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Ebony and Ivory: To the Future - SGZone

Ebony and Ivory expand their horizons to become the leaders their hive needs. While old enemies conspire against their family.

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Chapter 2

Author's Note:

Thank you all so much for staying with the story. For those of you not following I just put up a blog post with all the heights of the sisters and average heights of Changelings and Equestrians. Which can be found here For this story Mirage and Korik are average Changeling height. Thanks again and please comment I love reading them.

13 years ago.




“Lift off!” Chrysalis shouted. She then lifted baby Ivory high above her head as laid across the floor of their playroom. Ivory giggled and snorted as he was lifted high up again then he came crashing back down onto his mother’s chest. Eliciting more giggles from the happy baby. Just then her vision was obscured by Ebony pushing his stuffed owl into her face. After taking the stuffed owl she placed Ivory back on the floor and rolled to her side to face Ebony. Who was having his stuffed lion prowl across the ground.

“Who, Who, Who,” Chrysalis cooed as she flew the owl above Ebony and the lion. Every once in awhile flying down and tapping the lion with the owl. Ebony giggled each time the two animals touched. As she was playing Chrysalis felt a tap on her shoulder. Looking down she saw Ivory holding out his hand to the stuffed owl. It seemed all her lessons of asking things for things kindly were beginning to take sink in. Chrysalis handed Ivory the owl.

After playing with each other for a few moments the two babies crawled over to their toy box. Chrysalis stifled a mighty yawn watching the two play together. It had been a grueling couple of weeks for the queen as yesterday the council was dismissed for a 2-month long recess. So the past couple weeks leading up to it was a long series of a bill after bill leading up to the break. Chrysalis could feel her eyes grow heavy and she drifted off to sleep.

“Chrysalis, Chrysalis, Chrysalis wake up.” Chrysalis stirred from her rest by someone shaking her. She looked up and saw it was Papillia.

“How long was I asleep?” She yawned. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched out her arms.

“I don’t know I was just walking by and saw you asleep on the floor,” Papillia replied.

Chrysalis turned to see Ebony and Ivory were still at the toybox but with different toys scattered around. ‘Couldn’t have been more than a few minutes.’

“Alright, you need to go to sleep in a real bed. I’ll watch the twins.” Papillia stated.

“But I haven’t been able to play with them in weeks thanks to the council barraging me with plans and bills.” She groaned.

“That may be but you need a good sleep. I’ve heard horror stories of accidents happening when the parents are asleep and not paying attention. Who knows what kind of trouble they could get into.” Pappilia responded. Chrysalis let out an aggravated moan.

“You’re right, thanks. Come here sweeties.” Chrysalis called over to Ebony and Ivory with her arms outstretched. Ebony and Ivory crawled over to their mother who lifted them into her arms. Where she peppered them each with kisses making the two giggle excitedly.

“Alright mommy has to go lie down we’ll be able to play later. So Auntie Papillia’s gonna watch you for a bit.” She cooed and set them down. Chrysalis walked out of the room with her two sons grasping desperately after her. Tears swelled in their eyes as they stared at the empty doorway.

“Don’t cry! Your favorite aunt is here instead.” Papillia cheered and crouched over them. But it didn’t seem to ease their suffering. They wanted their mother who they had barely seen in an eternity, not their lovable aunt.

“Come on. Turn that frown upside down.” Papillia sang. She gently pinched one of their cheeks and carefully pulled it up to stop their quivering mouths. It failed to do much to ease their suffering as a couple of tears cascaded down their cheeks.

“Please don't cry. Your mom needs to rest a little bit. Come on let me see those smiles.” Papillia sang as she began to tickle their necks. Ebony was the first to break with his quivering lip twisting into a smile. He feebly tried to push her hand away when a small squeak escaped him. As his brother faltered it didn't take long for Ivory to follow. Under Papillia’s assault, the two babies forgot their worries and were howling with giggles.

However, before she could begin babysitting in earnest she felt a buzzing in her head.

“Papillia can you come up and grab these letters to the Griffion Kingdom . I need you to proofread them.” Arthemis’s voice rang in her head.

“Can't it wait? I'm babysitting the twins while Chrysalis sleeps.” Papillia replied and poked Ebony’s belly.

“Oh.” Papillia could still hear a twist of disappointment in her voice. “Well, no it can't, they're trying to get more gold from us for their bricks. Also one of their prominent senators was a changeling so they are not happy.”

“Can't you bring it to me?” Papillia asked.

“I'm tired too sister and I just got the triplets asleep and I'm finally comfortable. Can you get it please.” Arthemis pleaded.

“Fine,” Papillia sighed. With a huff, she stood up from the two princes.

