• Published 12th Aug 2016
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Thunderbolts - Beakwood

Aiming to fulfill her dreams on becoming a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash gets the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of an international event. Thorough this adventurous task she will discover how big can she dream and how little can she expect.

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A Griffon's Support

Traveling back to Ponyville went quite smoothly for our three prestigious fliers. Gilda, Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust, despite the huge ammount of disagreements, managed to reform their relationship to a certain degree. It was still hard to predict how things would progress from now on, but one thing was certain.

With those three togheter there would be no peace.

"Hey Rainbow." Lightning called as she flew closer to the other pegasus.

Normally they should be at Ponyville by now, but the backpacks forced the group to a slower pace. Also since Rainbow Dash tired out herself quickly chasing Gilda all around Cloudsdale, which confused tremendously all it's inhabitant that saw the chase, the group was going slower to not push Rainbow's endurance to it's limit.

Gilda was very amused with how quick Rainbow tired out, Of course that being a griffon gave her the edge, still it did not stop Gilda from teasing Rainbow about her lack of strenght. Rainbow Dash got highly displeased with that.

Which resulted on another short chase with less than healthy results.

"What is it Lightning?" Dash replied tiredly, the previous endeavor really took a great deal out of her. Maybe this way she would learn to not let Gilda mess with her so easily.

Lightning stared at the lands below her while pondering her next words with a fair ammount of cautiousness. Despite still being upset at Rainbow the former cadet didn't want to exhaust the cyan mare with another argument, Dust was at least considerate about Rainbow getting hurt if she suddenly fell. The silence in the mean time caught Rainbow's attention.

"It's just....won't your friends be angry when they see me?"

Rainbow managed to remain passive after being questioned, which was a good thing because she let out a very dramatic gasp inside her own thoughts.

'Oh, shoo! I totally forgot that! The hay will I tell them?....meh, tomorrow I'll think of something. I just wanna get to bed and chill for the night.'

"Nothing." Rainbow replied without worry. Both Lightning and Gilda eyed the cyan mare with a mix of incredulity and humor.

"Nothing? You can't be serious. " Gilda asked unsuredly. She knew Dash well enough to know she could very well just drop the bat at any moment without a second thought. Rainbow rolled her eyes at the griffon's concern.

"I'm not saying I wouldn't say anything, but when we get to Ponyville I just want to go home and sleep, I don't care if we meet somepony along the way. I'll just ignore them and do my thing."

"Good old Rainbow Dash, when you wanna do something there's no stopping you." Gilda comment humorously. The griffon was having a good time flying with them so far, thought that would change when they reach Ponyville. Gilda had a very assured feeling that the townsfolk would remember of her without much of a trouble.

The problem would only happen after they remembered.

From the few she could eavesdrop from Lightning's conversation it seemed the daredevil was also placed on a bad list. So pretty much Rainbow Dash was bringing into Ponyville two outcasts.

This was going to be fun.

They finally arrived at the town outskirts, Rainbow's house being located a certain distance away from the town itself. Lightning, once seeing the marvelous cloud structure, felt her jaw hung down in shock.
Sure, she could at least guess that Rainbow lived on a neat cloud house of her own, but she would never expect for it to be this neat and fancy.

Only when they arrived and got inside Lightning realized what this house was.

A Cloudominium.

Those were floating dwellings with exteriors made of clouds and rainbows and interiors made of more solid material such as wood and stone.

The entrance was nothing but an open foyer in which a Wonderbolts statue was on display right at the left. A huge staircase right in front leading to the upper levels.

Lightning stood in awe while trying to understand how a house like this could exist outside Cloudsdale, everything here screamed expensive.

"Rainbow, what exactly you do for a living? Before becoming a Wonderbolt?" Dust asked while trying to ignore the several Wonderbolt related items spread all over the place.

Gosh, Rainbow worshipped them as if they were the Princesses.

Gilda, who had previously beeing in Rainbow's house, wasn't very interested on hanging around for a conversation.

"I'll take your stuff to your room Dash, when I get back I'll take Lightning to the guest room." The griffon said while helping Rainbow removing her backpack. The cyan mare seemed too tired to complain so she nodded absentmindedly.

"Well, about your question Dust, I'm the responsible for leading the Weather Control Team of Ponyville."

"But...this house....I mean....how did you managed it? There's no way working at Weather Control can get you this wealthy." Lightning asked confused and nervous.

It threw her off to see how much of a good life Rainbow had. Sure, she always suspect Rainbow was doing fine regarding financials, but she never would expect for Rainbow Dash to be rich!

And that definitely did not improve her opinion of Rainbow Dash regarding the academy events. If possible it only made Lightning more angry and suspicious.

"Well, I would love to talk about it, but I'm kinda tired right now. Gilda will help you to your room. Tomorrow we will catch up." Rainbow said somewhat dismissively.

