• Published 16th Sep 2017
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Darkness Resurrected - ShadowedKnight68

In a few days it would be Christmas, the holiday so many love and can't wait for, but for one he wish it wouldnt come at all, this man despises it with all his heart, but during this time he will get the change of his life.

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Nightmares And Memory

Andrew looked around the black void he'd been just flouting in, this place was dark and cold, he could barely see his hands in front of his face with how dark it was.

Suddenly black tentacles made of smoke shot out of the darkness and wrapped around his arms and legs "what the hel-" Andrew was cut off by another mist tentacle wrapping around his neck choking him.

"You little pest...I will not remain trapped here while you have control...this body will be mine!" A woman's voice yelled as turquoise eyes appeared in the darkness in front of Andrew.

"Ngh" he struggled to breath as the tentacle got tighter, the voice laughed maniacally while it watched, it seemed to start gaining a body, it looked like a horse but those eyes didn't belong to any normal horse.

"P-please" Andrew begged as everything was getting blurry and his head felt like it was going to pop.

"Hehe oh no...I will give you no mercy I want you to suffer just so you know never to try to take something from me" the voice said as she was gaining more and more of a body.

Andrew's mind was getting foggy, he figured it was probably from lack of oxygen and his brain cells dying.

He thought he was going to die as he started seeing stars fill his vision until the entire void shattered and was replaced with a field.

"W-what?.." He coughed and looked around.

"I've never seen such a powerful nightmare" a new woman's voice said, he turned around and saw a dark blue horse with a star filled flowing main and tail, she looked like what the thing was trying to turn into just a few minutes ago.

"What the hell??" He said stumbling back away from her.

The horse looked surprised seeing him too as she looked at him "what creature are you?..." She said looking at him.

"A human what the hell are you?!" He yelled.

"Human?" She said confused, her eyes then widened "no wait I need more ans-" she was cut off as he jumped up awake and clanked his head against something purple right in front of him.

"Ngh" he groaned rubbing his head in pain and falling back on the pillow holding his head.

"Ow..." A very familiar voice said.

He opened his eyes and looked at her seeing it was the crazy purple horse again "n-no no no" he whimpered hearing the little girls voice come out of his mouth once more, he tried to run but was caught by the purple horse "let me go!!! Help!!! Someone please help!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

"No no no sh sh sh it's ok I'm not going to hurt you please clam down" the purple horse said as she tried to calm him down.

"No no get away from me!!" He yelled swinging his legs at her trying to punch her.

The purple horse pulled him into a hug and held him there, he tried to break free but she was a lot stronger then him, after a few minutes of struggling he finally gave up from exhaustion.

"Ok...now listen I'm very very very sorry about attacking you...I thought you were someone a lot scarier and way more dangerous, but I now see your just a small scared filly and I'm gonna help you ok?" She said with a soft voice.

"I-I'm not a filly...I'm a man!!" He yelled.

"...um...ok...." She said completely confused about what he just said "why were you in the castle?".

"I don't know" he answered.

"Do you know why you look like this?" She asked.

"I don't know" he said starting to get annoyed

"Do you know what your is name?" She asked.

"Yes" he huffed at the stupid question.

"Can you tell me it?" She asked finally getting somewhere.

"Why should I? I don't even know yours" he said frowning.

"Good point, my names Twilight Sparkle, now that you know my name can you tell me yours?" She asked.

He doubted that could really be a real name but he was talking to a purple horse with a horn and wings.

"My names...um...it's...it's uh...I don't know..." He said shocked he couldn't remember his own name, how could he forget something like that?

"You...don't know your name?" She asked confused.

"W-why don't I know my name?? Why don't I know my name?! what's my name?! What's my name?!" He said freaking out as tears were forming in his eyes.

"It's ok it's ok we can figure this out" she tied to calm him but it was to late as he started sobbing.

"Why don't I know my name?...Why? Why? Why? Why?" He sobbed.

She pulled him into the hug more and gently pet his head trying to calm him "it'll be ok..." She continued petting him, he sobbed into her chest for a while till he ran out of tears.

"Better?.." She asked

He sniffled and nodded not removing his head from her chest, her fur was warm and comforting.

"C'mon let's get you some breakfast huh?" She smiled softly at him.

"O-ok" he sniffled.

She picked him up and set him in her back and left the room to go to the kitchen.


Twilight felt terrible for the little filly, she was so scared and confused so fragile too, she didn't even know her own name, but she was luckily able to comfort the filly.

Twilight hopes she could help this little filly, and right now she could help by getting her some breakfast.

Twilight walked into the kitchen, spike was already in there eating his breakfast "morning twili-" spike stopped when he looked at who was resting on Twilights back.

"It's ok spike she's not gonna hurt anypony" twilight said as she sat the filly down in a chair and then began making the filly breakfast.

"Ok if you say so..." Spike said watching the filly closely.

