here, if we get that we can defend ourselves.’’ the other voice said.

‘’Stallion and a mare by the sounds of it.’’ Hammer Will said as he armed his gun

Upon closer inspection, they appear to be a couple that had survived. One of them was picking the lock, or at least trying to and the other one is slumped against the corner of the ruins.

Seeing that they are unarmed Hammer Will leaped out with his gun and fired once into the air ‘’Hey put your hooves up!’’ Hammer Will shouted before Fire Tan could have said or done anything different, The Stallion ran towards his partner and attempted to carry his partner. Realizing Hammer Will had a gun, the stallion stopped and picked up a stick to attempt a pathetic defense.

‘’First the Missiles hit and then my wife gets shot and now you? Now what? You’re going to shoot us or rob us?’’ The Stallion cried out as he attempted to keep Hammer Will away from his wife.

‘’Hey I know you! You’re Ms. Kommniov from the Ammo Factory!’’ Fire Tan jumped up out of the cover and called out. ‘’What happened to you?’’

‘’ She’s been shot! That's What!’’ The Stallion yelled

‘’ Watch who you’re speaking to! This here is former Captain of the 14 Guard Division.’’ Hammer Will replied with a harsh voice.

‘’ Yeah right like if any-pony still gives a fuck about your union and ranks!’’ The Stallion replied with a scent of sarcasm.

‘’Say that again and I’ll put you down like a fucking dog! Don't you ever disgrace the motherland’’ Hammer Will shouted furiously as he leveled his gun towards the stallions head.

‘’Stop it! Both of you! We are all in this together, haven’t the motherland suffered enough? Do we still need to spill blood over trivial matter like this?’’ Fire Tan Shouted with an unusually strong tone.

The two stallions stopped and levelled their minds, after that Fire Tan went to retrieve her rifle, it’s an old SVT-40 and some ammo, this was the family passing that has gone through Fire Tan’s family it started with her grandfather ‘Fire Blaze’ who used it in the great patriotic war against Germaney and then her father ‘Fire Glow’ who continued to use it in the Vladivostok Campaign against China and now Fire Tan serving her though the Finnish Campaign, throughout all these years the shine had worn off and appeared in a bleached brown it has a USSPR sign engraved on the stock, although a relic from a long gone time, it still works well as it was well conditioned and well kept. Now with the rifle by her side she is ready for the wasteland.

‘’So you kept this old junk in your safe all this time?’’ The stallion said.

‘’This is not junk, it’s a family passage moron. Keep talking like that and I might land a 7.62mm hole in your skull.’’ Fire Tan replied with anger.

‘’Lets patch up Ms. Kommniov up and get settle for the night looks like we will have to give her some rest, Fire Tan! You’re on watch!’’ Hammer Will said. ‘’ and you civilian, keep your wife safe and watch what you say!’’

With that the party of four prepared for the night, and tomorrow they will set for Leningrad.

1. Solar Shadow, it's a direct reference to nuclear shadow, where the immense heat caused by a nuclear detonation bleach the earth and the shadow are casted by the object or pony that was in that position when the blast occurred, in this case the SIMM blast.

Date: 1990/12/20, 10AM passing to 1990/12/21, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal)
Mr. Tommislav (The stallion), Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 5 clips of ammo. (60 rounds)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 3 clips of ammo. (30 rounds)
3 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 19 (Fire Tan’s home).

Chapter One page four The Night

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Chapter One

Page 4

‘’The Night’’

As the group settled for the day, Fire Tan and a Hammer Will spent the afternoon scavenging the town for supplies but to their confusion, the town was completely cleaned out it would seem that other ponies perhaps the remaining town folks had already cleared this place out. As Fire Tan and Hammer Will scavenged, Tommislav and Tommniov relocated themselves in the commissar building and Tommislav began to tend to the wounds of Tommniov, as Tommislav bandaged Tommniov Fire Tan walked up from her scavenging trip to check up on the two.

‘’Feeling better? Comrade?’’ Fire Tan said nervously as she looked at the wound on the torso of Tommniov.

‘’Yeah, better thanks for NOTHING.’’ said Tommislav coldly.

‘’Don’t say that dear…… I’m fine.’’ Tommniov said weakly.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ Fire Tan said but her voice is so small it sounded like a squeak.

‘’Yeah, whatever just leave my wife along.’’ Tommislav said to Fire Tan before telling her off.

Fire Tan slowly walked away, although she was a veteran in the Finnish wars, it was under the support of her comrade and her cause. But now? An odd emptiness and a sense of worthlessness fills her, depriving her of any courage.

Just then Hammer Will walked up empty hoofed.

‘’Found anything?’’ Hammer Will said.