Lightning was about to retort, but Gilda returned and called her from up the staircase. Without much of a choice Dust followed the griffon to one of the guest rooms. Gilda seemed to notice how uncomfortable Lightning was as they walked through the hallway.

"Are you alright?" She asked much more softly than Dust would've expected.

"Yeah, it's just...Rainbow has everything she could dream off and even more, and I couldn't get the only thing I wanted and worked so hard to accomplish." Despite feeling upset Lightning couldn't help but leave some sadness into those words.

Gilda stared sympathetically at the mare near her. She could understand where Lightning was coming from.

"Don't let it bother you. You said yourself you came here to prove you're better than any Wonderbolt. I believe in you Lightning, but you better work really hard if you want to impress Rainbow. Even if you never become a Wonderbolt, for Rainbow to see you as better than them would make everything worthy."

Lightning Dust stared surprised at the griffon, she sure was confident on how good of a flyer Rainbow Dash is.

"Wow, I never thought you would think that highly of her." Lightning said somewhat impressed and upset. That surely did not went unnoticed by the griffon.

"*sigh* Look, I know you and Dash had a bitter relationship, but just give her another chance. She flew all the way to Cloudsdale just to talk with you, she is trying to make it better for everyone. We can't tell if it's going to work but at least give it a try." Gilda advised while opening the door of Lightning's room and moving out of the way.

"I know, because you're doing the same. " Dust responded while removing her backpack and glancing around to check the room, though she wasn't really paying attention.

"Yeah, I am." Gilda said smiling with satisfaction. "I wanna see if you're all that. Dash always had problems handling me and my awesomeness, let's see if you can catch up." Gilda teasingly mocked. Lightning huffed annoyed, though she smirked at the challenge.

"I'll show you that I'm fast as lightning and you two will be eating my dust." She retorded confidently. Gilda couldn't help but laugh heartedly at the pun.

"Wow, we have to make that your catchphrase, it totally fits." The griffon said once she managed to calm down. Lightning, despite flushing a bit at the unintended joke, was glad to know Gilda appreciated it nevertheless.

"You know, I never talked with a griffon before. You're much cooler than I thought, are most griffons like this?" Lightning asked out of curiosity. Gilda's happiness dried out slowly as she stared worriedly towards the pegasus.

"Well, not even close. I can't say I was really that great. Dash has friends that are way different than us. I kinda made a really bad impression, whatever you did sure couldn't be worse than what I did. I guess we'll find out tomorrow."

Lightning stood silent as she was unsure of what to say. With the awkward silence Gilda felt it was better to take her leave, but as she started to leave Lightning called her one last time.

"Gilda?" She asked sounding incredibly shy, which surprised the griffon. Gilda stared back towards Lightning, surprised to see the pegasus seemingly depressed while staring at the floor.

"Yeah?" Gilda was worried for Lightning despite knowing for just few hours, she couldn't help but feel how Lightning was so much alike as Rainbow. The former cadet poked the floor with her hoof while trying to come up with the words.

"If...things don't work out...with Rainbow and the others....can I stay with you?"

Gilda's eyes went wide as she realized what Dust was asking her, it was very big of a deal.

"I dunno Lightning, if they don't I might go back to Griffinstone. It's not really a good place for anyone to live at." Gilda said unsuredly. Lightning shrugged.

"It's better than being alone."

"Yeah.....I know." Gilda replied in a whisper. "We'll see how it goes. Go take some sleep, see you in the morning."

"Alright, goodnight Gilda." Lightning said before moving towards the bathroom.

" Goodnight.....LD."

Lightning's ears perked at surprise, she turned around to face the door but the griffon was already gone.

"LD...." Lightning said somewhat fascinated. It was a nickname no doubt and the first one she ever received from a friend

Her real first friend.

Despite anxious for the times ahead Lightning couldn't help but feel that spark of happiness she haven't for a long time. At least for one night she would be able to sleep without being afraid of the next day, because she knew that there would be someone out there that cares about her, and would be there when she needs.

At least, for one day, she will have a friend.


Morning came rather quickly for Gilda's likening. It has been a really long time she actually had such a comfortable place to sleep, she felt ver tempted to just lay for the rest of her life, but her consciousness wouldn't allow it.

Despite all Rainbow and her talked about since they reunited, there was a deep sense of pride she couldn't ignore. The same pride that she saw on Lightning during last night.

The griffon wasn't really comfortable about spending time on Rainbow's house. Last thing she wanted was to be a bother, that she would eventually become, thanks to the pegasus friends.

At least it was a good thing none of them could walk on clouds, providing a sa-

"Hi Gilda!"

The griffon's eyes snapped open in utter horror. That voice.....that evil voice.....

Slowly raising from under the bed sheets Gilda turned her head slightly around as one of her eyes focused at the pink menace standing at the door with a devious smile.

'No, please no.' The griffon felt like crying on utter despair. She didn't want this, not again.

