• Published 3rd Oct 2017
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Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story) - Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

This Story Is about My OC Fire Tan and her Story in the Aftermath of a Nuclear War aftermath (without radiation as it isn't nuclear bombs, details are in the long description) Along with other OCs from real life people in this alternative earth.

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Chapter One page seven The Tone from the grave

Chapter One

Page 7

The Tone from the grave

As the group finally awaken from their tiring night, Hammer Will informed the group about his discovery. The group, now overjoyed about the news felt content about their trip towards Moscow. After Hammer Will consulted the group that he and Fire Tan can take turns driving and that knowing the distance between each industrial town he ensured the group there are enough fuel in the car already for them to go long enough that they will reach the next little town or whatever awaits them down the road.

‘’With that car and if we get lucky with finding fuel we can reach Leningrad in maybe a few more days, and with enough food I think we are set for success!’’ Hammer Will said to the group contented.

After a brief packing, just as the group prepared to leave, Fire Tan remembered something.

‘’Hey Commissar, have we buried the bodies yet? I wasn’t feeling too well that day.’’ Fire Tan said, still slightly in guilt remembering the innocent mare she shot.

‘’Why would we bother with that? Plus it is of late now, the bodies would already be… disturbing.’’ Hammer Will said reluctantly.

‘’Well, even if they are rebels, they still don’t deserve to be rat food.’’ Fire Tan said.

‘’Why do you care so much all of a sudden?’’ Hammer Will asked now curious.

Fire Tan held back for a moment then took Hammer Will away from the other two to tell him what happened.

‘’Haha, that is your problem?’’ Hammer Will blurted laughing. ‘’I don’t know what got to you Fire Tan, but I’m sure some vodka would help. He said as he reached into his pocket and took out a flask filled with vodka, he passes it to Fire Tan.

‘’We will still bury them right?’’ Fire Tan said as she took a gulp.

‘’Dah, dah I will deal with it. You just get ready for the ride.’’ Hammer Will said as he walked towards the front of the town where the firefight took place.

After a while Hammer Will returned to the car, and it seems every-pony is ready to leave. As Hammer Will got on the car, Fire Tan leaded in and asked.

‘’You did check the security office right?’’ Fire Tan said slightly concerned. ‘’We could use everything we can find.’’

‘’I thought you checked that!’’ Hammer Will replied almost with a tone of surprise.

After a moment of thought he left to check it out annoyed.

Good Luck for Hammer Will again, the keys he had were useable on every security office in the OMID (Outer Moscow Industrial District), and as it would seem that this town’s population was decimated, as the armory remains untouched and is still full of weapons, unfortunately for him though is that although this armory well stocked, the heavier weapons were locked with a gun lock, and sadly that lock required a different key which Hammer Will did not have.

‘’Guess my luck just had to run out.’’ He sighed, but realizing he could still pick up some ammo, he stocked up some more 7.62x51 SVT-40 rounds and 7.62x25 Marekov rounds, as a bonus two more Marekov Pistol was found, content with the fact that he can now fully arm every one he went back to the car and after a quick training session where He taught Mr. Tommislav and Ms. Tommniov how to arm the gun, reload aim etc. Skills that the common folks usually don’t have as the Union had banned the common use of firearms for civilian in response for the riots in Ukraine.

Finally sure it was time to leave they got on the moskvitch and fired it up. With a crisp ramming sound the car roared to life, and they group drove towards the end of the town.

Just as they were about to leave the town, a stallion walked up the road, Tommniov became nervous. But upon getting closer, the stallion became clear, a brown bodied stallion with a messy white mane, dressed in a duster and a shirt, on his head was a navy cap, with the black sea navy logo on it, and on his belt was a Nagant Revolver. He looked like an older fella.

The Stallion waved at them and Hammer Will told the group to act calm, after driving closer and stopping by him, Hammer Will rolled down the window.

‘’Isn’t that just nice? An ALIVE pony… oh wait ponies, you got yourself a nice group there, and the mare in the side seat she yours?’’ He said with a deep but friendly tone as he walked closer and set his hooves on the car door. ‘’Nice car, where you find this?’’

‘’Good day comrade, I’ll answer those two question, no she is no-pony’s mare and we found that car in the ruins of the General store garage.’’ Hammer Will said with a tone mixed with both uncertainty and caution.

‘’How about ya get off and we have a chat, haven’t been days since I’ve talked to some-pony else.’’ The Stallion said and signalled the group to get off the car.

In caution Fire Tan whispered to Mr. Tommislav and Ms. Tommniov to stay inside the car and make sure that they are prepared.

As Hammer Will got off the car, although uncertain about the stallion he tried to be casual. They sat down by the car and the stallion pulled out his flask and drank from it. As he is doing so he heard a *click* in the car. His ear twitched but his expression didn't change, all he did was he quietly put down his flask and screwed it back close and placed it back into the coat, as he was doing so he intentionally lifted the coat a bit to reveal the revolver.

‘’Marekov, a bit rusty on the safety the click sounds a bit soft. In the back seat of the car eh? So much for hospitality here.’’ He said with a faint simile. ‘’Anyway I came from Odessa if you can’t tell that from my hat. ‘’Pointing at his black sea navy cap. ‘’Got caught up in this and well I came here with my partner, what about you?’’

‘’I was stationed in the 20th factory district of the OMID and these ponies here are the survivors, we are at the 21th one right now. Had to walk quite a way to this place, how is the rest of the country.’’ Hammer Will replied.

‘’Oh the rest of the country? Well it’s either burned or in chaos. All the news station are down, at least the ones in Moscow. The cities either fell or are in martial law, I heard the Kremlin is now secured by a bunch of crazy KGB officers and the premier is nowhere to be found. For me? That doesn’t matter now, we are heading for the lower parts of the union, perhaps Kazakhstan and gonna try to settle there and sit this though.’’ The stallion said as he kept his causal mood.

‘’Why did Marekhail Gormanechev start this war anyways? I thought he wanted a peaceful solution.’’ Hammer Will asked.

‘’Welp, she wasn’t in control of this, you see the party controls the army, but the KGB also do control part of the party. the KGB had been trying to undermine her since she got on, and after the Coltan Missile crisis, they leaped at the chance and started an already planned attack on Alaska and they were on their way to get rid of her when the whole war started, Marekhail didn't even understand what happened, she thought the Americans launched an attack and with that the world ended, apparently some-pony mistook a balloon launch for a missile, stupid eh?’’ The stallion finished and stood back up, ‘’well that was a good chat, I should be going now.’’

‘’Thanks comrade.’’ Hammer Will said stunned by what he had said.

‘’Hold on a second, ya seen a mare here? She was my partner and we decide to split up to scavenge the two towns. She haven’t replied for a while.’’ The stallion said.

It was that moment that Hammer Will felt extremely uneasy. ‘’I haven’t seen her comrade.’’ He sees the mare’s grave on the side of the car. ‘’at least he won’t know.’’ he thought to himself with relief.

Just then the stallion pulled out a hoof-held radio and called on it.

*BUZZ……….BUZZ* it came from the grave.

Date: 1990/12/22, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Healthy/Basically
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
5 marekov pistol and 146 rounds in total (in share with the PPSH)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 4 clips of ammo. (40 rounds)

1 PPSH-41 99 rounds

4.5 day worth of food.


Moscow Industrial district 21.