• Published 30th Apr 2019
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The World Of Cyber Species. - Neutral Boy

After finding an unknown disc, Lucas somehow finds himself in a different world. One that is filled mystery, beautiful sites, battles, cyber creatures, and a potential danger on a new world called Cyber Equis.

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Prologue: Journey begins.

Cyber World, an unusual future world filled with mystery, excitement, weaponry, chemicals, science, beautiful cities, discovering unknown creatures, you name it. Although, not every Cyber World is exactly peaceful as you may think. There have been some dark stories of Apocalypse, Armageddon, outbreaks, countless wars, and so on in the different Cyber Worlds.

On the planet known as Cyber Equis, there has been signs of ominous warnings throughout multiple villages, towns, and kingdoms. Yet neither citizens nor their rulers never even notice as they were too busy on having their own problems to deal with.

This, is where the story begins. When one living flesh called a human perhaps can change the fate of every advanced citizen, town, kingdom, and Cyber Equis.

{Cyber Equis, year 10,000, 9:00 p.m.}

{Somewhere in Cyber Equestria. . .}

Up above the skies at night, several figures are searching on a scout mission. Their appearance are anthropomorphic ponies mixed with cyber parts on them and equipped with some unusual weapons. Another figure appears and came back to join. Her name is Captain Spitfire, leader of the Wonderbolts Academy.

She taps to her side head and begin to speak with the cadets via intercoms.

"Keep an eye out every pony, our enemies should be nearby. Keep your guard up at all times."

"Yes sir."


"Understood Captain."

A few days ago, Spitfire read reports of missing ponies in both Canterlot and Cloudsdale with no evidence left behind or why they are being targeted of going missing. So she began to gather up her best cadets and proceed to grab their gears before heading out.

Now they're at night searching for any possible signs of an enemy.

"Wait, what's that up above?" One of her cadets said.

Lost in her thought, Spitfire shook her head and sees her cadet pointing up above.

Looking to where she pointed, she spots something shiny in the atmosphere.

Then the shiny star grew brighter and brighter as it suddenly heads toward them.

"Evasive maneuver!" Spitfire yelled out to her cadets.

They dodged out of the way in time as the object comes down and heads toward the land.

"Any units injured?"

"No sir, we're all good."

"Where's our unknown target heading Wind Breaker?"

"I believe it's heading toward near Cloudsdale, Captain."

While all of the cadets were busy watching the object float away to the land, a figure is in the clouds watching them from behind. It grabs a hold of a sniper type rifle and proceeds to spot a target. Once the target is found, it fires the rifle and hits one of the cadets.

"FLEETFOOT!" Spitfire shouted to her.

She angrily turn around and uses one of her rifle to shoot the figure hiding in the clouds.

Unfortunately for her, she missed as it dodges and appears from it's hiding spot.

"I got her Captain! She's alright, but her left engine is damaged."

Spitfire sighs in relief before she and her cadets glare at the figure.

The figure appears as a pony and shouts out loud.


Four more figure of ponies suddenly appear and flies down to their targets.

Spitfire and her cadets proceed to maneuver away as a dogfight begins in the sky.

"Breaker, take Fleet back to camp. Every pony else, take out the enemies."

"B-But Cap-"


". . . understood Captain Spitfire."

Wind Breaker holds onto Fleetfoot tight and retreats away to the Academy. While the two retreat, Spitfire and her group are battling with the five unknown ponies. Multiple laser fire began to go off as one of the unknown ponies got hit in the chest by a laser and is going down away from the sky.

Two Wonderbolts cadets also got hit from a few lasers, but are still keep going in the fight.

As the two groups are fighting each other, Spitfire and the figure pony are fighting. The figure used it's rifle and fires at her head, but she ducks from it and shoots her own rifle at the figure. Both begin to fire and mostly miss, but hit a few at each other. Spitfire's wing engine got damaged while the figure's both wings are also damaged as well.

When they were fighting, Spitfire recognizes a symbol of a Shadowbolt member as the two suddenly stop and stare at each other.

"Give it up Shadowbolt, you're outnumbered."

"I don't think so."

Three cadets regroup to Spitfire while the Shadowbolt growls before smirking at them.

"You may have bested my units, but let's see if you can handle my best trained hunters."

As the pony says this, he snaps his fingers and twenty more members joins up with him.

"Your move Wonder rejects. Surrender or be destroyed along with your weak cadets."

All of the Shadowbolt members took out their weapons and aim at each of the Wonderbolts.

"Aw buck me." Spitfire murmured before she used her com link to her units.


As she said it, they use all of their wing engine power to back away and speed off.

"AFTER THEM!" The Shadowbolt leader shouted to them.

