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Ebony and Ivory: To the Future - SGZone

Ebony and Ivory expand their horizons to become the leaders their hive needs. While old enemies conspire against their family.

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Chapter 1

Priamus, Ebony, and Ivory walked down the main street of the Hive flanked by four guards. Ivory had his arm around her waist while Ebony hooked onto one of her arms. The two looked around as their citizens went about their days. Some stopped and bowed or knelt while others scurried to their jobs, many buzzed above their heads. They rarely traveled far across the citadel and when they did they traveled by cart with their vision obscured by curtains. Before leaving their mother strongly urged Priamus to not have them walk to today’s lessons with her. However, their aunt was able to convince her otherwise stating it was important their lessons

“I’m so glad that you decided to go out with me today, boys.” Priamus smiled, her voice was soft and rich like fine glass, yet still very brittle.

“Of course Aunty Priamus we love spending time with you.” Ivory beamed. With a fond gentle squeeze of her waist.

“Well that’s a good to hear. I’ve been so busy with all these projects that it feels like we haven’t been together in ages.” She responded, “I honestly began to think you thought I was boring.”

“Of course not Aunty we’ve all just been busy is all.” Ebony said. In truth spending time with Priamus at the castle was rarely all that interesting. She was so reserved that it was difficult to strike up a lasting conversation. Unless she was with Papillia in the animal sanctuary then it was like she was a whole other person. The two of them chatting away about the exotic fauna and animals.

“Well today’s going to be even busier. First we’re stopping by the colosseum to get things ready for the grand Aquicos cup. Then we’ll be going to the zoo to help coordinate their new expansion. Then we’ll be helping with construction of a new housing project on the east side of the citadel.” She smiled.

“Got it so what will we be helping you with?” Ebony asked.

“Whatever they need. Today you two are going to be busy little bees like the other workers doing whatever the other supervisors need.” Priamus replied. Ebony and Ivory looked perplexed at their aunt.

“But Aunt Priamus we’re princes isn’t it beneath us to do exactly what the workers do? I thought we would be helping you in a more commanding position.” Ivory stated.

Priamus gave a wry chuckle. “That’s… true but before you can lead you must work your way up. Understand what those beneath you are going through. Alex did not start as a lieutenant or colonel she was a soldier like the rest and worked her way up.”

“I thought her first time in battle was as a platoon leader?” Ebony asked.

“It was but she worked her way up to platoon leader at the military academy.” Priamus replied but it did not stop the funny looks her nephews were giving her. “Please just trust me on this okay?” Priamus asked placing her hands on their heads.

“Okay Aunt Priamus.” They said in unison.

After walking for what felt like hours they finally reached the Colosseum. They distinctly remember the massive structure from their mother’s duel with councilman Fissure. It was hard to believe that it was years ago when it felt like it was just yesterday. As they entered the building they were greeted to the site of a swarm of changelings. Over a hundred changelings buzzed around the colosseum. Working together in groups on different tasks. Already the arena looked nothing like when their mother dueled. The seats were being cleaned one by one till they sparkled. A track had been molded from the once barren arena with faux grass placed in the center for various other attractions. The centuries old structure looked brand new.

“Wow, how long have you guys been working on this?” Ebony asked looking around.

“Oh a little more than a day,” she responded. “We still have to put up the flotation rings and along with various other preparations, but I am impressed with how much they’ve gotten done.” Priamus smiled.

“Don’t you think you’re moving too quickly? The grand cup doesn’t start for several more weeks, right?” Ivory asked.

“True, but the grand cup involves more than just races. There will be jousting, aerial shows and other attractions along with the races. So we need to get the big stuff out of the way first so we can focus on the details. Always remember to tackle the biggest challenge on your plate first and never forget to check every detail.” She stated.

Just then a changeling wearing a pinstripe suit and clipboard flew down to meet the group.

“Royal Sister Priamus, Prince Ivory, Prince Ebony it’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said with a bow to each of them. “My name is Rose and I’m the senior supervisor for preparations of the Grand Cup,” she smiled.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Rose I see you are making excellent progress on the preparations, well done.” Priamus stated.

