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A collection of small stories with each focusing on a single original character created by various artists. (ABDL Themes, Adult Themes)

A collection of small stories with each focusing on a single original character created by various artists.

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diaper usage, mental regression, or adult baby themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

Sweet Biscuit

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Sweet Biscuit
By Scribe Feather

The house was quiet and nothing could be heard save for a small egg timer that ticked on top of the oven in the kitchen. A tray of tasty treats baked in the oven, slowly releasing their enticing aromatics into the kitchen.

The delicious scents wafted in the air, carrying sweet whiffs of sugary treats across the house. The smell of freshly baked cookies caught the attention of Sweet Biscuit, making her sniff the air as her mouth began to water. The tan colored mare licked her lips at the smells, incited by the lovely scents.

It was almost hypnotic, the sugar scent that seemed to beckon the mare over. She journeyed into the kitchen as the smells intensified tenfold. Her thick diaper crinkled with each step she made closer to the sweet dessert.

On the oven top cooled a sheet of cookies, fresh from the oven. The dough hardly had time to firm up completely, likely being the equivalent of eating molten lava if Sweet Biscuit ate those cookies now. Instead, she opted to targeting a slightly older batch.

Located on the nearby table sat a plate of chocolate chip cookies, neatly stacked on top of each other. The cookies were still warm, but much more manageable than the freshly baked ones. Licking her lips, Sweet Biscuit gazed upon the pile of decadent treats with hungry eyes.

She dipped down and took a whole cookie in her mouth, chewing down the treat and getting crumbs across her face. The warm chocolate chips practically melted in her mouth as the soft, chewy cookie crumbled on her tongue with such flavor.

She licked her lips and grabbed another cookie, followed quickly by a third. A big smile hung on her face as she chowed down on the delicous dessert. The moist and chewy cookies were worth every bite. She wiggled in place as she ate her ill gotten treat, quickly scarfing down almost half the plate in a matter of minutes.

Out of nowhere, her stomach suddenly began to gurgle, churning loudly as an intense pressure abruptly grew in Sweet Biscuit’s gut. The churning quickly turned into pain as she got an overwhelming urge to poop. Her bowels filled up in seconds and now she need to go really bad. Color faded from her face as she realized the grave mistake she made.

With little time to react, she involuntarily began to squat and push at her bowels. The plate of freshly baked cookies sat in front of her as if teasing her with their enticing scent. A firm mess began to squeeze itself out into her diaper as the garment sagged heavily between her legs. The padding put up very little of a fight as the stinky mess quickly filled it up with a sizable bulk.

After a few minutes of squatting and quietly grunting, Sweet Biscuit was left with a heavy diaper around her waist, full with her stinky, naughty mess. Such an intense push left the unicorn mare panting with a relieved smile. Even with a messy diaper, Sweet Biscuit couldn’t resist enjoying just one more cookie. One more couldn’t hurt.

Suddenly a large baby bottle magically floated down onto the table in front of her, catching her surprise.

“Baby couldn’t wait for her milk?” a voice from behind Sweet Biscuit said, causing the mare to turn her head.

Crumbs still hung on her lips as she looked towards her captor, eyes open wide like a toddler in trouble.

Looks like she was caught with her hoof in the cookie jar.


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By Scribe Feather

This year's winter seemed to come out of nowhere and with little warning. Just as the denizens of Ponyville were beginning to enjoy the crisp autumn weather, a thick blanket of snow fell down over night and covered the valley town in a fluffy white layer. With it came a chilly and dry wind that cut through even the warmest of winter clothes that ponies dressed themselves in.

Many ponies didn't even leave their homes, finding the heated buildings much more comfortable to wait the storm out in. But for those few who had no choice but to endure the snow, they would quickly rush home to the warmth the moment they had the chance.

Starling was among those few who found themselves caught up in the wintery weather. The purple unicorn trudged himself through the snowy streets of town, hiding his face as best as he could underneath the purple striped scarf that twisted around his neck. His dark purple striped hair twisted about in the icy, wispy wind, causing him to coil his neck like a turtle and tug his winter cap down against his skull. Anything to ward off the snowy cold.

The unicorn's hooves cut through the thick layer of snow as he slowly pulled himself through the wintery weather. Every step he made with his snow boots brought him closer to home and that was enough to keep him going. The wind seemed to blow in his face regardless of where he turned to face, causing him to squint and just barely be able to see where he was going.

As if answering his prayers, Starling's home came into view and the stallion hardly hesitated a second before rushing in through the front door. Free from exposure to the winter winds, he was already feeling warmer. The door was quickly shut behind him, sealing the cold outside.

He entered a dimly lit house with only the faint fading sunlight from outside filtering in through curtain drawn windows. The place was rather cold, but relatively warmer than the snow covered landscape that waited just a few feet away from the door.

The snow on his clothes and coat quickly melted in the warmer air, turning to large wet spots all around his body. The unicorn shivered, hastily pulling off the scarf, hat, and boots to rid himself of the wet feeling. He rubbed his forehooves together as he squirmed in place to fight off the cold. The quicker he could get away from the front door and the pile of wet clothes the better.

