• Published 25th Jul 2017
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My Little Voyager - pabrony

Something metal lands in Equestria while the bearers of the Elements of Harmony simultaneously begin to vanish.

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The Threshold

"What is this thing?" Twilight Sparkle asked the Doctor as he revived the away team one by one.

"It's a shuttlecraft called the Delta Flyer," the Doctor replied over his shoulder. "We live, well they live, on the Starship Voyager."

"Oh my head," groaned the being that the Doctor called Mr. Paris. "How long have we been out for, Doc?"

"I'm not sure. I went offline shortly before we crossed threshold of the anomaly," the Doctor replied as he assisted the female back to a sitting position.

"Umm, Doc?" Paris asked with a look of bewilderment in his face. "Did I get a concussion?"

The Doctor made his way back to Mr. Paris and moved a silver cylinder back and forth above his head before tapping the miniature sideways book.

"According to the tricorder, you're fine. Just a bruised temple," he replied.

"Then why am I seeing a tiny dragon and four multicolored horses?" Paris wanted to know.

"Correction there. We're ponies, not horses," Applejack corrected him.

"And they talk?" Mr. Paris said in shock.

"They most certainly do," the Doctor replied. "Very inquisitive ponies if I do say so myself." He added as he flashed a smile toward the group.

"That is very understandable," the dark skinned being named Tuvok said upon waking up. "We are most undoubtedly the first bipedal species they've encountered."

"So much for the Prime Directive," Paris muttered under his breath.

"The what?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"The Prime Directive. It's Starfleet's guiding principle. It states that no one may interfere with the internal development of an alien species," Tuvok replied.

The group of ponies looked at each other before Rarity spoke up, "No offense intended darling but I don't believe we are the aliens in this situation."

"Actually we're both aliens," Twilight corrected. "We are alien to them just as much as they are alien to us."

"If you don't mind me asking, what in Celestia's name are all of you?" Spike asked as he continued to take notes on the parchment that Twilight had brought along.

"Me and Seven of Nine are both human, Tuvok is a Vulcan and the Doctor..." Paris before being interrupted.

"The Doctor already told us what he is," Spike said.

Rainbow Dash flew over to the console beside Seven and looked closely at her and then looked over her shoulder at Mr. Paris. She turned her attention back to Seven and lifted a hoof to touch one of the metal parts on the female human's face.

"Rainbow Dash!" Applejack hissed, causing the pegasus to snap her hoof back to her side. "Ah'm sorry fer our friend, ma'am. She ain't got no manners regardin' personal space."

"Indeed," Seven agreed as she looked between the two ponies.

"Ms. Seven, if you don't mind me asking, if you and Mr. Paris are both human, why doesn't he have metal on him?" Twilight asked.

"It is because I am Borg," Seven replied flatly, earning confused looks from the entire group.

"So are y'all human or whatever a Borg is?" Applejack wanted to know.

"Both. I was assimilated by the Borg when I was four years old. The crew of Voyager liberated me from the collective two years ago," Seven continued to explain. "In the last two years I have learned how to be an individual and make friends."

Twilight's ears and head perked up at the last word from Seven. Friends. Was there somewhere that friendship didn't exist? It was inconceivable.

"So why didn't you have friends before you were liberated?" Twilight asked.

Seven of Nine began to explain how the Borg Collective worked while Rainbow Dash chatted up Tom Paris. Rainbow tried getting Tom to teach her to pilot the Delta Flyer, but he repeatedly denied her requests, reluctantly citing the Prime Directive each time.

"I thought you were cool, Tom," Rainbow Dash moaned. "But you're just like everypony else, saying you can't break the rules."

"I've already spent time in prison for breaking the rules years ago. I really don't want to go back, especially with the chief of security standing 4 meters away," he explained with a slight smile.

"So if yer from outer space, then how did y'all git here?" Applejack asked.

Tuvok replied, "It started three days ago..."

"Captain!" Ensign Kim said firmly to get the Captain's attention.

"Yes, Harry?" Captain Janeway answered.

"I'm detecting a spacial anomaly 6 light-years away," Harry told her.

"What kind of anomaly?" Chakotay asked.

"I don't know," Harry told him. "The sensor readings are showing that it's in a state of flux. It may be a wormhole."

"Transfer the readings to the astrometrics lab. Chakotay, Tuvok, you're with me," Captain Janeway said as the three of them left their positions and entered turbolift next to the tactical station.

The three officers entered the astrometrics lab to join Seven of Nine who was already performing a more detailed scan of the anomaly. Tuvok stopped to the right and slightly behind Seven, Janeway stood to her left, leaning against a console and Chakotay stood to the captain's left.

"The anomaly is of unknown origin. Because it's in a state of temporal and spatial flux, it's impossible to get any accurate readings without flying directly into it," Seven explained.

"What about the multi-spatial probe? Could we use that?" Janeway asked.

"It's possible but it may not survive the gravitational forces surrounding the phenomenon," Seven replied.

Janeway turned to Chakotay and quietly planned a way to get close enough for some better readings. "What about sending an away team in the Delta Flyer?"

"It might work. If the gravitational pull gets to be too much it'll be easier to escape," Chakotay said.

"I'll send Tom along to pilot the Flyer," Janeway said.

"Send the doctor along in case something goes wrong," suggested Chakotay.

"Good idea," Janeway said before turning to the other two crew members. "Tuvok, Seven. You will take the Delta Flyer in for a closer look. Mr. Paris and the doctor will be joining you. There's a mining colony nearby that Neelix said might be able to trade with us. We'll rendezvous back here in three days."

"Agreed," Tuvok told her before the four of them left the lab.

Tom Paris piloted the Delta Flyer out of the shuttlebay approximately an hour later a set a course for the mysterious phenomenon. As they began to get closer to the gravity well of the anomaly they managed to get finer details of it.

"Commander Tuvok, please take a look at these readings," Seven told the vulcan as she transferred the data to his console. The doctor entered the front cabin from the back just as the shuttle rocked from side to side as the gravitational pull began pulling them toward the center of the anomaly.

"Delta Flyer to Voyager," Tuvok said as he attempted to open a communication channel to the main ship.

"It's no use. The anomaly is reflecting communications back to us," Seven stated.

The doctor began to flicker the closer to the threshold became until he went offline just before the shuttle entered the anomaly. The shuttle rocked violently just before knocking the other three unconscious.

"Weren't you scared?" Spike asked the crew after Tuvok finished the story.

"While I cannot speak for the others, I was not." Tuvok replied as he raised his eyebrows and tilted his head slightly.

"Why not?" Spike continued to ask.

"Because vulcans do not express emotions," answered Tuvok flatly.

Twilight meanwhile had made her way over to Seven's station which had nothing but black panels. Confused, she got the attention of the former borg drone.

"Excuse me, but how could you know about that anomaly you were studying when everything in here is blank, save for the blinking red lights?" Twilight asked Seven.

"Normally there are displays that show telemetry, controls and other relevant data on these panels," Seven explained as she pointed to the blank displays. "Right now the all the systems are down except for emergency power."

"Jist wonderin'. What were those sensory thangs y'all were talkin' 'bout, Mr. Tuvok?" Applejack asked.

"If I recall correctly, the sensor readings of the threshold revealed-"

"Surprise!" came a familiar voice from the back doorway.

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