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Ebony and Ivory: To the Future - SGZone

Ebony and Ivory expand their horizons to become the leaders their hive needs. While old enemies conspire against their family.

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Chapter 5

Ebony pulled on his collar as they waited in the foyer for their Aunt to escort them to the council chambers. Their mother insisted that they wear their royal finery for today. Well crafted garbs made from arachnia silk. Ebony’s was the color of charcoal with silver trimmings, stitched in an intricate fashion by the hive’s best craftsman. The hive’s symbol stitched onto his left breast. A black cape was draped over his right shoulder. Ivory’s was the same quality and to capitalize on the twin’s natural duality his was a stunning alabaster white with gold trimmings. They were near perfect to wear except for one aspect. The collar that covered their entire neck and felt like they were being choked by a mouse.

“You're gonna ruin your collar if you keep pulling on it like that.” Ivory chastised.

“I can’t help it, I hate this damn thing.” He muttered. Ebony then unbuttoned the top two button of the tall collar that strangled him. He tried to fold the collar back even further leaving his neck mostly exposed.

Ivory sighed and gently tugged on his own collar. “Were supposed to look our best, even if it is a tad uncomfortable.”

“Relax, I’ll button in back when we’re in public.” Ebony replied.

“I’m more worried about aunt Arthemis she already doesn’t like us, do you really want her to think we’re a couple of lazy slobs too?” He asked.

Ebony ran his fingers through his black hair and scratched his head. “Yeah, you got a point. But why does it have to be so unbearable?”

Then they noticed a person at the top of the foyer steps. It was Arthemis. She was in a pure white and gold lace dress. The neckline ran deep down her chest almost to her naval. Her breasts were well covered but her cleavage laid to bare for the world. Her black chitin skin made a stark yet gorgeous contrast to the soft white of the dress. Clutched under her arm was a black and gold bag.

She swept down the steps and over to the two princes. “Ebony you’ve unbuttoned your shit. While I appreciate the initiative your mother wants you two to be wrapped up like presents, and what present, is complete without a bow?”

Ebony swallowed hard and went for his collar. “Sorry, Aunty Arthemis.”

“Prime Counciling Arthemis today,” she corrected. “Ensure it doesn’t happen again, even in private. A part of regality. is appearance you need to look like princes even when you’re not being seen.”

“Yes, Prime Counciling Arthemis.” They replied in unison.

Arthemis gave them a curt a smile but gently rubbed their cheeks with a finger. “I know these outfits are a bit constricting but think of them as your own cocoons. One day you will shed them and step into your own garments as confident... men.” She gave a deep sigh as she finished her thought.

“Here these are for you two. They are the itinerary for today at the assembly. They also have notes and any files I could find on certain cases.” She reached into her bag and handed them two thin black books, engraved in gold with the royal symbol. The two opened them pages of notes and files between the black covers. It seemed there was a different event at every hour of the day. In the middle of the book though they found a single silver leaf page. “Everything before the silver divider is what will be presented before us personally at my office. Everything after is what the council will deal with it. For today I want you two to mostly worry about the first half. Study them closely, as you won’t simply be sitting there as I hash out business. As princes, I and those that come before us, will ask for your input. I trust you two don’t want to look unprepared. Be wary not all who come before us is a friend and they are crafty.” She explained.

“Yes Prime Counciling Arthemis.” They replied once again and flipped to the beginning to get started. She smiled at them softly as they studiously read through her notes. She felt a strong desire to reach up and ruffle their hair, but the princes should not look disheveled. With that they left the castle for the carriage that was waiting for them.

They managed to read most of their assignment when the carriage reached the assembly palace. “Alright first order of business will be the council chambers. You’ll be sitting with me on my balcony. Were you able to reach the second half?” She asked. The two shook their hands. “That’s alright this is a bit more advanced and intimidating compared to later. Simply sit their and continue reading.” She lead the two up two flights of stairs to the top of the massive chambers. A changeling was waiting for them when they reached their destination. With a bow he opened the door to the room and ushered them in.

The prime counciling’s box was a rather lavish open room. Six ornate chairs took center stage giving a cushy birdseye view of the assembly. To the right was a well stocked bar of various refreshments. While to the left was a small desk with a small crystal receptor, an expensive means of instant communication. Arthemis took the middle seat of the first row of chairs as the two princes flanked her. The same changeling graciously offered them each glasses of water and was waved away by Arthemis.