The filly glared back at spike making him jump back and fall off his chair, the filly then chuckled chuckled lightly.

"Hrr" spike growled as he climbed back on his chair and glared at the filly "I don't like you..." Spike whispered at her.

"Right back at you" the filly whispered back.

Twilight walked back with some cereal and set it in front of the filly, the filly looked looked at it and the spoon.

"How do I use this?" The filly looked up at twilight with a questioning look.

"Hm? Um you just grab it?" Twilight explained while grabbing the spoon with her hoof, the filly looked amazed by the action.

The filly then went to pick the spoon up, this resulted in just pushing the spoon around in the bowl, he was getting very annoyed with it, his horn was getting warmer as he kept pushing the spoon around increasing his frustration.

"Um...I can help if y-" twilight was cut off by the filly yelling at her.

"NO! I can do it myself!" The filly yelled and continued to push the spoon around, his horn then sparked and sent the bowl flying across the room and smashing against the wall "...I...I didn't mean to..." He said sheepishly.

"Uh...it's ok..." Twilight said as she walked over to the mess and started cleaning.

Spike was snickering while covering his mouth, this made the filly glare at him "nice job ".

"I didn't mean to..." The filly said angrily.

"Hehe yeah tell that to the bowl" spike said and snickered again.

"Hrr" the filly growled as his horn started getting warm again as he glared at the purple lizard.

The filly was distracted when twilight set another bowl with cereal in front of him "how about I feed you this time?".

The filly grumbled but agreed, twilight smiled and picked the spoon up and started moving it towards the fillies mouth, only he didn't open his mouth, it was to weird and felt way to childish.

"C'mon open up...you need to eat" twilight said as she kept tapping the spoon against his mouth.

"No this is too demean-" he was cut off by twilight shoving the spoon in his mouth.

"Blah!" He coughed and spit the spoon out "fine I'll eat, you psycho!" He yelled.

"Good" twilight smiled and moved the spoon back over to him, he opened his mouth this time.

As he was chewing the cereal he thought about something "...can cows talk?...".

"Hm? Of course they can why?" Twilight asked raising a brow.

"...." He looked at the bowl full of milk and stopped chewing the cereal, so if cows can talk would this make it a persons milk he's eating? After thinking about it his cheeks puffed out and he puked into the bowl.

"Woah!" Twilight jumped back and levitated the filly away from the table "ok...um why?".

"That's...a persons milk!...I...what is wrong with you people?!" He yelled while flailing around in the magical hold.

Twilight sighed "um...ok how about a bath? I think you could use one".

"Wow thanks I feel so good now..." He grumbled and crossed his arms or front legs.

Twilight sighed and walked to the bathroom she then turned the water on and waited for it to get to the right temperature, once it was she set the filly down in the bath and was getting ready to wash her.

"What are you doing?" He asked twilight looking at her levitating a bottle of shampoo.

"Um...I was gonna wash y-" twilight said before being cut off.

"I can wash myself! I don't need some creep washing me!" He yelled smacking the bottle to the floor, twilight sighed and left the room.

He then leaned over the edge of the bath and reached for the shampoo he smacked to the floor, he struggled due to his short stubby legs "curse you short legs!" He grumbled.

He leaned more and more over the tub until her slipped and fell out, he blew his wet hair out of his face and got up, he picked the bottle up with his mouth and crawled back in the tub.

He now wondered how he'd put the soap in his hair, he still couldn't figure out how to hold things with these stupid hooves, eventually he came to the idea of just squeezing the bottle.

He squeezed the bottle making the shampoo shoot out into his face and eyes, the shampoo stung and he flailed around trying to get the soap out of his eyes, in his flailing he accidentally turned the water back on, the shampoo bottle still in the water now making bubbles.

Twilight stood outside the bathroom waiting, she then felt water touch her hooves and looked down to find water leaking out from under the bathroom door, twilight quickly threw the door open to see the bath over flowing with water and bubbles, twilight also could see the small fillies head poking out of the bubbles.

"Um...ehehe it was an accident" he chuckled nervously.

"Yeah...your not able to give yourself a bath" twilight sighed and walked over to the bath, she then grabbed the shampoo and put it in the fillies mane with some difficulty.

He grumbled as twilight scrubbed the shampoo through his now much longer hair, she then scrubbed his body and scrubbed a spot under his arms that made him burst out giggling, he clamped his mouth shut and covered it with his hooves and a red blush filled his cheeks.

"Oh? Is someone ticklish?" Twilight asked with a mischievous grin.

"N-no I'm not!" He quickly replied.

"Oh really?" Twilight said whir a smirk and started tickling the small filly.

"No!!" He yelled in futile attempt as the bathroom was then filled with adorable giggling and laughter.

Once twilight finished washing the filly she wrapped her in a towel and dried her off, when she removed the towel the filly was now a fluff ball, twilight chuckled looking at her "your adorable".

