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Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story) - Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

This Story Is about My OC Fire Tan and her Story in the Aftermath of a Nuclear War aftermath (without radiation as it isn't nuclear bombs, details are in the long description) Along with other OCs from real life people in this alternative earth.

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Chapter One page sixth The Luck and the moskvitch

Chapter One

Page 6

The Luck and the moskvitch

Fire Tan collapsed trembling, her memories swarmed her, all those time she pulled the trigger on other ponies, she always held the thought that they were enemies, ‘’Of course they were enemies, and if they were enemies, it’s my duty to kill them to protect my comrades.’’ She remembered, but now she had just came to a terrifying thought, she never knew it they were enemies, if this mare is ibnnocent, what about the others? Suddenly all the flashback of her victims came before her, the looks on their faces just before their brains were blown out.

‘’AHHHGH!’’ Fire Tan screeched as something happened inside her, as if something detached, like a trailer flying off its towing vehicle on a speeding highway. Her emotions halted and she reminded herself of who she was.

‘’I’m a soldier, my purpose is to serve my superiors, without question of moral or logic.’’ Fire Tan repeated this line in her head, a line that was nailed into her head on the very first day of her training. She eventually regained her senses.

Just then Hammer Will busted in.

‘’What happened comrade? I heard scream.’’ Hammer Will said worried.

‘’U-hm its nothing sir. I accidentally stepped on a nail.’’ Fire Tan replied with hesitation.

‘’Ha, I knew you were okay, comrade! We found some good stuff, a PPSH, two more marekov and 53 7.62x25mm ammo.’’ Hammer Will said with a tone of a victor.

‘’You don’t need help right?’’ He asked.

‘’I’m fine, we can meet at the town hall.’’ Fire Tan said as she tried to put on her best ‘I’m okay’ impression.

‘’I’ll see you there.’’ Hammer Will said as he left the room.

Still slightly stressed, Fire Tan followed.

For the rest of the day, the group decided to settle for the night in the town hall and plan to eventually go scavenging. Although it seems every-pony was okay, Fire Tan was more quiet than usual.

‘’eh…hey, are you alright? I mean that was a pretty nice shot from my view, what’s wrong?’’ Ms. Tommniov said quietly to Fire Tan across the room.

There wasn’t any reply.

‘’Hello? Are you okay?’’ Ms. Tommniov said again slightly louder this time.

No reply.

Hammer Will on the other hand heard the conversation, or the conversation Ms. Tommniov is trying to have, he cleared his throat and stood up.

‘’Well comrades, I’m going to go check out the rest of the town maybe find something of use.’’ He picked up his Flak vest and pistol and walked out the town hall.

After another moment of silence, Mr. Tommislav finally seemed to have reached his limit. He got up and walked to Fire Tan.

‘’I swear to god! I did not follow you guys to just have you sit your ass down and play the silence game, you know how long we’ve been doing this?........ Actually I don’t know, there isn’t a watch or a clock here.’’ He said.

After a moment Fire Tan seemed to have zoned back in, and after realizing what Mr. Tommislav had said, she replied ‘’I shot an innocent civilian when we were at the town, remember the pony in the tower? She wasn't armed at all, and I killed her.’’

‘’It wasn’t your fault dear, she could have been anyone, rebels troublemakers that could put a bullet in our heads.’’ Ms. Tommniov said as she also walked to Fire Tan and tried to comfort her, ‘’you did the right thing.’’ she said.

‘’But she wasn’t a rebel or any of that, she was just like us.’’ Fire Tan said as she is still in grief and sadden over the incident.

‘’Wanna hear a joke comrade? ’’ As Tommislav sat down beside Fire Tan and grabbed the vodka besides her.

‘’What?’’ Fire Tan said almost in a whimper fashion.

‘’What do you call the Finnish border? The Finish Line!’’(1) Tommislav said as he laughed out. ‘’ Well I’m Finnished with my joke!’’

Fire Tan chuckled for a bit. ‘’Well, thanks comrade.’’

‘’Now how about that drink? I kinda need one after this entire Bomb crap.’’ He said as he opened the bottle and grabbed a few shot glass in his pocket and filled them up.

Fire Tan although not in the mood, she still wasn’t able to resist the vodka in front of her. She grabbed a shot and downed it.

‘’ are you seriously drinking in front of another MARE right in front of me?’’ Ms. Tommniov called out.

‘’What? You can join.’’ Tommislav said as he handed a shot glass to her, and drank one.

‘’Fine, but never again.’’ Tommniov said as she soften up and took the shot.

In moments the room was filled with laughter and unrecognizable words.

Meanwhile as the three ponies graced themselves with the Russian liquid gold, Hammer Will was still scavenging the town.

The town was small just like Fire Tan’s home town, except this one seemed to have no survivors these small towns were just a single row of buildings down a middle street that ran though the town, and most of them had a simple making, on one side you have the town hall, where the commissar and security is, also the only SIMM proof building in town, then the depot where exports and imports come and go to keep the town running, then there is the factory, where the main processing is done, and lastly the general shop where ponies use their ration ticket and money to buy their items. And on the other side of the town are all the resident homes. These towns were built to prevent mass destruction of industry, so instead of a whole section filled with factory, these are spread out and safer against incoming attacks from SIMM or just convention bombing.

As Hammer Will checked though the factory there wasn't much of interest besides the raw material which won’t do much good, it seems this factory was stamping steel into what seems to be weapon parts.

‘’Too bad they won’t assemble any weapons here.’’ Hammer Will said to himself as he moved on.

The depot was much better, the supplies that appeared to have come in as the SIMM hit were just some vegetable and canned food. Hammer will filled his backpack with all the canned hay he could fit, for now, they won’t be worrying about food any times soon.

Finally Hammer Will made his way to the General store. The store was already in ruins it seems it had burned down when the SIMMs hit and there are nothing left. Just as Hammer Will was about to leave disappointed, he spots a shine from the side of the store. ‘’If I’m not wrong and this town is set up just like ours, that is the town garage beside the store!’’ He thought, realizing what could be in that pile of rubble, he ran to it and after some brief digging, a moskvitch 412 appeared, it seemed that the roof of the car held firm and garage did well to stop the initial blast and the fire somehow only damaged the front of the car, burning some of the paint on the car off.

Not believing his own luck Hammer Will spent the rest of the day clearing a way for the car, and after that he broke through the window and unlocked it, after a moment he realize there wasn’t a key, suddenly bummed out by the fact in frustration Hammer Will slammed his hoof on the steering wheel, with a loud honk, the flap above the steering wheel opened and a key dropped out of it.

Now astonished by his luck he plugged the key in and sure enough, along the rumming of the engine, the car had started, driving back to the town hall he honked, but no pony came out.

‘’What are they doing?’’ He said as he walked inside the town hall.

It was a mess, the three ponies are now all in hangover and are all partially drunk, but thanks to it only being one bottle nobody was knocked out.

Seeing the current condition of his group, he walked outside locked the car and walked back in to get ready for the night.

After cleaning everyone up and fixing up the camp, Hammer Will allowed the rest of the group to sleep, staring outside of the window, Hammer Will thought to himself.

‘’I really need to buy a workers lottery, if that still exists.’’

(1): dis is of great joke only for true kommunists of stronk union.

Date: starting from last chapter 1990/12/21, 7PM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal, recovering)
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
3 marekov pistol and 99 rounds in total (in share with the PPSH)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 2.2 clips of ammo. (22 rounds)
1 PPSH-41 99 rounds
5 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 20.