• Published 13th Aug 2017
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Mothers? (Rarity/Twilight)

It was a quiet evening at Carousel Boutique, home and workplace of Ponyville’s premier fashionista. Outside, the winter wind was blowing, bringing large amounts of the first snow that would, come morning, delight every foal and young-minded adult.

But for now, many just enjoyed being in their warm houses, nursing hot beverages and enjoying the comfortable closeness of friends and family members. So did the three ponies currently lounging around on thick blankets spread around the Carousel Boutique living room.

Rarity, the aforementioned fashionista, was busy thinking up plans for her new winter clothing line, or at least that was what she sat down here to do. However, more often than not, she was distracted, smiling warmly at the two other ponies sharing the blankets with her.

Just a few months ago, Rarity had asked her good friend Twilight Sparkle for a favor. The young princess was still waiting for full-time royal duties to attend to, so after the third time of rereading the entire library of the new castle, Rarity had resolved to find something for Twilight to occupy her time with.

As luck would have it, Sweetie Belle started to use her magic at about the same time, and since Rarity herself was highly specialized in her spell use and telekinesis control, she had asked Twilight to teach her sister. Twilight, of course, had taken to it like a fish to water, and after a brief letter exchange with Princess Celestia, she managed to be a kind and patient teacher, and Sweetie Belle’s ability soon blossomed, to the point that she was seriously considering enrolling at the Canterlot Academy, or even a personal, long-time student of Twilight.

While they tended to meet at the castle, where there was no lack of training equipment, literature and open space to practice, sometimes Rarity invited Twilight over to dinner, or just to watch Sweetie Belle in her lessons. The sight of her sister eagerly absorbing every word Twilight spoke, and the proud glow on the young alicorn’s face made her feel warm in a way she could not really explain.

This evening, however, Sweetie Belle was obviously already tired. Rarity had to hold back a giggle at the young unicorn constant blinking, trying and failing at paying attention while laying next to Twilight, listening to the soothing voice of the alicorn reciting magical formulae.

Finally, the exhaustion proved too much, and Sweetie Belle stumbled, bleary eyed and yawning, against Twilight’s barrel, burying herself into the lavender coat.

Surprised, Twilight interrupted her lecture, and almost by instinct, her wing unfolded, embracing Sweetie Belle beneath a snug feathery blanket.

She shot an apologetic look over to Rarity, who was still watching the scene, enthralled. “I’m sorry”, Twilight whispered. “Was I getting too boring?”

Rarity was quick to reassure her friend, though. “Don’t worry, darling. It is getting rather late, and Sweetie should probably get some sleep. You know she soaks up everything you say like a sponge.”

Twilight blushed at the praise, drawing a broader smile from Rarity.

“Do you think we should bring her to bed, then?” Twilight asked, studying the dozing foal beneath her wing. She craned her neck, nudging Sweetie softly with her nose.

Apparently still half-sleeping, Sweetie Belle reacted, curling into a ball, and drowsily murmured. “‘Kay, mom.”

A second later what she had said, and who she had said it to, made its way to Sweetie Belle’s mind. Her eyes shot open and her cheeks turned bright red. “No, that’s not what I wanted to say!”, she wailed. “Please believe me, Twilight. I did not want to call you…”

Rarity’s laughter interrupted Twilight’s stuttering attempts to reassure her student.

“Sweetie Belle…”, the fashionista began, trying in vain to keep her voice serious, “Do you have something to say to us? Should I tell mom you are already replacing her?”

“Well, if you would stop looking at each other like mom and dad do, I wouldn’t think of you two as…”

She trailed off, the stunned faces of her sister and teacher telling her what she just said. Quickly, she turned around and galloped away. Twilight and Rarity could hear her going up the stairs.

An awkward silence settled on the living room. Both remaining ponies did their best not to make eye contact, the embarrassment still palpable.

At last, Twilight cleared her throat. “Uh,” she began eloquently. She had thought about this. Just reassure Rarity, laugh at the idea of the two of them having a child together. But when she reached the last thought, a different image entered her mind.

A hospital. A long wait, impatiently staring at a door. A doctor. A patient room. Rarity lying on the bed, her elegant violet curls in disarray, a small bundle in her forelegs. “She has your eyes.”

Rarity was not faring much better. The image of Twilight, wings gently covering a foal, a warm, motherly smile on her muzzle, was back, fresh and vivid.

Well, it was not like they were a couple. And a foal would only be something to plan once they had settled a bit more. Maybe after marriage, or at the very least moving in together.

“But for that to happen, we’d have to start dating first…”

Rarity did not even realize she had spoken her last thought out loud.

They both looked up at the same time, and their eyes met.