The two princes looked down upon the chambers as other Changelings took their seats. Their mother still had not taken the throne yet. They looked to their right at the other boxes for Auxiliary Prime changelings.

“Primce Counciling Arthemis, who is that?” Ebony asked pointing across the room to one of the other balconies. For sitting inside was a practical giant was sitting in an even bigger chair. The changelings beside him looked like children as they didn’t even reach his shoulders.

“Ah that is the infamous Counciling Storm.” She replied. The two princes eyes went wide. They had only heard of their mother’s rival after Mirage was usurped. From the way their mother spoke of him she painted a picture of a frail old man. Not the behemoth that stuck out like a black sore thumb.

“Wait why on earth is he an auxiliary?” Ivory asked.

“Because a majority of the council voted for him.” Arthemis replied confused by such an obvious question and answer. “I believe he’s held that seat for about ten years now.”

“But why would our mother ever give him such a position, she hates him, and she has final say, doesn’t she?” Ivory asked.

“She does but this is one of the few things that council feels that they have control over. Taking that away would only fester more anger. Think of it as throwing an old bone at an annoying dog.” Arthemis gave a sneering smile. “Besides look at where he is. Several auxiliary seats have opened up since then but he’s been stuck in that dark corner for the past ten years.”

Ebony and Ivory looked at the arrangement of the auxiliary boxes to see what their aunt was talking about. At first the box seats look like they were in an even circle but upon a closer look it was more like a tail. Starting with Storm at the tail end near the entrance and ending with them at the base and closest to the throne.

“I see what you mean, surprised he can hear anything from over there,” Ebony noted.

“He probably can’t, he is awfully old, but he’s far too proud to ever admit it so he sits there for show and gets the information later. Shame too, he was a general under our mother and decorated in the Lazarus war.” She muttered. “Well enough ogling, finish those files. Especially the one involving our friend Storm. I may actually need help with him. Old age has done nothing to dull his mind and his request may be disastrous for us.” She ordered and settled into her chair.

Several minutes passed in hushed silence until it was broken by the sound of trumpets. Ebony and Ivory were roused from their studies and looked down at the assembly. Every changeling stood at attention and saluted. They looked at the sight in confusion when they heard their aunt aggressively cough. They looked up to Arthemis with her fist on her heart and a waiting gaze. The two quickly understood and followed suit, then they saw her.

Their mother, the queen, strode onto the stage. She wore a sheath dress that looked like she had wrapped the ocean around herself. The main body was a deep dark blue, almost sapphire, that ebbed out like the waves with the hem and tail of her train a sparkling turquoise. She rode in with the power of a tsunami. It was strange for the princes to see their mother in such a light. They had become well acquainted with her strong and graceful presence as queen but it was almost always at her side. Now they were opposite of her and completely understood how, despite her bold and unpopular rulings which earned her powerful enemies that would have crippled or crushed other monarchs, she remained. With a power and grace that made them all stand in fear and reverence. It struck a deep chord with the two princes that sent chills down their bodies. This was their legacy that once terrified them to live up to, now excited them.

Chrysalis looked up to the balcony and gave them a small smile with a sly wink. She leaned back into the black stone throne and crossed her legs. Finally with a wave of her hand the council began.

It soon grew noisy in the assembly as councilings debated and shouted. Eventually Ivory excused himself to the back of the room and took a seat at the desk to get some quiet. Ebony found a strange rhythm to the chaos. Reading and listening to the discussions below. He could see why these seats were so desirable you could hear just about everything even some hushed whispers.

“Did you hear what happened between him and his assistant?” He heard someone mention below, it sounded masculine. Ebony couldn’t help but tune his ears to the juicy bit of gossip. As he finished the last bits of the itinerary.

“The whole bloody hive heard it. What happened?” The other voice asked, this one definitely female.

“Apparently he got furious when one of them pointed out that he forgot something. Came out of nowhere too. He just started raving and ranting that he the assistant got it wrong not him.”

“Well he’s always had a temper heard that it made him a terrifying force during the war. For both his troops and the enemies.”

