• Published 13th Aug 2017
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How we spent Hearts and Hooves Day (Chrysalis/Celestia, Fleur/Cadance, Rarity/Luna, Twilight/?)

“How we spent Hearts and Hooves day?” Celestia repeated, looking back at Twilight with a knowing look on her face.

They were sitting in Celestia’s private living room, a table filled with the usual assortment of baked goods and a teapot, held warm by Celestia’s magic. Next to her mentor (or rather half-draped over her), Queen Chrysalis regarded Twilight with a half-open eye while Celestia gently stroked her turquoise mane with a free hoof.

Chrysalis chuckled quietly. “I believe I can tell you something about that”, she drawled, arching her back against her lover like an overgrown cat. “You see, your precious, precious mentor would like you to believe that all we two do behind closed doors is have tea and exchange the occasional chaste kiss.”

Her smile broadened, taking in the instant color change on the youngest alicorn’s muzzle. “Oh yes, you know exactly where this is going. Anyways, as I was saying, as soon as Tia woke me up with a good-morning kiss -- and what a kiss it was, let me tell you -- she immediately went at me below the blankets. Not that I can blame her.” She blew an imaginary dust speck off her hoof.

“Dear Tia always acts like she is a worldly mare, with the whole “sexy princess” air she has going on. But look at her now. Blushing like a young bride.”

Celestia managed to keep her composure, even though a slight blush was evident on her features. “Chrysalis, do we really have to go through this again?”

Chrysalis ignored her. “Anyways, as I was saying. Once you get her going, what she lacks in technique she makes up for with enthusiasm. Goddess, she is amazing with her mouth.”
With half-lidded eyes she looked to the now even more blushing but still straight-faced alicorn and let out a low growl. “Almost makes me wish I was her student. Ooh, the tongue-lashing she could give me…”


“She teleported away.” Celestia sighed, booping Chrysalis on the head. “Why must you make this so difficult, love? You could have just told her we had a tickle fight, and then you brought a cake you made.”

She looked down at Chrysalis, who was looking at her almost shyly.

“Of course. We can’t forget that your ego is the only thing that rivals how big of a cuddle bug you are.”

She leaned down, kissing Chrysalis on the nose.

“You know you will pay for that tongue-lashing joke, don’t you?”


“Ooh, it was just amazing! You never guess what Cadance did for me.” Fleur looked around conspiratorially, before leaning in close to Twilight. “She brought me breakfast to bed! Not only that, she made it herself! And you know how reluctant she is to show off her cooking skills.” She sighed with pleasure.

“By which you mean that there are no skills to show off.” Cadance stepped closer, a tray of milk tea and cookies floating behind her. She leaned down to kiss Fleur on the cheek, who responded with a little giggle that elicited a fond smile from Cadance. “I tried, and Fleur told me she liked it, but I doubt it was even remotely edible.”

“Nonsense, ma petit equine! It was delightful! A simple meal, seasoned with love, garnished with the most beautiful mare in in all of the known kingdoms. A queen dare not dream about a feast like this!” Fleur paused for dramatic effect, while Cadance poured tea for Twilight.

“But it did not end there! You see, there are always evil ponies jealous of my fortune, and they took my beloved away from me.”

“...By which she means I had court business to attend to. My assistant generously offered up her day off in order to finish up that trade treaty…”

“Bravely, I gave chase, finding her captured and guarded. But I would not let that detain me!” Fleur lept to her feet, striking a warrior’s pose, foreleg lifted, looking towards the horizon. “I fought like a mare maddened, and in the end, my love for my empress allowed me to triumph.”

“...I’m actually impressed she could convince the guards to go along with her little play. And my assistant is really bad at acting, but she tried, bless her heart. She’s really earned her vacation…”

Fleur sashayed up to Cadance, looking at her wife with seductive gaze. “And what a wonderful prize I got”, she purred, swishing her tail over Cadance’s prone form. “A kiss that a heroine deserves, oh my. And then we went out to dinner at that lovely neightalian restaurant that had just opened.”

“... I couldn’t risk my heroine falling victim to another one of my cooking attempts.” Cadance coughed, a light blush sneaking its way on her cheeks. “And let’s say that Fleur really knows how to “dress to impress””

Fleur had nuzzled up to Cadance now, whispering something in french that Twilight could not make out, but which drew another giggle from Cadance. So engrossed where they that neither of them saw the flash of magic light, or noticed the absence of a certain visitor until quite a while later.


