• Published 30th Apr 2019
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The World Of Cyber Species. - Neutral Boy

After finding an unknown disc, Lucas somehow finds himself in a different world. One that is filled mystery, beautiful sites, battles, cyber creatures, and a potential danger on a new world called Cyber Equis.

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Chapter 1: Not a warm welcome.

{Cyber Equis, year 10,000, 9:30 p.m.}

{Cyber Wonderbolts Academy. . .}

After narrowly escaping their pursuers, the Wonderbolt cadets were able to make it safe to the academy with no casualty killed. Except for their missing captain and two injured cadets. Fleetfoot has a damaged wing and a missing right leg. Wind Breaker has multiple wounds all over his body when he shielded Fleetfoot from most of the incoming blasts.

The rest of the cadet took notice of their injured comrades as they took them into their medical care. Both Soarin and Thunderlane have exchanged a few words before Thunderlane went to keep an eye on the injured cadets while Soarin is going to the locker room.

Arriving in the locker room, Soarin began to punch and kick the lockers up to let out some frustrating anger after the last battle. Eventually he slowed down to stop and sits on the bench, thus thinking to himself on what went wrong, how the enemy easily beat his squad, and guilt of leaving behind his own captain.

"I should've stayed with you Spitfire." Soarin murmurs to himself.

"Having some mare trouble again?" A voice spoke up.

Soarin turns his head to see a cadet looking at him.

His name is Steam Brawler, a cousin of Spitfire and a good friend of both Soarin and Fleetfoot.

"It's not like that and you know it."

"Yeah, just trying to help cheer you up while you're busy 'pounding' all the lockers."

Steam chuckled and notice Soarin with small red dot on his cheeks before he sits beside his friend.

"What happened out there Soarin?"

"We ran into some Shadowbolts. Perhaps more than we thought Steam."

"How many exactly?"

"About more than twenty, we only managed to take out five of them."

Steam paused for a moment before he speaks up.

"Where is my cousin and the two cadets? Are they okay?"

"Fleetfoot and Wind are being treated in the medical. Fleetfoot has a damaged wing and a lost leg. Wind Breaker got multiple wounds on his body by being a shield to protect her from most of the enemy attacks. Spitfire has both damaged wings and order us to leave her behind as we retreat while she's hiding from the pursuers and find that strange light."

"She what?!" Steam shouted in shock and anger.

"Before the Shadowbolts caught us off-guard, we saw a strange light in the upper sky that somehow descended and flew into the lands near Cloudsdale. We're not exactly sure of where it landed at. So Spitfire wanted to search for it on her own before she comes back, despite having both of her damaged wings."

Steam gritted his teeth and clutching his shaky hands.

"Dammit cousin, why did you go off on your own without any single unit with you or even protect you?"

"I don't know Steam. Either she didn't think clearly or maybe a different reason."

A minute later, both of them went out of the locker room and went to go check on the injured.

Before going close to them, a mare voice shouted to the both of them. They turns their heads to see another cadet running towards them in a hurry with some important things she is carries with her.

Her name is Lightning Dust, a rookie cadet training in the Academy. Despite having good flight skills and combat, she went to join in the Wonderbolt recruitment. Things didn't go so well however when during training tests, Dust was too blinded of being the best recruiter and not realizing of knowing what a true Wonderbolt means. Thus Dust gets kicked out from nearly killing multiple friends from one of her dangerous move stunts as she realizes of what her owns actions did and her dreams of being a Wonderbolt are going to be crushed.

Thankfully, one of Spitfire's friends is able to reconsider her judgement against Dust.

So Spitfire has some talk with Dust and decided to give her another chance, but with harsh punishments.

Now in the present, Dust run to the two cadets and eventually comes to a complete stop.

"What is it Lightning?" Soarin asked her, wondering of why she's in a hurry.

"Soarin, you may want to take a look at this." Dust answers back with a rolled up map.

Soarin takes it and opens it up. He sees a map of Equestria with some red, yellow, and blue marks. Curious, he looks over to find a red mark between the Everfree and Cloudsdale as he suddenly got pale and froze. Back in his classes, he had read some reports of those color markings to know if they are any good or bad. His own teachers told him that he should never go to those locations and that those who do won't ever come back in good health or in one piece.

His friend notice his shaky hands and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Is something wrong Soarin?" Steam says as Soarin shook his head from being pale.

"I don't think it was a good idea of leaving our captain alone."

{Meanwhile, inside the Everfree Forest. . .}

"Oh my god, what are those things?"

A few minutes ago, Lucas has wander into nothing or anything interesting in the forest. Even he hasn't heard any animals humming, barking, or any kind of sound. It's like everything has gone to silence from where he's going. He looks around and spots some kind of sign up ahead.

Thinking there might be a city or town nearby, Lucas runs up to the sign and suddenly stops.

He sees that the sign is not on the stick top and look down to spot a small square box container.

"What's this thing?"

He touches it and tries to open it, but not luck of opening the container.

"Oh well, better keep this me just in case."

He puts the box into his bag and heads toward the town, unaware of a growling noise and loud steps.

Arriving into the town entrance, Lucas notice that all of the unusual houses have either been abandoned or destroying by who knows what. So he walks forward with caution to look both ways. Some houses he sees are trampled, torn apart, and have already collapsed. Even other ones have been damaged from something else with claws or teeth marks.

Shaking his head, Lucas walks some more until his left shoe bumps into something.


Looking down, he stumbles upon a town sign on the ground as he says the name of the title.

"Sunny Town."

He notices Sunny Town is marked off in red x and something is written on the bottom of the title name.

"The Sinner Town's Judgement."

Scratching his head in confusion, Lucas just ignores it and walks away from the sign.