He swiftly scurried into the living room, hastily casting a little fire spell to throw into the nearby fireplace. The puff of magic mingled with the slightly charred logs, taking hold of the fuel as a fire slowly took shape. The flames started as a spark first, a small flicker that was slow to get started. A tiny bit of heat grew amongst the firewood and tinder as the fire ever so slowly grew in size.

Starling shivered some more as he hastily rubbed his hooves together and extended them towards the growing fire. The heat quickly warmed his cold body, drying off the little patches of wet fur that dotted his coat. He spent a moment or two warming up by the fire, rotating his body in front of the orange flame as his body temperature slowly returned to a more comfortable level.

Snow still fell outside, frosting the windows as the weather blew by. A thick sheet of snowflakes were quick to cover up Starling's trail of hoofprints, making it difficult to even see them anymore. The weather made the lavender unicorn shiver at the thought of walking out there again as he watched from the safety of the inside. There was something soothing about watching the little snowflakes float by though, something cozy about hiding in a nice warm house and watching the cold weather blow by.

Starling knew just the thing for such a cold winter day and he wasn't going to waste another second. Galloping over to the closet, he quickly nabbed a plain looking box from a stack of other typical looking boxes. All the items he needed for a perfect warm day in winter were all contained in one box. Dominating the space inside was a package of adult sized diapers, a plastic container that was already half full from previous days of relaxation. Nestled beside the big package was a neatly folded, star printed, purple onesie with Starling's favorite kangaroo plushie sitting propped up next to it.

He gleefully pulled out every item, taking pause with each one to enjoy the moment. The onesie was so soft to the touch and he was sure to give his kangaroo a quick hug before moving on. The single diaper he extracted from the package loudly crinkled in his hold, further exciting the unicorn for what was to come.

Through a mixture of magic and his own experienced hooves, Starling swiftly taped the fresh diaper around his waist, ensuring a nice snug fit for comfort and security. His onesie was next on his list and he used his magic to float the garment up over his head and used a bit more magic to help him snap the onesie up around his bulbous diaper. As if to punctuate his infantile outfit, Starling then snatched his kangaroo plushie up into his arms and gave it a big hug.

Now there was only one last thing he needed to prepare for a perfect winter evening. With a chorus of crinkles, Starling waddled into the kitchen, where his magic expertly plucked a kettle off and shelf and filled it with water. He then slipped it over to the stove top and kicked on one of the burners. Never once did his kangaroo plushie leave his side as the purple unicorn kept his fluffy companion hugged close to his chest.

With the kettle heating up the water, Starling waddled back into the living room where he planned to keep warm until the water boiled. A nest of fluffy pillows and soft blankets was assembled a safe distance away from the fire, giving Starling ample space to curl up and snuggle underneath the warmth. He was just about to make a beeline for the pile of fluff when he suddenly caught a glance at his reflection in a nearby full body mirror.

The diaper, purple onesie, and kangaroo plush all completed the look, making Starling wiggle in place. He modeled in front of the mirror as he happily watched his reflection mirror each pose. He was sure to take note of the thick diaper bulge that gave the onesie's crotch snaps a run for their money. Every couple of poses were punctuated with a quick hug of his kangaroo plushie that never left the crook of his arm the whole time.

Once he was done with his little fashion show, the unicorn flopped into the nest of pillows and blankets, burrowing deep into the warmth before popping his head out to watch the fire. He curled up snugly in his blanket burrow, always being sure to keep his kangaroo close to his chest in a snuggling hug. The soft warmth of the blankets and the quiet crackling of the firewood was a far cry from the chilly weather that blew outside.

He was just about fully relaxed amongst the warmth when the whistling of the tea kettle could be heard. He groaned as he was forced to pull himself out of his nest. Loud crinkling could be heard as he hastily waddled off to the kitchen, momentarily leaving his kangaroo behind. The hot water was poured in a mug, mixed in with some cocoa mix and before long he had hastily assembled the quickest cup of hot chocolate he ever made. He waddled back with the mug in tow and dove back into the warmth yet again, hardly leaving enough time for his kangaroo plushie to start missing him.

His magic floated the mug of hot chocolate in the air nearby, saving it from any spills the hasty unicorn might cause. When he wasn't sipping it's delicious necter, Starling kept the mug on a nearby coffee table, a safe distance from his haphazard nest of softness. The hot chocolate soothed and warmed Starling's body even more, giving him more content feelings of relaxation that just made him snuggle under the blankets even more.

So warm and cozy, he gave his kangaroo plushie another big hug, letting out a little squeaky sigh. He loved winter.