His face turned bright red "I am not!" He tried to sound tough but it came out sounding like an angry child.

"C'mon I want to show you around the castle, since you'll be staying here for a while" twilight said as she left the bathroom, the small filly followed while grumbling.

Twilight then walked around the entire castle showing the small filly all the rooms in the castle.

"Good god...please tell me it's over..." The small filly said while dragging himself across the ground.

Twilight looked down at the filly "oh sorry I guess I was walking a bit fast" Twilight ch used embarrassed.

The filly was panting "can you just please listen to what I have to say".

"Um yes sure, here let's go to the library" Twilight said while levitating the filly behind her as she walked into the library, she then set her in a chair and sat in another one herself.

"Alright so look, I was walking through my town when a car..." The filly saw Twilights expression "um a large metal transportation device that has large wheels a goes really really fast hit me, I then woke up in that old building and freaked out because I had this body, I didn't have a pony body before, I was human, imagine a naked monkey with no tail and hair only on their head and walks on two legs" he huffed and looked at her.

"So you were changed into a filly after a car hit you?" Twilight repeated "that's quite a story".

The fillies eye twitched "ITS NOT A STORY!!!!!" the fillies voice boomed shaking the room.

"Woah ok...so you have that too..." Twilight said sitting back up since she was knocked back.

"What that's just a thing I can do?...hm..." A devil like smile formed on his mouth as he came up with devious plans.

"Ok so what you told me isn't a story, but it sounds really...strange, I've never heard of a car or bipedal naked monkeys before" Twilight said.

"Ugh I don't know, all I know is after I got hit I saw a bright light, but then I was pulled away from it and sent into some colorful vortex where I then was put in a abyss, I saw some creepy blue figure that I was forced to press up against then I felt electricity and I woke up in that castle like this" the filly explained and gesturing to himself.

"Wait like a rainbow vortex?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah why?" He raised a brow.

"Well I've read some books about magical portals, and that sounds like a inter-dimensional vortex, it's a very dangerous type of magic that can lead to disastrous effects" Twilight explained.

"Like?..." The filly asked getting nervous.

"Well if it's not closed correctly it could rip holes in other dimensions and pull anything through, imagine it like a bag of sand, if you rip a hole in it the sand will start leaking out, if you seal it then the sand stays in the bag, but if you do it incorrectly then the sand will still leak out, in the dimension case other dimensions could start leaking into each other and result in them completely destroying each other entirely" Twilight explained, the fillies eyes were wide and scared looking after hearing that.

"O-oh...t-that's n-nice...." He said while shaking, he really really hoped there weren't any of those things around.

Twilight noticed this and reacted quickly "Oh um no need to worry though I'll just use a spell to make sure there aren't any rips in the dimension" Twilight quickly said to try and ease the fillies fear.

Twilight then thought about it for a few minutes, she couldn't just keep calling the filly "the filly", she needed a name "hey how about we give you a name".

"A name?...ok...I guess.." He knew he had a name but he couldn't remember it, so he might as well get a new one.

"Hmmm how about" Twilight looked at the filly and got a name "Eclipse?".

"Eclipse?..ok...yeah that works..." Eclipse thought the new name over and it was good, it fit her new look.

"Great" Twilight smiled "now...lets get you a disguise so you can walk around town with me, you really shouldn't be cooped up all day in here.

"A disguise?...it better not be like glasses" Eclipse noticed twilights eyes widen for a second before she nervously laughed.

"What? No..." Twilight chuckled nervously.

"Wait you actually were just gonna put glasses on me??" Eclipse asked stunned.

"Well I was also gonna maybe put you in a different outfit but I'll think of something else" Twilight stood up and looked through some books before finding a spell "ok this should work".

Twilight casted the spell and a small metal ring appeared, she then walked over to Eclipse "this will go on your horn, but um I'll admit it may feel...uncomfortable at first".

"I can handle it..." Eclipse said, how bad could it be?

Twilight then put it on Eclipse's horn, Eclipse jumped and shivered, he wasn't expecting it to be so sensitive.

"Ok...I get the warning...nghh" Eclipse shivered as the magic took affect, Eclipse's fur turned a dark blue and his eyes looked like a normal ponies, his wings then vanished, his hair turned a bluish grey "how do I look?".

"It looks great!" Twilight cheered and hugged the small filly, she then made a mirror appear.

"Huh...ok..." Eclipse looked at his reflection, he did look like what he assumed a normal pony here looks like.

"Alright well you can wear that around the castle so it feels comfortable and natural, I'm gonna go get my friends together" Twilight said as she walked away.

Eclipse looked at himself in the mirror again 'you know she wants you to keep that on so you don't look like yourself, she's disgusted by how you look' the woman's voice said in Eclipse's head.

Eclipse looked sad and hung his head "n-no..." He tried argue but he knew it was probably true, she did try and kill him because of how he looked, he understood she would try and hide it.

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