• Published 25th Jul 2017
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My Little Voyager - pabrony

Something metal lands in Equestria while the bearers of the Elements of Harmony simultaneously begin to vanish.

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The Chaos

"Discord..." Twilight shouted angrily before seeing who was at the rear hatch.

"Discord? The draconequus?" asked another somewhat taller human that had just appeared out of no where.

"But... you... him... what is...?" Twilight barely managed to get out.

"Q, what do you want from us?" Tuvok asked the being that had just arrived.

Q slowly walked through the cockpit of the Delta Flyer looking at all the blank consoles before taking a seat on the dashboard at the front of the shuttle.

"Why Tuvok, what makes you think I want something from you?" Q replied with a faux look of sadness on his face. "It seems to me that everyone here is in a bit of a quandary. Think about it, the five of us are all trapped in this alternate dimension, three of their friends are trapped in our dimension..."

"Three? Only two of our... hey where did Applejack go?" Rarity asked upon noticing that the farm pony was missing.

"What did you do with our friends, mister?" Twilight asked as she powered up her horn to fire an energy blast at the familiar sounding being.

Q snapped his fingers and teleported the three remaining ponies, Spike, himself and the Voyager away team outside of the the Flyer. Much to Twilight's surprise, the teleportation had also cancelled out the blast that she was about to fire from her horn.

"My dear equine," Q began. "I did not teleport your friends to our dimension. Nor did I teleport these fine folks and myself here. Well not intentionally."

"Cut the act, Q," Tom growled. "Take us home."

"I'd love to, it's just, well there was this other... creature..." Q said before being cut off.

"That must've been Discord," Rainbow Dash interrupted.

Q disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared about 3 meters away laying on a fainting couch similar to Rarity's.

"You know that name is beginning to ring a bell," Q said with a smirk. "I remember talking to someone few days ago. Very engaging conversationalist. I do believe he had similar name that which you keep mentioning."

"What did you two do?" Tom asked sourly.

"We, well, we may or may not have had a teensy little contest to see who had a firmer grasp on the control of space-time," said Q innocently.

"A contest?" Seven asked.

"Security team to engineering," said one of the engineers after tapping his comm badge.

Lounging on the railing surrounding the warp core was a creature about 4 meters in length and looked like a mash-up of at least a half dozen animals. The creature had appeared in a flash of light moments earlier but somehow hadn't tripped the intruder alert.

"Security? For little old me?" the creature said sarcastically. "My this is an elaborate setup you have here. What is this called?"

"It's called a warp core," shouted B'lanna Torres as she accompanied the security team into the room. "Now who the Hell are you and why are you in my engine room?"

"Isn't it usually polite to introduce yourself before making demands?" the creature said with a mischievous smirk.

"Fine," B'lanna replied. "I'm Lt. Torres, chief engineer."

"Lt. Torres? That Q fellow warned me about you. By the way, my name is Discord, God of Chaos," said Discord as he slithered through the air to surround B'lanna with his body. "Do you really have a terrible temper as Q claims?"

B'lanna only answered with a palm to Discord's face and an elbow to his gut. Discord fell to the floor pretending to be in pain before teleporting onto a bed that seemed to appear out of nowhere, wrapped in bandages with an IV connected to his paw.

"Is there... a... doctor... in the... house?" Discord asked weakly. "I'm... not sure... I'll make it."

B'lanna ordered the security team to take Discord to the brig so that Captain Janeway could deal with him. Discord then reappeared next to the doors leading to engineering wearing a black and white striped prison suit and handcuffs.

"My, my. Only here for five minutes and I'm already a jailbird," Discord laughed before he was escorted to the brig.

"I thought Q was bad," one of the crewmen said quietly as they walked through the corridors.

"Oh I'm not that bad," Discord said as he snapped his talon changed his appearance so that he was wearing a Starfleet uniform. "I really know how to fit in wherever I go. Say, did you ever play 'Hide and Seek' when you were younger?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, it's simple. I hide and you seek me out," Discord said before disappearing in a flash of light.

"Woo-wee! This here is one fancy get-up!"