‘’No sir, nothing……’’ Fire Tan said, disheartened.

‘’Don’t call me sir, call me by my name. What’s wrong? You don’t seem okay today.’’ Hammer Will said as he pulled Fire Tan to sit down in the chairs in his former office

‘’I’m fine, Si- comrade Hammer Will.’’ Fire Tan said as she sat uneasily.

‘’I understand that the situation is grim, but do remember that we still have something the Capitalists don’t have. Our Will’’ Hammer Will said reaching over and laying his hoof over Fire Tan’s shoulder, patting her in comfort.

‘’Thank you Hammer Will, just please give me some time.’’ Fire Tan said, trying to look better.

‘’Hey I have an idea comrade, hold on.’’ Hammer Will said as he stood up and walked to the bunker, upon confirming that the two civilians are okay and now asleep in the bunker bed he walked back to Fire Tan. ‘’I’ve checked the town and there aren’t any-pony left, let’s go for a little walk, some winter breeze should clear you up like a Kalashnikov.’’ He said as he signalled Fire Tan to follow him outside.

Walking outside, the fire that once ravaged the town had finally settled, it was almost night but the cloud overshadowed the skies, just giving the sky a muffled black with no setting sun to be seen. Treading along the road, Hammer Will closed in and held Fire Tan by the shoulder in a friendly gesture.

‘’You know comr- Fire Tan, I’ve meet some-pony else just like this, under the ruins and the darkened skies. Just like now.’’ Hammer Will said in a soft tone.

‘’Who?’’ Fire Tan said confused by the sudden change of tone and atmosphere.

‘’Berry Sunshine, my partner, at least she was.’’ Hammer Will said.

As they walked out of the town, on the barren lands Hammer Will notice a burnt out tree that still had a patch of soft grass behind it the grass likely survived as it was covered by the tree as the SIMMs hit.

‘’Let’s sit for a bit, I’ve been in that ruined town long enough.’’ Hammer Will said as he walked Fire Tan towards the tree with him.

Sitting down, Hammer Will pulled out a harmonica and began to play.

Under the darken skies and the sense of the wasteland, Fire Tan was surprised by a pleasant red army choir. ‘Moscow Night’. A song where a stallion sings about the beauty of Moscow and compares it to his lover.

Relieved by the music, Fire Tan sat now on the grass and leaned on the Tree trunk. She notice Hammer Will’s harmonica, it was a beautiful harmonica with a brass casing cover and carvings on it.

‘’Where did you get that?’’ Fire Tan asked with a sense of awkwardness, she never was good at talking to superiors, they usually make her nervous.

‘’hmm?’’ Noticing Fire Tan, he stops and cleans it with a cloth from his pocket and gently puts it back into a brass case. ‘’I got this back when I was serving in Finland.’’

‘’You served in Finland too?’’ Fire Tan said slightly surprised. ‘’Never heard of you. Why were you there and how did you get the Harmonica?’’

‘’You ask a lot of questions you know that comrade? But since you asked, I’ll tell you.’’ Hammer Will paused for a second, ‘’before I was selected to be a political officer I use to serve in the 14 Guards Division just like you as a junior officer, I had met a special pony there, ‘Berry Sunshine’ met her just after a battle in a ruined town with the damped skies and the smell of fire, our love grew just like the flames. She was a combat engineer, her skills are amazing but her cooking? Best in the Lands.’’ He stopped and rubbed his belly with his hoof to show his appreciation.

‘’Well, she isn’t here when I got here, you guys broke up?’’ Fire Tan asked curiously.

‘’No, she’s gone, one day she went off with a supply convoy, I heard she was ambushed. She never made it out, after the news I went to her bunk in rage, I was confused and felt a unreasonable rage inside me, after finally calming down I searched for her belongings and under the pillow I found this…’’ pulling his Harmonica out again. The carving was ‘to my fair Hammer Will’ with that he paused in silence.

‘’I’m sorry, sir didn't know.’’ Fire Tan said as she reached over trying to comfort Hammer Will, but before she could reach him, Hammer Will caught her hoof in the

Air and moved in closer.

‘’You look just like her you know that? ’Hammer Will said with a look that Fire Tan had never seen in him before a feel of desire that almost looked like a wolf that had seen its prey. ‘’shy, well discipline, deadly with a rifle and most importantly….’’ Hammer Will said as he reached for Fire Tan’s Mane.

This wasn’t the first time that this had happened, Hammer Will always had a look on Fire Tan, except this time it went beyond her limits.