Cobalt Arrow

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Cobalt Arrow
By Scribe Feather

It was a part of town that most ponies never traveled down. A series of streets that were all but abandoned most days. Rumors suggested that the area had a massive night life, but nopony ever came forward to support this claim. Of course it wasn't a neglected part of town or a derelict area. The street's timber framed buildings blended well into the rest of Ponyville, hardly standing out amongst the other streets. However, ponies just never traveled down it's cobblestone roads or ventured into its buildings. For most, the area of town was just out of the way with little reason to go into. Very few ponies would be able to give you a reason to even make a trip out to the area.

The moccasin colored pegasus, Cobalt Arrow, would have very little reason to wander to this part of town himself, but today was different. A simple walk around town had led the stallion down the streets that were different from his usual route. What started as an adventurous break from the norm turned into a venture into the mysterious area that he couldn't recall ever going into before.

This quiet part of town had houses, but none of them looked lived in. Instead they looked brand new, freshly built without any of the personalized furnishings or added flowerbeds. All the shops were either empty or closed. Big windowed storefronts had large black tarps covering their glass or opened up to barren shops inside. All of the empty buildings, coupled with the empty streets only lead to a rather eerie atmosphere.

There was one store that seemed open and the fact that it actually had a little "Open" sign in the window perked Cobalt's attention even more. A modest toy shop stood among the empty stores like a diamond in the rough. The store was brightly colored, using a fun, eye catching color pallete that would nab the attention of any child walking by. It's window display showed off a fine selection of some of the more popular toys that were in stock from big plush lions to intricately built airship models. Enticed by this sight, Cobalt entered the store.

The store that opened up before the stallion could have been best described as warm and cozy. The shelves and counters were primarily made of wood, cloaked in a warm light from overhanging lamps. The many shelves housed a number of colorful toys ranging from big, bulky plastic foal toys to wooden tinkering toys for older kids. The toys were loosely separated by age group with the toys becoming more complicated and fragile towards the right of the store and became smoother and fluffier towards the left.

Everything seemed well stocked and ready for a busy and profitable day, but strangely enough, the store seemed completely empty. Not even a cashier stood at the ready as Cobalt ventured deeper into the building.

"Hello?" the stallion's voice echoed through the empty store as he looked around. No answer.

He began to journey deeper into the store, browsing the merchandise while casually looking around for some kind of store employee or owner. He took his time closely examining the toys for older kids, noting the pristine condition the various building and model kits were in. Hardly ever touched and barely a wrinkle in their plastic wrappers. The plastic blocks and other toddler toys seemed in great condition as well with barely a scratch or scuff on their faces. It hardly seemed they were ever played with, even by past customers who thought to test out the items before purchasing.

Finally Cobalt's browsing pulled him to the far left side of the store, the baby toy aisle. These toys were mostly soft and fluffy with big stuffed animals dominating the shelves in big piles. The plushies came in a wide variety of animals from brightly colored phoenixes and dragons to fluffy sheep and wolves. They all sat in random piles, most of which poured into the aisles. They came in a number of styles and sizes from a few inches tall to almost as big as Cobalt himself.

The friendly faces and bright colors of all the plushies were enough to grab the attention of the curious stallion and he found himself spending some time in that aisle to browse. Each one of the stuffed animals seemed so soft and Cobalt even gave one or two of them a quick touch to fully take in the fluffy materials that made up their fake, colorful fur.

Suddenly the floor under him seemed to fall away as the stallion fell into a chute that opened up out of nowhere. The stallion plunged into the dark hole, disappearing with hardly a surprised yelp. His fall only lasted for a few seconds, but in that short drop, he could feel something moving around him at almost instantaneous speeds to manipulate mysterious objects around him.

After only a few seconds, Cobalt landed with a padded flop a floor or two down, finding himself in a dimly lit room that hardly had any other light save for the open trap door above him. His light blue mane and perky ears were all tied into a bright blue baby bonnet as a bib now hung off his neck with a pacifier tied to a string. He was now dressed like an over-grown foal with a nice thick diaper to tie it all together.

Startled at first, the stallion went right to work at removing the infantile garb that surrounded him. He quickly resorted to tug at the baby bonnet, desperate to rid himself of the abruptly appearing outfit. He tugged at the bonnet only to feel it not budge an inch. he tugged at the diaper only to fail at loosening even a single tape. He even attempted to pull the pacifier off his neck, but something preventing him from pulling the object over his head. Every attempt he made toward escaping seemed to be dashed by an unseen force.

Any more attempts at escaping or taking off his outfit were suddenly derailed when his eyes caught sight of a floating baby rattle that glided into view. The pink and yellow baby rattle glowed a subtle pink as it floated over to the diapered stallion with a haunting bob in its step. It gave its head a couple shakes, grabbing even more of the stallion's attention as he stared at it blankly.

His eyes lazily watched the object sway in front of him as his mouth hung open. His forehooves, once trying to pull at the bib and bonnet tied around his neck, lost their energy and dropped to his side. His mind seemed to empty and grow lighter the more he stared at the floating rattle. And the lighter his mind became, the more he wanted to stare at the rattle.

