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Random Romance Stories - Misago

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Seduction in the name of Harmony (Fleur de Lis x A whole lot of innuendo)

“Thank you, Raven. That will be all.”

The door closed behind Celestia’s assistant, and the royal sisters were alone in Celestia’s study. Three pillows had been arranged around the low table, which held three sets of fine ceramic cups and saucers, along with a small plate and dessert fork. In the middle of the table was a mouth-watering strawberry cheesecake and a rather large teapot, from which a pleasant scent of jasmine wafted.

Celestia took a deep breath and smiled. “Ms. Goodness really outdid herself with this one,” she sighed happily as she took in the smell of her favorite cake. Just the anticipation of the first bite made her giddy.

Luna shook her head at her. “It is no wonder our subjects call you “cake-devil,” sister. If it weren’t for the sun sapping your energy, I’d wager you would be as round as my moon right now!”

“Oh, hush. I have a stressful job, and I deserve all the relaxation I can get. And good food,” she pointedly cut a piece from the cake with a burst of magic, “is one of the highest pleasures there is.”

“If you say so, sister. Perhaps I have gotten the wrong impression that you spend your day manipulating others into doing your work for you.” Luna followed the piece of cake with her eyes, as Celestia floated it to Luna’s plate. She, in turn, levitated the teapot towards her sister’s cup, who gratefully dipped her head as Luna poured the tea. “Now, before you lose yourself in your cake, tell me more about this mysterious spymaster of yours.”

Celestia took a long sip from her cup. “She is… not a typical spymaster,” she said, after a few moments. “In fact, if I had not shown you her record, you would probably not expect her to be capable in clandestine operations at all.”

Luna nodded her approval. If a spymaster seemed like a “typical” spymaster, they probably weren’t very good at their job. And she had always preferred the females of her batwing elite as her spies. They tended to get underestimated, something which could give an advantage at the most crucial times.

She had looked at the record, and there had been one thing that had intrigued her. “Her records do speak for themselves. But, sister, if you allow, why is she only deployed against female targets? Would her male colleague not be better suited for most of them?”

Celestia sighed, somewhat exasperatedly this time. “That is one of her… quirks. In fact, I believe...”

She was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Well, here she is now,” she said. And louder, “Come in, Fleur!”

The door opened, and in stepped a goddess of a mare. Her coat was white, with just the slightest hint of rosè, and her soft, silky mane was a light pink. She was tall, nearly matching the most imposing stallions of the royal guard. Her body was svelte, though, with just the barest hint of well-toned muscle, the kind that Luna associated with gymnasts and dancers. Luna could see how this mare could gain entrance to every heart and bed she desired.

And yet, her gaze was open and honest, in a way that did not seem fake to Luna. Sure, technically, it was possible that the mare was being deceitful even now. But she looked like the kind of mare who wanted to enjoy life, and loved the world around her.

The mare sauntered closer, closing in on Celestia without hesitation.

“Hello, Fleur,” Celestia said, “I’m glad that you could m--”

She did not get further, as Fleur leaned in and gave her a slightly-more-than-just-polite kiss on the cheek.

Luna raised her eyebrow. Usually, she, Cadance and Twilight were the only ponies who Celestia allowed close to her, but...

Celestia actually smiled! She flicked her wing playfully against the mare, who giggled and retreated a half-step. The last noble who had attempted to kiss Celestia without asking had spent his next few months in the hospital!

“A pleasure as always, my princess,” Fleur replied, bowing deeply. She smiled at Celestia, then turned her attention to the other alicorn in the room.

Luna quickly got up, prepared to widen the distance, but Fleur merely bowed to her deeply, not even raising her eyes to look at the princess. It was a surprising adherence to rarely-enforced protocol. This mare knew what she was doing.

“Luna, meet Fleur de lis. Model and Royal Spymaster of the Sun. Fleur, this is Princess Luna, my sister.” Protocol was protocol.

“It is an honor to meet you, Spymaster. You may rise,” Luna said, inclining her head to acknowledge the bow. “My sister has a high regard for you, and your record is outstanding. I admit I did not expect a famous model to be an agent for the crown.” It was refreshing to meet someone who still knew royal etiquette. After all, Luna had heard that it was a custom in some countries to greet a familiar person with cheek kisses.

Fleur languidly rose from her deep bow. Luna watched, enraptured, as the mare shifted her weight to her hindquarters, pulling her entire torso up easily without using her forelegs as support.

A subtle ripple ran through Fleur’s body. “It’s an honor to meet you too, your highness. Your sister told me about you in great length. “ Her smile broadened a little. “I am certainly pleased we will be working together more from now on.”

“Fleur, I would appreciate if you would not hit on my sister while I am here.”

Luna turned her head towards Celestia, brow furrowed. “What are you talking about, sister? She has not struck me at all.” She smiled at Fleur. “I am pleased to be spending more time with you as well. I did not even consider how useful a modelling career would be to disguise your movement among different countries! No one would ever suspect someone in the center of attention to be a spy! And your skill in makeup and clothing allows you to blend in everywhere!”

“Thank you, Princess!” Fleur giggled. “I enjoy my job. I get to go on thrilling adventures and meet the most intriguing ponies.” She struck a daring pose, rearing up on her hind legs and angling her forelegs. “And I can do my part for the good of Equestria! Not to mention getting to talk to our charming rulers. Not many ponies can enjoy that particular pleasure.” She fluttered her eyelashes at Celestia.