‘’Please Stop! Comrade! You’re scaring me!’’ Fire Tan yelled out blushing in shame, waking the couples in the other corner. She had never seen that look in Hammer Will’s eyes, it was like a kid seeing a Candy, an obsessive look

Realizing his mistake. Hammer Will stopped and regained his senses. ‘’That was my fault comrade, sorry, it’s just that you reminded me of her.’’ Hammer Will sensing the awkwardness, ‘’It’s late, we should be on guard now. I’ll take the first shift, I’ll wake you up when your shift is up.

‘’ye-ah….’’ Fire Tan replied with uncertainty. Still shaken by her experience, she calms the couples and tried to sleep. On her bedroll, she just kept rethinking what Hammer Will said, eventually she came to the conclusion that Hammer Will just got too lonely and took her for his special some-pony. ’’Yeah…that's it.’’ she whispered to herself as she fell asleep.

(The next day)

Fire Tan woke up to see Hammer Will sitting beside her. Still awake.

‘’did you sleep? You never called me up.’’ Fire Tan asked confused at why she didn't get called.

‘’No, can’t stand waking you up.’’ Hammer Will Replied with a smile.

Date: starting from last chapter 1990/12/21, 7PM to 1990/12/21, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal, recovering)
Mr. Tommislav (The stallion), Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 5 clips of ammo. (60 rounds)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 3 clips of ammo. (30 rounds)
2 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 19 (Commissar’s office).

Chapter One page five The Path to Leningrad

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Chapter One

Page 5

The Path to Leningrad

As the morning sun risen over the group in the chilling breeze, Fire Tan, Hammer Will, along with Tommislav and his wife had packed up the camp and began to plan for their march to Leningrad.

‘’We will follow the small industry towns and scavenge supplies, hopefully we can find an automobile, at best we will reach Leningrad by the spring of next year, I know this is simple plan and Christmas is of near, we must press on.’’ Hammer Will said as he drew out his plan using his hooves to draw on the dirt.

‘’That’s it? Are you sure you know what you’re doing? And also, why don’t we just go to Moscow, this is our lives you’re playing with.'' Tommislav said again with a sense of disbelief and distrust.

‘’Comrade, I believe I am the one with the gun, you would do well to listen to what I say.’’ Hammer Will replied with a threat.

‘’Hey, my chest still hurts! I can’t walk from Moscow to Leningrad! Why can’t we just head to Moscow first, I’m sure that the Kremlin can keep the city in order.’’ Tommniov said as she slowly got up, still shaken by her wound.

‘’Since you asked, I should just tell you civilians about it. First of all a SIMM was detonated on Moscow, the heat could have evaporated everything and every-pony there, and even if the SIMM didn't what do you think about the rebels? Even out here far from downtown we already had what seemed to rebels, Goddess knows what could be there? Hammer Will said annoyed.

‘’Hey, would you mind telling me what exactly happened to you?’’ Fire Tan said worried as she walked up to Tommniov slowly.

‘’Oh darling, my wound? After the solar blast which we survived by being behind the office, I saw some armed pony-folks, I thought it was the military since they were all dressed fancy I tried to make contact but they fired and I escaped, unfortunately I guess I got shot in the process.’’ Tommniov said still slightly in pain.

‘’By the way COMMISSAR.’’ Tommislav said sarcastically, ‘’Names Mr. Tommislav, about time you asked for that, Civilian isn’t my name you know?’’

As Mr. Tommislav finished his sentence, Mr. Tommniov called out to Hammer Will worried, ‘’ If Moscow is destroyed what makes Leningrad different?’’

‘’The Leningrad fort has a nuclear shelter that is both self-sufficient and well protected by a garrison and both me and Former Captain Fire Tan here are the garrison commander’s friend, so we have a better chance there, plus if we find a working automobile we can make the trip in days, until then we will take care of you and your wife.’’ Hammer Will finished by patting Fire Tan’s shoulder saying ‘’Plus Fire Tan here can pick an apple clean off a tree with her rifle from more than 500 yards, right?’’ He said jokingly.

Fire Tan smiled slightly with shyness at the complement. After the group picked up their belonging, they were on their way.

The trip along the road was long yet dull, The world around them is now completely dead, lifeless trees accompanied by dry grass and there was nothing but mud, as the snow that suddenly melted in the blast turned into water, making traveling even harder, Fire Tan started to notice the cold as the clouds were blocking the sun, the world seemed dark and unsettling. The first hours were filled with jokes and random conversations but soon it was just a barrage of complaints from Tommniov, it would seem that Ms. Tommniov is having a hard time with her wounds and Mr. Tommislav is also tired after having to help his wife walking through the wasteland. Along the road a few cars with what seem to the remains of their previous owners can be seen, but there are no functioning cars nor must survivors, the heated steel have turned the cars into ovens. After another few more hours that felt like centuries. The sight of a small town was up ahead.