“Love you.” Arthemis sighed.

“Alright, I'm going to be right back.” She said, “guard come here, please.” She called at the doorway and the guard posted outside walked in.

“Yes, Royal Sister Papillia?” He asked with a bow.

“First, what is your name?” She questioned.

“I am Corporal Korik.” He responded.

“Hmm, an old fashion name, I see,” Papillia commented.

“Yes, ma'am lovingly given to me by my parents.” He responded.

“Well, I need to go grab something from Royal Sister Arthemis so I need you to watch the princes while I'm gone, understood?” Korik saluted in response. “Good, I shouldn't be more than a few minutes, I’ll be back soon you two.” She cooed and with a wave to the princes she ran out of the room. As soon as she left Ebony and Ivory turned back to their array of toys with Korik standing awkwardly in the center of the room.

Korik looked at the two princes and a bead of sweat dripped down his face. He could feel his heart beat faster and faster as ideas swarmed in his head. He had worked hard to get close to Queen Chrysalis for the “honor” of guarding her two children.

‘This may be my only chance… the queen is asleep… but what would she say? No, I have to do this now for the good of the hive.’ Korik’s horn lip and a viridian flash illuminated the room.

Papillia came skidding into the door frame with several documents clenched in her hand.

“Alright I’m back, sorry it took a little longer than I thought.” She panted trying to catch her breath, but once she got a good look of the room her breath caught in her throat. The room was barren of anyone: no Korik, Ebony, or Ivory.

“Korik!” She bellowed into the empty room as fear crept into her heart. She scanned every corner of the room for any sign of life but the room was empty, except for her. Dread coiled around her like a snake and bit into her heart. Papillia stormed back into the empty hallway her breath short and erratic. She looked up and down the massive hallway for the slightest glimpse of the two princes, but it was no use the princes were gone. The forgotten papers fell from her hand to the floor.

Papillia dived into the hive mind and screamed. “Alex! One of the guards has taken Ebony and Ivory! Corporal Korik has kidnapped Ebony and Ivory from the nursery.”

“What? Are you positive?” Alex asked into Papillia’s mind.

“Yes! Put the castle on lockdown, now!” She screamed.

Alex didn’t respond but the sound of heavy metal boots pounding down the hallway was sufficed. Her hands trembling Papillia braced herself against the wall. The sound of soldiers’ boots and buzzing wings calmed her nerves but not enough. She could feel her stomach tighten and her breathing became haggard. Terrifying premonitions bombarded her thoughts of what might be happening to her two nephews. Finally she could take it no more expelled the contents of her taught stomach onto the floor, appearances and nobility be damned.

“Papillia,” she heard a voice call from down the hallway. Looking up she saw Alexandrae sprinting toward her with two guards. When she was finally on her Alexandrae snatched her up.

“Are you alright. You didn’t get hurt did you?” She asked. Checking her over for any wounds.

“ I’m fine, but Ebony and Ivory they’re gone; I was supposed watching them, and someone took them.” She cried, folding into Alexandrae’s arms.

“It’s alright Papillia we’ll find them I have my guards on high alert searching the hive for them.” She soothed, stroking Papillia’s hair.

“No, it’s not! I was supposed to be watching them, and I left them, and I lost them, and I...” she was once again hyperventilating as she poured out her strife.

“Papillia, remember what I taught you when mom and dad died: stay calm, take deep threats, and settle down,” Alexandrae whispered. Papillia tried to calm herself and clung to Alex like she was an anchor.

“Okay, okay, I’m calm, I’m okay, I… oh by the mothers and fathers,” Papillia gasped as another horror pierce her heart. “Alex what are we going to tell Chrysalis?”

It was rare, but the strong-willed Alexandrae, general of the army, felt a chill run down her spine as her heart stopped.

Korik looked down at the two sleeping princes, concealed in a large black blanket, once more with a curdling look of disdain. ‘I’m sorry but don’t belong you here. You’re mother never should have adopted you but if all goes well maybe you can still live with her in exile.’ He thought to himself as he snuck up to his destination. A large pure black mansion atop a faux grass hill. When he made it to the door: Korik knocked on it twice, then paused, then three more times, then paused and knocked twice once more. The door opened to reveal his employer, Mirage.

“This had better be good,” she growled an angry scowl plastered on her face. “I was just about to go to bed.” She yawned as Korik slipped inside after her

“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am,” repeatedly bowing his head in apology. “But I have something that you would want to see,” Korik then dropped to one knee before the counseling. Mirage was taken back by the sudden action. Flipping open the blanket he offered the two princes to her like she was a god. Mirage’s tired eyes shot open and her lips trembled as she lied eyes on the two. Carefully she lifted them up as if they were made of porcelain. Their eyes shut they looked peaceful as angles.

