• Published 16th Sep 2017
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Darkness Resurrected - ShadowedKnight68

In a few days it would be Christmas, the holiday so many love and can't wait for, but for one he wish it wouldnt come at all, this man despises it with all his heart, but during this time he will get the change of his life.

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The Rifts

The girls were all standing in the lounging room staring aghast at Eclipse.

"You sure your Eclipse?...because your way taller now..." Rainbowdash said looking up ar Eclispe.

"Yeah...it's me..." Eclipse chuckled awkwardly.

"And you stole all the decorations, presents, and trees?" Rarity asked.

"Yes...." Eclipse hung her head "I'm really sorry...I was just mad because of what happened back on my world".

"What happened?" Applejack asked.

Eclipse told them what happened a few weeks back on her home, the girls were all in tears by the end of it and they all hugged her.

"Oh I'm so sorry darling..." Rarity said sniffling.

"Ah now see why ya did what ya did..." Applejack said.

"Thanks" Eclipse smiled sadly.

They all then heard yelling from outside "NIGHTMARE ECLIPSE!!" They all ran outside to find Emerald standing there mad and Violet standing next to him with a smirk.

"You...you little brat!! I gave you live, I gave you power...and you waste all of it for that little princess?!" Emerald growled as his eye twitched.

"You took my soul and put it in this body!! You gave me hell!!" Eclipse yelled "....but....thank you for doing it..." She said calmly.

"Hell?! I'll show you he- wait what??" Emerald was shocked.

The girls were as well shocked and were looking at her "....if you hadn't put me in this body and hadn't made me go through this hell, I don't think I would be this happy as I am now...I was at rock bottom back home, I had nothing in life anymore besides anger, I guess that's why it was so easy to get my soul, Nightmaremoon was angry too but she was just sad that no one appreciated her as much as Celestia".

"But we're not angry anymore...Twilights made me feel happy again she gave me the best Christmas present I could ever wish for..." Eclipse looked at Twilight smiling "she gave me a family...".

Twilight smiled and hugged Eclipse who hugged her back.

"What the hell is this Hearthswarming miracle crap?!" Emerald yelled.

"Dude ruining the moment..." Eclipse glared at him.

"I don't give a damn, I'm going to kill you!!!" Emerald ran at her.

Eclipse levitated him up with ease and slammed him against the ground "oh wow that was soo difficult..." She said sarcastically "dude I'm literally an alicorn your just a unicorn who's crazy".

Emerald just groaned.

Violet snickered "glad I came to watch this..." She started walking away.

"Wait your not gonna fight?" Eclipse asked confused.

"No I just wanted to see him get the crap best out of him, I got what I wanted" Violet smiled and walked away.

"That was easy" Eclipse said watching Violet walk away.

"Easy huh?" Emerald stood up "let me make it harder for you!" She shot green electricity into the sky and holes started ripping open, Purple Electricity sparked between the rifts, the biggest one in the sky was shooting out electricity.

"Apparently when we brought you here, we ripped a whole between dimensions, nothing to big but now I've just ripped open hundreds!! Hahahahaha!!!" He laughed insanely as electricity sparked off his horn.

Eclipse shot a bolt of magic at his horn and it was blow off, she looked at the sky hoping that would close them but found it did not "damn it..."

Emerald stumbled back and put s hoof to his head, he found a broken stub where his horn was "m-my horn!! You broke it!!!!"

"Yeah thought it would fix the whole dimension ripping apart thing, guess not" Eclipse looked at the rips in the sky spreading together making larger ones.

"Hrrr I'll kill you!" Emerald tried to fire another spell but his horn sparked and released an explosion sending him flying through a rip.

"Well he's out of the way" Eclipse turned to the girls "we need to find everypony and get them away from all the rifts, you all stay clear of them too" Eclipse said and the girls nodded before cunning towards town "Twilight you and me need to try and close all the rifts".