Out of the empty air came a little giggle, an echoey laugh that sounded like it was coming from a child. Materializing before the stallion came a little plush pony toy that floated cloaked with the same pink aura as the other infantile objects. The toy was made of a soft blue minky with a gold mane. Its eyes were simply black beads, but had the ability to blink and show expressions much like its seemingly stitched on mouth.

"A new fwend!" the toy exclaimed, clapping its padded forehooves together, "I wuv new fwends!"

Cobalt didn't respond in the slightest. He couldn't. All the diapered stallion could do was stare lazily at the floating toy as a bead of drool dribbled down his front from his open mouth.

"No one evew comes here any more. So quiet now," the toy continued, floating through the air like a pixie, "but thas okay! Now that you hewe, we can pway!"

The pony plushie raised a hoof and the room around them lit up, revealing a fully equipped nursery. All around the padded playpen, Cobalt could see everything a foal could need. A changing table, fully stocked with a colorful variety of big, adult diapers, sat close by, eluding to what was to come. A big crib with star printed bedsheets could be seen as well, ready for any naps that a foal might have. Toys and plushies and big plastic blocks also littered the ground, all covered in a thin layer of dust from sitting around too long.

Cobalt would have been shocked, if he wasn't in a daze. Regardless of what his inner most thoughts were, the diapered stallion continued to stare blankly at the room around him.

The toy clapped a few more happy claps as it proudly exclaimed, "we awe gonna have wots and wots of fun togethew!"

Audio Stutter

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Audio Stutter
By Scribe Feather

If gods truly existed, they must have thrown all their artistic power into instruments. From the tiniest of flutes to the most boastful of drum sets, musical instruments had a special magic to them that allowed them to orchestrate such thought provoking tunes. Music came in all forms, but all of them had the power to provoke emotions out of ponies and entice mood and atmosphere with it's mystifying abilities.

Ponyville had its fair share of music stores. Small shops that sold a wide variety of horns, pipes, and drums to would-be musicians. Audio Stutter found himself journeying to a particular music store that sat on the edge of town. The unicorn had no real plans of buying anything and simply wanted to browse.

An enthusiast of music himself, Stutter made it a regular thing to browse the various stores that scattered themselves around town. He never had an idea on what he was looking for, but he had yet to journey into a store that didn't have a point of interest to explore. The dozen stores he browsed that day all had something interesting to look at, whether it was a shiny trumpet or a well organized drum stick collection.

The most recent store was out of the way and Stutter couldn't quite recall ever going there before. It was a quaint little shop, proudly decorating its flat glass windows with paper signs advertising music lessons and free guitar tuning. Inside, the store was quiet, wide open, and had a wide variety of instruments hung on racks and shelves for browsing. In the very back of the room were recording rooms; small, soundproof studios where ponies could test out their instruments.

The store owner was an elderly, peach colored pony, likely one who had spent his life committed to the craft of selling instruments. He had an experienced look to him, looking like a pony one could ask any musical question to and he'd be able to answer with certainty. His round glasses were thickly lensed with squinting eyes behind them. A pale gold bow tie around his neck tied the look together.

"Good afternoon," the store pony smiled as Audio Stutter walked into the building, "can I help you find anything?"

"No thank you, just browsing," Stutter replied as he passed.

The red unicorn took his time browsing the merchandise, pausing every now and then to take in the minute details of the various items that were for sale today. He eventually stumbled across the main wall of the store that showcased a variety of hanging violins, guitars, and polished brass instruments.

Among the collection was a single red guitar that stood noticeably out among the rest. The guitar was made of a deep crimson wood with an almost black veneer lining it's edges. It was well cared for and practically brand new with not a nick or scratch on its overly polished surface.

Audio Stutter was at awe. Even after spending the day browsing hundreds of guitars, this particular one caught the most interest. There was something special about this one, something that Stutter knew deep down that it was perfect in every way.

As the red unicorn stared, the store pony appeared by his side. "Thinking of buying?" the peach colored pony asked.

Stutter let out a long sigh, "I wish."

"Aren't you even the least bit curious how much the instrument costs?"

The unicorn let out another sigh, hesitant on the answer, "fine, how much?"

"For you, two bits,"

"Wow! Really?"

"I can see you're a pony of good taste," the store pony answered, "take good care of this guitar and it'll take good care of you."

"Oh I will! Thank you!" Stutter gleefully exclaimed, happily shaking the pony's hoof with both of his, practically shaking the glasses off of his nose. "Thank you!"

Stutter couldn't pay for the guitar quick enough. His hooves shook with excitement as a big smile never seemed to leave his face. Money was exchanged, the guitar was placed in its carrying case (an addition the store pony threw in for free as well), and Stutter was soon on his way with his purchase in tow.

He made a mad dash to his house, where he zipped inside in a flash. He wasted no time decompressing or relaxing after the long afternoon, powered by the excitement of testing out his new guitar. He passed his living room and journeyed into a back room in his house.

The room was soundproofed with foam wedges attached to the walls, ready to absorb any stray noise that might ruin a good recording. In the middle of the room of the room hung a microphone that was rigged up to some recording equipment in the connected room.