‘’Finally~ I’m almost gonna faint!’’ Fire Tan said with great relief and instantly collapsed on the ground laughing, ‘’I don’t even know if we are gonna be able to reach ANYWHERE today, I hope I can find something to drink in the town. I’m so going to get plastered’’

As Fire Tan relished herself in this brief moment of victory, she realize now her uniform is now covered in mud.

‘’You look like cow on farm, comrade!’’ Hammer Will laughed as he pulled Fire Tan up from the ground, ‘’I’ll give you my trench coat while yours get clean. Anyways vodka awaits.’’

Just then the sound gunshot pierced the air, and sent the slightly relaxed nerves of Fire Tan and Hammer Will into full on mobilization.

Having a soldier instinct. ‘’GET DOWN!’’ Hammer Will yelled as he pushed Fire Tan through the mud behind a busted car, and ducked behind a tree while Mr. Tommislav tugged Ms. Tommniov behind the car that Fire Tan was at.

Just then Hammer Will spotted a few ponies firing at them from a tower, they wore civilian clothing, and had a distinctive blue bandana on their heads. The ponies seemed to have no mind in peace, while one kept firing another two more slowly moved up on both flanks.

‘’On your left! Just use your iron sights’’ Hammer Will called out to Fire Tan. And threw Fire Tan her rifle.

unexpected, the flying rifle caught Fire Tan off guard and smacked her right in her face, slightly dazed, she pokes around the corner and aims down her scope.

‘’I’ll get the left, you get the right! Wait, take your scope off.’’ Hammer Will said urgently as the two ponies closed in on them from both sides and the supressing fire is keeping him down.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Fire Tan fires three rounds but to no affect besides allowing the three ponies to spot her position, as the suppressing kept them down and the two ponies getting closer, the situation seemed dire.

‘’Stay calm, wait till enemy magazine run out.’’ Hammer Will said as he tried to get every-pony to calm down.

Just then they heard a familiar tick, it was the sound of an empty receiver. In a flash Hammer Will tosses his ushanka out as a distraction.

As the two ponies were distracted for the moment, Hammer Will emptied his whole magazine into the two flanking ponies, just then Fire Tan saw the last remaining rebel trying to reload, and she focused in and blow his brains out with one precise shot. Just then from the corner of her eye, she saw some-pony else, a flash through a window. ''A Sniper!'' Fire Tan thought, quickly turning around she fired four rounds and the pony went down.

Then there was silence.

‘’Alright threat gone. Move up.’’ Hammer Will signaled the group to move up as he drew out his pistol.

As the group went to loot the now dead attackers, Fire Tan had went to check on the sniper.

After finally getting to the house where the sniper was seen, Fire Tab busted into the room and found a mare dead on the floor, it would seem one of Fire Tan’s bullet had found its way to her head and the shot killed her instantly.

Only then did Fire Tan realized a mistake, the object seemed like a scope was simply a binocular, she appeared to be simply a survivor that just happened to have seen by Fire Tan and mistaken for an enemy.

‘’This can’t be true right?’’ She thought to herself. But just then she realized the crucial thing about the mare, she didn't have a blue bandana like the rest of the attackers.

‘’I never kill innocent ponies. Right?’’ Fire Tan suddenly snapped.

‘’I don’t kill innocent ponies, I never do.’’ these are the thoughts in her mind throughout all of her wars, it kept her strong and away from guilt, but now? To have the truth laid in front of her?

Something cracked.

Date: starting from last chapter 1990/12/21, 1PM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal, recovering)
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 4 clips of ammo. (45 rounds)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 2.2 clips of ammo. (22 rounds)
1.5 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 20.

Chapter One page sixth The Luck and the moskvitch

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Chapter One

Page 6

The Luck and the moskvitch

Fire Tan collapsed trembling, her memories swarmed her, all those time she pulled the trigger on other ponies, she always held the thought that they were enemies, ‘’Of course they were enemies, and if they were enemies, it’s my duty to kill them to protect my comrades.’’ She remembered, but now she had just came to a terrifying thought, she never knew it they were enemies, if this mare is ibnnocent, what about the others? Suddenly all the flashback of her victims came before her, the looks on their faces just before their brains were blown out.

‘’AHHHGH!’’ Fire Tan screeched as something happened inside her, as if something detached, like a trailer flying off its towing vehicle on a speeding highway. Her emotions halted and she reminded herself of who she was.

‘’I’m a soldier, my purpose is to serve my superiors, without question of moral or logic.’’ Fire Tan repeated this line in her head, a line that was nailed into her head on the very first day of her training. She eventually regained her senses.

Just then Hammer Will busted in.

‘’What happened comrade? I heard scream.’’ Hammer Will said worried.