“Of course Royal Priamus and it’s all thanks to your planning that we’ve been able to get so much done.” She smiled leading them through the arena as changelings buzzed overhead.

“Well I can’t take all the credit it’s thanks to your direction that the plans were able to come together.” Priamus responded. “Now what’s next on the agenda,” she asked.

“Well we should have the Colosseum cleaned in no time at all. The next task would be the flotation rings.” She responded, after a quick look through the papers on her clipboard.

“Wonderful then these two are your men,” Priamus stated. With a gentle nudge for Ebony and Ivory to step forward. “These two should get those rings up in no time at all.” The two princes looked warily at each other. Still slightly unsure if this was the proper course of action for princes but they decided to trust Priamus.

“We’re here to help with anything we can but first, what are flotation rings?” Ivory asked.

“Well each race has two legs: one on the ground and one in the air. These flotation rings provide checkpoints for the riders,” Rose explained. “They’re powered by magic to float in the air.”

“Oh well we can definitely take care of that no problem,” Ebony smiled. He tried to crack his knuckles but failed miserably. Ivory looked at him and shook his head condescendingly. “Well please show us to the rings,” he coughed. A faint shade of pink blossoming in his cheeks.

“Of course right this way,” she said. Trying her best to suppress giggle at the prince’s expense. She lead the group to the middle of the Colosseum were the massive flotation rings were spread out. As they left Ebony glared at Ivory for his mockery. The flotation rings were big, about 30 meters across, and made from surprisingly flexible material that looked like smooth obsidian. Long holes were cut into stone with massive openings on each cardinal direction. The openings were lined with a bright metal conductors.

“So what do we need to do?” Ivory asked.

“Well it’s quite simple you just just need to charge each of the conductors with your magic then the ring will begin to float.” Rose responded.

“Perfect we should get this in no time.” Ebony stated. The two princes walked over to an opposite end of the ring.

“Um with all due respect Prince Ivory and Ebony. Usually it takes up to four changelings to power one ring.” Rose muttered.

“Yeah but were not changelings.” Ivory replied with a cheeky smile.

The two princes pointed their hands to a different conductor. Their hands lit up as a magical hum filled the air. As the magic grew stronger rune-like lines spread across their hands. Ivory’s magic was a bright green while the runes flowed across his hand in wrist. Creating interesting designs: bending, twisting and looping across his skin.

While Ebony’s magic was a bright crimson and the etchings carved across his hand like cracks. Cutting through his skin zigging and zagging around his hand. The ring began to pulse as each of the slender openings filled with a viridian light. It took the two princes a little more than a minute before the ring began floating off the ground. Rose and their escorts stared in shock and awe while Priamus smiled with pride.

“I told you they were perfect for the job,” Priamus chuckled, amused by Rose’s and the guards reactions.

“My word, I heard Equestrians had more powerful magics but I never would have imagined they were this much stronger. It takes four changelings to fill one of those and it takes significantly longer.” Rose remarked. She walked over to the flotation ring and gently tapped it with her finger. The massive ring drifted slightly from her touch.

“Remarkable,” she muttered, satisfied with the rings magic she waved down a couple of changelings. “This one is ready put it in place at position one.” She ordered. The changelings quickly seized the massive ring, and put it up right, before taking flight and placing it high above the stadium.

“Can you two do that again?” Rose asked.

“We can do it a lot more than just that” Ebony replied with the cockiest smirk he could muster.

The two princes continued to light up the various flotation rings at lightning fast speeds. Eventually the two split up to take care of the rings individually. Ebony had little trouble filling each ring with his powerful magic even as the number completed rose. At first Ivory was able to keep up with his brother but as he completed more and more rings his magic drained and he eventually had to rest.

However, as Ebony completed more and more rings he noticed more and more eyes focus on him. They were looks of discomfort, malice, and fear rolled into one. He was used to it but it felt different this time. As he looked around he noticed that there were a lot of guards spread throughout the stadium.

