• Published 29th Jun 2012
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Fallout: Equestria - Wasteland Bouquet - Cascadejackal

There's a lot of stories in the Equestrian Wasteland, and they all need to be told.

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Epilogue: Jacknife

-Epilogue: Jacknife-

As she watched her idol walk into the wastes, friends and family at her side, young Jacknife was filled with confidence. She would turn her gym into a place that would make Bloody Mane proud.

No. Not Bloody Mane. The behatted mare smiled. Whiskey Rose. The pony behind the title, the unstoppable champion, and the source of Jacknife's newfound philosophy.

Good Ponies Always Win.

Over the years, the Jacknife Gym became a place of kinship and competition, a place where the violence of the world could be taken and lessened with comrades. The passionate mare denied none entry, played no favorites with the gangs who would recruit her fighters, and always preached the words of her hero with all her heart.

The gym became a home, a place for mares and stallions alike to strive for something better, a spark of hope in a dead city. There were no more ponies like Ironchops, the vicious or cruel snatched up to act as enforcers by the gangs. Only those inspired by their leader's infectious loyalty and enthusiam, those for whom the ring was a sacred place and the fighters within brothers and sisters all.

Respect. Loyalty. Amazing Fights. These were the founding tenets of the Jacknife Gym, the principles the mare herself strove towards. These were the things she taught, and the things burned into the hearts of her fighters.

All was good in the city of Little Fillydelphia for many years, at least by the standards of the wasteland. Order in the decaying city was kept by the gangs, the gym a neutral ground protected by dozens of fighters loyal to each other, their ever-energetic leader, and the sacred ring itself.

For a time, it seemed as though nothing could go wrong... until a certain red-eyed cyber pony appeared, with a vision for a better world.

Author's Note:

Just because the group has left Little Fillydelphia, doesn't mean that's the end for Jacknife, Doc Needles and the gym.
What say you, readers? Would you like to know their fates?