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Darkness Resurrected - ShadowedKnight68

In a few days it would be Christmas, the holiday so many love and can't wait for, but for one he wish it wouldnt come at all, this man despises it with all his heart, but during this time he will get the change of his life.

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Darkness Within

"Nightmare Moon!" Celestia yelled in anger as Celestia lit her horn while she was about to fire a spell at the filly.

Twilight jumped in front of Eclipse "Wait, wait, wait, Princess! She's not Nightmare Moon, or at least not in mind, she's not evil!" Twilight explained.

"You knew of her Twilight? Were you planing to keep her a secret from us?" Celestia questioned with a stern expression.

"W-well not forever I just...I knew if I told you, you would try and kill her..." Twilight said and looked at Eclipse "She`s been through things nopony should have, now she looks like one of the most hated ponies in Equestria...."

"....I can see why you would be afraid of such things Twilight... but you still should have told us..." Luna said and looked at Eclipse "We will need to take her back to Canterlot and test for ourselves to see if she's actually not Nightmare Moon..."

"I-I....okay princess..." Twilight said with a sigh.

"What...? No, I do t want to...I want to stay with Twilight!" Eclipse said as she hurried over to Twilight "You said you'd make this place feel like a home to me! Now your just giving me away...? I thought...things would be different...I...I thought you'd be different.." Tears formed in her eyes "But you`re just like them! Your just going to leave me!!" Her horn sparked.

"Eclipse, please calm down, your magic is still unstable!" Twilight said trying to clam her down.

"No! You`re just like them!! I don't know why I ever thought things would be different" Eclipse's horn sparked as it began to glow "You`re nothing but a liar!!!" She yelled, and a flash of light went off , she was gone.

"Where'd she go?!" Twilight said with panic.

"She teleported!" Celestia said and cast a spell to try and see if she could follow it "Her magic is to unstable, I can't follow its trail".

"How will we find her? She's just a filly, what if she teleported into a dragons den? Or an ursa majors cave?!" Twilight started to panic.

"Calm yourself Twilight we will find her" Celestia said trying to calm the young alicorn.

{~~~~~~~~~~{Old Castle}~~~~~~~~~~~}

Eclipse shook her head, then looked around "What happened...? Wait did I teleport? I read in that magic book that a unicorn could do that..." She rubbed her head and frowned.

"Twilight was just gonna give me away to those two...like I wasn't something to her..." Tears ran down her face, she sniffled.

"What more would you expect from the princess?" A mare walked out of the shadows.

Eclipse jumped back "W-who are you?".

"Calm down, my name's Violet Night, consider me a friend..." She walked over and wiped the tears off of Eclipse's face "Oh, you poor thing... those princesses can be so cruel".

"I thought she cared about me...but...she just gave me away the moment she was asked to" Eclipse hung her head.

"Of course she did...she never liked you...she only saw you as Nightmare Moon" Violet said.

"How did you know?" Eclipse looked at her confused.

"I've been keeping an eye on you for a while...and why shouldn't you be seen as Nightmare Moon? A powerful alicorn strong enough to defeat Celestia herself, that is why she didn't like you, she was afraid of you...she feared the power you held" Violet explained as she circled Eclipse.

"So why deny what you are? You could be the most powerful alicorn there is, you could rule all of Equestria and take your revenge on the ponies who hurt you....so why not become Nightmare Moon?..." Violet stopped behind Eclispe and pulled a tarp off the mirror on the wall, she then used her magic on it "Why not be who you were meant to be?"

When Eclipse looked into the mirror she saw an adult alicorn version of herself, she walked towards the mirror and looked at her reflection, she touched the mirror with her hoof, she looked down at the ground in thought.

"What do you say?" Violet smiled evilly.

Eclipse looked at her reflection again and her expression turned stern "I'll be who I was meant to be".

Violet smiled "Good, now let's go your followers, they will love to hear of this news..." She lit her horn, they teleported to a castle.

"This castle was built in your honor, my queen" Violet walked with Eclipse around the castle, she showed her each room.

"This place is huge... gonna be hard to figure out all the rooms...." Eclipse said looking around.

"Yes, well you have a lot of devoted followers, they needed places to stay as well" Violet explained.

"Oh okay, that makes sense..." Eclipse looked at paintings on the walls, they were all of Nightmare Moon.

A stallion walked up to them "Violet, where have you been? I said I needed everypony to know the plan for it to work".

"Hmm, yes well I decided I'd do my own thing Emerald" Violet smirk and motioned with her head to Eclipse.

Emerald looked down and his eyes went wide "You...you got it? How?"

"I waited at the castle, I knew eventually she'd come back, it is the place she first came into being, I didn't need your little plan" Violet said with a smirk.

Emeralds eye twitched "Tch...why do I bother even coming up with the plans if you just go off on your own?!"

"It keeps you distracted while I actually accomplish things, now she would like to embrace her true self Emerald" Violet smiled looking back at Eclipse.

"Yeah...I want to be the real me..." Eclipse looked at the ground.

"Alright...then let us do so" Emerald lit his horn, he released a magical energy beam at Eclipse, a free aura engulfed her.

"Ow...ngh...gahhhh!!!!!" Eclipse screamed as the magic sunk into her skin, she started glowing as her body shifted, her legs popped and grew longer, her neck stretched, her horn got longer and her wings got larger.

Her mind fused with Nightmare Moon's, she gained all the memories Nightmare Moon had as well as Luna's.

Her body finished shifting as the white glow went away, she was barely keeping herself standing as she panted.

"My queen...?" Emerald asked but got no reply "Nightmare Mo-" he was cut off when he was slammed into the wall and choked by a red magical aura.

Eclipse stood up and opened her Crimson colored eyes, she was glaring at Emerald "A warning would have been nice...and do not call me Nightmare Moon...I am Nightmare Eclipse...yes that fits me much better" she threw Emerald to the ground.

"Magic feels so much easier now...I now realize how pathetic I was before, but now I will continue with my plan to rule Equestria by making it night forev-...that's a really stupid plan actually..." Eclipse realized.

"If I make it night forever all the plants would die, which would mean the food would die too....screw it I'm just gonna take over Equestria and rule the sun and moon" Eclipse said and started walking.

Emerald hurried over to her "W-wait my queen but you'v always wanted to make it ever lasting night, now you wish to change your plans? What about making your subjects worship the night?"

Eclipse stopped and turned to him "I don't give a damn about those ponies, and they'll worship me! I am the night!" She yelled as she walked away.

Violet snickered as she walked past a dumbfounded Emerald "Looks like nopony cares about your plans" she followed Eclipse.

{~~~~~~~~~~{Three Hours later}~~~~~~~~~~}

Twilight was pacing back and fourth, Celestia had ordered her guards to search around town and in the forest for Eclipse, she had told Twilight to remain in the castle if Eclipse came back here.

Twilight looked out the window outside with worry and sadness on her face "I'm so sorry Eclipse...." She hung her head.

The other girls walked in, all of them sharing a depressed expression, Twilight ran over to them.

"Did you see her?" Twilight asked looking at them with hope, but the girls just shook their heads, she hung her head "I should have tried to tell the princesses that she wasn't dangerous....that she was safe to stay here....but...I was just willing to give her away" Tears formed in her eyes.

The girls hugged her trying to comfort her.

"Twi, it'll be okay, we'll find her and you can make things better then" Applejack said.

"Yes darling, she'll understand you were just doing what the princesses told you to do" Rarity reassured.

"And we'll help you do it, none of us are gonna stop looking for her, I know I won't" Rainbow Dash replied.

Twilight smiled "Thanks girls".

Author's Note:

Edited by organical

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