‘’U-hm its nothing sir. I accidentally stepped on a nail.’’ Fire Tan replied with hesitation.

‘’Ha, I knew you were okay, comrade! We found some good stuff, a PPSH, two more marekov and 53 7.62x25mm ammo.’’ Hammer Will said with a tone of a victor.

‘’You don’t need help right?’’ He asked.

‘’I’m fine, we can meet at the town hall.’’ Fire Tan said as she tried to put on her best ‘I’m okay’ impression.

‘’I’ll see you there.’’ Hammer Will said as he left the room.

Still slightly stressed, Fire Tan followed.

For the rest of the day, the group decided to settle for the night in the town hall and plan to eventually go scavenging. Although it seems every-pony was okay, Fire Tan was more quiet than usual.

‘’eh…hey, are you alright? I mean that was a pretty nice shot from my view, what’s wrong?’’ Ms. Tommniov said quietly to Fire Tan across the room.

There wasn’t any reply.

‘’Hello? Are you okay?’’ Ms. Tommniov said again slightly louder this time.

No reply.

Hammer Will on the other hand heard the conversation, or the conversation Ms. Tommniov is trying to have, he cleared his throat and stood up.

‘’Well comrades, I’m going to go check out the rest of the town maybe find something of use.’’ He picked up his Flak vest and pistol and walked out the town hall.

After another moment of silence, Mr. Tommislav finally seemed to have reached his limit. He got up and walked to Fire Tan.

‘’I swear to god! I did not follow you guys to just have you sit your ass down and play the silence game, you know how long we’ve been doing this?........ Actually I don’t know, there isn’t a watch or a clock here.’’ He said.

After a moment Fire Tan seemed to have zoned back in, and after realizing what Mr. Tommislav had said, she replied ‘’I shot an innocent civilian when we were at the town, remember the pony in the tower? She wasn't armed at all, and I killed her.’’

‘’It wasn’t your fault dear, she could have been anyone, rebels troublemakers that could put a bullet in our heads.’’ Ms. Tommniov said as she also walked to Fire Tan and tried to comfort her, ‘’you did the right thing.’’ she said.

‘’But she wasn’t a rebel or any of that, she was just like us.’’ Fire Tan said as she is still in grief and sadden over the incident.

‘’Wanna hear a joke comrade? ’’ As Tommislav sat down beside Fire Tan and grabbed the vodka besides her.

‘’What?’’ Fire Tan said almost in a whimper fashion.

‘’What do you call the Finnish border? The Finish Line!’’(1) Tommislav said as he laughed out. ‘’ Well I’m Finnished with my joke!’’

Fire Tan chuckled for a bit. ‘’Well, thanks comrade.’’

‘’Now how about that drink? I kinda need one after this entire Bomb crap.’’ He said as he opened the bottle and grabbed a few shot glass in his pocket and filled them up.

Fire Tan although not in the mood, she still wasn’t able to resist the vodka in front of her. She grabbed a shot and downed it.

‘’ are you seriously drinking in front of another MARE right in front of me?’’ Ms. Tommniov called out.

‘’What? You can join.’’ Tommislav said as he handed a shot glass to her, and drank one.

‘’Fine, but never again.’’ Tommniov said as she soften up and took the shot.

In moments the room was filled with laughter and unrecognizable words.

Meanwhile as the three ponies graced themselves with the Russian liquid gold, Hammer Will was still scavenging the town.

The town was small just like Fire Tan’s home town, except this one seemed to have no survivors these small towns were just a single row of buildings down a middle street that ran though the town, and most of them had a simple making, on one side you have the town hall, where the commissar and security is, also the only SIMM proof building in town, then the depot where exports and imports come and go to keep the town running, then there is the factory, where the main processing is done, and lastly the general shop where ponies use their ration ticket and money to buy their items. And on the other side of the town are all the resident homes. These towns were built to prevent mass destruction of industry, so instead of a whole section filled with factory, these are spread out and safer against incoming attacks from SIMM or just convention bombing.

As Hammer Will checked though the factory there wasn't much of interest besides the raw material which won’t do much good, it seems this factory was stamping steel into what seems to be weapon parts.

‘’Too bad they won’t assemble any weapons here.’’ Hammer Will said to himself as he moved on.

The depot was much better, the supplies that appeared to have come in as the SIMM hit were just some vegetable and canned food. Hammer will filled his backpack with all the canned hay he could fit, for now, they won’t be worrying about food any times soon.

Finally Hammer Will made his way to the General store. The store was already in ruins it seems it had burned down when the SIMMs hit and there are nothing left. Just as Hammer Will was about to leave disappointed, he spots a shine from the side of the store. ‘’If I’m not wrong and this town is set up just like ours, that is the town garage beside the store!’’ He thought, realizing what could be in that pile of rubble, he ran to it and after some brief digging, a moskvitch 412 appeared, it seemed that the roof of the car held firm and garage did well to stop the initial blast and the fire somehow only damaged the front of the car, burning some of the paint on the car off.

