• Published 18th Dec 2016
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OC-Palooza - scribe-feather

A collection of small stories with each focusing on a single original character created by various artists. (ABDL Themes, Adult Themes)

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By Scribe Feather

Sitting in the kitchen, slumped over the back of a wooden chair sat the rather bored and quite frankly frustrated Tenerius. The green earth pony was spending today in diapers, but things weren't working quite in his favor. It had been two hours since he put on this new diaper and oddly enough the garment was still in pristine condition.

Of course this wasn't out of lack of trying. He had attempted many times to look past all those years of using the toilet and just...go. It seemed easy enough, but apparently it wasn't as straightforward as he would have thought. His diaper was still dry as a bone.

And so he spent the last twenty minutes sitting in the kitchen, staring at the running sink faucet in hopes that he'd finally be able to wet the diaper. He had heard that running water was suppose to make it easier to go, but years of potty training had left his bladder frustratingly trained. He mentally kicked himself for take to using the toilet so willingly.

When a full thirty minutes passed and still not a single drop of water in his diaper, Tenerius changed his approach. He got up and waddled up to the sink and filled a glass of warm water. Carefully he sat down on the floor and pulled open the front of his diaper with a hoof.

The luke warm water dribbled down into the pony's diaper, swelling up the very front of the padding with its moisture. A bit of a waste of a diaper, Tenerius though, but he figured it was all a means to an end. Perhaps if he was already wearing a diaper that was wet, his body would be tricked into obeying his infantile urges. At least that was the plan.

After one big cupful of water, the diaper was noticeably heavier and swelled up thickly around the front. The thirsty gels inside quickly soaked up every drop of water, tinting the front a tiny bit. The diaper was fuller, but nowhere close to how Tenerius wanted it to be.

Once again, he changed his approach. Perhaps he'd go if he had more of a reason to do so.

A few glasses of water were quickly downed by the diapered pony, quenching any thirst that might have the misfortune of being there. He gulped down the water quickly, hoping that this would somehow force his bladder's hand. But still the bladder held its ground, stubbornly refusing any of his commands.

He gave it a half hour. And then an hour. And finally after a full hour and half, he was just about to give up. He could feel his bladder aching and yet nothing seemed to convince it to release into the already soggy diaper. With no other alternative, he resorted to just closing his eyes and pushing. All attention focused on his straining bladder that stubbornly refused to go in his diaper.

With the running faucet egging him on, Tenerius focused on wetting himself, an otherwise impossible task apparently. His bladder resisted every step of the way, but still the green pony pushed. He mentally tried to imagine himself on the toilet or in a big lake where his bladder never seemed to hesitate. Mind over matter, the pony repeated to himself.

After five minutes of doing this, there didn't seem to be an end in sight, but out of nowhere there was a trickle of hope. That trickle came in the form of a tiny spurt of urine into the diaper. Once it started, there was nothing more he needed to do. It began as a tiny dribble, but soon the dam broke and the urine was gushing into the diaper in a warm, yellow torrent. A tiny, squeaky sigh slithered out of the pony's mouth when he finally succeeded. After all the work and effort he put into this little trial, he was ecstatic it finally happened.

He was finally able to relax, forehooves drooping in front of him as his stream of urine loudly sprayed against the diaper's inner layers. He could feel the sizable soak warm up the front and quickly leach down into the back where any dry padding left from his glass of water was quickly dominated with a yellow torrent. In a matter of minutes his diaper was overly saturated and bulging with yellow.

In some cruel twist of fate, his diaper then began to leak onto the tiled floor, overwhelmed with the liquid inside. Tenerius let out a tired sigh when he felt a warm pool gather around his hooves. He wasn't even done wetting himself and he was already leaking. His bladder continued to spray into the diaper even as the puddle under him grew in size and spread across the kitchen floor.

Now he wished he doubled up.

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