• Published 18th Dec 2016
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OC-Palooza - scribe-feather

A collection of small stories with each focusing on a single original character created by various artists. (ABDL Themes, Adult Themes)

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Soft and Fluffy (Adult Themes)

Soft and Fluffy
By Scribe Feather

The world around him seemed to fall away as only a few things remained. Now all that existed in his eyes was him, his diapers, and the fluffy pillow that was bunched up between his back legs. Nothing else seemed to matter as his mind seemed to obsesses over these things. The pale blue pony hardly even noticed the frilly pink dress that ruffled alongside his thick diaper.

Soft and Fluffy kept a tight grip around the pillow, squeezing the fluffy object tightly between his thighs. He wore a dazed expression, gripping the pillow close to his chest like a greedy toddler not wanting to give up his favorite plushie.

"Are we comfortable?" a familiar voice caught the stallion's attention and held it as undivided as possible.

"Y-yes daddy," Fluffy replied.

"Good," the voice answered, "daddy wants you to relax. Can you show daddy how you use your diapers?"

The stallion lazily nodded his head as every blink he made was slow and sluggish. His bladder responded instantly, as if obeying his daddy's commands directly. The liquid hissed into the waiting diaper, warming his crotch up and inflating the padding. The pony stared blankly into space as he so shamelessly filled his diaper with a bladder's worth of urine. He remained frozen, allowing every inch of his diaper to grow yellow and swell to twice its thickness.

The room was absolutely silent save for the loud hissing, but even that quickly died down in strength as Fluffy let out a quiet sigh. He subtly pressed his diaper down against the fluffy pillow as it inflated to at least twice it's thickness. "I...love my diapees..." the light blue pony mumbled as his bladder finished soaking the diaper. He so wanted to touch the diaper to really feel the swollen warmth of it, but something compelled him not to. Something unseen and controlling.

"That's my good girl," the voice answered, rather pleased with the pony's obedience. Even unseen, it was obvious the diapered stallion's daddy wore the biggest smile on his face. Out from the shadows floated a pink pacifier cloaked in a golden aura. The pacifier's rubber nipple expertly found its way into Fluffy's mouth, slipping in with an audible pop. "and you'll always be a good girl if you follow daddy's instructions. Now give daddy a show." The command excited Fluffy and he gave his pacifier a few happy suckles. "And make it a good one."

Without question, Fluffy responded instantly, his legs tightening around the big pillow under him with a low moan coming from his mouth. In a flash his cock stiffened from fully flaccid to completely erect. He let out a pathetic moan, almost squeaky as he shoved his crotch deep into the pillow.

He started slow, dipping his hips deep into the feathery fluff of the pillow and paced out airy breaths with each hump. His diaper crinkled and squished in time with his humps, pressing its warm, swollen padding against his throbbing member. His dress shifted and slid across his body as well as the hem of the pink skirt bounced on top of his thick diaper butt. Ever so steadily he picked up speed, pushing his weight deeper into the white pillow with even louder crinkles from his diaper.

His daddy remained silent through the whole thing, but Fluffy knew he was making him proud. All throughout his naughty deed, the diapered pony could feel his daddy's eyes upon him, watching him shamelessly grind against the pillow.

Fluffy whimpered out little whimpers as his pacifier bobbed in his mouth. His thick diaper crinkled and shifted about as he pathetically rubbed against the pillow. He desperately wanted this, struggling to remember the last time he was allowed such pleasure. So pent up and close to the edge already, the pony wouldn't last long under daddy's watch.

Finally with a loud moan that was mostly muffled by his pacifier, Fluffy's body shivered and twitched as his stiff erection began to throb. Tiny whimpers came out of the pony's mouth as his stallionhood pulsed and spurted out strings of cum into the diaper. He was shaken by the sheer power of it all, causing him to curl tightly against his pillow. He could feel his cum splattering against the front face of the diaper, making it slick.

"That's my good girl," daddy's voice said joyfully as the diapered pony panted. Fluffy could hardly hear his daddy's admiration after such an earth shattering orgasm left him in such a daze. His daddy continued to tease him, egging him on with deceptive commands cleverly disguised as cute cooing.

But the light blue pony didn't concern himself with any of that. He focused only on the diapers and the soft pillow underneath that seemed to amplify its softness tenfold. Now even less concerned the diapered pony as more of the world around him fell to the wayside.

He loved his diapers. He loved daddy.

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Comments ( 7 )

"Under legal age"

How about you change the teenager rating to mature then if the content is not safe for the majority.

Dude, Sweet Biscuit is a cannon character, not an OC.

Awesome stories

this was great series of stories, I really liked the especially the third and fourth sort story.

7802889 I clarified this in the author note of the first story. It is an exception to the rule, but was the story that inspired the project in the first place.

Awe man... I wish I could made something like this, I'm not good at it but you know, I'm all green with envyyy

These were a lot of fun to read. All unique tales of regression and being foolish.

I think I remember Starling from somewhere. Perhaps from a time when he was a foal? Especially if the kangaroo is named 'Hunter'.

The tale with the guitar reminds me of one of those spooky stories from "Goosebumps" or "Are You Afraid of the Dark".

My favorite was of Cobalt Arrow. The living plushie within that empty store definitely makes you wonder for how long that spirit has been around doing what it is doing. Certainly a tale that gets you wondering. Great foal ghost story material.

I also am familiar with Virtriol. I remember when he still had yet to come up with a name for his OC. I wrote him a story a long time ago where I tried to write for how he did not yet have a name. Didn't turn out as well as I would have hoped, but it was still a fun challenge. It also showed me how you need a name for a character to ensure folks don't get annoyed while reading it. <LoL!>

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