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Just a random guys that is writing a story feel free to check it out and add me on steam I'm not sure if I'll update my steam name but it will always have something to do with Soviet Pony

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This story is interactive in the OCs and comments, you guys can suggest events, add additional things etc, you guys can also join yourself, contact me and I can sign you up, keep in mind to stay on track of the story and be responsible as your decision affect other people.
If you are interested, go check out the rules and contact me.

The Story Is set on a universe that had collided with Equestria, where Anthro ponies and other species walked the earth the timeline was similar to ours in real life until 1991 with similar inventions but with the replacement of nuclear technology with compressed magic.
Fire Tan in 1990/19/19, a citizen of the USSPR (Union of Soviet Socialist Pony Republic) who was a former Captain that served in the 14th Guards Division of the Soviet army found herself caught off guard by the all out SIMM (Solar Interstellar Magic Missile, A missile that uses over charged magic that upon detonation creates a giant heat blast, unlike nuclear bombs in our world the heat travels way greater distance than nuclear fission, but what also is different is the lack of radiation.) War between the Union and its allies against the western alliance.
As she walks the waste of the old world she is joined by many personal characters (ponies that I personally created and direct) and other peoples OCs (who are able to decide the outcome of major events with their own decision.)
I can only promise the fact that we will eventually feature US mainland but no details as OCs again determine many factors therefore making the story random.

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'Fire Tan' A former Red guard marks-mare finds herself in a post cold war nuclear Apocalypse world, after finding her former commander 'red shine' she finds her self in the midst of an invasion on USA mainland.

There are no Real Plot line besides my general idea because the story is by the reader's ideas and the OC owner's decision upon events.

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