“Well he’s got a temper and according to rumors this isn’t the first time his memory has slipped him and that it’s become rather common.”

“You don’t mean to say he’s losing his memory?”

“That’s only what I’ve heard but it may explain why his dear partner left him. That plus is temper and pride may have have sent them over the edge.”

“Wait I thought she only moved to a sub-hive did she also sever their connection?”

“From a reliable source says that it’s far more than but you didn’t hear that from me if Storm starts asking.”

“Of course but I don’t seem to remember you telling me anything.” Ebony heard the female changeling chuckle.

“It was just idle chatter nothing important.” She replied.

‘Storm eh he’s having trouble remembering and he split from his life partner? Interesting.’ Ebony hummed to himself.

“Auntie Arthemis what do you know about Storm’s life partner?” He asked. Arthemis didn’t respond however. “Sorry Prime Counciling Arthemis what do you know about Storm’s life partner.”

“Not much never met her but I did hear that she moved with their hatchlings to the largest sup hive, that’s about it.” She responded.

“You haven’t heard anything else?” He asked.

“No, what have you been hearing?” She asked.

“Only some rumors and gossip.” He replied.

“Really? Well, gossip and rumors do us no good unless you have some kind of proof.”She stated.

“Perhaps but mother says that in the right situations with a juicy enough lie people will create their a sweeter truth.” He replied.

Arthemis gently hummed to herself. “You know it’s not wise to listen to everything your mother says.” She muttered, “but you believe you have a sweet lie about our friend Storm.”

“Sweet enough to be truth.” He grinned. Before removing himself and walked over to Ivory.

“Hey, Ivory I need that encyclopedia brain of yours.” He said.

“What is it?” Ivory asked looking up from his book still roughly in the middle of the first half. While not a fast reader he had near perfect photographic memory.

“What’s that disease that causes changelings to forget things as they get older?” Ebony asked.

“Alzheimer's?” Ivory responded. “Why are you asking about that?”

“A theory I’m cooking up about Storm, what are those symptoms again? Anything like mood swings or anger?” Ebony followed up.

“Yeah, that can be one of them. Usually stemming from the memory loss people get angry and upset. It’s not a pretty process. What does this have to do with Storm?” Ivory asked.

“I think he may have it. I overheard two councilings discussing him. He evidently blew up against one of his interns. Apparently this wasn’t the first time he got irrationally angry and it stemmed from him forgetting something.” He replied.

“You heard that from up here against all that noise? Damn are you sure you’re not some demon spawn? It would explain why you're so freakily good at everything and bad breath.” Ebony gave him a righteous smack across the head for that remark, which Ivory took in stride. “Hmm okay possible but what about it? It’s gossip and not good gossip. I don’t like the him but such talk is deeply insulting.” Ivory stated.

“Agreed but have you read his outlandish request?” Ebony asked.

“Not yet, look you want to use this encyclopedia of mine I need to take my time.” Ivory replied.

“Well flip to it, you won’t believe it.”

Ivory reluctantly skimmed through the book until he reached the page which had Storm written in big bold letters at the top. Silently Ivory read through their Aunt’s copious notes and his face put on a play: from shock, to confusion, to anger, to deep thought, eventually transforming into deep resentment as he finished the final page. His hand resting on the silver leaf page.

“Alright I see what you mean. So just to make sure I’m not going crazy. He wants us to build him a grand palace and fort, at the entrance of the Jagged Pass between us and Equestria?” Ivory asked redundantly.

“Your eyes do not deceive you. Worst part is that he seems to have a precedent thanks to our grandfather. I guess he never imagined he’d go political, much less against one of their daughters.” Ebony replied.

“I don’t think anyone could have predicted us.” Ivory stated.

“True, so what’s say we throw an unexpected wrench in his plan?” Ebony asked, with a conniving grin.

“So you want us to use his possible alzheimer's against him to prevent this deal from going through.” Ivory questioned. Ebony didn’t reply but his facial expression was enough. Ivory pinched the bridge of his nose, “This feels wrong.”

“It’s as mother taught us we must do everything to protect the hive even if it doesn’t feel ‘right. Above all else win.” Ebony responded. Repeating the mantra their mother carved into their minds.

Ivory sighed “Do you have a plan?”

“No that’s where you come in. I just provide the information.” Ebony replied. Ivory sighed again.