“Ebony, why don’t you take a break and let the other workers finish the rings!” He heard Priamus shout. Ebony walked over to Priamus; who was standing at a large wooden table with Rose and Ivory. Ivory was sitting in one of the chairs drinking from a bottle of water while Rose looked tentatively over his aunt's shoulder at the table.

“Hey Ivory has everyone been looking at you funny?” Ebony asked.

“Not more than usual, why?” Ivory asked.

“Everyone has been giving me nervous looks and I mean more than changelings usually do. It feels different somehow.” He said. “Also have you noticed there are a lot of guards stationed everywhere?” He asked.

“Yeah I did I was just about to ask about that,” Ivory replied looking up at Priamus. Priamus sighed and dismissed Rose. After quickly looking around she pulled the two princes into a little huddle.

“A couple of days ago while on a training exercise a group of recruits and their commander were slain. One of the bodies at the site of the attack was a Lazarus Changeling.” She said. Both of their eyes widened in confusion.

“Lazarus Hive? I remember learning about them but didn't’ we beat them into submission ages ago?” Ivory asked.

“We did, what remains of their hive is nothing compared to what they once were, but they are still a threat with relentless fanaticism.” Priamus said. “They believe themselves, and all changelings, to be superior to all other races. They still conduct themselves in harvesting love through cocoons rather than funnels.” She explained with a sniff of disdain.

“Okay what does that have to do with me?” Ebony asked.

“The biggest difference between us and the Lazarus hive is the color red. Just like how all of our eyes are green and a majority of our changelings have green magic, their color is red. They all have red eyes and most have crimson colored magic. Even Alex has gotten weary looks when she’s used her magic.” She answered.

“So if these… vermin. Are threatening our hive why are we wasting time with this rather than hunting them down?” Ebony asked.

“We have no leads and we want to keep the citizens calm. The best way to do that is to keep fun distractions like this going on schedule.” Priamus replied.

Ivory opened his mouth to rebuttal but knew his aunt was right. He cocked his head to the ground in rage. Priamus smiled and rubbed the top of his head. Her hand drifted down and she began to caress his cheeks. She tilted his sorry head upward to look into her eyes; hoping to comfort the upset prince.

‘Oh my little Ivory I know you’re anxious to help but you must be patient. You’re just like Alex and you’ll do great as a captain.’ She smiled at him.

However, when her attention turned to Ebony her smile quickly faded. His face was ice cold but his eyes burned hotter than the sun. He was staring off into space but for Priamus his gaze felt like daggers.

‘Here I thought Chrysalis was scary when she heard the news.’ Priamus muttered in her mind. With a shake of her head she broke the huddle and broke Ebony’s concentration.

“Alright go to Rose and see if there’s anything you can help with. We’ll be departing for the zoo after I finish up drawing up the final designs and not a word of what we discussed.” She ordered. With a quick salute the two princes walked over to Rose while Priamus returned to the table.

The two princes split away from each other and worked for hours on everything from cleaning to decorating to construction. While some changleings steered clear of the two and did their duty far away; other’s jumped at the opportunity to work with them. It brought the two immeasurable joy to be reminded how many of their people accept and love them as princes. It was sometimes hard to hear the cheers over the jeers.

“Ebony, Ivory were leaving now!” They heard Priamus call. Ebony set down some cleaning supplies. While Ivory handed his paintbrush to another changeling and met up with Priamus.

“Alright let’s get a move on you two we have a long day ahead of us and we’ve only just begun.” She exclaimed leading the way. Ebony and Ivory sustained a groan as they were reminded of their impending work. Their bodies already began to ache from working and walking for hours.

Thankfully the zoo wasn’t too far from the Colosseum. It was a recent edition to the hive built by their grandparents at the behest/nagging of a young Papillia. It quickly became one of the Hive’s most popular venues as they brought in more and more exotic animals from around the world.

As the group entered the from the back entrance they were greeted by two male changelings. Both had green hair cut short in a professional wave and were of equal height.

“Royal Sister Priamus, Prince Ebony, and Prince Ivory, welcome.” They said in unison bowing to the three respectively.

“Hello Slab, Boulder, it’s a pleasure to see you again. I trust you remember your tasks for today?” Priamus asked.