“They aren’t…” she started and shot Korik a worried look.

“No ma’am they are merely sleeping. I was thinking you could use them as leverage to take back the throne from Chrysalis.” He smiled with pride.

“How did you get them?” She asked pacing back and forth before Korik. Transfixed on the two princes.

“Royal Sister Papillia left me alone with them while she retrieved some things from Royal Sister Arthemis. I feel somewhat bad about deceiving someone as nice as her but this is for the hive.” Korik explained.

“I see,” Mirage muttered. She then walked over to a small couch across the foyer. She delicately removed the ugly brown blanket from around them and placed them on the couch; their heads resting against the pillow. She then grabbed a clean white blanket from an ornate trunk and draped it around them, tucking it in for good measure. Mirage’s horn glowed a dim green and a lime bubble surrounded them. The room was dead silent. Mirage stared at the sleeping babies in an almost caring fashion.

The serenity was shattered by Mirage twisting around to face Korik. The magic in her horn flared to a dark green color and discharged a green bolt that soared across the room. The bullet smashed into Korik’s chest with a crunch. Korik screamed in agony as he tumbled across the foyer.

Mirage strpde over to the groaning Changeling, her eyes burning with hellfire.

“You fool,” she seethed. “You dare bring them into my home and implicate me into your little scheme. You dare insult me!” She roared. Korik tried to get up but was stopped when Mirage stomped her foot on his bleeding chest. “When I take the crown from her it will be because the people will realize that my father was right and I should lead the hive.” She spat with a vicious stomp to Korik’s head. “You dare insult me by bringing these two to be hostages as if I was a common gangster!” She screamed unleashing a barrage of kicks and stomps on the changeling below. A kick to the gash on his body that spilled more blood, a savage stomp to his face shattered his teeth and the beating went on like this with no remorse. “You think I need to stoop to such savage tactics to beat her?” She hissed and pulled up the changeling’s bloody head by his throat to meet her eyes. Korik tried to croak out a feeble response but could not respond through his broken teeth. Aggravated Mirage let his head drop. With one final blow to the bridge of his nose rendering the changeling unconscious but alive, barely.

Mirage breathed deeply to calm her rage. Once the furious shaking in her hands stopped she strode over to a cabinet and grabbed several towels. She always ensured there were towels nearby to clean up any messes that took place around her house. Mirage took a seat next to the still two still sleeping princes. Mirage smiled warmly at the two as she meticulously cleaned the blood from her feet. She was more satisfied that her noise canceling shield worked than care for the two babies. As soon as her body was clean she walked over to Korik’s body and tried to clean the floor of any fluids. Lifting him up with her magic and tried to clean what was under him but became annoyed when more blood and spit dripped onto the floor she just cleaned. Finally Mirage gave up and dropped Korik to the floor, decided to have one of her servants clean it. After she has washed her hands of this mess.

Mirage strode over to the two princes and dropped the bubble. She carefully lifted the two and cradled them in her arms. With her magic, she lifted the still unconscious Korik and walked out the door to face Chrysalis.

Luckily, or maybe unluckily, Mirage wouldn’t have to make a long trip to meet up with Chrysalis. Looking up to the sky she could see an impressive swarm of Changelings descended upon her home. Guards landed on every side of her: spears and swords were drawn. While a furious Chrysalis landed before her with Alexandrae and Papillia by her side. Mirage could see there was murder in her eyes.

“I should have known,” Chrysalis growled. She marched over to Mirage unable to contain her rage as her magic was already bubbling around her horn. “I actually didn’t want to believe you would stoop to this but you surprised me.” She spat. To Mirage’s credit she remained calm despite the urge to slap Chrysalis but now was not the time.

“I had nothing to do with this. It was all this fool’s idea,” she responded. Gesturing to the floating Korik.

“You expect me to believe that?” Chrysalis hissed with another step toward Mirage. “Give them back, for your sake.” Chrysalis held out her arms to Mirage.

“Of course. I was just about to come find you and return them.” Mirage gingerly placed the two boys back in their mother’s arms. Once they were secured in their arms Chrysalis backed away. Crouched over them like a mother bear. Chrysalis put her ear between their heads and sighed when she could hear their soft breaths.

“Why are they asleep?” Chrysalis asked.

“Relax it’s just a sleeping spell by that idiot, they’ll be fine,” Mirage responded.

Chrysalis gave another big sigh of relief and melted into the embrace with her sons. Bending her head down and putting it between theirs. Planting a kiss on each of their foreheads. Even Mirage had to admit it was a sweet sight.