“Fine go and I’ll think of something. Can I trust you to handle most of the other requests then?” Ivory asked. Ebony saluted him in confirmation before returning to their aunt’s side.

It another few hours until their mother excused the assembly. It took everything in their power to not to fall asleep. They watched their mother stride away in the same splendor as she did when she came in. The trio walked to the back of the room and stretched out their tired bones. Away from any peering eyes in case of any unflattering looks by them.

“So what have you two been conspiring about?” Arthemis asked.

“We believe we have an idea to shut down this deal and keep him out of mother’s hair.” Ivory replied.

“Ambitious, but can you pull it off? I feel you are underestimating what a great man Storm is. I dislike him but his record speaks for itself.” She questioned.

“Probably but first there are couple of things we want to go over with you first. Mostly the implications of this deal and anything else you might be keeping from us.” Ebony stated.

“Very well we still have an hour before any of our meetings begin we can talk over your lunch,” Arthemis replied.

So the three talked and Arthemis became perturbed by their theories about Storm and their plans. However, all were more disturbed by the possibilities if he succeeds.

“So it was Xorix that told you the breach in the wall was only two miles away from Storm’s estate?” Ivory asked taking a bite from his sandwich.

“Yes she had taken it upon herself to lead the investigation when it was all soldiers from her division with along with one of her personal guard. Poor thing blames herself apparently they were on their way to her estate for a little get together. She was the one that discovered them when they were late.” Arthemis replied.

“Xorix is one of Alex’s trusted generals has she said anything about Storm’s possible involvement?” Ebony asked. Placing his now empty plate down.

“Since she has nothing concrete she’s chosen to avoid any accusations but she has hinted to him being the prime suspect,” Arthemis replied.

“If he’s even on the bottom of the list of a hundred suspects we can’t let him have this.” Ebony stated.

“Why not just let mom, I mean Queen Chrysalis, turn it down herself? Then he can’t even entertain the idea anymore.” Ivory asked.

“Because if I allow it to be seen by her then that means I agree with the request in some way. Considering this promise is from our father if I let it through and she denies it will look like a massive betrayal of our parents. We need him to take it back and I think this plan of yours will work even if it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” She sighed. “Alzheimers, I still don’t believe it but we must do what all we can for the hive. But even if he has this awful disease he is still crafty do you honestly think you two with no experience can topple him?” She asked.

“Not alone, we’ll need you, but it’s our inexperience that makes me believe we can do it. He’s gonna underestimate us, also were not completely inexperienced. Mother has taught us well on negotiations. Especially how to lure them into a trap. It’s why you wear something so revealing right?” Ivory asked. Arthemis couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Alright I’ll trust you two but I’ll lead the charge. We have several appointments before him so steel your nerves.” Arthemis stated. The two saluted at their aunt but not before Ivory made one last request.

“One more thing Prime Counciling Arthemis for this to work do you think you can brew some tea yourself? No servants and something with a hint of alcohol something to relax and weaken the mind. Maybe Darjeeling?” He asked.

Arthemis raised an eyebrow at the cheeky little boy requesting tea from her. “Alright, I see what you’re saying.” Arthemis replied. With that she walked over to a nearby cabinet and pulled out an old tea set, some Darjeeling leaves and a bottle of bourbon whiskey. She used her magic to start up a fire and with that the cogs started to turn.

When the second to last appointment left the room Ivory commenced stage two.

His arms and later his clothes glowed a bright green and seemed to stretch and expand growing a full size so that they seemed large on him. The crisp well made suit was now baggy and unkempt. While the prince looked like a child playing dress up in their parents shirts. Ebony tried it to do the same but made it grow a little two large but satisfactory for their purposes. With that the two took their seats on each side of the couch. They sunk into their seats, slouching, head low, they looked absolutely pathetic, like beaten puppies.

‘My word they are good at this. Maybe they can pull this off.’ She thought to herself and grabbed a kettle of tea that had been brewing and placed it on the coffee table and then she opened the door.

She was a tad alarmed to see Storm was awaiting just outside. Now that they were up close the princes could see just how large the changeling was. He just barely cleared the door frame, their aunt just came up to his chest and if Alex was there she would still been a head shorter.

