• Published 13th Aug 2017
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Valentines 1 (Fleur de Lis/Princess Celestia)

Fleur de Lis didn't have much relationship experience.

This would undoubtedly have come as surprise to anyone who had seen her, talked to her, or even knew about the droves of mares and stallions who would jump at the chance to just have a single date with Equestria's most famous top model.

Which was, oddly enough, exactly the problem.

For the longest time in her life, Fleur had simply not been interested in an actual relationship. Not that she hadn't genuinely enjoyed the company of her partners. She just hadn't been willing to tie herself down to a single pony. She had made this clear to every pony she shared a few days or just a single night with.

There had been a few arrangements that had taken a bit longer. Fleur remembered fondly a month spend on tour with Sapphire Shores, or a dozen charming evenings with a famous canterlotian cellist. But even then, everything had ended without her looking back.

Then she had met Celestia.

Of course, she had met PRINCESS Celestia before. Fleur was often invited to high-society events, and she'd had her fair share of small talk with both of the royal sisters. But this single unexpected event, meeting Celestia in a rare moment of... candor...

And here she was, at the end of a journey spanning six months, the most exciting six months in her entire life. Here she was, in Celestia's lavishly decorated living quarters, and she was anxious.

Thankfully, Hearts and Hooves day was an official holiday, so court hours were short. Even then, the evening seemed to stretch like taffy as Fleur alternated between fidgeting, walking circles around the room and just sitting still with frantically beating heart, waiting for the clock to strike six.

She was so focussed on the clock and occasionally her own heartbeat that she never noticed the soft tap of hooves setting down on the balcony behind her. And so, when Celestia softly called her name, Fleur jumped up as if the pillow had just bitten her.

"Princess above! You scared me!" she cried, while Celestia looked equal parts amused and apologetic. "I thought it was your sister who is supposed to be the sneaky one!"

"Well, dear Fleur, you were distracted. I never meant to sneak up on you." Celestia said, smiling. "What has the poor clock done to you, in any case? Or were you waiting for someone?" She splayed her wings invitingly.

"Why, yes. A mean princess who is trying to give me a heart attack!" Fleur shot back, giving the best mock-hurt look she could.

"Such a shame. And here I hoped you would be available to join me today." Celestia shook her wings a little.

Fleur could not keep herself from remembering how wonderful it felt to be wrapped up in those wings, safely cocooned by feathers and the wonderfully soft fur, while her head was craned up to meet soft and warm lips...

Usually, it was a matter of pride for her to "win" their occasional banter, but today, Fleur found herself just a little bit unwilling to deprive herself of the closeness she so craved. She reached Celestia in two steps and was quickly enveloped in the warmth and scent of her beloved.

"I missed you, mon ange," she breathed as the overwhelming feeling of... happiness filled her whole body to the brim. She wondered since when it had been that being away from Celestia always carried a certain sense of... coldness. It wasn't that she was unhappy, but whenever they were apart, there was just something missing.

Fleur had never known how addictive mere physical contact was.

"I have missed you as well." Celestia leaned down to nuzzle Fleur, while her wing gently stroked her back.

With some of her past dalliances, Fleur had been happy to just stay close to them while doing something else. Listening to music, reading a book, napping... but with Celestia, she was happy to just stay here, just enjoying her presence and thinking about nothing else than her. She just let her thoughts wander freely, as her imagination and memory both seemed happy to show her a collection of past and possible Celestias. Smiling and sad, happy and angry, seductive and flustered. Celestia from afar, the regal princess, as she skillfully guided Equestria through rough political climate. Celestia the sister, joking and laughing with Luna. Celestia the friend, enjoying conversation with her former student and her friends, bantering and teasing with Fleur or trusted maids.

And Celestia the lover. Intimate moments that were Fleur's, and Fleur's alone. Celestia looking down at her in the night, eyes shining in the moonlight. Celestia relaxed, eyes closed, blissfully enjoying Fleur's touches.

There really was only one thing to say.

"I love you."
"I love you too."