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Just a random guys that is writing a story feel free to check it out and add me on steam I'm not sure if I'll update my steam name but it will always have something to do with Soviet Pony

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    Rules For The Story · 6:47pm September 9th


    My idea of this novel is that I will implement interaction between me and people that has Their OC involved in the story, people may think of events and can message me on steam (Soviet Pony) and I’ll see to if it’s appropriate, events usually will occur every 4~6 days (1 page a day) and there will be one day to respond to the event or else I’ll have to think for ur OC myself (trust me I am not accurate on that).


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    OC blog Crimson Shot from Dr.Derp Muffin drawed by me · 2:37am September 30th

    The picture of Crimson Shot


    Gender: Female

    Race: Unicorn

    Body Size: Shorter than average with a messy mane

    Clothing: Flight Jacket

    Weapons: Mosin nagant, Makarov and pocket knife

    Characteristic: Easily frustrated and determined but weary when confronting face to face, Cautious.

    Nationality: Russian (Moscow) Democracy

    Relations: Crush on Fire Tan

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    ты говоришь по русски?

    Sorry for the last few days that has gone without any updates, my grandma had some health problems and it isnt getting better, I feel better now so hopefully I'll resume normal update, BTW sorry for the quality in page seven, that page doesnt feel quite right, anyway thats my update, thx for reading my story.

    Nope, but my grandfather was a commissar, why?

    Are you involved in any leftist organizations?

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