"Bridge to Captain Janeway," Ensign Kim saiid after tapping a button on the captain's chair.

"Go ahead, Harry," Janeway responded.

"You or Commander Chakotay might want to come up here," Harry said.

"Commander Chakotay will be there shortly," Janeway replied.

While the bridge crew waited for the executive officer to arrive, the tangerine pony that had appeared moments earlier hopped into the chair normally occupied by Chakotay.

"Howdy! Name's Applejack," the earth pony said to Harry as she extended her right hoof.

"Uhh, Harry Kim," the young ensign replied as he cautiously reached out to shake Applejack's hoof.

"What? It's jist a hoof. It ain't gonna bite ya," Applejack told him with a huge smile as she waited for Harry to grab it.

By this time Chakotay had arrived back on the bridge to see what the issue was. He stopped short as he saw Harry's arm almost pulled out of socket by Applejack as she shook his hand vigorously. Harry relinquished the command chair to Chakotay once he and Applejack finished exchanging pleasantries.

"Commander Chakotay, meet Applejack," Harry said as the senior officer sat down.

"Pleasure to meet you," Chakotay said as he extended his hand and braced himself for a equally vigorous handshake.

Applejack removed her Stetson and set it on the console before speaking up.

"So yer th' head honcho 'round here?" she asked.

"Actually, no. I'm the executive officer," Chakotay replied. "I'm second in command. Captain Janeway is currently in the galley with a two ponies named Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy."

Applejack breathed a sigh of relief. At least she knew where her missing friends were, even though she had no idea where she currently was.

Before they could continue their conversation, streamers and confetti began raining down from out of nowhere. Accompanying the confetti was a flash of light and a noisemaker.

"I win round one!"

"Discord!" Applejack hissed. "What in th' hay are you doin' here?"

"Applejack? I didn't realize I'd have friends waiting for me here," Discord said with a smirk.

"You know this creature?" Chakotay asked Applejack.

"Unfortunately," Applejack groaned. "He used ta be one of Equestria's top villains b'fore the girls an' Ah turned him ta stone."

Discord didn't say anything. He just hovered close to the ceiling with a huge, goofy grin on his face.

"So what's he doing here?" Harry asked from his station.

"Princess Celestia done gave him a second chance ta change his ways," Applejack answered with a frown.

Before anyone else could say anything the doors to the turbolift next to the tactical station opened and two security officers stepped onto the bridge. Discord turned himself into a mouse and cowered under Harry's console.

"Please don't let them take me," he squeaked.

"Discord," Applejack began as she tried keeping her composure. "Whenever Fluttershy finds out about yer shenanigans, she's gonna be beggin' Celestia ta put ya back in stone when we get back home."

Discord snapped his paw and transformed back into his normal form, donning the prison attire and handcuffs he was wearing earlier. "Let's go..." he said as the security officers escorted him into the turbolift.

"So what's gonna happen ta me an' the girls?" Applejack asked.

"Well, I'm not sure but I'm sure we can find some accommodations for the three of you," Chakotay replied.

"Thank ya kindly," Applejack said. "Is there any way Ah could join mah friends in y'all's galley?"

"Sure thing. Harry, you have the bridge," Chakotay said as he and Applejack entered the turbolift next to the operations station.

"So let me get this straight," Twilight Sparkle said. "You and Discord started heaving magic blasts at each other and one of them opened an interdimensional rift?"

Q nodded as he sat on a rock in a thinking pose. "I never thought there could be anyone that was able to match my mischief, I mean, cosmic powers. Let alone outdo me."

"Is there any way you could reopen the rift?" Tuvok asked.

"Sadly, no. Not in this dimension," Q answered. "My powers are diminished greatly here."

"It must be the magic in Equestria," Rarity said.

"Hold on a second," Rainbow shouted. "If this portal thingy is closed, how are-"

In a flash of light, Rainbow Dash vanished before she was able to finish her question.

Author's Note:

*insert dramatic music*

Well, we know where Rainbow Dash went. Now how is everypony gonna get to their respective homes?