• Published 3rd Oct 2017
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Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story) - Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

This Story Is about My OC Fire Tan and her Story in the Aftermath of a Nuclear War aftermath (without radiation as it isn't nuclear bombs, details are in the long description) Along with other OCs from real life people in this alternative earth.

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Chapter One page one unwanted visit

Chapter One

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Unwanted visit

A sleepless night for the Fire Tan, the first night was finally over, for Fire Tan, that's a relief, last night was horrible, the cramped space, dark damp bunker didn't help her sleep and especially having to sleep with another stallion Hammer Will on the same tiny bed. That kept her up all night, she finally was able to close her eyes for a while after Hammer Will finally have gotten up in the morning.

It wasn’t long before her brief nap was interrupted.

‘’Comrade Fire Tan, get up! Its nine-o-clock already!’’ Hammer Will said rushing Fire Tan out of bed, somehow he seems to be happy about last night.

Fire Tan rolled on the bed refusing to get up until she rolled off of it and smacked face first into the bunker floor.

‘’Awwee~’’ Fire Tan moaned in pain.

‘’Well at least you are out of bed now.’’ Hammer Will chucked before pulling her up.

‘’How was sleep last night? I know it’s odd that we had to share a bed, but I hope you’re okay with that.’’ Hammer Will said as he sat down on the bed and opened a bottle of cannoned coffee.

‘’I had no sleep last name sir, I kept thinking about what’s happening outside, and the fact that I’m cramped into a corner.’’ Fire Tan grumbled as she said down besides Hammer Will on the bed.

‘’Don’t refer me to SIR Comrade, call me by my name.’’ Hammer Will said as sipped from his coffee.

‘’Well, are we gonna try to find some pony folks outside?’’ Fire Tan said after regaining her senses.

‘’I’m gonna check it out later today, although there might be survivors, it’s most likely that they won’t be friendly. Our first priority would be to check on the armory, and make sure NOPONY gets their hands on those weapons, the last thing we want is an-’’

Hammer Will was cut off by the sound of a shotgun blast that broke the peace of the mornings, and it seem to be coming from an impact on the bunker door.

‘’Get The Fuck out of there you Communist Fuck!’’ a heavy grunt was heard outside followed by a loud kick on the door.

‘’Damn it! I knew this would happen. Why didn't I keep the Weapons down here in the First place?’’ Hammer Will said with frustration. ‘’You stay here! That's an Order!’’ He said as he walked up towards the door.

Fire Tan watched Hammer Will as he approached the door, ‘’what do you want from us?’’ he called out to the ponies outside.

The ponies outside didn't respond, but judging by the voice he was a stallion. After a few moments of silence it would have almost seemed that the threat was over and they can resume their morning. When suddenly with a loud bang, The Bunker door was rammed open and a round object was thrown inside the bunker.

‘’Grenade!’’ Hammer Will grabbed the Grenade and tried to toss it outside the door but the ponies outside shut just in time and the grenade bounced back inside the bunker. In an instant Hammer Will threw the bunker’s table along with the supplies on the table on to the grenade.

*Boom* with a blast the two were dazed as the shockwave almost torn their eardrums right out.

As Fire Tan was Once again dazed from the explosion she sees three figures rush inside, they saw Fire Tan in the corner.

‘’ So it was this little bitch that was locking us out?’’ one of the stallion said to the other.

‘’ So they sat here while the whole town burned.’’ the other stallion with a revengeful tone.

To Fire Tan’s horror, these three ponies were horribly burned, so much that it was impossible to identify them

‘’There was nothing we could do!’’ Fire Tan cried.

‘’Besides starting this fucking war, right. We’ll make an example out of her.’’ The last stallion said as the three reached for her.

‘’wait. I thought I heard a Stallion’s voic-’’ three gun shots gone off. And then there was silence. The first moments Fire Tan and Hammer Will had spent interacting with the survivors of the SIMM was just another bloodbath, as the ponies lay dead in their own blood. Fire Tan notice one of them was still alive, he gurgles out a few word that seems to make out ‘help.

As Fire Tan tried to find supplies to help she realized that the med kit was destroyed when Hammer Will blocked the explosion with the table and the supplies, she ran up to Hammer Will and asked for medicine.

‘’The Only medicine this bastard is of needing is a bullet.’’ he says as he fires three rounds into the stallions head, and with a death gurgle and few twitches, it stopped.

‘’Bad mistake, not realizing that there is another pony in the bunker with a lock and loaded marekrov.

As Fire Tan was still in shock of what she had just experienced and witnessed Hammer Will still seems rather calm.

‘’I can’t believe you just shot him, he wasn’t a combatant!’’ Fire Tan called out to Hammer Will.

Hammer Will replied in his ever calming voice. ‘’They aren’t civilians as soon as soon as they betrayed the country and the party, and once they become traitors they aren’t ponies anymore, just feral animals that needs to be put down. I learned about that the hard way, now grab whatever is left we need to leave, it isn’t secured anymore.

After a short moment of doubt she decided that Hammer Will was right, after all Hammer Will had saved her life, Fire Tan nodded and said: ‘’ this is not gonna be safe for us anymore, we should go check the armory and make a run for Leningrad I know the garrison commander there.’’

‘’Red Shine, right?’’ Hammer Will asked.

‘’How do you know his name?’’ Fire Tan asked back.

‘’He was my former commander when I still served in the 14th Guards Division.

‘’Well, we better not keep him waiting then, that is if he still is alive. Pack your bags and grab all the food you can carry, we got to go, fast.’’

The two grabbed whatever that was left and left the bunker.

date: 1990/12/20, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 3 clips of ammo.
3 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 19.

Author's Note:

my first drawing involving more than 2 pones so please hive criticism and btw I cant draw stallions for some reasons.