“Of course, Royal Priamus we are to have Prince Ivory and Prince Ebony shadow us today.” Slab responded.

“Very good. Boys, I have worked with Boulder and Slab many times before and they are some of the best architects I know. They’re also expert zoologists. Stick to them like glue, watch and learn, and only give your input if asked. Understood?” She asked, Ebony and Ivory nodded their heads and walked over to the two changelings. Ebony went with Slab and Ivory to Boulder. “Also these guards will be escorting you the entire time, I trust that is not a problem?” She asked.

“None at all Royal Priamus.” The two replied in unison.

“Alright I’ll be waiting on the observation platform if you need me.” Priamus said, taking her leave. As soon as Priamus left the group Boulder and Slab turned to the two princes.

“It is an honor to have you shadow us today, my princes.” Boulder said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both I’ve heard Priamus mention your names many times in passing.” Ivory said

“I’m happy to hear that so I trust you two have been informed on what the expansion will entail?” Slab asked.

“Of course this expansion we’ll be bringing in several dangerous beasts: Manticores, Chimeras, and the like.” Ebony said.

“Correct, that means we can get straight to business. I will be handling all preparations to make sure the animals will be comfortable in their habitats, while Slab will be supervising all safety requirements before we take in such dangerous animals.” Boulder stated.

“Understood, I would be honored to shadow you Slab in ensuring that the exhibits are safe for visitors.” Ivory said.

“And I would gladly shadow you Boulder in ensuring the exhibits are comfortable for the animals.” Ebony followed up.

“Excellent follow me, Ivory.” Slab said walking with Ivory and two of the guards in tow. While Ebony followed Boulder with the remaining two escorts.


As soon as the duo were away from the others Ivory breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you Slab for willing have us shadow you individually." Ivory smiled.

"Need sometime away, my prince?" He asked.

"You could say that just good to spread out a bit." He sighed.

"I know the feeling including Boulder I have 5 siblings so I probably know more about how suffocating they can be." He chuckled.

"Well you don't know Ebony." Ivory muttered.

“So Prince Ivory what do you know about construction, building or design?” Slab asked to change the subject.

“Um not much sir only very cursory knowledge.” Ivory replied.

“Well then this will be a good learning experience,” he smiled as the two rounded a bend. “Learning how to build something to design can be applied to almost anywhere.” Slab continued.

“Even military things?” Ivory asked

“Hmm well I don’t know anything about that but I’m sure you can draw a lot of parallels.” Slab replied. “This is our first stop this will be where we’ll be housing probably our most dangerous new arrival, a chimera.” He said as they rounded the corner to the unfinished holding area. It was made from white stone fashioned in a massive circle several meters high. With stairs on either side of the circle leading down to the bottom for visitors to get a better view of the animal.

“So shall we begin?”


Meanwhile Ebony and Boulder walked to the other side of the zoo to another exhibit. This one was much larger and molded in an abstract shape. A massive net extend around the exhibit and connected at the top of a fake mountain in the center.

"Thank you for taking the time to teach us today, Boulder. I'm sure this a bit of an inconvenience for you and Slab." Ebony smiled as they walked to the exhibit.

"No trouble at all my prince, we are happy to help." Boulder replied.

"Still I'm sure it would have been easy for one of you to teach both of us. So I appreciate a little one on one experience." He chuckled.

"You mean away from your brother?" Boulder asked. Ebony only shrugged in response opting to not give a full answer.

"Well I have five siblings including Slab so I get the feeling. Brothers and sisters can be a bit smothering." He chuckled.

"Oh you have no idea." Ebony muttered. Thankfully they soon reached their destination.

“Tell me, Ebony, what do you know about Hippogriffs?” Boulder asked.

“Not much only that they’re related to Aquicos.” He replied.

“Good start, like Aquicos they have the head of an eagle and wings but they have the body of a horse instead of a reptilian body.” He explained. “They’re probably our least dangerous edition of the new exhibit. Like Aquicos they are only really dangerous if provoked or disrespected. So it’s vital that they’re living conditions are above satisfactory to avoid trouble.” He continued.