Not believing his own luck Hammer Will spent the rest of the day clearing a way for the car, and after that he broke through the window and unlocked it, after a moment he realize there wasn’t a key, suddenly bummed out by the fact in frustration Hammer Will slammed his hoof on the steering wheel, with a loud honk, the flap above the steering wheel opened and a key dropped out of it.

Now astonished by his luck he plugged the key in and sure enough, along the rumming of the engine, the car had started, driving back to the town hall he honked, but no pony came out.

‘’What are they doing?’’ He said as he walked inside the town hall.

It was a mess, the three ponies are now all in hangover and are all partially drunk, but thanks to it only being one bottle nobody was knocked out.

Seeing the current condition of his group, he walked outside locked the car and walked back in to get ready for the night.

After cleaning everyone up and fixing up the camp, Hammer Will allowed the rest of the group to sleep, staring outside of the window, Hammer Will thought to himself.

‘’I really need to buy a workers lottery, if that still exists.’’

(1): dis is of great joke only for true kommunists of stronk union.

Date: starting from last chapter 1990/12/21, 7PM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal, recovering)
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
3 marekov pistol and 99 rounds in total (in share with the PPSH)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 2.2 clips of ammo. (22 rounds)
1 PPSH-41 99 rounds
5 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 20.

Chapter One page seven The Tone from the grave

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Chapter One

Page 7

The Tone from the grave

As the group finally awaken from their tiring night, Hammer Will informed the group about his discovery. The group, now overjoyed about the news felt content about their trip towards Moscow. After Hammer Will consulted the group that he and Fire Tan can take turns driving and that knowing the distance between each industrial town he ensured the group there are enough fuel in the car already for them to go long enough that they will reach the next little town or whatever awaits them down the road.

‘’With that car and if we get lucky with finding fuel we can reach Leningrad in maybe a few more days, and with enough food I think we are set for success!’’ Hammer Will said to the group contented.

After a brief packing, just as the group prepared to leave, Fire Tan remembered something.

‘’Hey Commissar, have we buried the bodies yet? I wasn’t feeling too well that day.’’ Fire Tan said, still slightly in guilt remembering the innocent mare she shot.

‘’Why would we bother with that? Plus it is of late now, the bodies would already be… disturbing.’’ Hammer Will said reluctantly.

‘’Well, even if they are rebels, they still don’t deserve to be rat food.’’ Fire Tan said.

‘’Why do you care so much all of a sudden?’’ Hammer Will asked now curious.

Fire Tan held back for a moment then took Hammer Will away from the other two to tell him what happened.

‘’Haha, that is your problem?’’ Hammer Will blurted laughing. ‘’I don’t know what got to you Fire Tan, but I’m sure some vodka would help. He said as he reached into his pocket and took out a flask filled with vodka, he passes it to Fire Tan.

‘’We will still bury them right?’’ Fire Tan said as she took a gulp.

‘’Dah, dah I will deal with it. You just get ready for the ride.’’ Hammer Will said as he walked towards the front of the town where the firefight took place.

After a while Hammer Will returned to the car, and it seems every-pony is ready to leave. As Hammer Will got on the car, Fire Tan leaded in and asked.

‘’You did check the security office right?’’ Fire Tan said slightly concerned. ‘’We could use everything we can find.’’

‘’I thought you checked that!’’ Hammer Will replied almost with a tone of surprise.

After a moment of thought he left to check it out annoyed.

Good Luck for Hammer Will again, the keys he had were useable on every security office in the OMID (Outer Moscow Industrial District), and as it would seem that this town’s population was decimated, as the armory remains untouched and is still full of weapons, unfortunately for him though is that although this armory well stocked, the heavier weapons were locked with a gun lock, and sadly that lock required a different key which Hammer Will did not have.

‘’Guess my luck just had to run out.’’ He sighed, but realizing he could still pick up some ammo, he stocked up some more 7.62x51 SVT-40 rounds and 7.62x25 Marekov rounds, as a bonus two more Marekov Pistol was found, content with the fact that he can now fully arm every one he went back to the car and after a quick training session where He taught Mr. Tommislav and Ms. Tommniov how to arm the gun, reload aim etc. Skills that the common folks usually don’t have as the Union had banned the common use of firearms for civilian in response for the riots in Ukraine.

Finally sure it was time to leave they got on the moskvitch and fired it up. With a crisp ramming sound the car roared to life, and they group drove towards the end of the town.

