• Published 30th Apr 2019
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The World Of Cyber Species. - Neutral Boy

After finding an unknown disc, Lucas somehow finds himself in a different world. One that is filled mystery, beautiful sites, battles, cyber creatures, and a potential danger on a new world called Cyber Equis.

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Chapter 3: The meetings.

{Hidden hideout location. . .}

Far off away from Ponyville, four silhouette robe figures are sneaking & hiding from any signs of patrol or enemy nearby. When the coast is clear, three of them enters a cave while the other one remains behind to guard the entrance.

Inside the cave, three figure walks further in and stops at the center.

One of them steps forward and grabs an orb device before placing it onto the ground.

Backing up away from the orb and joining the two figures, the orbs devices begins to glow and a big holographic projector is shown. An image forms on screen to show a dark figure with blue eye colors sitting in a chair at a gorgeous table.

"Thank you for attending to this meeting today. Please, have a seat. There is much to discuss."

The three figures took a seat by using their gadgets as the screen silhouette figure opens up a map showing the video footage of multiple sectors in different locations.

"As you three are aware, a lot of changes have been scattered all around Equestria and across other nations beyond the continents. The Crystal Empire has border their city ever since the disappearance of Prince Shining Armor and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. All the scattered Changelings who crashed a wedding months ago have been captured by an unknown group of raiders. The Griffons, Zebras, Sea ponies, Kirins, Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs, Dragons, and others have isolated their lands away from the Equestrian Order."

Another button typing is pressed as it shows a picture that three couldn't see behind it.

"Worse still, four more lands are being targeted by the unknown enemies."

The picture turns around and it's fully shown.

"Their targets are Tartarus, Caribou Empire, Ourtown, and lastly. . . . . . . Ponyville."

The three figures gasp in shock as one of them spoke up.

"I-Is it true, will our home be targeted and possibly destroyed?" One of the says in shock.

"Afraid so, those enemies will eventually target Ponyville and they'll tear down everything in their path, no matter who stands in their way. Not to worry though, I have sent a messenger of mine to help out defend your home."

All the pictures and video footage minimized and closed out.

"In the meantime, about one week from today, I need you three to pack up anything you need and head to these coordinates for a big meeting."

"Ah thought you said it was in a few more months?"

"True, but my lead commander have made a change of planning schedule."

{Elsewhere. . .}

Five figures are seen in the canyons near the changelings territory.

Each of them sits down on the ground as one of them speaks up.

"I'm sure that you four have many questions to ask us, mostly for my master as well."

A male anthro stallion who spoke began to repair one of his blades and modifies it.

"For now, I'll let each of you ask me three questions, starting with you Sunset Shimmer."

The one who's name is called by him think for a moment before speaking up.

"First question; Is it true that your master stopped me from entering the mirror portal?"


"Second question; Was he under the orders from Princess Celestia or any other pony?"

"Nope, he made this choice on his own."

"Last question; Why did he stop me from making my own destiny?"

The stallion stops what he's doing and looks at her. Sighing, he put his blade by his side.

"The reason why he stopped your destiny coming true is that he foreseen many of your countless deaths in the past, especially the three sirens as well. Even all of the other species on this planet also has suffered unfortunate demises, including Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Shining Armor, and many more."

Sunset's eyes widen in shock and surprise, along with the sirens and one of them grumble for some reason.

"My master felt sadden that he could've prevented their deaths, yet he didn't. In order to do so, he began to take some drastic measure plans, even though it would spell dire consequences later on. Which is precisely why he's chosen each of you to stay here in Equestria and protect it against our true enemies."

"W-Well um, what are we supposed to do?" Asked one of the sirens.

"First is we have to repel our enemies back, rescue Discord, and finally find the Elements of Harmony."

"Wait, what do you mean rescue Discord and why find the Elements of Harmony?" Sunset raised an eyebrow.

"My master lost contact with Discord months ago, the last time they spoke is that Discord told us he felt his body shaking in fear and he'll be back in a little while in search for investigation. We have waited, but he didn't came back. Both of us believe someone or something is keeping him out of sight and range. As for the Elements of Harmony, it was my master's orders to find them. Last time the elements were at is in the castle of two sisters, but it appears someone may have hidden them for who know where exactly."

Their conversations are cut short when they heard loud footsteps approaching their position.

"Grab your weapons and get ready, they found us."

All of them got and got their weapons ready as they wait. The loud footsteps were drawing in closes and closes until it's revealed of a tall robotic enemy with the right hand holding a decapitated dead mare's head. It then points it's left hand to the five.


"Yeah? Here's my answer to them!"

The stallion points his blade at his enemy as the pointed blade's tip glows and fires at the enemy's chest.

It got him, but this didn't do enough, only made it growl and crushed the mare's head with it's right hand.


Behind the tall enemy, multiple grunts of enemies charging at the group. No time to retreat, the stallion, three sirens, and Sunset Shimmer charge as well. Their weapons clash as the battle wages near the changeling territory.

Author's Note:

Hey there, I'm very sorry this took too long to write, but I was busy on my other story works and had to make some changing routes. It's very frustrating when you write stories and wanting to play games on your consoles at the same time. As a token of an apology, I found this pic for all of you. Also before I forget, fasten your seat belts cause the rumble will begin in the next chapter. Disney Hades: Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!