• Published 18th Dec 2016
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OC-Palooza - scribe-feather

A collection of small stories with each focusing on a single original character created by various artists. (ABDL Themes, Adult Themes)

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By Scribe Feather

The local potion shop was closed for the day with the sign on the front door reading "Closed For Research". On any other day ponies would travel to this quaint little store to buy quick cold remedies, energy rejuvenators, and maybe the occasional voice altering potion for the perfect prank. However today the store was closed so the owner could focus his attention on upcoming brews to introduce to the public.

A long wooden counter dominated most of the shop with only a thin walkway allowing customers to enter the shop and walk down the counter's length. Behind the counter sat numerous shelves and cubby holes providing prime placements for new potions to be showcased to window shoppers.

The store owner worked from behind the counter, tending to customers one by one and making recommendations depending on their requests. It was the owner's vast knowledge of his own brews that allowed him to make the best choice for customers who regularly walked through his shop on a daily basis. Brightly colored drinks in elegantly or simplistic designed glass bottles were exchanged for money and patrons were sent on their way.

Vitriol, the turquoise unicorn who operated out of the potion shop, was always busy inventing new potions and remedies to sell to ponies. He was always excited for days like today to step away from his life in retail to experiment new mixtures in his workshop in the back. Exotic ingredients from far off lands were mixed with other ingredients carefully picked by Vitriol himself.

It was like watching magic in motion to spectate the various processes the unicorn had at his disposal. Bottles and herbs magically floated around him as the artist of elixirs mixed his potions with the elegance of a graceful violinist. Clouds of golden magic effortlessly lifted mixing spoons and glass beakers as colorful liquids and mystic powders were all mixed around in carefully calculated steps.

Vitriol worked at such speeds that he often risked things working on multiple projects at once. Love potions were often mixed in close proximity of strength elixirs, testing fate's hand with the risk of them mixing together. However, most of the time, his earnest endeavors never resulted in anything too destructive. Long since past had his years of his creations exploding in clouds of smoke.

Today the unicorn was just finishing up a final batch of cloud tonics, a bubbly, sugary drink that was popular among pegasus for its light and fruity flavors. He always made sure to brew a big batch of the drink in his cauldron to ensure ponies had something fun to drink.

Beside the large cauldron sat a complicated mess of beakers and heating elements connected to each other by swirling pipes. In the various containers bubbled colorful mixtures that would eventually be mixed together to create a clairvoyance potion, some of Vitriol's fastest selling brews.

Vitriol was certainly in the zone, swiftly mixing ingredients into the cauldron while simultaneously grinding ingredients into a mortar and pestle. While he did this, his magic stirred a wooden spoon around in the metal cauldron while also pouring some liquids into other containers. It was almost mind boggling the number of tasks he orchestrated at once.

His mesmerizing choreography of floating beakers and mixing bowls could have very easily gone on all night, but suddenly something derailed his concentration. A powerful sneeze snuck up on the unicorn, suddenly making itself known just as he was about to pour some strange blue liquid into a purple one. That sneeze shook his body and his concentration, causing the delicate mixtures to splash out of their containers.

The blue mixed with purple as they splashed into an open beaker of teal. That teal quickly began to bubble, fizzing up beyond the confines of the glass container and pouring off onto the counter. The bubbly foam then proceeded to pour into the cauldron, reacting aggressively to the cloud tonic.

Then in one split second, a flash of bright light filled the room as a loud bang echoed off the walls. A bellow of smoke exploded from the metal container, filling the room quickly, swallowing Vitriol along with all his lab equipment.

The black smoke quickly dissipated, leaving Vitrol coughing for air and waving wildly in front of him. His eyes stung from the sudden flash, momentarily making his vision blurry as he blinked rapidly in the wake of the explosion.

Once the smoke cleared, the unicorn took inventory of his work area. A few beakers were shattered on ground while others were charged with black scorch burned into their bases. The cauldron of tonic was now half empty after the mixture likely evaporated when reacting to the other brews. Nothing too damaging, he just had to be more careful in the future.

He then turned his attention to his body to check for any cuts or bruises or any other sort of injury. He counted his limbs to ensure that he still had all of them attached. Luckily he didn't find any of that. What he did find, however, was much more surprising.

Taped snugly around his waist was an incredibly thick diaper. The diaper had a peculiar fractured coloration with shades of blues and purples and greens scattered across it, almost like a piece of glass that couldn't decide what color it wanted to be. The plastic outer shell was smooth to the touch and the padded insides was ever so soft like the fluffiest of pillows.

Vitriol was completely taken aback by this change of wardrobe and couldn't quite understand what caused it. He promptly began tugging at the diaper's tapes, not wanting to commit himself to such embarrassing attire. Only the diaper wouldn't budge an inch. The more he pulled at it or tried to undo the tapes, the more the diaper seemed to glow an ever so faint purplish-blue.

He didn't wonder about this for long before a sudden knot appeared in his gut. He winced at the rapid pain, instantly grabbing at his belly with both his hooves. In a second his bladder suddenly felt full and ready to burst. He cringed at the sharp pain, desperately trying to sooth it by rubbing circles into his soft belly fur. But nothing seemed to help.

The pain and pressure intensified before finally Vitriol's bowels had the overwhelming urge to push. The unicorn leaned forward with his face scrunched up as he pushed at his straining gut. A large mess forced its way into his diaper, ballooning the padding out with a massive bulge. The diaper emitted crisp crinkles as it shifted about to accommodate the sudden heavy load. His bladder too released into the diaper, noisily spraying into the thirsty padding in the front and forcing it to swell and warm up.

Vitriol groaned as he sat there with his diapered rump slightly raised and his eyes slammed shut. He thankfully could feel some relief overtake him as he so haphazardly emptied himself into his diaper. He hardly had to push after awhile as his body simply emptied into the waiting diaper, filling it up with quite the load.

When the grueling ordeal was finally over Vitriol's limbs drooped to his side. His face finally relaxed as sweet relief tingled his body. He no longer suffered from the intense pain that over took his body not five minutes ago. He allowed himself to lean back on his hooves, just about exhausted after the surprise diaper fill up. A few minutes passed as he recovered.

Shaky at first, Vitriol eventually pulled himself back to his feet. The heavy diaper did its best to pull him back to the ground, but eventually he was able to stand up right once again.

He groaned as he looked back at the massively thick diaper that bulged around his waist. He turned his head back to the messy lab as he scanned the room of broken glass, scorched cookware and an entire pot of contaminated cloud tonic that now needed to be thrown out. "Ugh, now I have two messes to clean up..."

He let out a sigh before magically floating a broom out of the corner. First he needed to clean the lab. Then, maybe, he could see to changing that diaper.

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