Just as they were about to leave the town, a stallion walked up the road, Tommniov became nervous. But upon getting closer, the stallion became clear, a brown bodied stallion with a messy white mane, dressed in a duster and a shirt, on his head was a navy cap, with the black sea navy logo on it, and on his belt was a Nagant Revolver. He looked like an older fella.

The Stallion waved at them and Hammer Will told the group to act calm, after driving closer and stopping by him, Hammer Will rolled down the window.

‘’Isn’t that just nice? An ALIVE pony… oh wait ponies, you got yourself a nice group there, and the mare in the side seat she yours?’’ He said with a deep but friendly tone as he walked closer and set his hooves on the car door. ‘’Nice car, where you find this?’’

‘’Good day comrade, I’ll answer those two question, no she is no-pony’s mare and we found that car in the ruins of the General store garage.’’ Hammer Will said with a tone mixed with both uncertainty and caution.

‘’How about ya get off and we have a chat, haven’t been days since I’ve talked to some-pony else.’’ The Stallion said and signalled the group to get off the car.

In caution Fire Tan whispered to Mr. Tommislav and Ms. Tommniov to stay inside the car and make sure that they are prepared.

As Hammer Will got off the car, although uncertain about the stallion he tried to be casual. They sat down by the car and the stallion pulled out his flask and drank from it. As he is doing so he heard a *click* in the car. His ear twitched but his expression didn't change, all he did was he quietly put down his flask and screwed it back close and placed it back into the coat, as he was doing so he intentionally lifted the coat a bit to reveal the revolver.

‘’Marekov, a bit rusty on the safety the click sounds a bit soft. In the back seat of the car eh? So much for hospitality here.’’ He said with a faint simile. ‘’Anyway I came from Odessa if you can’t tell that from my hat. ‘’Pointing at his black sea navy cap. ‘’Got caught up in this and well I came here with my partner, what about you?’’

‘’I was stationed in the 20th factory district of the OMID and these ponies here are the survivors, we are at the 21th one right now. Had to walk quite a way to this place, how is the rest of the country.’’ Hammer Will replied.

‘’Oh the rest of the country? Well it’s either burned or in chaos. All the news station are down, at least the ones in Moscow. The cities either fell or are in martial law, I heard the Kremlin is now secured by a bunch of crazy KGB officers and the premier is nowhere to be found. For me? That doesn’t matter now, we are heading for the lower parts of the union, perhaps Kazakhstan and gonna try to settle there and sit this though.’’ The stallion said as he kept his causal mood.

‘’Why did Marekhail Gormanechev start this war anyways? I thought he wanted a peaceful solution.’’ Hammer Will asked.

‘’Welp, she wasn’t in control of this, you see the party controls the army, but the KGB also do control part of the party. the KGB had been trying to undermine her since she got on, and after the Coltan Missile crisis, they leaped at the chance and started an already planned attack on Alaska and they were on their way to get rid of her when the whole war started, Marekhail didn't even understand what happened, she thought the Americans launched an attack and with that the world ended, apparently some-pony mistook a balloon launch for a missile, stupid eh?’’ The stallion finished and stood back up, ‘’well that was a good chat, I should be going now.’’

‘’Thanks comrade.’’ Hammer Will said stunned by what he had said.

‘’Hold on a second, ya seen a mare here? She was my partner and we decide to split up to scavenge the two towns. She haven’t replied for a while.’’ The stallion said.

It was that moment that Hammer Will felt extremely uneasy. ‘’I haven’t seen her comrade.’’ He sees the mare’s grave on the side of the car. ‘’at least he won’t know.’’ he thought to himself with relief.

Just then the stallion pulled out a hoof-held radio and called on it.

*BUZZ……….BUZZ* it came from the grave.

Date: 1990/12/22, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Healthy/Basically
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
5 marekov pistol and 146 rounds in total (in share with the PPSH)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 4 clips of ammo. (40 rounds)

1 PPSH-41 99 rounds

4.5 day worth of food.


Moscow Industrial district 21.

Chapter One page eight The Minor Delay

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Chapter One

Page 8

The Minor Delay

As the stallion now intrigued with the buzz coming from the grave, Hammer Will came across a decision, he could confront the stallion and risk death or he could gain the upper hand by acting first. Ignoring Ms. Tommniov’s signal to get back on the car, he drew out his PPSH from his back and cocked loudly allowing the stallion to hear it loud and clear.

The stallion paused and shook as if he ignored him and proceeded to walk towards the grave, Hammer Will signalled Fire Tan to get ready with her rifle, and although unsure she complied.

‘’So this is what this is?’’ He said as he stood by the grave.