“Got it.” Ebony said with a nod.

“So where should we start?”


While Ebony found learning from Boulder to be mostly textbook knowledge on the wants and needs of different animals. Ivory found Slab to be a more practical mentor.

“So Ivory how do you propose we keep this exhibit safe?” Slab asked at the chimera holding pen after laying out plans for basic safety measures.

“Well I would say our biggest worry is a changeling or hatchling getting over the palisade as it is.” He stated.

“Good point so how do we make our rampart more secure?” He chuckled. A poke at Ivory’s unique word choice. Ivory sniffed indignantly keeping down a blush and returned to his point.

“Well maybe a fence on the wall, like a really tall one, maybe even a net above the holding pin just as a second measure. If that doesn’t work maybe put barbs or spikes on the fence.” He responded. Slab didn’t say anything but gave him an amused smile and raised eyebrow.

“Is that not correct?” Ivory asked.

“Well you’re heart is in the right place, but maybe a bit extreme. After all the point of the zoo is for changelings to enjoy themselves. Kind of hard to do that from behind a big spiky fence,” Slab responded.

“Well isn’t it more important to keep our changelings safe? I mean we are dealing with a chimera here one of the most dangerous animals in the world.” Ivory retorted.

“Indeed it is but never forget the main objective of the task which in this case is to provide a fun exhibit for families. Some people will get hurt no matter what we do. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try but never lose sight of the goal over things that might be out of our control.”

Ivory knitted his eyebrows in thought. Unsure on what to make of his words. If he were to be honest they sounded conceded but he kept his mouth shut and nodded in acknowledgement.

“So how should we lay out this fence?” He asked.


The two Princes continued to follow their temporary mentors. Watching from the wings as Slab and Boulder directed the workers, and helping when necessary. Laying out grass, hammering spikes, carrying stone and bags of cement etc. This combined with their work at the colosseum made for the hardest day they’ve ever worked in their lives. They were exhausted as they trudged up to where their aunt was waiting bodies aching.

“How the hell can you still walk that fast? Don’t you feel like collapsing?” Ebony groaned. As he trailed far behind Ivory up the incline.

“All that extra training with Aunt Alex.” Ivory chuckled. “Got to be strong if I’m gonna enter the academy.”

“I might have to go with you sometime cause right now I just can’t wait to get home and sleep all day.” Ebony yawned.

“Right there with you. How are all of you holding up? You do have to walk with us in full armor.” Ivory asked the guard next to him.

“We’re fine Prince Ivory. It’s as you said you need to train hard to be a guard. Long treks in full armor is no big deal for us.” He replied.

“Regardless thank you for escorting us.” Ivory stated.

“Yes, thank you for escorting us.” Ebony echoed. Finally they reached the observation deck where Priamus was sitting at a desk. Intensely examining a large sheet of paper before her.

“Ah there you two are did you enjoy your time shadowing Boulder and Slab. Did you learn anything from them?” She asked.

“Yes Aunt Priamus, although I’m not sure how I’m going to use it. Unless I become a zookeeper.” Ebony laughed.

“Well you never know maybe you’ll become Ebony, King of the Animals.” Priamus replied.

“Hey look at that you might be king of something after all brother.” Ivory grinned nudging Ebony with his elbow. Ebony rolled his eyes and shoved Ivory’s elbow away.

“What about you Ivory will you become will you become King of Safety?” She asked.

“Nah being king of anything never really interested me. I still intend to be captain though I do think today has been useful, maybe. Thank you for taking us with you today Aunt Priamus.” Ivory replied

“Of course, it’s good for you two to expand your horizons. Especially when you need those cutie things we got to try everything.” Priamus responded. She quickly turned back to the sheet of paper and placed in a drawer after folding it.

“Well I’m all done here so we’ll be heading to our final stop. I hope you two learned at least somethings today. This time when we arrive you’ll be with me, the housing board and the counciling of that sponsored the project. You won’t be doing anything major but you will be with important changelings so use discretion when speaking and mind your manners.” She explained.

“Yes Ma'am.” They replied in unison with a quick salute.