"Alright that's going to be difficult but I think we can do it" Twilight smiled and they started running to different rifts forcing them closed, they were closing many of them but there were to many.

"We can't get all of them!" Eclipse yelled as she tried to force a rift closed.

"Then perhaps we cans help" Luna said and helped close it.

"Luna?? I'm sorry for what Nightmaremoon did to you..." Eclipse said looking away.

"I forgive you...I see you are not the mare who took part ver my body, I am as well sorry for causing you to run away..." Luna said sadly.

"I forgive you too, now let's close these rifts" Eclipse flew off to close more rifts, Luna did the same.

Celestial flew down over to Twilight "Twilight I am sorry for not listening to you, I made the foolish mistake in not listening again and once more it's caused darkness to take another, but it appears you were able to pull them back out of that darkness, well done" Celestia smiled.

"Thank your princess" Twilight smiled and they closed more rifts.

Applejack ran over "ok everyponys out of town and away from the rifts".

"Good but we still have that one to close" Celestia looked up at the large rift in the sky.

"It's going to those a lot to close that one..." Twilight said.

"Yes but it's also to dangerous to get close to, that lightening would hit anypony that gets close" Luna said.

"I'll do it..." Eclipse looking at it.

"What no! I just got you back I'm not going to loose you again!" Twilight pleaded.

Eclipse walked over and hugged Twilight "it's ok....I don't want to loose you or anypony else because of me".

Twilight sniffled and looked at her with tears in her eyes "please don't...".

"I'm sorry" Eclipse flew off into the sky towards the large rift.

Purple electricity shot at her but she was able to dodge them, she made magic shield to block the bolts of electricity as she flew closer to the rift.

A large bolt shot at her breaking her shields and hit her, she was sent falling but was able to recover, some of her fur was burned off and she was smoking "damn...I actually tasted that..." She flew back at it.

She dodged the boots shooting at her and she grabbed the edges of the large rift and tried pulling it together, a small rift opened next to her and a queen changeling with Violet hair and eye was in it, she was trying to close a rift as well.

Eclipse glanced at it before looking at the large rift she then looked back at the small rift, the Changeling Queen was looking back at her.

"Um...hi..." She said looking at her.

"Hey..." Eclipse replied.

"Soo...were you human before?" She asked.

"Yup...you?" Eclipse asked.

"Same" She said.

Eclipse chuckled lightly "life likes throwing curve balls I guess".

"Heh no kidding" she looked at the rifts "man I wish we could talk more...bet we'd be good friends huh?"

"Yeah we probably would" Eclipse smiled sadly before looking back at her rift as she started pulling it closed, it closed fully and Eclipse looked back at the large rift, she pulled the two sides of the rift together trying to close it "ngh...c'mon...close damn you!" She yelled and it finally closed.

"Hahaha yes!" Eclipse cheered, electricity then exploded hitting her and she was sent crashing down to the ground, she smashed to the ground making everything go black.

Eclipse was sitting at a table in a restaurant with her family, but she was still in her pony body, she looked around confused.

"You ok Andrew?" Her dad asked.

"Um yeah..yeah I'm fine...it's just...I missed you guys" Eclipse smiled sadly.

"You know we'll always be with you Andrew, and we'll always love you no matter what body your in" her mom kissed her in the head.

"Yeah bro" her little sister said smiling.

Eclipse hugged them all with tears in her eyes, she was smiling though "thank you...for everything you guys did, raising me, loving me, I'll never forget you and I'll never stop loving you all".

"Neither will we" they said as they hugged her back.

"Now it's time to wake up to your other family Andrew" her father said.

The worded darkened, light slowly peaked through as she opened her eyes weakly.

Eclipse groaned waking up, she saw a white ceiling, she turned her head and found she was in a hospital room, she saw Twilight sleeping on a chair next to the bed, her head was resting in the bed.