"Strange, what happen to this town? I wonder if-"

Lucas cuts off and stops to see something horrifying. His eyes widen in shock upon looking at a bunch of body parts scattered up in one big pile of the center town. There's also some writing on each parts on them saying 'False believers', 'Child killer', 'Cheating horse', 'Scamming con', 'Lying family', 'Incest freak', and so on.

"Jesus Christ."

When Lucas looks closer to the pile, he suddenly trips and hits his body on an invisible barrier.


He then backs away from the barrier as a sudden alarm rings out loud. He covers his ears in hopes of making the sound stops. Less than a minute later, it stops as he lowers his hands from covering his ears.

"What the hell was that?"

When the alarm has stop, there was multiple growls, howls, and steps coming toward his position.

"I-I better hide somewhere fast."

Shaking in fright, Lucas runs inside an open broken house and hides below a broken window. He breathes in and out in order to calm himself down. He looks outside to see nothing yet as he hides back. He then notices something not too close from him and finds out what surprises him. Two unconscious unicorns are beside each other with no limbs missing, but a few damaged marks on them. One unicorn has blue and white color while the other one is mint.

"Weird, are these two the survivors here?" He whispered in question.

Lucas walks slowly over to the unicorns and thinks on what to do.

"Maybe I can carry these two with me and find out what's going on here."

Nodding at the decision, he grabs one of them and surprisingly know that they're not that heavy. He puts one over his left shoulder while grabbing another unicorn and over his other shoulder. Lucas then proceed to find a way out before he spots something out there.

His blood turned cold of seeing multiple unidentified monsters roaming around this former town.

"Oh my god, what are those things?" Lucas shakily whispers while trying to not to make too much sound.

Unfortunately for him, one of those monsters heard his sound and looks back at him. The creature growls toward the other and they all look at him as they each slowly walks toward his hiding place. Thinking now might be the best time to run, Lucas runs out the back broken window as the chase is on.

"Crap, as if I didn't need more tailing me for dinner!" He shouted.

Lucas tries to trail off the monsters by zigzagging into each house, but it hasn't work. Each monsters didn't care about destroying everything in their path as they always go for the main course meals or snacks.

"Come on legs, don't fail me now! Just keep running!"

One of the monsters ran fast and hits Lucas in the back with a strong tail, sending him flying.


After flying some distance, he falls onto the ground and drops two unicorns. He slowly gets up to see multiples monsters slow crawl towards him and the unicorns.

"Oh crap, I'm a goner."

Before the monsters would get their meal time, an arrow hit on the ground in front of them as it suddenly explodes with blue clouds covering them all. Multiple howls and growls of pains roared as they begun to flail around wildly.

Not going to wait any longer of being a chowder meal, Lucas shook his head and grabs the two unicorns onto his shoulders and proceed to run back in the forest and perhaps find out who saved him.

'This night just keeps getting weirder and weirder.' Lucas thought in his mind.

{Elsewhere, outside the Everfree Forest. . .}

A white little bunny hops around and stops to yawn while stretch it's little paws out.

The bunny yips in shock when a laser blast lands closest in just a few little feet near him.

It sees two figures fighting one in a struggling battle. Yipping again, the bunny hops back into the forest.

Back in the battle, Spitfire manage to take out one Shadowbolt member after being spotted.

She has some trouble fighting the other two as they were tricky to hit. She tries to kick the one in front her, but enemy dodges it and punches the side of her face while the other one kicks her in the chest hard.


Spitfire coughs a few liquid out and staggers to maintain her stance, but didn't have time when two kicks hit her in the chest again as she fall down on the ground. She tries to get up, only for a blade to stab her on the left arm.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Spitfire screamed in pain.

"So much for the hot-headed captain now." The Shadowbolt stallion snickers.

"W-Why are you doing this? Who ordered you to kill me and my squad?"

"Shut up ya bloody horse. You'll be dead soon." The other stallion said before the first one spoke again.

"Now, now, we can at least tell a few things until we can both kill her. If there's a small chance she might survive or not, no one will be able to stop us."

The stallion bends down and looks at Spitfire eye to eye.

"Let's just say that our unknown contractor got sick and tired of this world's biggest mistakes and wants to make things normal the way it should be. Of course this might not be good news for the 'failure princesses & council' and their 'precious knights, nobles, & citizens' for their own twisted game. Although, the contractor has better plans in mind with the aid of us Shadowbolts and our great leader."

The stallion grabs Spitfire by the neck as they get up and ready his sword at her.

"A shame that you won't be able to witness of what's become of this new world."

Spitfire's eyes widen in fear and sadness as the two stallions grin with murderous eyes.

"Have fun of being tortured endlessly in the depths of Tartarus, former cap-"

The stallion cuts off when a sudden laser shoots him in the head from far away, dropping both Spitfire and the now deceased Shadowbolt on the ground.

"S-SARGENT!" The other stallion shouted in shock as he tries to shoot at the unknown killer.

Sadly, he misses as two more lasers hit him in both the chest and head, thus falling to the ground.

Spitfire's vision begins to go blurry as she spots a little thing beside her before she lost conscious.

Back in Ponyville, a pink hyperactive pony is at her friend's Boutique shop getting materials.

"Rarity, where can I find the doodle assets?" The pink pony asked the white unicorn.

Her friend rubs a hand over her face while concentrating on her work.

"It's pronounced Levar Potion Pinkie dear, top shelf to the right." She answered.

"Oooooohhh so that's how you say it."

Pinkie soon spots the one she saw on the shelf, but suddenly halted.

Her system body has felt wibbly wobbly all over as Rarity turns her head to see Pinkie acting weird.

"Pinkie Pie darling, is it your Pinkie Sense again?"

The pink pony stopped and felt dizzy for a moment before shaking her head.

"Apparently yes, but something is definitely off with my senses."

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