“Alright let’s get a move on the site is on the other side of the city and I want to be there before sunset.” Priamus chirped taking the lead. It took Ebony and Ivory all their willpower to not scream in terror.

By the time the group reached the area the two princes felt like they had been pummeled. Their joints ached, their muscles burned, at their feet felt so sore that walking on glass would be more comfortable. To their credit the princes did not show it as they marched through the city with their heads high and chests out. It was as their mother always taught said: “Never let the people see weakness even for a moment. Act strong even when you’re at your weakest.” However she also said there was no harm in showing a bit of frailty to a certain few, like their escorts.

However, as the two prepared themselves to keep their guise on for the duration of the meeting. Their armor faltered as they entered the spacious office of the construction and were met face to face with a changeling they had only heard of, yet she seemed familiar. Mirage, they had heard their mother talk about her, or more like complain about her constantly. She was their mother’s biggest critic and leader of the opposition party since the start of her reign. Though, that all seemed to have changed a little over a decade ago. Since then her influence had waned giving rise to a new leader, Counciling Storm. Yet despite her declined influence whenever she was brought up their mother couldn’t stop cursing her.

“Ah there they are, finally.” Mirage said. Her voice was heavy like smoke but smooth as glass. It felt like honey to their ears and made the hairs on the back of their neck stand up. They knew right away why their mother was wary of her. Her voice was too calming, almost hypnotic.

Mirage sauntered over to the group. Ebony and Ivory stood prouder. They watched her every movement as she finally reached them.

“It's a pleasure to see you again Royal Priamus.” She said holding her hand but their aunt did not take it.

“Mirage, a pleasure as always.” She smiled extending her arm with her hand facing down. Mirage took said hand and kissed her index knuckle. After kissing it, Mirage extended her own hand for Priamus to return the gesture. She then took Mirage’s hand and kissed the top of it. Mirage then turned her attention to the princes. Looking at them like smiling hawk.

“It is an honor to finally meet you Prince Ivory and Ebony.” She cooed extending her hand to them. Unfortunately for Mirage their mother prepared them for meetings like these. They heard her lesson clearly.

“When meeting a counciling or a Changeling of similar status never kiss their hand first. Always have them kiss yours first for you are princes and above them.”

Ivory was the first and extended his arm past her palm. “It's a pleasure to meet you too, Mirage. Our mother has told us quite a bit about you.” Ivory said. He smiled at her with a sickly sweet smile of his own.

“Has she now…” Mirage muttered but she did not move to take his hand. So the two stared at each other with gross honey smiles. Mirage’s friendly stare turned into a deadly glare at the smaller boy. To Ivory’s credit he did not waver under her gaze despite the chill that ran down his spine. Finally Mirage let out a deep cute chuckle and took hold of Ivory’s hand. She placed a feathery kiss on his the top of his hand. Another piece of Chrysalis’s wisdom spread through his mind.

“When they do kiss some will try to get away with not kissing your middle knuckle, as is customary for the Royal family. When that happens kiss their index knuckle as a greater show of respect. Kill them with kindness.”

That is precisely what Ivory did upon taking Mirage’s hand. Placing a much firmer kiss on her knuckle.

‘Hmm it seems I made a mistake underestimating these two. Chrysalis has taught them well.’ Mirage mused in her mind before turning to Ebony. This time she held out her hand as she did with Priamus.

“It's a pleasure to meet you as well Mirage. Oh and call me Prince Ebony, please.” He grinned holding out his hand. Mirage, satisfied with their knowledge, kissed Ebony’s middle knuckle. To which he responded with a kiss on her index knuckle.

“Well now that pleasantries are out of the way, shall we begin?” Mirage asked with a wave over to the table.

Despite the tense introductions the meeting was rather productive and amicable. Mirage and Priamus worked rather well together in coming up with the plans for the new buildings. To Ebony and Ivory’s credit they did not stay silent during the meeting. Despite being the least knowledgeable people in the room Ebony and Ivory did not shy away from lending their opinions. Perhaps it was the fact that Mirage was there that spurred them to leave a good impression.