He shut the door, brewed himself a nice cup of tea and positioned a wooden stool in just the right position in the middle of the room. Everything had to be just right for the jam session to be perfect. The cup of warm tea floated beside him as he hopped onto the stool. He took in a breath before turning his attention to the new guitar that hung off his neck with a red strap.

He gave the strings a good strum, causing a string of notes to be played. Surprisingly enough, even without some tuning the guitar sounded perfect. The single strum set a tingle down Stutter's hooves, like tiny sparkles crackled down his hooves. He gave it another strum, feeling another tingle in response.

He smiled, raring to play some more, but not before taking a quick sip of his of his apple juice. He wiggled a tiny bit on his cushioned stool before turning his attention to the guitar.

He then gave the guitar another strum and before long he was able to piece together a little song. The notes were never sharp or harshly out of tune and the little song soon grew in size, becoming smoother with each attempt he tackled. He closed his eyes to take in the gentle melodies that seemed to effortlessly flow out of the instrument.

A smile hung on his face from a job well done. The music playing had left him in quite the good mood. A few minutes went by before Stutter finally opened his eyes once again. His smile quickly disappeared into a look of concern when he noticed some sudden changes around his room.

Without noticing it, all clues to what the room previous looked like faded out of existence as a new reality set in. The foam walls melted into smooth walls painted with a clean shade of off white. A toy chest materialized out of nowhere at the stallion's feet, teeming with a plethora of kid toys. Now he suddenly found himself in the middle of a child's playroom with his stool replaced by a cushioned potty chair.

A pair of kiddy pull-ups hung around his ankles as he caught himself, in what he could only assume as, a potty break. Initially Stutter thought to hop right off his seat, quickly toss the guitar aside, kick off his pull-ups, and clear out of there before anything else happened. Only these thoughts lasted for only a second as more dominate ideas filled his head. Yes he could panic and dash out of the room. He could throw out the guitar right away and find a way to fix all of this, but as much as he thought to do it, he didn't actually want to do it.

Startled panic was quickly replaced with content curiosity as he scanned the room around him. The changes were strange and unexpected, but did they really interfere with his music playing? He quickly reasoned that they didn't and in fact the new room seemed to inspire more music playing from the pony. He'd be a fool to squander such inspiring material.

He turned his attention back to his guitar that had its own changes during the room's regression. It was now replaced with a plastic toy version of the instrument. The guitar was bright red, bulky, and its strings were now raised plastic grooves. Yet despite the strings not being strings anymore, they still responded to his touch, vibrating out notes like real guitar strings.

Once again, he made himself comfortable in his potty chair, took a thirsty gulp of his apple juice from his sippy cup and continued to play some more music. This time a new song came out of the toy guitar, a tad bit clunky and unrefined. His hooves stumbled a tiny bit as he played, occasionally plucking the same note twice. But he didn't care, he was just happy to be playing.

Soon he was just content with playing some music, even when it devolved into formless songs that had no melodies or structure. Every note that came from the guitar was smooth, but the songs overall lacked any sort of resemblance to what most would call 'music'. Once again, Stutter found himself falling victim to his own music, closing his eyes to take it all in.

The room around him shifted again, fading into yet another version of it that seemed even more childish then the last. The walls now acquired a powder blue color to it with a simplistic scene of rolling hills and fluffy clouds illustrated along its lower edge. Out of nowhere spawned padded, rubber mats that resembled colorful puzzle pieces and covered the floor in a rainbow of colors. Big foal toys laid scattered across the floor, evidence of some recent playtime. Now he found himself in a fluffy nursery with the potty chair replaced with a high chair.

The plastic furnishing morphed around him, lifting him up into the air until his legs dangled freely. A bulk white tray grew out of nowhere, surrounding the stallion and locking him into place. His plastic guitar was now even smoother and bulkier and it's strings were now a series of rainbow colored buttons. It appeared that in the room's regression, Stutter traded his childish pair of pull-ups for a full fledged diaper and now wore the crinkling garment around his waist.

That amount of changing was enough for Stutter to stop playing. He pulled himself away from the childish toy, tossing it across the plastic tray and away from his hooves.

The guitar laid there lifeless on the white plastic tray, taunting the stallion to strum it another time. He knew he shouldn't, but the guitar sounded so beautiful, practically begging him to play another song. He dared only one button press, tapping the orange key only once before suddenly feeling a twisting pressure in his gut. He winced and quickly turned his attention to escaping.

He tried to reach for the tray's release latches, but the metal lever was much too far for his hooves to reach. He squirmed about in his seat, desperately trying to find a different angle to reach from that would somehow get him closer to the latches. As he squirmed about, unbeknownst to him, his guitar slid closer to the edge of the plastic tray. The toy hung closer to the edge with each wiggle.

Suddenly his guitar toy dropped to the ground, bouncing a tiny bit on the rubber mat with a plastic jiggle. The toy then rolled a bit, bumped into a plastic train toy, and landed on its front face at just the right angle that one of its buttons remained pressed down by a toy. The toy let out a single, electronically compressed tone as Stutter grew worried.