Maybe Gilda's thoughts actually reflected on her expression, suddenly Pinkie Pie's smile slowly deflated as her eyes grew concern while observing the griffon over the bed.

"Hum....is everything alright? I came here to greet you and Rainbow Dash. I kinda was worried about her because since she told Twilight that she would be traveling to talk with you I thought that maybe you were still too upset to bother and you would get angry at her and then you two would fight again and never be friends but then I heard a pegasus this morning saying you two had come back with someone else and I decided to drop by after asking Twilight to make that funny spell that makes us walk on clouds and it's so much fun but like I said I wanted to check you both and I'm really sorry for what happened at the party and I hope you don't hate me for it."

Gilda stood with her beak open as she tried to process all what the mare just said in a single breath! After an awkward pause she finally managed to click thinks togheter.

"Hum....yeah, Pinks. I don't really hate you. I kinda know someone who's just as hyper you are." The griffon said while scratching her arm nervously. "It's weird cause she didn't upset me as you did despite you two being so alike."

"Uuuuhhh, maybe because she's a griffon?" Pinkie Pie asked curiously.

"Huh, yeah. How did you know?" Gilda asked surprised.

"I kinda guessed you would dislike her less if she was a griffon instead of a pony." Pinkie said with a shrug.

Gilda stood indignantly near the pink pony after she kicked the sheets away. She stared menacingly at the pink mare with a challenging attitude.

"What is that supposed t-

"Pinkie? What are you doing here?"

Both Gilda and Pinkie looked away from each other towards the cyan mare that just showed up being accompanied by Lightning Dust.

"Hi Dashie!" Gilda's mood soured tremendously, she already felt like disliking Pinkie from the bat without second thought. Rainbow stood patiently while watching them both with evident concern, especially Gilda.

"What are you doing here? I don't remember expecting you to visit today." Rainbow asked for pure curiosity. She wouldn't be surprised if Twilight told Pinkie about Rainbow going out of town. Also Pinkie would easily notice if Rainbow went missing all of sudden.

"Oh, I know, but I kinda was worried about her because since she told Twilight that she would be traveling to talk with you I thought that maybe you were still too upset to bother and you would get angry at her and then you two would fight again and never be friends bu-

Before Pinkie could finish Gilda placed a talon over her mouth to shut her up.

"Yes, you said that already. I'll be more than happy to explain it to Rainbow. Now can we just finish the introductions?" Gilda asked annoyed.

Rainbow didn't seem very happy, but as she was just about to argue Lightning gave her a quick nudge that surprised the cyan mare. Dash looked back at Lightning questioningly.

"Let's talk about it later." Was all that Lightning had to say. Rainbow seemed to debate it for a second and nodded in agreement. "Good, so you must Pinkie Pie. Nice to meet you, I'm Lightning Dust, but you can call me LD."

Rainbow was surprised by the nickname. Back at the academy Lightning never asked to be called by anything other than her name. Gilda seemed a bit smug for some reason but Rainbow decided to ignore it.

"Uuuhhh! Wait! I think I've seen you before." Pinkie said while staring suspiciously at Lightning.

Lightning sweatdropped while being severely analized by the pink pony. Gilda was looking absolutely indifferent while receiving a glare from Rainbow Dash.

After a very awkward minute Pinkie Pie finally decided that Lightning was familiar somehow but couldn't remember from where.

"Alright, I'll tell the others you're back and we will all throw a party for Lightning!"

"Wait, what?!" Dust asked perplexed, but the pink mare was already gone.

"Don't mind her, it's just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie." Rainbow Dash said with chuckle. Gilda huffed.

"Easy for you to say." Rainbow's frown returned as she glanced back at the griffon.

"Mind to tell me why you were being rude with her?" Gilda let out an exasperated breath as she glared at Rainbow indignantly.

"What? You're already judging me?" Gilda asked dissapointed. Before Rainbow could reply the griffon decided to keep talking on it. "Sorry about the fact the first thing I hear and see is the morning is your weird friend standing at the door with that crazy smile of hers. As that wasn't enough she then started rambling about why she was here with that annoying voice. I tried to talk with her but it just ended with her insinuating I don't like ponies in general!"

"Well, you really don't." Rainbow said a bit unnerved.

"But I like you and LD, so that's bullocks." Gilda retorded confidently. Dash merely sighed. "Alright, let's get a deal. If after the party LD gets the feeling she doesn't like Pinkie then I stand my point. If LD actually feels okay with Pinkie then I'll try to be nicer to her."

"Fine by me, let's just go for breakfast already. I'm starving. " Rainbow replied without being really bothered if Gilda would be nicer or not to Pinkie. True to be told that was a problem between the two of them. Dash knew she couldn't force Gilda to like Pinkie Pie.

Both griffon and cyan mare left the hallway to be heading towards the kitchen, leaving behind a very confused Lightning Dust.

"What party?!"