• Published 20th Jul 2016
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Going Deep Under - The Bricklayer

The seas harbor many mysteries, and one of them is about to be uncovered. Question is, will those that have uncovered it survive the experience...?

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Part 5: A Captain's Concern

Author's Note:

Okay, time for another chapter me hearties! ..Sorry, just couldn't resist.:twilightsheepish:

Twilight, even as she walked through one of the many corridors that made up the bulkheads of the Moby Dick, was understandably nervous. You just didn't get called into a meeting with the captain of not just this ship, but any ship really just because he wanted to make idle chit-chat with you about whatever he wanted. More often then not, you got called into a meeting because he wasn't particularly pleased with you about something. Twilight's thoughts wandered, then going into increasingly impossible scenarios as she frantically wondered what she'd done wrong enough to raise the captain's ire and get on his bad side with them not even spending a day out at sea already.

"Has to be a new world record or something." Twilight thought nervously to herself as she wondered what her tombstone would look like when they got back home. "Twilight Sparkle: Born 1911. Died 1931. Ticked off her captain, thrown out an airlock."

Twilight then took a moment of her probably now very short lifespan to take a few deep breaths to calm herself down and steer things back to the realm of sanity. She probably was quite right about her earlier state to Sudoku. No, she mentally corrected herself, she was definitely right on the money about it, she was almost certainly going to need a licensed professional therapist after this whole thing was over.

"Come on Twilight. Now you're just being really rather silly, stupid even. There's no way Rainbow is going to kill you." She reminded herself as she continued walking down the corridor even as a nasty little voice from the back of her mind added "...At least nowhere where anypony could see it."

Twilight hissed "Shut it you!" even as she turned a corridor and trotted past Night Glider, who mouthed "Who, me?" and turned to one of the Blast Sisters, who could only shrug in response.

Eventually, she made it to the Captain's Quarters, where above the door which had a bronze wheel used to open it, had a sign above it reading in big golden letters "Rainbow Blaze" with a smaller sign on the door itself reading "Keep out!"

Twilight made a very long a and very deep sigh of resignation. Well, whatever was about to happen, she had to meet her fate.

Moby Dick: Rainbow Blaze's Private Office

Twilight was very relieved to see that when she entered the office that she wasn't alone in the room like she half expected to be. Her uncle was in there as well. If she was going to get chewed out by the Captain about something, at least she had Fancy there to back her up if she needed it and jump to her defense if necessary. Now, before we get to see what happened next, let me take a moment of my time to describe the office for you just so you can imagine the atmosphere of the room. It was very nicely detailed, with wooden paneling all around the room and a wooden ship's wheel above the door which Twilight had just entered through. In one corner of the room, there was a round fish tank lit up all blue from the inside which allowed you to see some Purple Tang swimming about the inside of the tank itself.

"Uncle Fancy, so do you know what this is about?" Twilight asked nervously and got a shaking of the head in response.

"No, but I think I might have my suspicions." Twilight's uncle replied as he frowned and rubbed his chin with one of his hooves before taking off his monacle (A nervous habit, if Twilight remembered correctly) and wiping it off with a small washcloth.

"About what? Nothing to worry about is it?" Twilight asked again, this time even more nervous than before.

"No, it's nothing that you should be panicking over." Fancy replied and Twilight raised a eyebrow. At this point, she was more curious about what was going on then nervous.

"Although, I figured as much that this might come up sooner or later. Probably should have warned you it might happen, just so you could be prepared for when it did." Fancy mused to himself, a embarrassed blush covering his face by this point. Twilight's eyebrow arched even further than before.

"Warned me?" She asked. "About what?"

Then, before she could ask Fancy anything else, the very same door which Twilight had just entered, and presumably Fancy as well, opened and then shut again with a loud slamming noise as Rainbow entered the room. The atmosphere of the room got even more tense than it had been before. Both Fancy and Twilight found themselves saluting even if it wasn't exactly necessary on Fancy's part. Rainbow Blaze just had that affect on other ponies, a aura of authority coming into being whenever he entered a room. Nopony ever could manage to figure out exactly how he did it, all that anypony knew was that he just did it somehow.

"You didn't have to salute Fancy, you know that right?" Rainbow Blaze asked, himself now having an eyebrow raised. Fancy still kept on saluting still, as he got flashbacks to his old commander back at the RAF's version of boot camp as he said "Sorry sir, it won't happen again sir!" to Rainbow.