“Why are you asking, Twilight Sparkle? Hearts and Hooves day just passed, so unless you are preparing a year in advance, is this not a bit late?”

“Luna, darling, I believe the pony, I mean person, our dear Twilight is preparing to woo is living in the world behind the mirror portal. And she told me they celebrate on a different day. I suppose it is coming up soon?”

Twilight nodded. Her third stop was the Canterlot Palace astronomy tower to visit Luna and Rarity. They were taking their usual evening stargazing-and-gossip time.

Rarity smiled at the memories. “Luna was a real gentlemare”, she said, throwing her lover a smoldering gaze. “She picked me up in an amazing dress -- one of my own design, even -- and took me to the top of the Canterhorn. She had a wonderful picnic prepared and… Goodness, I had never heard you sing before. Luna, why did you keep your wonderful voice a secret for so long?”

Luna smiled a bit uncertainly. “I… do not trust my voice enough to sing alone. Sometimes, I sing with my sister, a tradition we kept from long ago.” Her smile faltered.

Rarity nuzzled her, soothing her through gentle caresses. “I’m sorry, my darling. I truly do think that you sound exceptionally beautiful” , she murmured. “Not that I would mind having that particular ability of yours all to myself…”

She leaned in close, pressing a little kiss to Luna’s neck, drawing a little sigh from the alicorn. But before things could escalate, Twilight cleared her throat.

Luna and Rarity flinched in perfect synchrony.

“Ah, terribly sorry, darling. Be that as it may, we spent a wonderful evening together. Luna kept me warm with her wing, she took me on a little flight over the city…” Another blissful sigh. “And then we returned home.”

Luna scraped her hoof and turned away a bit awkwardly.

“Anything else”, Rarity said, “We leave to your imagination.”

“Do you believe we could be of assistance?”, Luna mused after Twilight had departed. “I fear she was still as distraught as before we spoke to her.”

“Don’t worry about her, Luna. Twilight is a smart mare, and she will surely figure it out.” She mock-fainted, allowing Luna to gently cradle her with a wing, laying her down by her side. She smiled. “After all, we both took our time as well.”


Twilight finished the last line, lifting her quill with a little flourish. Satisfied, she looked over her neat handwriting. She regretted somewhat not being able to leave clearer instructions, but she was sure had done her best with the information she had received.

Was it weird to help a villain you reformed ask out a girl that was sort of your alternate self? Twilight would have to discuss that with someone.

She thought about her fellow princesses. They had all found love in unusual places. And yet, they were happy. Not just satisfied, but but truly, from-the-bottom-of-their-hearts happy.

Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis.

Princess Cadance and Fleur de lis.

Princess Luna and Rarity.

Princess Twilight Sparkle and…

She smiled.

“Are you coming?”

She closed the book, feeling the slight ripple of magic as it send Twilight’s writing to a similar book, far off in another world.

“Sorry, I had to finish this.” She carefully adjusted her dress, feeling a bit self-conscious, like she always did in formal wear. But as she turned and took in the “pony” waiting for her...

Adagio was not very firm on her hooves. It was, after all, her first foray into being a pony, and so she kept rather close to walls and railings for support. And most of the day, her grimace told the world what exactly she thought about walking on legs.

Something she had done for Twilight.

“What?” Adagio huffed in annoyance as she noticed Twilight watching her. “Let’s get to the table before I destroy something. I have no idea how you ponies manage this many legs at once.”

Twilight hesitated, but she knew she did not have to be afraid.

“You’re beautiful.” she said fondly.

Adagio’s grimace quivered, and the siren-turned-human-turned-pony could not suppress a little smile. “You’ve become quite the flirt lately. And to think that not too long ago you’d nearly faint from a little kiss.”

She turned away, waiting for Twilight to come up next to her. When she did, she allowed Twilight to drape a wing over her back, leaning in slightly herself.

Twilight nuzzled into the beautiful mass of mane.

“It’s all thanks to you, Adagio.”

She leaned forward, and Adagio met her in a kiss. They took a while before they parted.

“I love you.”

Adagio’s lips met hers again, sweet and gentle.

“Love you too, Princess.”

Together, they slowly made their way towards the dining room, towards a nice candlelight dinner, with some cuddling and reading as dessert.

“Just so we’re clear: after this, we’re spending next year underwater.”

Twi smiled.

“I’m looking forward to it.”