“Counciling Storm, it’s a pleasure to see you again.” She smiled and held out her hand for him.

“Prime Counciling Arthemis as beautiful as always.” He replied and kissed her hand.

“Well please come in I have tea brewing or would you prefer something stronger?” She asked.

“Oh no, I think not, it’s too early for that.” He replied a bit reluctantly.

“Of course.” Arthemis smiled and lead him into the room. He barely took a step in when he noticed the poor princes and stopped.

“I did not realize that they would be here.” He growled.

“They are my assistants for today, I trust you’re not worried about them?” Arthemis asked. Storm grunted and walked over to his seat.

“Worried? Bah, I wasn’t worried when I faced down the Lazarus maggots, outnumbered two to one at the uh hill of Sun- umm.” He struggled with the name of for a few minutes until Ivory chose to speak up.

“Do you mean the hill of Sanoxura?” Ivory asked in a low shy voice.

“I was getting to that boy.” He glared at him. “It’s rude to interrupt people you know and stand up straight, at least look like a prince.” Ivory feigned a flinch and sank lower to his pitiful state, but underneath his sad mask he was smiling like madman. Storm was a smart man but head strong and would stick his nose in a bear trap if it look harmless enough. He grunted settling into his seat and pouring himself a cup of tea. It was comical as the large man took a dainty sip from the teacup that he had to hold with four massive fingers.

“Yes sir, I’ve been reading up on your battles you were an inspiration for our aunt Alexandrae and me, sir.” He weakly said with a small smile. That seemed to calm the man down.

“I’m honored to hear that. Prime General Alexandrae is an inspiration and a fine leader.” He nodded. “But we're not here for pleasantries I’m afraid, at least not yet, I’m here for what I’ve earned. That’s all Prime Counciling Arthemis.”

“Of course sir, however, in my clumsy haste I seem to have forgotten that letter from my father would you mind reminding me what it was promised?” Arthemis asked. She took a sip from the tea and leaned back a bit. Her breasts spilled to her sides opening up her already revealing dress. Storm did not skip a beat and continued.

“Well Prime Counciling after the siege of the uh sub-hive, umm, Xemura I was offered by your father. To take a command of a new fort at the opening of the Jagged Pass. To be on the first line of defense against any foreign threats.” He replied and took another drink from the tea. This time recoiling a bit from the bitter taste.

“Right that’s what the letter read. If you wouldn’t mind sir regaling me of what happened at the siege of Xekorama?” She asked “The queen was awfully young when the war came to end. I think a little first hand account would be helpful when I give her the resolution, plus I’m sure Prince Ivory would love to hear about it. He’s a bit of a historian with a love for war stories.” She smiled waving over to Ivory who took a sip from the tea.

“Well, alright, I guess it wouldn’t hurt and I do love regaling the young ones of what heroes are made of.” He chuckled and took a sip from the tea and coughed. “Prime Counciling Arthemis what did you put in this?” He chuckled.

“Oh just my own little recipe of Darjeeling and some milk and honey with some chamomile, for the mind. My apologies is it a bit too strong I enjoy mine a little bit more bitter.” She asked. As Ebony and Ivory took another drink. Unbeknownst to Storm it was taking all their willpower to not cough up the alcoholic beverage. They did their best to soften the taste with sugar and honey based on what they learned making poisons with their mother but the bourbon remained and powerful.

“No it’s fine but I will take a bit more sugar.” He smiled and put a spoonful of sugar in the drink and mixed it well. “Always had a bit of a sweet tooth, now onto the siege of Xenora.” He said with a bit of hesitation.

“Xekura you mean sir?” Ebony meekly asked.

Storm scowled down at him. “Right that,” he grunted and with muttered something under his breath. So Storm spun them a yarn of bravery and epic strength against a mighty foe. Ivory couldn’t help but pity the poor old man as he got fact after fact wrong.

“Finally after we had pushed them from the outer tunnels, we cornered them in the grand palace, so we, we then grabbed some, no we, yes we grabbed ladders and launched a final assault and then-umm…” The man stumbled over his words. The once mighty giant was now a sweaty mess, his cheeks flushed, he had three cups of the tea taking a sip each time he had difficulty remembering and he forgot a lot. The princes weren’t fairing much better they made sure to pace themselves but still finished a whole cup. Their minds were fuzzy and they felt invincible.