“I’m worried that the spaces between each house isn’t big enough. Especially after that fire that wiped out over a dozen houses in the historic district. I know most of them were from when the hive was smaller, but weren’t a good portion of them newer and separated the same as these? I also heard of a couple of other houses catching fire quickly despite being similarly apart.” Ivory chimed in.

“Well it is true despite our efforts to prevent fire leaping from house to house like matches, it hasn't saved all them. However, I would say the majority of times the spacing as it is now works the way it should. I think increasing the separation would waste what valuable space we have . It takes a lot of time and money to tear down a portion of the walls for expansion.” One of the housing board changelings replied.

“Yes but how much time and money does it take to build new houses when a group of them goes up like tinder?” Ebony asked. “I agree with my brother not only would it be safer but I think it would improve their lives. Right now the spaces is a cramped walkway that is difficult to clean. We make it larger that could help flow the traffic to the main street as of right now they all have to go the same way.” He continued.

“I think it might be possible we’ll have to see about the nearby area.” Priamus said.

“I think it’s a great idea so long as it doesn’t get in the way of our original plans too much.” Mirage chimed. Ebony and Ivory’s eyes went wide in shock.

“Well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to humor this idea.” One of the board changelings spoke.

“Alright well how about we go out and investigate the area. Boys you two can stay here and relax. I’m sure you’re both pretty tired. Someone should stay here and check the blueprints and make sure they will fit.” Priamus ordered. She then stood up and walked over to the door but stopped when one of the housing board offered an outlandish idea.

“Well Mirage is the one’s who helped come up with them so she would be the best choice.” Priamus stopped mid step and looked between the princes and Mirage.

“I think maybe I should check the blueprints instead.” Priamus said. She turned around to face the group but her eyes locked on Mirage.

“But Royal Sister we need you there and Mirage did help come up with the blueprints after all.” The changeling muttered.

“You can go Aunt Priamus we’ll be fine.” Ebony said waving her away. Priamus opened her mouth to retaliate but she knew for the sake of the project Mirage was the best to stay. She looked back to Mirage and her gaze turned to ice. It was barely a twitch under her eye but that subtle got her point across.

With that Priamus left the small shack with all four board members in tow. Leaving Ebony and Ivory with Mirage, alone.

Ebony and Ivory sat in awkward silence while Mirage scribbled on the massive blueprints. Mirage at one point looked up from her work at the two princes. Putting them back on alert and straighten up like a couple of prairie dogs. Mirage pursed her lips into a sly smile before returning to her work. The air was so thick with tension you could stab it with a 4 foot blade and still not pierce it all the way through. Finally the worst came to pass as Mirage set down her pencil and finished her work. Slowly she crossed her legs and rested her chin in her hand with sweet little smile peeking between her fingers. She was eyeing the princes like they were cute little lambs and she was the big bad wolf.

“I understand why you must be wary of me if Chrysalis had told you everything.” She said shattering the silence. “But I had nothing to do with that nasty business when you were little. That guard acted on his own, you have my word as a counciling.” The princes looked at each other and then back to Mirage in utter confusion.

“Why are you looking at me like that? You your mother told you everything isn’t that why you're so uneasy around me?” Mirage asked her smile disappearing to her own bewilderment.

“She just told us you were here biggest enemy in the council years ago before Storm came in. Every time you’re mentioned she complains about you in the council.” Ivory responded. For the first time Mirage’s cool demeanor evaporated as she was visibly shocked. Her eyes turning to wide disks of shock.

“You mean she never told you…” She muttered.

“Told us what?” Ebony asked.

“Well that’s a question for your mother because she has not told you everything.” Mirage replied. Ivory was about to follow up but stopped when Priamus and the others returned.

Questions twisted in their mind like blizzard. They didn’t even register that their ideas couldn’t be done for the current project but would be considered for future ones. The meeting resumed but Ebony and Ivory remained silent as they planned. They were too preoccupied by the storm of mystery in their heads.

What could Mirage mean?

Should they trust what she says?

What could their mother be hiding from them?

Why would she keep something from them for so long?

What hasn’t she told them?