• Published 18th Dec 2016
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OC-Palooza - scribe-feather

A collection of small stories with each focusing on a single original character created by various artists. (ABDL Themes, Adult Themes)

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Sweet Biscuit

Author's Note:

DISCLAIMER: Do not continue reading if you do not approve of adult baby themes or diaper usage. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.

Please do not redistribute, alter, repost this story or anything else I write on this site or anyplace else without my permission.

So first, some backstory. This project started out as simply a story that was inspired by some of datspaniard's art. A specific piece of art struck all the right inspiring chords for me and I was motivated enough to start and finish a little story about one of the characters he drew.

Running off the momentum generated from this little story, I started drawing up some ideas for other original characters I saw and soon the project turned into what it is today. This is a means of giving back while also utilizing my skills as a writer to stretch my creative muscles every which way. This first story is a bit of an exception to the original character rule, but I felt it belonged among the collection of short stories.

All but one of the stories are rather tame with a primary focus on diapers and diaper usage. Some of which could be interpreted as sexual in nature, but that's overall not the intention. The last story, however, includes some sexual themes that led to this collection to changing from E for Everyone to T for Teen.

Despite the small stories showcasing original characters, I hope everyone else can enjoy!

These Stories Contain:
Adult Baby Themes (Heavy)
Diapers (Heavy)
Baby Paraphernalia (Medium)
Diaper Lover Themes (Medium)
Diaper Usage - Wet (Medium)
Diaper Usage - Mess (Medium)
Magic (Medium)
Masturbation (Medium)
Regression - Mental (Medium)
Regression - Physical (Medium)
Reality Warping (Medium)
Sexual Situations (Medium)

Sweet Biscuit
By Scribe Feather

The house was quiet and nothing could be heard save for a small egg timer that ticked on top of the oven in the kitchen. A tray of tasty treats baked in the oven, slowly releasing their enticing aromatics into the kitchen.

The delicious scents wafted in the air, carrying sweet whiffs of sugary treats across the house. The smell of freshly baked cookies caught the attention of Sweet Biscuit, making her sniff the air as her mouth began to water. The tan colored mare licked her lips at the smells, incited by the lovely scents.

It was almost hypnotic, the sugar scent that seemed to beckon the mare over. She journeyed into the kitchen as the smells intensified tenfold. Her thick diaper crinkled with each step she made closer to the sweet dessert.

On the oven top cooled a sheet of cookies, fresh from the oven. The dough hardly had time to firm up completely, likely being the equivalent of eating molten lava if Sweet Biscuit ate those cookies now. Instead, she opted to targeting a slightly older batch.

Located on the nearby table sat a plate of chocolate chip cookies, neatly stacked on top of each other. The cookies were still warm, but much more manageable than the freshly baked ones. Licking her lips, Sweet Biscuit gazed upon the pile of decadent treats with hungry eyes.

She dipped down and took a whole cookie in her mouth, chewing down the treat and getting crumbs across her face. The warm chocolate chips practically melted in her mouth as the soft, chewy cookie crumbled on her tongue with such flavor.

She licked her lips and grabbed another cookie, followed quickly by a third. A big smile hung on her face as she chowed down on the delicous dessert. The moist and chewy cookies were worth every bite. She wiggled in place as she ate her ill gotten treat, quickly scarfing down almost half the plate in a matter of minutes.

Out of nowhere, her stomach suddenly began to gurgle, churning loudly as an intense pressure abruptly grew in Sweet Biscuit’s gut. The churning quickly turned into pain as she got an overwhelming urge to poop. Her bowels filled up in seconds and now she need to go really bad. Color faded from her face as she realized the grave mistake she made.

With little time to react, she involuntarily began to squat and push at her bowels. The plate of freshly baked cookies sat in front of her as if teasing her with their enticing scent. A firm mess began to squeeze itself out into her diaper as the garment sagged heavily between her legs. The padding put up very little of a fight as the stinky mess quickly filled it up with a sizable bulk.

After a few minutes of squatting and quietly grunting, Sweet Biscuit was left with a heavy diaper around her waist, full with her stinky, naughty mess. Such an intense push left the unicorn mare panting with a relieved smile. Even with a messy diaper, Sweet Biscuit couldn’t resist enjoying just one more cookie. One more couldn’t hurt.

Suddenly a large baby bottle magically floated down onto the table in front of her, catching her surprise.

“Baby couldn’t wait for her milk?” a voice from behind Sweet Biscuit said, causing the mare to turn her head.

Crumbs still hung on her lips as she looked towards her captor, eyes open wide like a toddler in trouble.

Looks like she was caught with her hoof in the cookie jar.

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