“Fleur! My sister is here!”

Fleur landed easily on all fours again. She inclined her head quizzically. “That is not really a problem. In fact, on my recent assignment, I passed through Ponyville, and there is the most lovely pair of twin sisters running the local spa. Can you imagine what they--”

Celestia coughed loudly. “Fleur, I am sure this is a wonderful story, but maybe it would be best to postpone it--”

“Sister, don’t interrupt her! I want to hear this. Spy stories have always been very interesting to me!”

Fleur had just opened her mouth, but a glowing yellow rope tied it shut.

“We’ll leave this for another time,” Celestia said firmly, pointedly ignoring Luna’s pout. “We still have business to attend to, and Fleur needs her time. She is a very…” a blush stole onto her muzzle. Just the faintest hint of pink, but Luna caught it nonetheless. “She is a very lively storyteller, and I am sure she has many, ah, interesting stories to tell you at a later time.”

Luna was still staring at Celestia. After a couple of seconds of awkwardness, and Celestia releasing Fleur from the rope (the unicorn did a weird purring noise that made Celestia sputter), Luna turned to the model. “My sister is not easily to fluster. If your storytelling manages to achieve this, you must be quite the skilled orator!”

This time, Fleur was ready. She leaned to the side, dodging the next rope and skipping a few steps towards Luna.

She smirked at the alicorn. “Oh, yes. Not to be a braggart, but mares all across Equestria praise my oral skills.”


“Truely? ‘Tis a feat to be proud of, to have one’s fame spread far across the land. Once upon a time, I had a similar reputation.” Luna nodded sagely. “I would love to match my tongue with yours, if you’d be willing.”

“Oh, it would be my pleasure/i], Princess!”

“I am sure we can find a fitting date. I would prefer a nightly meeting, if you’d be willing. Maybe we could have some dinner first before moving up to my room.”

Fleur leaned in, judging the situation to be appropriate, and touched her head to Luna’s shoulder. “Oh, that sounds marvelous. Feel free to contact me with a date that works best for you. I’ll clear my schedule.”

Luna giggled at the contact. “As soon as possible, Fleur de lis.”

“Are you two quite done?” Celestia’s voice interrupted the excited exchange. “Fleur, I really wish you’d… This is Saddle Arabia all over again.”

Fleur skipped towards her a few steps, crossing her forelegs. “But Princess, that was an accident,” she mock-pouted. “Who could have known that she was watching me while--”

“AS I WAS SAYING. Fleur, we have called you today for a very specific reason, and we need to get this out of the way. Everyone in favor? Good.”


The cheesecake was nearly gone, as was the tea. Fleur was a professional, and she knew when to focus, so the actual meeting went very well.

“So, this “Dark Master” is the leader of the cult? Princess, wouldn’t Fancy Pants be the choice to deal with a stallion?”
“We believe him to merely be a figurehead. He spends his time posing and telling his followers about his skill and dark, mysterious past. We believe his daughter is the true leader. Officially, she is his advisor, but apparently, all the orders are submitted through her. Our contacts say she is the one to suggest them in the first place. So--”

“I’ll take her out, and the cultist should disperse eventually. Perfect!” Fleur clapped her hooves together. “I’ll leave in three days. Maybe she just needs a friend.”

Celestia shook her head. “Or maybe she needs something else…” she said quietly, but apparently not quietly enough.

Fleurs ears flicked in her direction, but she didn’t say anything. She stood up, turned to the royal sisters, and bowed deeply.

“I will take my leave now, Princesses. It was a real pleasure meeting you, Princess Luna. “ She nodded towards the younger sister. “ And, of course, always lovely, Princess Celestia.” She inclined her head, never taking her eyes of the older sister.

She turned and pranced towards the door, mane and tail bouncing behind her.

Celestia lifted her hoof to her temple. Her poor sister would be in for a surprise.

Well. Fleur probably knew what was going on, so she would not do anything untoward. She just hoped it would not ruin Fleur’s standing in Luna’s eyes.

She looked over to her sister, who was looking after Fleur thoughtfully.

“Oh, one moment, Fleur de lis”, Luna called.

Fleur, who had already taken telekinetic hold of the door, ceased her magic and turned around.

“I forgot one detail for our meeting. I have been away for a while, and my inventory is not quite up to date. Shall I acquire some of those rubber tools and accessories that are sold in some businesses now?”

Celestia’s mouth fell open.

“No need, princess. I can bring some of my own, but I much prefer the hooves-on-approach.” Fleur giggled, then blew a kiss towards Luna. “I have a reputation to keep! Ta!” And with that, she was out of the door, leaving an excited Luna and a dumbstruck Celestia in her wake.

“You… you knew?” Was all Celestia could stutter after a minute of silence.

Luna rolled her eyes. “Of course I knew. She was not really subtle, now, was she. As for you, will you join us on our date, or will you be a spoilsport? Judging from previous patterns, my guess is that you have not been bedded in a few centuries.”

“...It was just two centuries,” Celestia admitted meekly.

But the thought of her cheeky spymistress in the royal bed, shivering as white and dark blue hooves danced over her perfect…

Celestia coughed. “Very well. But if you usurp the little spoon position, there will be political consequences.”

Luna just shook her head. “Oh sister. Deep inside, you have always been the little spoon.”