He squirmed some more, this time desperately trying to reach out for the instrument that appeared miles away from his seat. He whimpered quietly, huffing about as he reached pathetically for the toy. When that didn't work, he turned back to the highchair's metal latch which was nowhere closer to his over extended hooves as they were two minutes ago.

Still he continued but the reality of it all started to set in. He was trapped in his highchair and his stomach was beginning to gurgle.


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By Scribe Feather

Sitting in the kitchen, slumped over the back of a wooden chair sat the rather bored and quite frankly frustrated Tenerius. The green earth pony was spending today in diapers, but things weren't working quite in his favor. It had been two hours since he put on this new diaper and oddly enough the garment was still in pristine condition.

Of course this wasn't out of lack of trying. He had attempted many times to look past all those years of using the toilet and just...go. It seemed easy enough, but apparently it wasn't as straightforward as he would have thought. His diaper was still dry as a bone.

And so he spent the last twenty minutes sitting in the kitchen, staring at the running sink faucet in hopes that he'd finally be able to wet the diaper. He had heard that running water was suppose to make it easier to go, but years of potty training had left his bladder frustratingly trained. He mentally kicked himself for take to using the toilet so willingly.

When a full thirty minutes passed and still not a single drop of water in his diaper, Tenerius changed his approach. He got up and waddled up to the sink and filled a glass of warm water. Carefully he sat down on the floor and pulled open the front of his diaper with a hoof.

The luke warm water dribbled down into the pony's diaper, swelling up the very front of the padding with its moisture. A bit of a waste of a diaper, Tenerius though, but he figured it was all a means to an end. Perhaps if he was already wearing a diaper that was wet, his body would be tricked into obeying his infantile urges. At least that was the plan.

After one big cupful of water, the diaper was noticeably heavier and swelled up thickly around the front. The thirsty gels inside quickly soaked up every drop of water, tinting the front a tiny bit. The diaper was fuller, but nowhere close to how Tenerius wanted it to be.

Once again, he changed his approach. Perhaps he'd go if he had more of a reason to do so.

A few glasses of water were quickly downed by the diapered pony, quenching any thirst that might have the misfortune of being there. He gulped down the water quickly, hoping that this would somehow force his bladder's hand. But still the bladder held its ground, stubbornly refusing any of his commands.

He gave it a half hour. And then an hour. And finally after a full hour and half, he was just about to give up. He could feel his bladder aching and yet nothing seemed to convince it to release into the already soggy diaper. With no other alternative, he resorted to just closing his eyes and pushing. All attention focused on his straining bladder that stubbornly refused to go in his diaper.

With the running faucet egging him on, Tenerius focused on wetting himself, an otherwise impossible task apparently. His bladder resisted every step of the way, but still the green pony pushed. He mentally tried to imagine himself on the toilet or in a big lake where his bladder never seemed to hesitate. Mind over matter, the pony repeated to himself.

After five minutes of doing this, there didn't seem to be an end in sight, but out of nowhere there was a trickle of hope. That trickle came in the form of a tiny spurt of urine into the diaper. Once it started, there was nothing more he needed to do. It began as a tiny dribble, but soon the dam broke and the urine was gushing into the diaper in a warm, yellow torrent. A tiny, squeaky sigh slithered out of the pony's mouth when he finally succeeded. After all the work and effort he put into this little trial, he was ecstatic it finally happened.

He was finally able to relax, forehooves drooping in front of him as his stream of urine loudly sprayed against the diaper's inner layers. He could feel the sizable soak warm up the front and quickly leach down into the back where any dry padding left from his glass of water was quickly dominated with a yellow torrent. In a matter of minutes his diaper was overly saturated and bulging with yellow.

In some cruel twist of fate, his diaper then began to leak onto the tiled floor, overwhelmed with the liquid inside. Tenerius let out a tired sigh when he felt a warm pool gather around his hooves. He wasn't even done wetting himself and he was already leaking. His bladder continued to spray into the diaper even as the puddle under him grew in size and spread across the kitchen floor.

Now he wished he doubled up.


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By Scribe Feather

The local potion shop was closed for the day with the sign on the front door reading "Closed For Research". On any other day ponies would travel to this quaint little store to buy quick cold remedies, energy rejuvenators, and maybe the occasional voice altering potion for the perfect prank. However today the store was closed so the owner could focus his attention on upcoming brews to introduce to the public.

A long wooden counter dominated most of the shop with only a thin walkway allowing customers to enter the shop and walk down the counter's length. Behind the counter sat numerous shelves and cubby holes providing prime placements for new potions to be showcased to window shoppers.

The store owner worked from behind the counter, tending to customers one by one and making recommendations depending on their requests. It was the owner's vast knowledge of his own brews that allowed him to make the best choice for customers who regularly walked through his shop on a daily basis. Brightly colored drinks in elegantly or simplistic designed glass bottles were exchanged for money and patrons were sent on their way.