Now the chase has commence. The Wonderbolts are dodging from a bunch of laser fire shooting at them while they try to shoot back. However, a few of the lasers manage to hit their mark on Spitfire and both of her wing engines.



With both of her wings malfunction and damaged from enemy fire, Spitfire began to lose altitude and brace for impact with a loud thud. Her teammates tries to get to her, but couldn't since they're being still shot at from laser fire.

Upon landing hard on the ground, Spitfire looked up and speak in con again.

"Don't worry about me! I'll catch up while you flee from the enemy."

She then turn off her communicator and retreats into a building not too far away while her cadets continue to fly away in retreat from the Shadowbolts.

"I'd better look for the object first. Then catch up to my unit."

Looking to see if any pursuers, there was none as she sighs and grabs some tool gear.

"Right now, I need to hide in order heal up and get my wings repaired. The Shadowbolts might be looking for me soon. Hopefully we can figure out what in Tartarus is going on here."

{Meanwhile, near Cyber Cloudsdale. . .}

Around the same time of a dogfight in the sky, the shiny object has begun to slow down and touches to the ground. A moment later, the object slowly changes shape into a bipedal figure male human with full clothing before it's eventually complete and lays on the ground.

The male human slowly opens up his blue eyes and sees that it's night outside.

He yawns out loud and stretches his arms before he stops yawning and scratch his black hair.

He gets up from the ground and stands tall to look that something is off.

"W-Where am I, how did I get here?" The human murmured.

Shaking his head in confusion, the male human looks around to notice he's in a strange forest.

"I don't even remember being in a forest."

Looking back at the ground by his side, he see his backpack laying there with food and drinks.

"Maybe there might be someone around here that can help me out."

So he took some of his belongings with him and proceeds to find a way of getting out of the forest. Unbeknownst to him, a small shiny object appears behind him before it floats into his backpack and disappears.

{Cyber Ponyville, 3 hours earlier. . .}

A librarian purple unicorn is going over on her notes and letters to write for the Princesses.

"Okay uh, Mayor Mare is really busy, but I'm sure Princess Celestia and Luna can perhaps help me out."

She paces back and forth on what to tell them.

During the time, her dragon assistant came into her room and places the meal by her desk.


The unicorn got interrupted from her thinking and turns toward him.

"Spike, can't you see that I'm busy here t write for the Princesses?" She huffs.

Her assistant rolls his eyes, shaking his head.

"You do realize they are having a meeting today, right Twilight? I mean it's clearly not healthy if you keep on being more anxious and hyperventilating through all the troubles every day."

"But Spike, you don't understand. It's not the reason why I-"

"Look, I get that you seem a little worried about some missing reports, including a couple of our friends back in Canterlot. Don't worry, as soon as the Princesses are done, we'll go send the letter. In the meantime, why don't you just relax and take some time off? I'm sure there's no harm of spending time with your trusty number one assistant."

Twilight did thought about it before clearing her head.

Inhaling and exhaling slowly, she smiles and pats her assistant's head.

"Your right Spike, I shouldn't be overthinking things sometimes."

"Exactly, so when was the last time you saw them?"

"Oh I dunno, maybe around the time when I visited my BBBFF."

"Uh huh, speaking of mares."

Spike pulls out a design letter of his drawing.

"Which outfit do I try on so I can impress Rarity? The classic suit or the deluxe bad boy?"

Seeing his design, Twilight snorted in giggles and laughing.

"Oh Spike, you don't need to do that. You're way too young to date her."

Instantly frowning, Spike crumbles up the letter and takes away her meal.

"Second thought, I regret on talking to you about this topic of romance since you'd rather study than going out with any stallions like a normal mare. If you need me, I'll be eating up your meal for my lonesome sorrow."

When he walks away, Twilight realizes her mistakes and stops her laughing.

"Oh ponyfeathers, I didn't know it was so stupid of me when I should've made a better positive response to him. Wait a second Spike, I didn't mean on what I had said! Also, it's really hard for me to step away from my studies and try to find any dates of interesting stallions! Not mares since I'm clearly straight!"

{Elsewhere, in an unknown location. . .}

"The hourglass has shifted it's time. The wheels have begin to turn unexpectedly, once again. The event is coming soon than I never expected. Bring me my loyal guards, immediately."

"As you wish. . ."

*door opens and closes*

". . . . . . . What are you planning?"

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, guess what today is? My birthday! HAHAH! Gonna need to make plans.

Anyway, I came up with this idea from watching a few anime series since there hasn't been any stories of Cyber anthro ponies, except maybe a couple or a few, I don't know.

So yeah, I thought it would be good of creating this one.

Hopefully this might good for all of you or not, let me know, and see ya later!