Once she was finished Chrysalis handed the Princes over to Papillia. Who also desperately pulled them into her. Now that the calm had passed the two Changelings in the center found themselves in the middle of a storm again. Chrysalis spun around her horn pulsing with magic. Mirage could feel her body tighten as she was forced to her knees. Forcing her to drop Korik to the floor with a dull thud. A green magic ebbing and sparking off of her limbs.

“Now I’m going to ask you without my hostage sons in your arms. Did you have anything to do with this?” Chrysalis stood over Mirage forcing her to look up at the queen.

“I had no part in any of this,” Mirage hissed. It was painful to speak.

“Why did he come to you then? Also, why is he bloody mess.” Chrysalis asked.

“He was my little spy in your castle. He was the one that told me their names back then. He’s a bloody mess because he insulted me by bringing your children to me. He needed to be punished.” Mirage responded.

“I see, so then why did you give them back? How did he insult you by bringing them to you? I probably would have given you the crown for them. So why didn’t you take it? ” Chrysalis put her finger beneath Mirage’s chin so that she could get a good look Mirage’s eyes.

“I may not like your ideas or the direction you’re taking our Hive, but I do not hate you and I am no monster. It’s clear that you love those two with all your heart and only some monster would try to tear that apart. That fool insulted me by thinking I could take the crown from you by extorting babies like a thug. I am no thug.” She hissed response. The two Changelings looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. Each staring deep into the green orbs of the other. Then Chrysalis fell upon Mirage pulling her into a warm hug as the spell around her dropped.

“Thank you Mirage for protecting them. I’m sorry for accusing you.” Chrysalis whispered. She ran her hand through Mirage’s spectral hair. Mirage did not return the embrace but did not move away from it. She knelt silently as Chrysalis squeezed her tighter and stroked her hair. Finally, Chrysalis relented and pulled away her. Chrysalis stood up and her attention turned to Korik still lying upon the dirt.

“So Mirage you bear witness to his crimes of kidnapping Prince Ebony and Prince Ivory?” Chrysalis asked.

“Yes, Queen Chrysalis.” Mirage responded.

“Royal Sister Alexandrae and Royal Sister Papillia will you bear witness to my decree?” She asked.

“Yes, Queen Chrysalis.” They responded in unison.

“Then for crimes against the crown for kidnapping my sons: Prince Ebony and Prince Ivory and for breaking his vow as a royal guard. I, Queen Chrysalis, daughter of King Morpho and Queen Articia, sentence the Royal Guard Korik to death. In two days he will be hung for his crimes.” Chrysalis pronounced.

“Are there any objections Royal Sister Alexendrae and Royal Sister Papillia?” She asked. They did not object.

“Guards take him away, treat his injuries and then throw him in the dungeon. When he awakes inform Royal Sister Alexandrae who will tell him his sentence.” She stated. With that, the two guards grabbed Korik’s body and the group took off back to the castle.


“So that’s what Mirage was talking about. So what happened after that?” Ivory asked. After they returned from their outing with Priamus Ivory asked their mother about Mirage’s words while at dinner.

“Well Korik was executed, Alex vetted the entire royal guard for any ties to Mirage. That was when Mirage’s power with the opposition slipped. When I first adopted you two there was an explosion of extreme opposition. Many felt she was a coward for not, at the very least, spiriting you two away from the hive. Giving rise to counseling Storm.” Chrysalis responded.

“You forgot the part that you got so paranoid you wouldn’t let them leave your sight for a few months. She moved basically the entire playroom to her room, it was an absolute mess.” Arthemis commented.

“Thank you for that Arthemis.” Chrysalis deadpanned.

“Just keeping the events accurate.” Arthemis shrugged.

“Okay, so why keep this a secret from us? I thought you said no more secrets.” Ebony pouted and crossed his arms.

“Sorry but this was a different thing entirely. We didn’t tell you because we didn’t want you to be afraid that it could happen again and not trust the guards.” Alexendrae responded.

“I was also afraid you would think differently of me for what happened. That you would blame me. So I asked everyone to never mention it again.” Papillia muttered. The two brothers exchanged glances before responding.

“I understand. It’s kind of a hard thing to talk to your kid about the time they were kidnapped.” Ivory stated.

“Yeah I guess, but no more secrets. We’re almost adults now and if we’re going to be given responsibilities we want to be treated like we can handle them.” Ebony stated to which Ivory nodded at their family.

“Alright, no more secrets. Now get to bed and don’t stay up too late because you’ll be with Alex tomorrow.” Chrysalis stood from her chair and left the dining room.

“Yeah and we’re gonna see if you’re ready to be treated like the adults you think are.” Alex chuckled.