Vitriol, the turquoise unicorn who operated out of the potion shop, was always busy inventing new potions and remedies to sell to ponies. He was always excited for days like today to step away from his life in retail to experiment new mixtures in his workshop in the back. Exotic ingredients from far off lands were mixed with other ingredients carefully picked by Vitriol himself.

It was like watching magic in motion to spectate the various processes the unicorn had at his disposal. Bottles and herbs magically floated around him as the artist of elixirs mixed his potions with the elegance of a graceful violinist. Clouds of golden magic effortlessly lifted mixing spoons and glass beakers as colorful liquids and mystic powders were all mixed around in carefully calculated steps.

Vitriol worked at such speeds that he often risked things working on multiple projects at once. Love potions were often mixed in close proximity of strength elixirs, testing fate's hand with the risk of them mixing together. However, most of the time, his earnest endeavors never resulted in anything too destructive. Long since past had his years of his creations exploding in clouds of smoke.

Today the unicorn was just finishing up a final batch of cloud tonics, a bubbly, sugary drink that was popular among pegasus for its light and fruity flavors. He always made sure to brew a big batch of the drink in his cauldron to ensure ponies had something fun to drink.

Beside the large cauldron sat a complicated mess of beakers and heating elements connected to each other by swirling pipes. In the various containers bubbled colorful mixtures that would eventually be mixed together to create a clairvoyance potion, some of Vitriol's fastest selling brews.

Vitriol was certainly in the zone, swiftly mixing ingredients into the cauldron while simultaneously grinding ingredients into a mortar and pestle. While he did this, his magic stirred a wooden spoon around in the metal cauldron while also pouring some liquids into other containers. It was almost mind boggling the number of tasks he orchestrated at once.

His mesmerizing choreography of floating beakers and mixing bowls could have very easily gone on all night, but suddenly something derailed his concentration. A powerful sneeze snuck up on the unicorn, suddenly making itself known just as he was about to pour some strange blue liquid into a purple one. That sneeze shook his body and his concentration, causing the delicate mixtures to splash out of their containers.

The blue mixed with purple as they splashed into an open beaker of teal. That teal quickly began to bubble, fizzing up beyond the confines of the glass container and pouring off onto the counter. The bubbly foam then proceeded to pour into the cauldron, reacting aggressively to the cloud tonic.

Then in one split second, a flash of bright light filled the room as a loud bang echoed off the walls. A bellow of smoke exploded from the metal container, filling the room quickly, swallowing Vitriol along with all his lab equipment.

The black smoke quickly dissipated, leaving Vitrol coughing for air and waving wildly in front of him. His eyes stung from the sudden flash, momentarily making his vision blurry as he blinked rapidly in the wake of the explosion.

Once the smoke cleared, the unicorn took inventory of his work area. A few beakers were shattered on ground while others were charged with black scorch burned into their bases. The cauldron of tonic was now half empty after the mixture likely evaporated when reacting to the other brews. Nothing too damaging, he just had to be more careful in the future.

He then turned his attention to his body to check for any cuts or bruises or any other sort of injury. He counted his limbs to ensure that he still had all of them attached. Luckily he didn't find any of that. What he did find, however, was much more surprising.

Taped snugly around his waist was an incredibly thick diaper. The diaper had a peculiar fractured coloration with shades of blues and purples and greens scattered across it, almost like a piece of glass that couldn't decide what color it wanted to be. The plastic outer shell was smooth to the touch and the padded insides was ever so soft like the fluffiest of pillows.

Vitriol was completely taken aback by this change of wardrobe and couldn't quite understand what caused it. He promptly began tugging at the diaper's tapes, not wanting to commit himself to such embarrassing attire. Only the diaper wouldn't budge an inch. The more he pulled at it or tried to undo the tapes, the more the diaper seemed to glow an ever so faint purplish-blue.

He didn't wonder about this for long before a sudden knot appeared in his gut. He winced at the rapid pain, instantly grabbing at his belly with both his hooves. In a second his bladder suddenly felt full and ready to burst. He cringed at the sharp pain, desperately trying to sooth it by rubbing circles into his soft belly fur. But nothing seemed to help.

The pain and pressure intensified before finally Vitriol's bowels had the overwhelming urge to push. The unicorn leaned forward with his face scrunched up as he pushed at his straining gut. A large mess forced its way into his diaper, ballooning the padding out with a massive bulge. The diaper emitted crisp crinkles as it shifted about to accommodate the sudden heavy load. His bladder too released into the diaper, noisily spraying into the thirsty padding in the front and forcing it to swell and warm up.

Vitriol groaned as he sat there with his diapered rump slightly raised and his eyes slammed shut. He thankfully could feel some relief overtake him as he so haphazardly emptied himself into his diaper. He hardly had to push after awhile as his body simply emptied into the waiting diaper, filling it up with quite the load.