The pegasus sighed in a exasperated manner as he muttered to himself "Never mind... Just drop your hoof right now okay?"

Again, Fancy replied as if he were speaking to his old squadron commander.

"Sir, yes sir!" He responded and dropped his hoof as Rainbow groaned again. Once Fancy realized what he just did and how he had just acted, he blushed bright red once more and whispered to Twilight "That does not leave this room understand?" and she nodded.

"Alright, what's this about?" Twilight then asked Rainbow.

"Your father, or rather his journal." Rainbow replied, gesturing to the rather beat up old book.

"What about it?" Twilight asked him curiously. Rainbow thought about his response for the next few moments while he looked for the best way to phrase the question without coming off as rude.

"I... I just want to know if there's any real truth behind this mission, make sure we're not going off on some wild goose chase." He replied at last. Truthfully, the prismatic maned pony still thought the whole Neighlantis business to be a whole load of hogwash, even if he never said it aloud. Privately, he thought that the story was something some idiot thought up in a drunken stupor and mentioned while he was out with his friends in some bar someplace. Never mind the fact that there had been many studies of the legend itself, (After all, stories just grew more complex the more ponies told and retold them.) all Rainbow Blaze could care about was the fact that there had been no real solid proof about the legend that anypony could say was concrete and that said that the legend had any fact to it whatsoever and was more then just fisherponies's talk. And honestly, he probably wasn't going to change his stance on the legend no matter what Twilight's journal had to say on the matter. Until Rainbow Blaze actually glimpsed the city with his own two eyes and felt the cobblestones under his own four hooves, the myth would remain just that to him: a simple myth. Nothing more and nothing less.

"Of course there's plenty of truth in the matter old boy!" Fancy laughed to his old friend and patted him on the back. "You just need to know where to look!"

He then turned to his niece and nodded at her even as outside a window, a brown and grey fish known as a Giant Grouper swam outside it before being snapped up by a very big shark like creature with dark scales and a bloody maw before it vanished into the dark waters once more as quickly as it came. If Rainbow Blaze had actually seen this, he might have grown concerned to say the least. After all, if something larger then a Great White could swim by that fast without being seen until it would be far too late for a crewman to escape it's sharp jaws, who knew what else might be around hiding in the shadows along with it?

"Twilight, if you please?" Fancy asked and his niece nodded back to him as she opened up the book.

"Ah... Yes, I know exactly where to start!" She replied in a excited tone of voice before clearing her throat.

"The legend of Neighlantis had been around for centuries, during which time the great philosopher Plato first remarked on it's glory and the mystery of it's vanishing." Twilight began, reading off the page as Rainbow thought privately to himself. "Okay, very old bar talk."

"He theorized that there had been a great storm at one point in Neighlantis's lifespan, one that lasted for fourty days and fourty nights and flooded the city." Twilight continued but at this point was interrupted by the Captain.

"Hold on, didn't I read about this in the Bible?" He remarked, and Twilight glared at him harshly, annoyed by his interruption.

"So what? You probably did." She said before explaining that "A lot of old cultures, including the ancient Greeks had this myth about this great disaster of a flood which seemed to go on forever. Anyways, the point is, there's plenty of fact to support the myth, you just-"

"Need to see it as such instead of old sailor's ramblings?" Rainbow interrupted in a dry tone of voice as Twilight glared at him once again.

"As I was saying..." She continued before flipping through the pages of her father's journal once more and bringing up a picture of a submarine.

"Anyways, as you might have guessed, we weren't the first to mount a expedition to find the city. A few years back, this navy submarine, the USS Sharptooth, supported with funds by the US Government even, set out to find the city."

"What happened to it?" Fancy asked in interest.

"Nopony knows actually." Twilight said with a shrug. "The government lost track of it near the islands of Bermuda (At this, Rainbow swallowed nervously although he tried to hide the fact.) and it's last transmission placed it somewhere about there. I suggest that's where we go now. We look there, we might just find out whatever the Sharptooth did, and be one step closer to finding Neighlantis."

"Yeah, and what else along with it?" Rainbow asked mentally with more then a hint of nervousness. Right into the heart of the infamous Bermuda Triangle, that was the last place he wanted to be.