“I’m sorry Storm was this before or after you set the grand palace ablaze with fire spells?” Ivory asked. Storm stared blankly he stuttered for a response but just couldn’t. He gritted his teeth as no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t remember.

“Also was this on the third day of the siege it took only two days for it to fall.” Ebony put a finger to his chin in mocking thought.

Storm dug his fingers into the cushions. He was breathing heavily and his face was scrunched up in raging thought. He tried desperately to find the answers yet the fortress of his mind was crumbling. Battlements were broken off, the towers crumbled, the front gate smashed open, he tried to piece it back together but alas he couldn’t remember what it looked like. Meanwhile the two princes assault was relentless picking apart his story like vultures. Finally the general couldn’t take it anymore.

“How dare you!” He roared and shot up from his seat. Stumbling while he did so and bumping the table. “You ugly little bastards are a disgrace to your ancestors! No they’re not even your ancestors, you’re not changelings, and you are no princes. Just some play things that your mother picked up when she was weak. If it were any other time she would have smothered you! Your whole existence here is nothing happenstance. You have no right to speak to me like this!”

Arthemis rose to confront him but was shocked by Ivory who put his hand on her thigh. She looked over to him and was surprised to see he was smiling. But not just any smile it was a small devious smile that barely showed any teeth. It was the same kind of smile Chrysalis had before she beat someone.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, such a temper is not good for you Mr. Storm. Tell me is that why your partner left you?” He asked. Storrm’s rage immediately turned cold.

“How do you know about that?” He asked.

“I am Prince Ivory, son of Queen Chrysalis, and grandson of King Morpho and Queen Atricia. It is my duty to know things.” Ivory replied. “It is also my duty to ensure the safety of my hive and while my grandfather promised you this grand position.” Ivory stood from his seat to face Storm. His baggy clothes back to it’s original state. “As prince I don’t think it would be in our best interests to have a man with a failing memory as our first line of defense. However, out of respect for your service I’ll make sure no one hears about it. As long as you drop this ridiculous claim. You understand don’t you? We have to do what’s best for the hive.” He smiled warmly at storm and held out his hand amicably.

Storm’s hands were clutched in fists of rage. He stomped forward and knocked the table into Ivory’s shins. Maybe it was the alcohol but he stood his ground. “You cocky little shit. You dare speak to me about protecting the hive? I’ve been protecting this hive before your Equestrian parents were born, and maybe I should-”

“You should what, Counciling Storm.” Ebony growled. Storm twisted to face Ebony and his heart stopped. Storm braved armies that outnumbered him, fought countless warriors, and survived dozens of near fatal injuries, none of it deterred him. He was the definition of fearless. Except for today. Ebony glared at him with his ruby eyes and it pierced him like an arrow. He was paralyzed until Arthemis stood between them.

“I suggest you leave Counciling Storm before you embarrass yourself to these ‘bastard’ princes any further.” She stated. “I trust we won’t be hearing about this claim any more?” She asked and stretched out her hand. Storm grunted but begrudgingly shook her hand. With a final huff he stumbled out of the office and slammed the door behind.

Ivory sighed in relief and slumped back into the couch, his head was spinning. Ebony remained standing, clutching the arm of the couch.

“I must say you two were marvelous.” Arthemis sighed, “I daresay your mother couldn’t have done better.”

“Thank you, Aunt Arthemis.” They groaned. “Can you get us some water?” Ivory asked.

“And maybe a bucket.” Ebony breathed.

Author's Note:

It's been a while but here's a fresh new chapter. Something that I wanted to establish in this chapter and going into the future. Is that neither Chrysalis or Ebony and Ivory are "heroes." One of the biggest criticisms I've received is that I've painted Chrysalis as misunderstood and too benevolent. Make no mistake while she cares deeply for her hive and her changelings she is ruthless when it comes to any real threats to her hive. She is a mama bear that will crush any threat to her cubs without hesitation and she has ingrained this idea into her children. She has taught them to protect the hive by any means necessary, and rest assured this is far from the worst thing they will do for the hive.

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Also I like how you attempted to picture Alzheimer's. I similarly tried to picture Parkison's in one of my stories. It helps that I have a father who has it.

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