A silence wrapped around the group, as the winter winds picked up on the barren wasteland and the ruins of the town, a chill went down Fire Tan’s neck, she felt more uneasy than ever, knowing that Hammer Will is really the only leader in the group, they couldn’t risk losing him.

After a long pause, the stallion turned around facing the group and reached for his holster.

‘’Hold it there, I don’t want more blood then there already were.’’ Hammer Will said as he pointed the PPSH right at his head. Hammer Will said with intimidation.

Seeing the odds are against him, the stallion dropped the ‘holster’, suddenly a smoke envolped him blanketing the surrounding.

‘’Damn it!’’ Hammer Will shouted before firing a good dose of bullets into the smoke (-21 7.62x25mm), but to no avail, the stallion had ducked down to avoid the volley of bullets and returned fire.

But fortunately for Hammer Will, the stallion couldn’t see either after firing a few quick rounds he attempted to roll out of the smoke screen to escape but was caught off guard by Fire Tan, in his attempt to duck behind a nearby wrecked vehicle, Fire Tan fired a round into his shoulder making him drop his weapon.

‘’Hammer he is disarmed!’’ Fire Tan cried to Hammer Will, who is now consumed by rage after being fueled by the adrenaline of battle.

Hammer Will walked towards the downed stallion with full swing and bashed his head with the stock of the gun. Spilling blood on the cold yet muddy wasteland.

‘’Oh I’m going to enjoy this…’’ Hammer Will mumbled with a devil’s tone.

Hammer Will bashed the stallion multiple times with the stock with no gaps in-between. Fire Tan, now stunned by this display of violence, she didn’t understand what had gotten into Hammer Will, he was never like that. As the beating continued the struggles of the stallion became weaker until he was finally on his last breath.

‘’Пошел ты, коммунист.’’ The stallion gurgled on his last breaths.

‘’Fuck you too.’’ Hammer Will replied before dumping another dozen rounds into the stallion. (-12 7.62x25mm)

The stallion now completely dead lays in a pool of his own blood right beside the grave of his partner.

‘’Sir……That was completely uncalled for.’’ Fire Tan said or she would have if it didn’t come as a squeak.

Hammer Will quickly ran through the stallion’s body and pulled out his Nagant revolver and a pouch of bullets, after putting them into the trunk, Hammer Will walked up and entered the car.

As Hammer Will slowly refill his magazine, Fire Tan decided to question Hammer Will for his sheer brutality.

‘’Commissar, that was really unnecessary, he was only angry.’’ Fire Tan said in a pitiful voice.

Hammer Will suddenly stopped, dropping a bullet onto the cold steel chassis of the car a hollow ding rang through the silent car.

‘’That was… UNNECESSARY?! What are you a rebel sympathizer?’’ Hammer Will suddenly snapped in anger as he almost leaped on Fire Tan.

‘’Please… Stop, your scaring me Com-missar…’’ Fire Tan sobbed as fear over took her, this was never where she wanted to be.

Her words worked like a switch, suddenly Hammer Will snapped back. His eyes losing the flames of anger that was in them.

‘’Oh god, I’m so sorry comrade Fire Tan, I was just out of it. It must have been the alcohol, please don’t think too much about what I said, I would NEVER hurt you.’’ Hammer Will said as he took a more caring gesture and leaned in to attempt to comfort Fire Tan.

Fire Tan on the other hand simply cried and sobbed making inaudible noises, she didn’t understand what happened to this world, the murders the rebellion, the war. What was her proud motherland, now ruins and decimated. And everyone around her become less recognizable every day the commissar she once remembered and the commissar she knows now, are two different pony. Fire Tan leaned on the windshield crying while Hammer Will gently pets her mane, trying to calm her down.

All while this is happening, Mr. Tommislav and Mr. Tommniov are both weird out by what they are seeing. Finally after another few moment of what seem to be a cringe filled romantic movie, Mr. Tommislav finally decided to cut in.7

‘’Aren’t you guys soldiers? We are looking up to you guys protecting us, get your acts together.’’ Tommislav said.

Realizing how bad she must have seemed, Fire Tan cleared her tears and straightened out.

‘’Are we good now?’’ Fire Tan said to everyone inside the car.

After both Tommislav and Tommniov nodded in agreement, Fire Tan turned towards Hammer Will and asked.

‘’Are you okay, commissar?’’ Fire Tan said, quietly.

‘’I’m find comrade, just a Minor Delay in our trip.’’ Hammer Will said as he restarted the car and with a familiar thundering noise, the car started and soon the group was back on the road.

Date: 1990/12/22, 10AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Healthy/Basically
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
5 marekov pistol and 113 rounds in total (in share with the PPSH)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 4 clips of ammo. (39 rounds)
1 PPSH-41 113 rounds
4 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 21.