When the grueling ordeal was finally over Vitriol's limbs drooped to his side. His face finally relaxed as sweet relief tingled his body. He no longer suffered from the intense pain that over took his body not five minutes ago. He allowed himself to lean back on his hooves, just about exhausted after the surprise diaper fill up. A few minutes passed as he recovered.

Shaky at first, Vitriol eventually pulled himself back to his feet. The heavy diaper did its best to pull him back to the ground, but eventually he was able to stand up right once again.

He groaned as he looked back at the massively thick diaper that bulged around his waist. He turned his head back to the messy lab as he scanned the room of broken glass, scorched cookware and an entire pot of contaminated cloud tonic that now needed to be thrown out. "Ugh, now I have two messes to clean up..."

He let out a sigh before magically floating a broom out of the corner. First he needed to clean the lab. Then, maybe, he could see to changing that diaper.

Soft and Fluffy (Adult Themes)

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Soft and Fluffy
By Scribe Feather

The world around him seemed to fall away as only a few things remained. Now all that existed in his eyes was him, his diapers, and the fluffy pillow that was bunched up between his back legs. Nothing else seemed to matter as his mind seemed to obsesses over these things. The pale blue pony hardly even noticed the frilly pink dress that ruffled alongside his thick diaper.

Soft and Fluffy kept a tight grip around the pillow, squeezing the fluffy object tightly between his thighs. He wore a dazed expression, gripping the pillow close to his chest like a greedy toddler not wanting to give up his favorite plushie.

"Are we comfortable?" a familiar voice caught the stallion's attention and held it as undivided as possible.

"Y-yes daddy," Fluffy replied.

"Good," the voice answered, "daddy wants you to relax. Can you show daddy how you use your diapers?"

The stallion lazily nodded his head as every blink he made was slow and sluggish. His bladder responded instantly, as if obeying his daddy's commands directly. The liquid hissed into the waiting diaper, warming his crotch up and inflating the padding. The pony stared blankly into space as he so shamelessly filled his diaper with a bladder's worth of urine. He remained frozen, allowing every inch of his diaper to grow yellow and swell to twice its thickness.

The room was absolutely silent save for the loud hissing, but even that quickly died down in strength as Fluffy let out a quiet sigh. He subtly pressed his diaper down against the fluffy pillow as it inflated to at least twice it's thickness. "I...love my diapees..." the light blue pony mumbled as his bladder finished soaking the diaper. He so wanted to touch the diaper to really feel the swollen warmth of it, but something compelled him not to. Something unseen and controlling.

"That's my good girl," the voice answered, rather pleased with the pony's obedience. Even unseen, it was obvious the diapered stallion's daddy wore the biggest smile on his face. Out from the shadows floated a pink pacifier cloaked in a golden aura. The pacifier's rubber nipple expertly found its way into Fluffy's mouth, slipping in with an audible pop. "and you'll always be a good girl if you follow daddy's instructions. Now give daddy a show." The command excited Fluffy and he gave his pacifier a few happy suckles. "And make it a good one."

Without question, Fluffy responded instantly, his legs tightening around the big pillow under him with a low moan coming from his mouth. In a flash his cock stiffened from fully flaccid to completely erect. He let out a pathetic moan, almost squeaky as he shoved his crotch deep into the pillow.

He started slow, dipping his hips deep into the feathery fluff of the pillow and paced out airy breaths with each hump. His diaper crinkled and squished in time with his humps, pressing its warm, swollen padding against his throbbing member. His dress shifted and slid across his body as well as the hem of the pink skirt bounced on top of his thick diaper butt. Ever so steadily he picked up speed, pushing his weight deeper into the white pillow with even louder crinkles from his diaper.

His daddy remained silent through the whole thing, but Fluffy knew he was making him proud. All throughout his naughty deed, the diapered pony could feel his daddy's eyes upon him, watching him shamelessly grind against the pillow.

Fluffy whimpered out little whimpers as his pacifier bobbed in his mouth. His thick diaper crinkled and shifted about as he pathetically rubbed against the pillow. He desperately wanted this, struggling to remember the last time he was allowed such pleasure. So pent up and close to the edge already, the pony wouldn't last long under daddy's watch.

Finally with a loud moan that was mostly muffled by his pacifier, Fluffy's body shivered and twitched as his stiff erection began to throb. Tiny whimpers came out of the pony's mouth as his stallionhood pulsed and spurted out strings of cum into the diaper. He was shaken by the sheer power of it all, causing him to curl tightly against his pillow. He could feel his cum splattering against the front face of the diaper, making it slick.

"That's my good girl," daddy's voice said joyfully as the diapered pony panted. Fluffy could hardly hear his daddy's admiration after such an earth shattering orgasm left him in such a daze. His daddy continued to tease him, egging him on with deceptive commands cleverly disguised as cute cooing.

But the light blue pony didn't concern himself with any of that. He focused only on the diapers and the soft pillow underneath that seemed to amplify its softness tenfold. Now even less concerned the diapered pony as more of the world around him fell to the wayside.

He loved his diapers. He loved daddy.