Eclipse let out a breath and looked back at the ceiling with a smile "I think I can get used to this world" she smiled and lightly shook Twilight.

Twilight woke up and yawned, she rubbed her eyes and looked around before looking at Eclipse her eyes then widened "Your awake!" She hugged her.

Eclipse winced and Twilight let go "sorry I just got excited".

"It's fine mom...just a little sore..." Eclipse sat up and hugged her and Twilight hugged her back gently.

Twilight smiled before pulling back and looked at Eclipse "d-did you just call me mom?...".

"Um...yes..." Eclipse got nervous.

"Why?..." Twilight asked.

"Well...you'v been taking care of me and teaching me things...I just felt you were like a mother to me..." Eclipse blushed and waited for her answer.

Twilight smiled and hugged her "I felt like a mom when I was with you".

Eclipse smiled and stayed in the hug.

{~~~~~~~~~~{Ponyvill A Few Weeks Later}~~~~~~~~~~}

Eclipse was was sitting in the library reading a book.

Twilight walked in "hey Eclipse me and the girls are gonna go and eat lunch, you wanna come with?"

"Yeah sure" Eclipse smiled and set her book down, she got up and walked with Twilight.

"So...do you still miss your old home?" Twilight asked.

"No not really, this place feels more like home now" Eclipse smiled.

Twilight smiled "I'm glad this place feels like a home to you" they got outside.

Eclipse looked up at the sky "Me too" she smiled.

Author's Note:

And so it ends, it was fun writing this story, it had been cooped up in my head for such a long time and now that it's out and finished I feel good :twilightsmile:.

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Comments ( 16 )

It fine , no ones perfect.

It’s still marked as incomplete and there are more then a few grammar and spelling errors.


It's now marked complete

We’ve had basically a conversation over this one story, our comments probably make 50% of all of them.

I have troubles(and still have them, my god) in my pc so a long time passed without comments from me until now, still with the few errors i could pass them but i feel the events were too quick and it could have more time(maybe with 6 or less chapters will be ok) until reaching "the final act" and ending and i feel a little dissapoint for that, i see it too dificult to have a sequel so my verdict: 6/10 is a nice one from the idea of two stories c:


Yeah I wasn't planing a sequel for the story ever really

I will be honest I expect much more but eh its coolz

ah, it's okay :twilightsheepish: gotta start somewhere

personally dont mind people not celebrating the holidays if they dont want to that being said I do love the story idea and execution and that's even before I started reading it ;]

Kinda dissapointed for 3 reason :
1: its wasnt hyping (/you knew where this was going . )
2: nightmare moon wasnt really use (and with the lack of nightmare moon x host story .....)
3: the ''hero'' was annoying .

OTHER THAN THAT it was a good story and i cant put a ''score'' because i dont write story soooooo , you can count this comment as a blank one . I only read , writing is too difficult .

(But if i had to put a score it would be around 4/5/6 on 10 +1 because of the funny OC on the other side of the portal . I think he is an OC your using in a other story ... well good bye .)

OK, Im torn on this one.

On the one hand I like the story. On the other hand, no ones decisions make any sense. There are stories that are meant to be parody, slapstick and meant to .....troll. Its obvious that this is not meant to be one. Thats the problem I have.

Well written, but I don't see anyone outside of an asylum making these decisions or acting these ways. While this doesn't warrant a up from me, it also doesn't warrant a down. I see a writer learning his/her craft.

Keep writing, I want to see more.

“On her doorstep was Twilight Sparkle. While Derpy deeply respected the mare, like most in Ponyville, they wished she'd either switch to decaf, or start hitting the harder stuff.” -Dan_s Comments

Celestial flew down over to Twilight "Twilight I am sorry for not listening to you, I made the foolish mistake in not listening again and once more it's caused darkness to take another, but it appears you were able to pull them back out of that darkness, well done" Celestia smiled.


AND ETC. But I still would give you doubt of trust.

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